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Mechanic: Resurrection

a big disappointment , no spoilers' intended but the only scene worthy of seeing is the one presented in the poster. the rest is worst than a 50s Mexican soap opera.

Suicide Squad

For comic book fanboys , this may be pleasing but for the general public it failed to deliver something original. DC is aiming at the story continuity following Marvel's steps which is expected from a business point of view.

X-Men: Apocalypse

I had high hopes on this one , does not benchmark with the previous chapters .

The Intern
The Intern(2015)

a light positive joyful movie about how it's never too late. Reminder of how new energy and mature experience are essential for a workplace to prosper.


I've been waiting for this movie since I watched Blade trinity , Ryan Reynolds owned the character big time . The story and details were very close to the comic books , even people who have no clue who deadpool is had a blast!

The Expendables 3

another one, popcorn to spill and loads of testosterone splashing .


amazing physical transformation like we always knew Jake G., a demonstration of how broken man can become after loosing his main source of inspiration in life. An average storyline though.

Ted 2
Ted 2(2015)

true it's not as wisecracking as the first one , but Ted 2 still holds as a fun pop corn movie to unwind and laugh away your day's non sense down the drain.
I think McFarlane tried to create more depth into the filthy mouthed stuffed bear but that lessened the fun compared to the beginning of his story.


What a waste of 1 hr 22 min... A movie that you can make in your own basement and it will be way better.


Another Adam Sandler movie where he is looking very much like that grumpy grandfather character. The question remains though , what kinda hash is he smoking when he came up with this idea.

Hot Pursuit
Hot Pursuit(2015)

save yourself the trouble and sit in a hot bath with some candles for an hour.


Kinda ruined the part these little fellas play in the original movie .

Jurassic World

Pratt is on a roll , a re-make that stands its ground. Good popCorn movie for sure.


a new kinda superhero , surprised with Paul Rudd's transition into this realm in the movie business but he did quiet well.
There's still one problem though with Marvel movies that the villain always has the same super powers that the hero has ... Or so I do think ...

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Can't deny I enjoyed the action , though the story was so shallow and the characters seemed at some point there just for the sake of it with no depth between one another.

Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre(2006)

Hilarious, cracks me up every time.


heart warming with a nice story line .

The Captive
The Captive(2014)

The ideology of this dark group is just shocking , the movie is thrilling and dark.


Generic , brings absolutely nothing new to the genre. Hayden tries to stand apart as an action buff, still a long way to go.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

you have to understand that it's based on a comic book to grasp the level of sarcasm and "blown out of proportions" actions all along the story. Not bad , yet not quiet good as I hoped it should've been.

The Wedding Ringer

easy on the eyes and funny at times. Kevin Hart delivers as usual.


loved the ending , characters well casted and a title fitting the script and story.

The Drop
The Drop(2014)

probably a familiar story line , a script over done clearly. nevertheless an amazing cast with superb character delivery by Tom! Loved it !

American Sniper

Nothing original about this movie. The hype is way over blown out of proportions. We know that war lays its tolls on veterans but also on their families and the victims of those killed and murdered.
The irony of his fate is such an unfortunate fact, though I do not know if the character in real life was so empathetic with his so called enemies when we see him on the verge of killing a dog in a family barbecue. ever thought about that?

Under the Skin

a very elusive movie that you would loose interest in after the first painful 35 minutes of non sense.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

engaging plot, action never disappoints. Excellent use of all the elements of the plot twist. Definitely recommended.

Let's Be Cops

more like let's be lame.


A post-apocalyptic presentation of the way societies with multiple social statuses operate, displayed with a very simplistic manner sometimes with irony and a comic relief element. Bottom line is that the man who has enough guts to challenge the status-quo and break through the boundaries forced upon him by the upper class can get a chance to lead from up the control cabinet.


there is a very thin line between being business and success-driven and loosing your morality and ethical code, but then again you can clearly see in tis flick a figurative comparison of what actually happens with people in high ranks in business: they sacrifice almost anything to reach higher.


A new idea that hasn't been explored in the approach and direction by the writers, the character is a copy of Avenger's "Black widow" and the story is "OK" . Enjoyed seeing this on a Saturday noon. It dos leave you with a "fruit for thought", like what would it be to have more control over your brain ? The main message of "Lucy" is that we are here on earth to grasp knowledge and pass it on.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

The Xmen movie saga is taking some nice turns so far.

A Million Ways to Die in the West

I find MacFarlane hilarious , though he and his movies are in the category of "acquired taste" humor given that not everyone find his comedy relatable or funny as much as others including myself do.


pushed me to the limits of anxiety and emotional discomfort that I couldn't realize two hours have passed. No one can bare the loss of a family member , specially when in such dark and questionable circumstances.

The Croods
The Croods(2013)

a movie with a message enticing youngsters -and their folks- to break free from fear and their comfort zone or the traditional ways. Fun begins when the two contradicting characters of the traveler "I've seen it all" -Ryan Reynolds- and the croods -we should always stay in the caves to be safe- family meet and embark on their trip.


Macho and adrenaline filled. Well casted actors and an enjoyable flick for Formula 1 fans and those who now nothing about it -such as myself-


I have personally loved this movie and I relate to it to the day. It makes you think about the status that one would be if ever one was alone in the universe, in existence. Pushes you to cherish the small things in life , things that you would not value till you loose completely. So may things can go through someone's mind when approaching death. Such a higher feeling.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

super hilarious and funny, witty and well written. The new characters were perfectly added.

Don Jon
Don Jon(2013)

Levitt inside-out work is very personal and well acted that is easily relatable to.

Captain Phillips

Another brilliant role by the infamous Mr Hanks, the movie feels so real no wonder it's based on a true story.

Thor: The Dark World

Better than the first which was pretty decent for an origins piece. Looking forward to the sequel and crossover with Avengers.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

a flick relatable mostly for the nation of introverts who spend most of their time daydreaming and wishing for castles in the clouds.

Now You See Me

Funny, witty and well blended with its mystery inside. Theatrical is a good description of its events which comes naturally since we're talking about illusion and magic tricks here.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

a nice development of the character and good implementation of surprise elements in the script.

That Awkward Moment

a light date night movie , has its moments. Not impressive enough.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

bringing back the memories of a little kid! Not bad at all , looking forward to the sequel.


The persona of the Rock himself and the dedication he put to the role , preparing and being that active on social media... All that was mostly what I loved about the movie. And the fact the it was following the other adaptation starring the twilight star "Lutz" before it -which sucked big time- made it very appealing to me.

The Equalizer

Been waiting for a Denzel role for a while and I got served, stone cold look of a killing machine. Loved it.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

Go read the book , watch the movie and then re-think marriage !

The Maze Runner

with that kind of a budget , the maze runner brings a "hunger games" wanna be action flick that will surely you keep you at the edge till the end.

22 Jump Street

funnier than the first one , the bromance of the leading characters is hilarious.


you wouldn't expect less of a Nolan movie , a total mess in the head where you will loose track of "timelines". Enjoyable and pushes you to think of the big picture where the world comes to an end and what would possibly be done by humanity then.

Dumb and Dumber To

The level of idiocy reached way beyond "non realistic" , which is I suppose the point behind the title in the first place.
Light comedy for a good laugh.

The Judge
The Judge(2014)

a very emotional script and acting, well delivered by the RDJ as always. Shed a tear at the last scene.
The story itself is not that complex or twisted.
Definitely worth a watch.

We're The Millers

with a considerable level of profanity and sexual references, the millers deliver a pleasant giggly watch.

