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4 years ago via Flixster


Michael Haneke's Amour, is the story about two former music teachers, Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and Anne Laurent (Emmanuelle Riva) who lives a decent retirement life, until Anne suddenly suffers from a stroke that partially paralyses her right half. And it does not get any better at all. It only get worse. Amour is certainly a realistic film. Haneke does a great job of not romanticizing the story. No music, no shocking colors, just an ordinary middle-class Parisian apartment. And it's realism is also strong, thanks to all the boring moments that leads up to surprises when you least expects it, just like in real life. There's not such a thing as a boring life. It's called relaxing. It's like studying real people.

Amour feature's two tour de force performances by both Riva and Trintignant. I specially liked Riva, which performance was so heartbreaking and frightening realistic, which makes me almost burst into tears. The chemistry between Trintingnant and Riva are so strong. All the small talk moments are pure magic. Most of the audience in the theater were old couples, 50+. I can only Imagine how they might feel like. They might even ask themselves: "will my husband/wife do the same if I get ill?". It's so wonderful seeing old people relating to a movie, which is the opposite of what almost all young people in the audience did. Most of them left the theater. Good luck finding out the bad things about being old to late, suckers! Amour is a wonderful film, if you have an open mind, and accept reality as it is. Thumbs up.