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Passengers (2016)
13 months ago via Flixster

When I first saw the previews for this movie, I thought this would be a great sci-fi drama with romance movie and it turn out to be. The casting seems doesn't need much just only no more than 3 characters, that includes partially Laurence Fishburne aka Morpheus if you remember him from The Matrix. The movie throughout is a good concept of space traveling to another planet. Visual effects are great and the concept of the spaceships nowadays having artificial gravity systems are getting more advanced look. The movie itself the story is ok, it is not solid and giving it suspense and pretty much you can figure out what is going to happen.There are some humour in this movie which gives a little good kick of amusement. And yes with Chris Pratt and with the only Jennifer Lawrence falling in love is much of a typical love story in this movie. Anyways with an ok story and plot, with a great idea of a concept of space travel to another planet just similar to Earth indeed is a good movie but not the best. Although I enjoyed observing the special effects and performance of the two main characters. Laurence Fishburne did great also as portraying as one of the crew members handles the spaceship Avalon. I will give this movie a 3.5 out 5 due to the story was weak. The movie was ok and it wasn't that bad like the professional critics said. I do like the concept, special effects and the music was awesome I will say. Thomas Newman composed it and I'll give him credit to respect that. So my recommendation is that if you are a science fiction fanatic yes go see it, but if not, you can save it till it comes out digital or blu-ray.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
13 months ago via Flixster

Rogue One is one great Star Wars movie. Putting this episode to be between Episode 3 and 4. I will have to say the direction for this movie is better than episode 3. I would wish the first 3 episode to be done this way. Rogue One was fun and special effects is superb. Of course Industrial Light and Magic did most of it. Music is also great. The best part of the movie is at the end where all the nostalgic feeling of Darth Vader appears and the action connects to a new hope. I was stunned how they digitized two characters appearance here as Peter Cushing played Grand Moff Tarkin and younger Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia. The technology to make this is similar to Planet of the Apes. Anyways I will give this movie a 4 out 5. Rogue one I think it's a little better than The Forces Awakens in my opinion.

Arrival (2016)
13 months ago via Flixster

Arrival was interesting to me and I can see it can veer to people who are open minded and given thought on how exterrestrial intelligence can communicate to our humanity. I do believe that we aren't alone in the universe and rather having a movie to depict to destroy each other as hostile. Why not to understand each other by communication and see how it goes and helping other. That is to the point we are civilized and respect because they show no aggression and wanted to help. The message is there and it's where communication and language is important anywhere to understand each other. I will give this a 4 out of 5 because this movie gives a different perspective and reason to understand rather the ordinary.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
13 months ago via Flixster

ahhh.. magic is back after seeing all of Harry Potter movies. This movie takes back before Harry Potter times and I have to say it is a great movie to start off. Now the setting set to be in another country in America, NYC, I think J.K. Rowling's idea of expanding is marvelous. All the characters in this movie are great and there are time its kinda hanging but over all it's all good. Special effects are superb. Do I recommend this movie? Absolutely, if you're a Harry Potter fan, for people just starting off I think you have to start somewhere from Harry Potter. I love the soundtrack and immediately bought it after leaving the theater. I will rate this movie 4 out of five.