The Conjuring

as far as the storyline goes--> old news. The effects and scares are legit, a good treat for a late night fright.

Broken City
Broken City(2013)

if it wasn't for the big names on the cast list.... This would have flopped badly... Brings nothing new to the genre.


Beautiful recreation of the true events with sharp acting chops and an edgy momentum along the whole picture.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

a worthy comeback to the first figurine of the DC universe , Snyder delivers and left me pleased with the return on my expectations

Pain & Gain
Pain & Gain(2013)

the fact that its a true story adds to its rating and I've been personally impressed with the characters perfectly played by the rock & Mark.

A Haunted House

as silly as it can get it's effing funny

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

tops the previous one, but doesn't exceeds expectations beyond what it is "a Hasbro sponsored pop corn movie with a little sexy,witty, adrenaline filled vibe to it"

Silver Linings Playbook

it was really nice , if you think about it... each one of us has his/her own emotional complex and that's where emotional intelligence comes into play... though I do have to say that alot of people in our lives need to be on medication! well deserved OScars I may add

Olympus Has Fallen

a treat when it comes to action and a fine crafted role by Butler, but the story line has been done before here and there.

Trouble with the Curve

a simple story, good chemistry and the good O CLint in the mix. Overall it was an enjoyable story.

Les Misérables

For those who understand what a musical is , go see it.
For those who know what "Les Miserables" is as a piece of literature and forever lasting art, go watch it.
lovely performances, pleasant ride of humanity and history bundled with the heartwarming chants of likes of Hathaway and Seyfried.

The Man With the Iron Fists

it is a sorry excuse for a movie , RZA's debut didnt really make it for me neither as a lead or an actor. I wonder how Crowe and Li jumped into this.

The Words
The Words(2012)

had big expectations , they crumbled away as we went further with the script

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

three hours and more with no dull moments , crafted with finesse ...

Alex Cross
Alex Cross(2012)

storyline is weak , as much as I enjoyed seeing Perry in a role that is not usually his taste. Fox was surprising also.

10 Years
10 Years(2012)

a light throwback movie with a solid cast about a school reunion of 10 years memories to catch up.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

a lovely translation of the book about what a wrong experienced childhood can do to one's character while going through high school and beyond ... interesting and engaging .

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

what can I say: a visual,emotional,spiritual,reflection-entiscing,dreamy piece of cinematographical heaven.
loved every second of it

The Impossible

visually takes you inside the tsunami, a very sentimental family bonds' oriented movie that leaves you with a tear and urge to go hug your family members one by one.
Watts & Mcgregor deliver a lovely performance, not to mention the young cast well chosen.

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

brings bak good O 70's action , raw and bold ruthless scenes. Directing-wise it stands out with the detail emphasis on a sniper's world.
Cruise's charisma highlighted as always to add flavour to the mix.

Letters to Juliet

the perfect movie for hopeless romantics , as sweet and girly as it is it stays predictable , it lacks actin chops and finesse .

What Women Want

the idea makes an amazing male-fanatsy to tackle , the movie does though reach a dull place somewhere along the two hours of its runtime


the type of movie that keeps you pinned to the screen at all times! every scene and line of dialogue matter! loved it

Here Comes the Boom

a light treat which my come as pleasant for those who are fans of "king of queens"

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

as grand as it gets reminding us of the epic "lord of rings" storyline it stands as a new start for the untold story of the "hobbit".

Casa de mi padre

even if personally I find it hard to digest Ferrell's comic sense, this one was pleasant to catch on DVD just for the sake of my personal interest in learning spanish (ironic I know )

The Dark Knight Rises

watched it three times and even with three hours of sitting down each time, it keeps you excited like a young comic fanboy... the epic Nolan triology makes me wonder how can the character be brought back to life at the same level and hype ...Guess we have to wait for Justice league after the superman flick this summer to find out.

The Expendables 2

this movie is just a LOL piece of collage scenes.

Red Lights
Red Lights(2012)

starts off to build up as a decent solid thriller , before ending with a disappointment.


Raw, hard core and emotional .

Premium Rush
Premium Rush(2012)

always on the moooove! Wilee's character is one I can totally relate too since we have so many similarities. Loved the pace and story flow. The diversity in characters was perfected as well.

The Watch
The Watch(2012)

main message I got out with from the watch is "Costco-everything under one roof"

21 Jump Street

you go in not expecting much, but surprisingly it delivers a good laugh.

Think Like a Man

sweet , funny. Not bad for a date movie.

The Raid: Redemption

action packed and adrenaline filled with great directing and camera movement , fight scenes are perfected . a must -see .

End of Watch
End of Watch(2012)

like a dear friend said "the perfect bromance movie"


the best 007 flick so far , I believe cz on one hand it goes back to the original characters true essence and on the other hand it shows a more mature side of J Bond .

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

a decent wrap up for the story with a twist at the end (differs than the original book story), last couple minutes hold decent action scenes .

Playing for Keeps

light funny and heart felt , family-centered flick aiming at setting your priorities in life between career and family/love life


I would gladly go see it again for the scene of plane crash ! loved that segment, plus the moral behind the movie is well delivered.

The Bourne Legacy

this passes as the pilot episode to maybe a franchise that if played right can come as epic as the previous trilogy.

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

love Liam's character , but not much for the other supporting cast. it's silly also the stereotyping for terrorists in this one.
Props for the way they marketed apple products (timer on iPhone?! lol smart)
Taken 1 was epic, this one is just a cash flick.
best scene would be the car pursuit .

Resident Evil: Retribution

this is the worst RE ever , on top of "I wish I never waisted my time on this" list for 2012

House at the End of the Street

not a horror movie , but a take to the limit of madness that can develop from childhood abuse. can pas for a DVD watch.


Levitt keeps surprising me with his acting chops and know-how to blend in every movie he gets in. A nice plotted time travel piece with high human/emotional approach to it.

Find Me Guilty

Vin Diesel's portrayal of an italian real life mobster is really worth the watch


the character and idea are hilarious (follow him on twitter you crack up), but the story is average as comedies of these days go.


personally coming from a medical (pharmaceuticals) background, I found it to be interesting through any angel , well plotted , as real as it gets .

The Tall Man
The Tall Man(2012)

keeps you guessing till the last moment and it does have a nice twist at the end which I personally had a hint about only near the closure

The Amazing Spider-Man

i personally am loving this reboot way more than the previous trilogy . high expectations for the sequel(s) and Garfield did a way better job portraying the friendly neighbor

The Descendants

tragic, funny, dark at times with a glimpse of hopeful ray of sunlight. solid performance by Clooney

Jeff Who Lives at Home

its mellow and empty if you ask me , didnt enjoy it and it left me with the question "is that it?" as credits rolled

A Thousand Words

as unreal and sometimes silly as it is , it's sweet and heart warming with one take home message. easily to be seen on DVD.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

these guys keep being funny! laughed my heart out :D

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

every marketing/advertisment fan or enthusiast should take a look at this , one of the best documentaries i've seen and which I related to !

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

the action SciFi classic (that Nolan makes his staff watch before filming during the Batman Trilogy as far as I heard) , tip of the hat Mr Ridley


loved the moving camera style and the realistic approach that what if you and I as teens or even adults acquired super prowers...Can you imagine what will you do?! and the drawbacks of that?!

Ice Age: Continental Drift

funny and entertaining but fails to match the trilogy


everything aside, I fell in love with the badass character of Pearce! Man! that was awesome ! in a more solid script, the character can astonish!


stands as a decent action thriller, doesn't really leave you satisfied with answers to the questions of the story arc which I personally find ridiculous on a faith level.

