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Le Havre

Le Havre(2011)

The famous Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki is now leaving his native Finland and set his latest film in France, or more specificity in Le Havre, which is the title. it is in this city we meet the old shoeshiner named Marcel Marx who lives with his foreign wife Arletty in the old part of town, with a pretty low income rate, but they manages, thanks to her savings. But she's suddenly becomes ill, and has to stay at the hospital. Right after that Marcel has to take care of a young illegal African immigrant named Idrissa whom the police is after. Idrissa is looking for his mother who lives in London, and Marcel has to find a way to come up with enough money so that he can hire a smuggler to ship him out of France.

Le Havre is a good film, with a lot of great veteran performances, such as André Wilms, Jean-Pierre Darroussin and even Jean-Pierre Léaud. I did like the film and it's cast, but I thought that the boys screen time should have been wider and that the focus was more on him. They should have been some kind of friendship between Idrissia and Marcel. But overall it's a good little indie film with the right cold tone, with a colorful item here and there, just like a Wes Anderson's indie flick. Thumbs up.