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Deep in the Valley
3 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Sexist, sophomoric raunch comedy that lacks the true satirical bite that it desperately needs, but it's elevated a great deal by a hilarious, early "slumming it" performance from Chris Pratt; something we'll probably never see again.

Malevolence (2004)
3 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Though very rough around the edges, there's more than enough done right here, specifically for a first attempt. This shows the same potential as Ti West's early work.

Mindhunters (2005)
3 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Fun but silly thriller that feels like an episode of CSI in the world of Final Destination. I do think the film genuinely succeeds at keeping the audience guessing the killer's identity until the end.

My Days of Mercy
3 days ago via Movies on iPhone

It deals with a lot of heavy material and there are some truly great moments along with a solid performance from Ellen Page but the whole thing feels uneven and the love story feels inconsequential to the point where it could have been cut out of the film entirely and the meat of story would have been left intact.