Snow White and the Huntsman

theatrically satisfying , character-wise though I found Theron to be unconvincing most of the time. Hemsworth delivered, while Bella from Twilight was average.

Scent of a Woman

ammazing spokesman-ship owned by Al-Pacino's character . No wonder it owned him his first Oscar . loved it

Men in Black III

best thing about it is the way Brolin copied the exact persona of Lee Jones, other than that it fails to beat the previous 2 chapters

What to Expect When You're Expecting

simple good-to-go on DVD for a married couple or soon-to be , even better if they're expecting!

The Five-Year Engagement

spontaneous comedy and great chemistry! I enjoyed every bit of this :)

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

a smooth life reflecting take on life in a very unorthodox story


apart from being introduced to the surprising Miss Carano, the script is mediocre and expected

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

does hold its funny moments but doesnt reach ''epic" of sweeny todd from back in the day


Same old Statham character in another to be watched on DVD flick

Marvel's The Avengers

Does set the bar higher of marvel, don't think it can still stand up for he last settlement of the dark knight soon to be out. Will definitely catch in in 3D more than twice !

What's Your Number?

Cheesy n totally unrealistic, in home DVD would be more than generous


A good dose of your sciFi Hollywood alien invasion propaganda. Didn't like how it ended abruptly though

The Raven
The Raven(2012)

Gory, gets you angst and ends not as you expected

American Reunion

a feel good flick that reminds us what we liked about the original settlement of the series

Get the Gringo

Mel Gibson's latest is really a must-see, for those sensitive for gore skip this .

The Cold Light of Day

2nd directorial project from Mr El Mechri, loved the camera work and action scenes.

The Vow
The Vow(2012)

project the events on a real life setting, you fall for this movie... targeted for young pure love like the old days

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

very emotional story with surprising acting chops by Thomas Horn

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

didnt get the appropriate marketing it deserves while it stands as a decent action flick if you ask me

This Means War

I works good for a date movie, I did enjoy it . Tom hardy was the best part of it

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

left the theater with spirit of regret I bothered checking this out, only good thing was the boiling lava that appears in close ups to his jacket .

Safe House
Safe House(2012)

two of my personal all time favorite actors , good thriller. decent script.

The Ides of March

Gosling keeps impressing me lately , well acted .


a bold laugh at the irony of fate with a subject such as Cancer, could never be better plotted

I Don't Know How She Does It

not bad , and a busy mom/employee/wife would understand the humor in it


loved the thriller, the feeling of real life events in it. Wahlberg endorses the role he's known for as usual.

The Hunger Games

could've been perfect! though it stands as excellent to me , can't wait for the two sequels


total fail! in all the aspects of a horror thriller :/

Wrath of the Titans

way better than the first one in my opinion, great works in the 3D department.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

Very emotional piece of perfectly crafted cinematography


A beautiful example of rel life managerial leadership


Your good dose of "statham"!

Machine Gun Preacher

Emotional, loud, lacks the proper acting while tells the story of Childers accurately


loved every minute of it, related to both lead characters... Beautiful how the failure of the father brought the kids together at the end .

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

an applaud to the cinematography/characters synergy as well as a good laughs through out the two hours.


Scorsese's message to the world expressing his love for cinema and a plea to preserve it. I loved the way the movie built up but it frankly needed no 3D in it .

One Day
One Day(2011)

very sentimental, beautifully acted by the leads but the movie lacks the deep meanings intended to exist in the original book.

The Secret
The Secret(2006)

haven't read the book, so the movie was a good alternative.... interesting concepts which I'm intending to try out ...

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

your action packed treat for the year! rated by many as the best Mission impossible yet when it comes to breath stopping scenes and adrenaline pumping action stunts! loved it

Puss in Boots

one of the best animated characters' spinoff , funny entertaining and suitable for all ages!

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

coming from someone who read the books, I did enjoy the vibe in Condon's take and loved where they chose to cut the book here!


an overdone idea,miscast Samuel Jackson, pure gore (not the good type).... fail

30 Minutes or Less

McBride's humor is really bitter to swallow... didn't enjoy it much... Ansari is funny though! not to mention the concept is dumb and outrageous !

Conan the Barbarian

all action and no depth...

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

Eddie Murphy kills it! awesome! laughed my ass out! one of the best comedies this year


poor script, bad for Lautner I think he could get better exposure if it was a based on better material


i did really enjoy Mr Tarsem's movie: great scenes, directing, cast...And can't wait to see Cavill as "Superman"!

The Adventures of Tintin

i did really enjoy Spielberg's touches all over this! took me back in memories when i used to read the illustrated books!

The Beaver
The Beaver(2011)

with Foster on the visuals and Gibson on the acting..."The Beaver" is a very well heart felted piece of art.

Charlie St. Cloud

you would expect much deeper script but you're getting nothing but a shallow script with average performances.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

funny, well done.
the comedic timing is awesome

Johnny English Reborn

got its moments still, but the old "Mr Bean" is waaaay better

The Help
The Help(2011)

Davis, Spencer, Dallas and Stone deliver a solid group performance that would surely make it worth your while watching "the help"

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

hugh jackman synergy with the new kid in hollywood was the best thing ever! loved that! and the movie is a feel good movie with nothing fancy beyond the robots concept

In Time
In Time(2011)

apart from the idea being original, the script is poor...


not woody Allen's best or ScarJo or Hugh...lost interest half way through...

Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer(2011)

as touching as the true story is , the movie didn't bring up the true feelings kept inside Bethany

Killer Elite
Killer Elite(2011)

what more can you ask for when it comes to full throttle action elites! statham ,owen and de niro in a pure action-fest hour and fourty minutes!

Cowboys & Aliens

Favreau delivered, Craig was a badass as always and loved Wilde's preformance.

Where Do We Go Now?

loved every single minute of it, great cast, story, emotional state... leaves you asking for more...


the cold stone surface of Gosling's character embeds a volcanic beast on the edge of going off at any minute!

Attack the Block

energetic and adrenaline rushed , if u like "shaun of the dead" u'll love this. It touches ground on subjects like race and social status in a catchy way!

The Smurfs
The Smurfs(2011)

it wasn't smurftastic as it was supposed to be , still i did smurfing like it !

Your Highness

as filthy and extra-R rated , you do catch your self laughing at the thought "did they really make a movie with all the dirty jokes you circle around your friends?!"

Love Wedding Marriage

not the mandy Moore you loved in "a walk to remember"

Final Destination 5

couldn't be done any bettter, amazing 3D scenes. edge of your seat watch for every minute!

The Change-Up

Couple laughs but expected more out of it given the makers behind it have a very well established work resume.

Friends With Benefits

Kicks "no strings attached" behind, great chemistry, witty and fully entertaining

Captain America: The First Avenger

Humor,adventure,action, well developed characters . Can't wait for avengers!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Andy serkis is a craftsman! the depth of the story shedding light on the human/prime nature vs one another is overwhelming in this piece! top notch CGI as well!

Midnight in Paris

it made me fall in love with paris at night and retrospect on my own life and where I wanna be in a couple years...


Polanski's nerve wrecking thriller with a young Ford, i did enjoy the way they kept it as real as possible


a fusion between apocalypse and a wanna-be vampire movie comes out with this nothing but guilty 3D pleasure...

London Boulevard

a total rubbish where it was supposed to be a masterpiece given the good cast...first half hour is worth the watch then it's all downhill from there!

Gulliver's Travels

not the best of Black's but it was worth the while , couple of pricless WTH moments in there

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

the perfect contemporary combination between romance/drama and comedy. loved every detail of it

Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec (The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec)

didn't grasp my liking at all , very weak elements of a feature film can be easily made as a series episode.

Burn After Reading

the characters were more appealing to me than the ironic flavored script of the Coens


watched it for the 5 mins where NPH appears which could I've been better if I watched an episode of how i met your mother!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

the first chapter is the epic tale, loved the story build up and telling. You'll even be reminded of this in the last sequel

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

gotta admit i havent seen but one chapter and this one of the whole 8 movies, still i couldn't flick my eyes the whole 130 minutes!

The Ward
The Ward(2011)

I'm sorry Mr Carpenter but that was just awful!

A Walk on the Moon

liev's perfrormance was mind blowing in this one, I've seen this after diane's "unfaithfull" so wasn't much of a surprise

Legends of the Fall

melodramatic to the point of unbelievable with a cast that sprouted stars of hollywood in the years to come. Hopkins always and will remain a master on the silver screen

Mr. Popper's Penguins

it's just another Carrey flick, funny and pleasant but as good as it lasts.


why do i find Brand's british wit so darn funny?!


Wiig and Mccarthy were the best of the group!

Horrible Bosses

"horrible bosses"... filthy, funny and far from horrible! ana ammzingly synergistic cast!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

don't watch it if not in 3D cz the storyline comes up with nothing new. the typical ideas that US government are always trying to sell us are engraved in this one...


while it doesn't bring any new concept for revenge, Ronan's take on the vengeful killing character of innocent looking Hanna is top notch!

Rat Race
Rat Race(2001)

seeing atkinson in the role reminds you of the best in "Mr Bean"! can't wait for J English II !

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

doesn't top the comedy chart of 2011 but definitely a fine ride.

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

as a snyder movie it fails badly! totally disappointed

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

JJ Abrams & Spielberg in summer's blockbuster! what more can we say?!


that British Russell brand is such a funny fella! poor script though

Take Me Home Tonight

u should see it if you're a "70's show" fan! silly story, funny encounters!


did give me some frights and wtf moments! for which i'm greatfull! been a while since i've seen a good scary flick! the ending blew it though!

Green Lantern

the exact amount of filling to my geekness decay! loved it!

Kung Fu Panda 2

holds good for a sequel but can't top the first one!


not bad when it comes to a low budget , C class romcom based on tech movie.

The Dilemma
The Dilemma(2011)

funny, easy on the eyes sweet romcom/bromance flick. a nice feel-good flick

X-Men: First Class

the best of the franchise! loved it!

The Hangover Part II

i never thought I'd laugh that much on a sequel but this one exceeds all boundries of shame!

Barney's Version

a tale of life as true as it gets,melodramatic and bitttersweet was a dark humor all over the course of it... a must see!

The Rite
The Rite(2011)

it may have giving me some moments of chills but at the end i went home and slept like a child....

Fast Five
Fast Five(2011)

adrenalinized from beginning to end! you gotta love this one! can't wait for the sequel!

The Way Back
The Way Back(2011)

truly , their escape was just the beginning!
Peter Weir comes back with a visually captivating piece which couldn't frankly deliver the fullest potential of its human struggle within the group of people striving for the few moments of life and trying to play games on death... the oscar nod for the costume and makeup was well deserved I gotta say!


"courage is immortal"
the trickiest of all "Avengers" characters to adapt and Branagh n Hemsworth did a great job in bringing the god of thunder to life in a way which makes you eager to see how cap america will turn out to be and later on the avengers movie with iron man and the hulk on board!

The American
The American(2010)

Clooney charisma saves what is an average script that sheds a light on the inner suffering of characters that lead a life which jeopardizes ones own personal connections with humanity.


gory and ridiculously violent but the good thing about it is that it will keep you guessing who could be the nutjob killer till the end!

The Roommate
The Roommate(2011)

predictable in all the ways possible, enjoyed the obvious depiction of the schizophrenic individual in a flagrant way

Last Night
Last Night(2011)

a movie made by the book, lures you at times, captures u and leaves you wondering about what's gonna happen in such a seductive and sexy way savored by a cast that filled the right shoes

The Adjustment Bureau

Damon and Blunt dance on the lines of fate and destiny in a thriller that would not disappoint if it wasn't for its final sequence of scenes. Endless conversations about bending ones direction and fate in life would take place amongst friends and movie goers after seeing this.


nerdy, witty as well as funny story about friendship and alien invasion!

Planet of the Apes

couldn't measure up to the original in writing and acting perhaps but with costumes and action it delivers.

The Joneses
The Joneses(2010)

the idea is brilliant, still half way thru you kinda see all that is coming

The Open Road

an overdone story with nothing new or interesting at all.

The Lincoln Lawyer

I've never seen McConaughey in such a perfected character apart maybe from his role in "two for the money"!
well cast, written, built up, secondary characters right on the money with a story that would keep u at the edge till the end!

Winter's Bone

dark and real as it gets with 20 year old Lawrence bringing a captivating performance translating the anguish and pain of a lonesome sister looking after her lil brother and sister where their father goes missing...

Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex(2010)

apart from the nudge for best make-up award this DC adaptation was a total failure

Morning Glory

i'd watch again just for the pleasure of watching McAdams impersonate the workaholic character I walk in his/her shoes almost everyday since I started work!
loved it!


dance to the beats of the samba!

Hathaway and Eisenberg joined by Lopez will surely get you off your seat with laughter! the perfect 3D delight family getaway for all ages!


imagine you can use all of your brain cells instead of just 20%!!!

Cooper delivers a performance which would remind you of Eisenberg's role in "social network-facebook" flick. A translation of the man with ultimate power that is total control on all of his brain cells so he would be "limitless" in all aspects of his life! De niro's role is minute but always a pleasure to have him on board.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

"if u had 8 minutes before you die, what would you do?"

source code is another proof on "Duncan Jones" sharp sense of SciFi mindset with a cast that is well fitted and dynamically puzzled where you would never loose your attention span for a moment there even with the repititive scenes all over and over again.

All Good Things

gsling's performance in this and "blue valentine" is ammazing! reminder of note book wonderful craft!

Hall Pass
Hall Pass(2011)

Sudeikis and applegate were ammazing while wilson brings more fun to the table. no as good as dumb and bumber but it still is one of the funniest I watched lately!

I Am Number Four

best thing about it is number 5!

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Portman's finest performance... the sacrifices and struggles with the burden of never ending stress which lead to success...


this is definitely not a movie for kids! and despite it's yuky appearance at times, Rango brings a laugh out loud experience you don't want to miss!


great directing by Mr Eastwood though Hereafter leaves you without delivering what could've been a masterpiece given the provocative thought of hanging between two worlds of reality before and after death

How Do You Know

answer: when you realize the movie is over and you haven't figured out what's the point behind it ! take my word for it, it sucked really bad! very disappointing

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

crazy new concept of presentation! loved it ! reminded me of super mario with all that buzzing and beeping sound in the background hehe

I Spit On Your Grave

hot,sexy,nasty and utterly disgusting revenge.... you won't forget that easily!


Spielberg tip toeing all over a piece that is strong , emotional and almost real!

No Strings Attached

u would really wanna scracth your eyes out seeing Portman in this after the amazing black swan performance!

Drive Angry
Drive Angry(2011)

nothing more than a good O "kill'em all" in a raw gritty character, but tip of the hat for a wonderful 3D presentation! u'll like it more with the full experience!

The Mechanic
The Mechanic(2011)

Statham will always be statham, loved foster in it!

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

the big failure and burial of the series!


Unknown is nothing but a sheet form the "bourne" epicness. u won't go wrong though if u needed a good O adrenaline rush at the movies

Life as We Know It

makes u laugh,cry, take a look at your life before and after the responsibilities of marriage in a great harmony amongst the cast members

The King's Speech

Firth's outstanding performance with Rush's solid presence give the well crafted drama stands out from the rest in its category.

The Company Men

being in the middle of the economic downfall and pitfalls, it makes a lot of sense to the universal mindset what Mr Wells brings to the table here with a magnificent cast

Just Go with It

adam sandler is always a treat! the secondary characters were perfect! i enjoyed every minute of it!


bits and pieces of laughter , not bad though lacks the quality of the rest in its category in 2010

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

not much of a "western" fan,still great performances are found in this thing

The Freebie
The Freebie(2010)

though Katie did a big effort to direct and act in her own ways though nothing epic was brought into the sertup


another tale of survival...but for the surviving part better grab "127 hours" that's the real deal!

My Last Five Girlfriends

funny take on the life most of us live in a never ending search for "LOVE"!


Heartwarming, sincere family love story laid out with exceptional performances by Swank and Rockwell.
The story of Conviction is the telling of the true story of a single mother named Betty Ann Waters, who tended bar while acquiring her GED, bachelor's degree, and then her law degree, all so that she could represent her brother Kenny, wrongly convicted of murder. Both the film and the true story are accounts of incredible loyalty, courage, and determination.
You can easily sense the desperation and angst in Swank's character which was exquisitely portrayed by the acclaimed award-winning actress who has used this opportunity well to showcase her talents.
Rockwell had his share of overwhelming the screen with his fiery rage which makes for a riveting performance.
A reminder of the red tape and hardship found when knocking on doors of courts asking for justice and fair calls especially when it comes to people dear to our hearts as one's own family.

Blue Valentine

"Blue Valentine comes on like a bittersweet cautionary tale".- Lisa Kennedy
No other sentence can fairly describe this movie as the listed above!
The beauty of this craft is that both Ryan and Michelle co-produced the picture and were in it as main characters while Mr Cianfrance wrote the whole thing (first draft was 1997) and directed it ; which is in my humble opinion always a key to a successful movie "to be involved from the inside out"
As you will notice, the movie is shot in a timeline "jumping all around" norm reminding us of contemporary love stories like "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "(500) Days of Summer" which have also experimented with scrambled timelines.
Gosling and Williams delivered exceptional performances, sweet , smart and captivating and the loads of nominations/wins to the acclaimed actors came of no surprise (with an shot at the 2011s Oscars for Williams )
The characters' love has been shot down and you spend the film trying to figure out who the killer is. Is it him, is it her, is it the kid, is it money, time, is it their jobs, is it their parents? And at the end the answer is up to you!
In a recent interview, Cianfrance said commenting on his masterpiece "When I fall in love, I don't have a checklist. There are a thousand reasons but there's also no reason. The same mysterious thing happens when you fall out of love. There are a thousand things wrong, and then again it's nothing"

Paper Man
Paper Man(2010)

beautiful performances in a bittersweet comedy display

Let Me In
Let Me In(2010)

we're back the good old raw, fresh, and meaty vampire flicks! eventhough this is a remake it's brilliant!

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

"There is no force on earth more powerful than the will to live"

Love and Other Drugs

i'm a pharmaceutical medical rep and I deal with parkinson's medications so I totally related to it! loved every detail!

The Experiment

not bad , still not great in a way it gets your adrenaline up but it resolves nothing at the end!

Four Brothers

action , drama and the high sense of brotherly love! can't go wrong watching this!

Never Let Me Go

a general sense of depression and a well displayed emotional state with each of the main characters

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

real, passionate and amazing performances by the cast crusted with splendid harmony

The Green Hornet

lacks chemistry,synergy and no sense of humor if barely existing. forgettable the minute you step out the theater

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

funny and easy on the eyes,charismatic,sexy with couple laughs along the way

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

best Sean Penn performance to date I might say! one of Clint's finest masterpieces as well

The Kite Runner

predictable yet so dramatic and heartfelt it can't but touch you in a way or another.

Little Fockers

not the best of them, can be better in so many ways. stands as merely decent addition to the series.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

amazing CGI and 3D fireworks sadly with a poorly sculpted story for a sequel.

Heartbreaker (L'Arnacoeur)

charmant, amusant et une servitude de rires en pleine bouche!


as a die hard Wahlberg Fan as well as a sports' fanatic....this movie hits all the right notes!!!

Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole(2010)

live the complexity of the human psyche in the middle of a couple grieving for the loss of their four year old.

Fair Game
Fair Game(2010)

amazing performance by Penn and watts respectively in a movie that re-sheds the light on intelligence flaws and mischief of a government who went to war.


it's Rapunzel...but with Disney's Magic Dust all over it in savory 3D...Makes me wanna be a kid again!

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

chemistry between Depp and Jolie with an exceptional performance by Mr Johnny makes up for the lack of thrill and mystery in "the toursit"

You Again
You Again(2010)

Cute,Funny,sexy. Bell and Yustman are more than enough reasons to have a good yummy laugh about it


the character and his inner struggle was the best thing about it, plot was ridiculously obvious and naiive

The Last Exorcism

"house of the devil" n "cloverfield" style filming but with the nothing remotely close to interesting for 1 hr 20 mins out of a 1hr 28min runtime

The Switch
The Switch(2010)

predictable,overdone and at the same time sweet and heartwarming thanks to an amazing (Thomas Robinson)


funny comic translation with a bunch of big names that is worth the while till the credits roll.


the "pop corn to enjoy" movie with a smile at moments of pure gore which is basically Tarantino and Rodriguez' style.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

Stone's door to stardom (especially with her taking a role in the new spiderman) gives Easy A, a passing B.

The Next Three Days

the next three days is ur " school teacher turned action hero" movie, good thrill with already seen over and over plot twists and story lines.


the simplest spine chilling idea, Reynolds solid performance and a genius mind behind the plot.... you'll suffer goosebumps syndrome for a day or two after this!

Requiem for a Dream

Never been repelled and intrigued at the same level/time. Amazing directing/acting/filming delivering the ugliness of addiction in all its forms.

Leaves of Grass

Norton is always a pleasure to see in a movie by Blake Nelson that has the "Cohens" brothers feeling all over it.

Indecent Proposal

criticizing relationships, marriages in the middle of nowadays difficulties and temptations of life...


Unstoppable stands as a solid adrenaline pump into your veins with Scott's exceptional vision merging non CGI rail roads in action with some decent acting.


predictable in every possible way, dull at times and only the good thing is a nice camera work by the director Luessenhop

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

I haven't laughed this much in ages! Great synergy between the lead characters with outrageous scenes you won't see them coming!


Shaymalan's touch with the whole Faith and religion debate is all over this piece of low-budget horror flick very well shot.

The Social Network

The tale of the 26 year old who wanted recognition as bold clearly as he states at very beginning of this movie when the tale starts with haking into Harvard's very own network till "Facebook" as we know it was born .

The Town
The Town(2010)

Affleck's maturity as a sophomore director in a "Heat" -alike thriller delivers. Renner acting chops pins you to the screen whenever he's there.


The story of a marital infidelity with no answers to give. Great acting , lousy yet over the top sentimental script.

Going the Distance

it's all about the striking chemistry between real life love birds Barrymore and Long

Blood Diamond

a thrilling translation to the real world's diamond market and how much blood shed is required to get you that engagement ring on your fiancé's finger.

The Tuxedo
The Tuxedo(2002)

Jackie and JLO Hewitt's twins....what more fun can u ask for?!

Batman Forever

better than the other O'Donnell flick but compared to Nolan's translation on screen this looks pittyfull

The Parent Trap

god bless the days when Lindsay was still a child!

The Butterfly Effect

Kutcher's masterpiece in acting career

Ocean's Twelve

great cast, mindmazing story. ALways a pleasure to watch

George of the Jungle

I believe it's my best Fraser's movie till the day

Casino Royale

Daniel Craig's filling the shoes of the infamous 007 was one of the best calls of modern days castings

Despicable Me

Carell's 2nd best movie on my list after wacthing his performance in dinner for schmucks! Cute,funny,entertaining

Resident Evil: Afterlife

a treat to all 3D lovers who look for nothing but to enjoy an hour and a half a excusidely shot Matrix-like action scences with no intriguing story to follow.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

great performance by Shia and an economical thriller worth the while.

Dinner for Schmucks

By far the best performance in Carell's career cz he let's his true inner schmuck reveal on screen! Still the movie doesn't live up to its french source material.

Step Up 3
Step Up 3(2010)

best dance flick so far, amazing use of 3D in the various scenes of well choreographed moves. Worth a watch

Why Did I Get Married Too

not as good as the prequel. Sheds a light on marriage with trust,economical trouble, intimacy, love, persistence with multiple couples who been friends for sometime now. A treat for the lovers of "predictable"


an SNL short cannot be translated into a full theater movie! 'nuff said!

The Haunting in Connecticut

nothing impressive or original but the potential to be noted in Gallner's acting chops, the same dude who was eaten by Jennifer's body.

Piranha 3-D
Piranha 3-D(2010)

Not for the weak or faint-hearted, it's sicko scary, spewing gallons-upon-gallons of R-rated graphic bloody gore. 3D babes and shewed up body parts!!! Not surprisingly, a succulent wonder the sequel is in the works.

The Other Guys

Wahlberg is a favorite of mine to begin with but this movie delivers one liners and a bunch of laughs through endless surprising action-pumped fiesta! In terms of flat-out nonstop laughter, it's the best comedy of the summer.

The Expendables

The awesome over the top action scenes movie u'd see twice but still predictable like a looney tunes episode.

Vampires Suck

and so does this piece of youtube collectibles.....

The Terminator

James Cameron's second film and his most crisply written in every respect.


the killers kill nothing but your precious time with exactly an hour and 40 minutes you'll never get back.

The Pianist
The Pianist(2002)

As a result of the attention to detail and commitment of Polanski and Brody, this is a harrowing, realistic story of what it was like to live in the Warsaw Ghetto and under Nazi occupation.


Brody's action hero status enveiled in a decent (payed homage ) remake of the all time favorite 1987 flick.

Assassination of a High School President

The flick plays like "Rushmore" meets "The Usual Suspects," alongside shout-outs to everything from "Sixteen Candles" to "Chinatown" to "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine is fresh, heartfelt and ultimately heartbreaking in its honest portrayal of a modern relationship


Nasty scenes are set off by some breathtakingly beautiful scenes in the wintry Scottish mountains, and a few tender moments. Centurion isn't an especially memorable film but it's certainly a very enjoyable one.

The Ghost Writer

A slow-burning and elegant thriller firmly in the Hitchcock mode but with shards of cynicism that are uniquely Polanski's. It relies on an unusual premise, intriguing characters and expertly generated tension to involve us; and that's just what it does.

The Last Song

The Last Song is a movie that quite deliberately slots together its jigsaw pieces to take its audience on an expected and overly-sentimental ride where novelist Sparks (turned screenwriter with this film) combined his usual themes (beaches, grieving teens, cancer) as a vehicle for Cyrus to put her childhood career behind her.


Splice is science-fiction/horror at its best, underpinning its daring moments of bodily horror and sexual anxieties with flawed characters to care about and moral issues to wrestle with. Perfect reflection of teenagers seeking escapism and the feed for the scifi geek inside you.


Totally pointless and selling a plot that could've been made way better and it's overdone anyway.You wanna enjoy this one? Get high on sonething and watch it. Total waste of time. Those who relate to this movie are clearly asylum graduates,junkies,idiots,dogs (cz there was a dog with HIV in it) and of course Mr Stiller!

Death at a Funeral

Danny Glover and James Mardsen's roles are hilarious! Loved them in this ensemble! Other than that less than average script.


the master piece by Nolan brings the multi-layer mazed script to life in an exceptional directing that is worthy of multi watching to feed ur curiosity. Dare yourself to understand every angle of the plot from the first watch!


From the writer of "equilibrium", "the recruit","Street Kings","Law abiding citizen" and the Director of "the quiet american" comes the nerve wrecking/brain picking thriller "Salt" starring your favorite Tomb Rider (Jolie) and the latest Sabertooth (Schreiber). The question all movie long is (Who is Salt) and the movie opens up for a potential sequel with many posibilities ahead. Some say it doesn't top Costner's (No way out) but I believe it delivers everything a modern action thriller can hold.

Fireflies in the Garden

loved it, my man ryan delivered a serious role adding to it the touch of humour he's well known for...
a very deep story dealing with the bonds of family that should never be broken in the middle of the death tragedy of the mother who was holding the whole group together all these years...

Kung Fu Panda

Jack Black fills in the shoes of the Kung-Fu Panda (makes you laugh even by saying it)! Pure amusement and laughter till the last minute


My favorite Wahlberg Movie! I'd watch it a thousand times I don't care! It's the underdog talking his revenge on the big heads with Power,speed and pure wittiness!


An amazing script with more than perfect cast. Political messages overwhelm the story and gives u something to think or re-think about


A nod to Travolta for the fun touch he added on this movie, easy going joyful experience for the whole family.

The House of the Devil

Guess this one falls under (acquired taste) because i hated it and found it stupid maybe cz TI West was trying so hard to make it scary while bringing back the 80s horror movies' ambiance.

You Don't Know Jack

From the director of (Wag the Dog) comes the biopic of Dr. Kevorkian (still alive till the day). Al Pacino delivers as always a fantastic performance bringing the "Death Doctor" character to life on screen in his struggle to legalize Euthanasia in Michigan state.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

Funny cast, great synergy in a easy going , (almost) family, fun summer flick with no twists or turns but to bring good laughter and a lesson to grow up but never forget the kid within yourself & see it in your own kids grow
ps: most hilarious topic---> the 4 year old breast feeding kid! hahahaha

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Bruckheimer movie of the year ! amazing action out of the norm movie with the superb advantage of the million possibilities you can benefit out of "Magic" element which was fully taken advantage of! There's a hint to the old animated Mickey Mouse sorcerer movie with the dancing mops :)
A definite Must watch for the Sci-Fi lovers. The scene of the music producing Electric bolts was pure genius! Not to mention the moral messages sprinkled all over the script

Get Him to the Greek

Jonah Hill and Russell Brand nailed it with an out of mind, out of all boundries of moral and reason comedy that leaves you giggling astonished by the level of nasty dirty ideas stuffed in this f***ed up script! More hilarious than Sarah Marshall.

Shrek Forever After

More of a serious movie than a fun ride, the only comic relief I found was in puss in boots where Banderas nailed it but other than the theme was dramatic centered around (u don't know what you got till it's gone) parts 1 and 2 were better. And it falls way behind Toy Story 3 which has all the spotlight being the best animation this year!


nothing fascinating apart from adkins' superb athleticism and I believe it's the first time I saw him play an american character sinc ein Undisputed he plays the role of Boyka the russian. He does have some acting chops under his sleeves.

Ninja Assassin

great action , amazing fight scenes and nothing out of the norm with the tales of mighty ninjas. a must see

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

better than both twilight and new moon since it has David Goyer's touch and cinematography style. It was more brutal and action packed. waiting for the two upcoming sequels. the acting even was better since the actors got used to each other it's coming natural to them by now to fulfill their roles.


great acting, lovely heart touching story with a deeper message that the person or the life you live you can either see it as heavens on earth or convince yourself that it's hell with all its agony...The score was more than perfect to the flow of the movie...A beautifully perfected Scottish piece of art.

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

Funny and witty as it gets, Mark Wahlberg was the best addition to the group!

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

sorry Karate Kid but the family movie of the year title is snatched by TS3 especially with the great 3D filming, lovely script funny witty and is all about the perfect entertaining piece of work! laughed my face off!

The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It

very sleazy and cheap with its comedy , brings a bit dirty laughs .. loved that mockery of twilight and star wars (LMAO) hahaha

St Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold

silly and ridiculous to the point some will find it funny...Watch out cz this one is an acquired taste, you wither laugh your ass at it or hate yourself for watching it. I enjoyed it

The Karate Kid

lil Smith is a copy of the elder! great humor, action and kung fu chops with Jackie chan showing a new edge to his acting capabilities...the family movie of the year so far

Hot Tub Time Machine

Craig Robinson owned in this one! Chevy Chase appeared on screen again! A silly comedy with layers underneath the cynical one-liners that asks the question: what would you do if you had the chance to re-live your past?! and the answer obviously is to make the most of today so you won't ask yourself this question 20 years form now :)

Wicker Park
Wicker Park(2004)

a tale about love taken away from you by force, because of selfishness, hatred and the irony of fate plays a major role in this script

Brooklyn's Finest

a movie about real life's police work, great performances by cheadle and Hawke. Glad to see Snipes back on screen.

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

loved it! Liam,Bradley,Sharlto...amazing performances filling shoes of old characters that were a landmark back in the day,the action is beyond the level of comprehension but hey: it's a action flick, it's A-team: go watch it!

Blood and Bone

great physique, flawless fight acrobatics and moves but Jai White's persona can't make up for the crapfest that is with all the rest of the cast and the story. Check out "undisputed III" with Scott Adkins I loved it more than this one cz the characters were of more depth and Adkins is a better actor and acrobat than White is (in my humble opinion)

Repo Men
Repo Men(2010)

nothing out of the usual apart from the tiny twist at the end of the script which raised its stakes for a "more than 5/10 movie", poor action choreography and stunts. It's gory all right but just for the hell of it! Not bad but you won't miss much if you missed it.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Nothing much to expect. Not even close to compete with the first installment, the Freddy character in this one needed more depth and screentime in screen!


thrilling mind-mase delivered by G.Jordan with a brilliant performance by Sheen and a landmark character by Samuel Jackson. a full-on political/war on terror oriented movie with lots of reflecting and contemplating to make. a must see

Undisputed III: Redemption

for all those who are into martial arts and fight acrobatics: watch Scott Adkins' movies cz he's the man! loved his performance!

Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing

Scott adkins is a master of martial arts!

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Not a match for "Pirates of the Carrebean" but it strongly stands amongst the best adaptations of a game so far on the big screen. Stunts and action wise it's great. story wise it's the average type of script with some political hints within went it comes to persia. Alfred Molina's role was a nice addition to the mix, Gemma Arterton delivered a less captivating performance than the one we saw in "Clash of the titans". Chapeau bas for Jake's physicality (well he got payed to do it!) and Newell's great direction of the action element of the sand filled phenomena

I Love You Phillip Morris

a funny/dramatic/life story script but lived by a gay "Steven Russell" played by Jim Carrey with his love interest played by none other than Ewan McGregor whom I have to say delivered a performance far beyond amazing! Can't deny the taste of vomit whenever the too were kissing or whatever but the movie is actually worth watching especially that it's based on a true story.

Cop Out
Cop Out(2010)

nothing splendid, barely made it above an "average" flick, exaggerated edgy script doesn't serve the purpose to bring a laugh at times! Kevin Smith tried to come out with a better job than "Zack and Miri" but he clearly failed.

The Losers
The Losers(2010)

The cast chosen to fill the shoes of the comic character were so right you can actually see the comics in ur head watching this! (And this is rarely done nowdys in the translation of comics to the silver screen).loved evans' role he was the best part of this one. The action sequences are great specially the last epic scene...a must watch for comics/action/thriller/adventure lovers


Amazing! The full Package for an entertaining comic book adaptation! Chapeau-bas for Mr Vaughn for the superb directing. My favourite character was "hit girl".The story is funny,dramatic,action packed and tackles the nerd inside you as well! Loved it!

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

"Fear Thy Neighbor" , a beautifully crafted remake of the 70's movie with Timothy Olyphant addind a great performance and the elements of a thriller were all there well used by Mr Eisner.

The Back-up Plan

the title should be urs that is you should have a back-up plan if u wanted or merely thought of watching this! Watch Ironman 2 a second time that would be way better! The acting was very poor sometimes I wanted to cry! The leading actor has no real expressions what so ever and his lines were delivered poorly it's obvious his acting out. JLo was more of a pretty face than an actress. Storyline very predictable. Only funny line or even 20 seconds are the ones with secondary character of "Anthony Anderson" in the playground scene. Final Verdict : FLOP!

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

It's a shy attempt to top 'gladiator' as I saw it,the scenery/cinematography was top notch especially the effect of slowmow with the arrow leaving the bow...there was room for character development especially that it's a movie with more than 2 hours time! The sentimental element exists at certain moments which added flavor. Overall let down since expectations were vert high but it still stands as a nice piece of filming that can be watched more than once.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

RDJ was a pleasure to watch, he's on the top of my all time favorite actors. Rourke's impersonation of the Russian badass was top notch, ScarJo was the movie's delight with her looks and action chops. As a sequel it tops the first movie in action in thriller elements but it was a bit lacking depth in the story but hey at the end this is what comic book action movies are all about ! a Must watch for those who liked the first settlement.

Dear John
Dear John(2010)

Very touching, romantic, and ironic at the same time... Love is most beautiful yet brutal entity found in existence

Clash of the Titans

Total disappointment, I believe they realized it was gonna suck ass at the box office unless they make it in 3D so they shot 10% of it in 3D last minute so even with 3D it sucked! Gemma Arterton's performance was mostly wat I loved about this movie and I can't wait to see her in "Prince of Persia"

Crazy Heart
Crazy Heart(2009)

Bridges' Oscar award was well deserved following his performance

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Isla Fisher gave her all to fill the shoess of the character and she did great, though that was not enough to make a movies worth watching. The only nice thing abt this is it bashes the snobby stupid shopaholic character of nowadays almost every teen and adult girl is on the planet!


The good thing about cellular is that it starts off as a thriller and ends as one, there's lack of character depth development. Evans did a decent job (it was the first of two collaborations with Statham and his girlfriend at the time the beautiful Jessica Biel again reunited for ''London''), he was clumsy, funny, impulsive and just the average beach boy that he is.

The Brothers Bloom

Rian Johnson's script and direction (Love it when that happens cz the vision of the writer gets translated with perfection on screen), the movie is amazing with the synergy between the members of the group. Ruffalo brought his character to life with fineness aside Brody who's a pleasure to watch as always. But the surprise was Rachel! She was in an unusual character and she was superb! The story ends beautifully too...

How to Train Your Dragon

Dream work animation's always a treat to enjoy, the story was not bad and at some point bringing some events that we don't usually witness in these kinda movies.
The plot aims basically at the idea of two populations (vikings and the dragons) and how they both fear each other cause they don't really know each other so they fight each other. A classic plot reflects the real world where man fears what he doesn't know....

The Road
The Road(2009)

The translation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by none other than Cormac McCarthy (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN), comes strikingly breathtaking captivating you with the sentimental aspect that binds a son and his father trying to survive the apocalyptic events that stroke earth leaving our world with nothing but a foggy surface were no animal or tree survived...
a Dark movie that tests one's faith, will to have hope and power of heart.

She's Out of My League

laughed my ass off all through it! extremely witty and full of hilarious one liners. The secondary characters were an excellent addition especially the character of "Nate Torrence"


Gibson's masterpiece, you know when your lost in the characters and scenery of a movie that it's worth watching

Tell-Tale (Tell Tale)

"Truth is a heartbeat away" this phrase sums up what this movie is all about, it's a low budget flick nonetheless enjoyable especially with the addition of Cox to the cast, and the endless surprises along the way.

Vertige (High Lane)

Abel Ferry's directing and depiction of the great scenery where the elements of this thriller/survival movie were the best to be noticed through the hour and a half time you spend glued in place waiting for what happens next. a mix of "hills have eyes", "wrong turn" and a couple others with a french taste to it. A must see for those in love with wild sports/climbing/spelunking I might add ...

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

A modern representation of the good O days' tales of Hercules and his companions "half human half gods", though it may seem like just another Harry Potter knockoff, Percy Jackson benefits from a strong supporting cast, a speedy plot, and plenty of fun with Greek mythology.

A Serious Man

The Coens' dark comedy bringing you a laughter at the irony of one's life. The main character is pretty much recessive and passive at some point you wish you can slap the reason out of him. A fair nomination in the Oscar I may add. Funny thing is that the whole cast of characters seemed like on drugs or slow maybe that it irritates you

The Bounty Hunter

nothing original about this romcom, the chemistry between the leading chatacters was missing badly and the one liners were no where to be find revealing a poor dialogue writing. Hitch is still Andy Tennant's best work up to date.

My Name Is Khan

The movie came to me surprising as I never imagined the media coverage around it especially after watching it and checking the various symbolisms in the script... a great movie backing up the muslim nation and sheds a brief light on the pure loving nature of this religion coming from a guy who suffered autism in a journey that would leave you with a fruit of thought to indulge your mind and your soul

Youth in Revolt

The comedy of the year , a must see. Based on the usual "virgin sexually suppressed" teen who's after finding love and hitting any approximation of a female gender and he gets the babe of his dream at the end none the less it was plotted with the most hilarious story line and comedic timing as well a bunch of one-liners that would surely make u laugh your gut out. Michael Cera was a surprise with the double roles, his acting chops are getting better by the day! way to go!

Green Zone
Green Zone(2010)

Makes you crave for a fourth Bourne sequel! Paul and Matt did a wonderful job exploring the real deal with the American invasion on Iraqi soil and the way Iraqis feel about it...


Nothing unusual or funny about it , some moments maybe but nothing interesting to waste your time on.


Had the potential to be a great movie... story line could've been great instead of mediocre as it's revealed throughout the movie.
The build up at the beginning was perfect but half way through it lost my attention

Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray(2009)

Since 1910, Dorian Gray was portrayed on screen 20 times...The Fiction in the story is quiet catchy but the directing of it needs a mastermind which I couldn't quiet find in Oliver Parker. Not to forget that the best to portray Dorian for me is Stuart Townsend in "the league of extraordinary gentlemen"

The Tooth Fairy

The regular movie from the Rock, the average acting chops and couple of laughs. Funny easy on the eyes family movie :)

The Hurt Locker

A modern war movie check , thrilling and emotional check, patriotic for the US citizens check, bashes the brainless suicide bombers check, 6 Oscars ......Heck no! Heck no! noooooooooooooooo!

Shutter Island

Scorsese's presentation of this mind maze psychological thriller is a definite must-see. As in all of his movies, the projections you come out with watching this are many and different one from another.

When in Rome
When in Rome(2010)

a smooth easy on the eyes comedy with a funny cast, didn't expect much but came out with a big smile and a couple laughs. The cast was funny and homogenous.

From Paris with Love

what can I say?! PLease god give us back the good O days of "Pulp fiction" back!?
This movie has nothing original at all, the characters where poor like slobs on a street in Karachi asking for pity!
seriously what was Travolta thinking taking a part of this!?
the action shops are there but with the "I can walk through gunshots and come out perfectly untouched" mood. Disappointing ...

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

you seriously rather stare at a wall for 2 hours than watch this! the only 5 minutes worth watching were the transformation scene in the hall in the middle of the crowds... and that was CGI! so no, no acting what so ever, no plot worth mentioning what so ever.... It has lame written all over it!

Wrong Side of Town

this movie sucks by all standards!
I didnt even watch it! i kept forwarding just to know the end cz it sucked balls!

Everybody's Fine

the great thing about this movie is that De Niro keeps remindining you at all times that he's still the great actor who brought us all the characters we fell in love with along the years.
Very touching, addresses the love of a widowed father for his children and brings together the kids with their father in a dramatic plot that can't but melt your heart along a half and hour of Kirk Jones' finest.

The Fourth Kind

Amazing facts played out in a documentary/horror movie style that captures your attention since the first moment. The facts are very frightening though and get you really thinking given they're all documented and true!!?!?!!
A suggest watching it for a good chill in the spine ;)

The Men Who Stare at Goats

"No goats, No glory"
It's a movie with a concept so silly and outrageous that you can't but laugh your ass out watching it! Spacey, Bridges and Clooney did a great job.


"welcome back to humanity, now you get to die"
definitely the movie representing vampires for there real gory blood lusty self (sorry glittery Twilight vampires you SUCK! hehe)
Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill delivered remarkable performances. Willem Dafoe was a great addition to the cast, reminded me of Hannibal King in Blade Trinity. "Who are we? we're the guys with the crossbows" hehe

The Book of Eli

The Movie when it comes to directing, acting, score and cast deserves a solid B+ whereas the story is an A++ thx to all the symbolism in depth there.
Religion, better yet Faith gives hope and enlightenment when it can also be used to manipulate the minds of the weak.
Eli (spoiler ahead) --------> was given sight after the war (I thought this was an amazing idea to implement!) and you can depict that from the "hello my name is Eli" sticker on his back pack and him mentioning his hearing that lead him to follow the way south.
Gary Oldman took a page from Heath ledger's Joker performance while playing his role (check it in the way his shouts "come on"!).
Loved the fact that at the end you can see all of the holy books lined up on the shelf, even the Quran in arabic as well as translated :)

Valentine's Day

great cast as known, storyboard is interesting but nothing unusual except some surprises at the end which some are freaking hilarious (to me at least).I would say it's a great movie for a valentine's eve going on a date that performances were "Achton, the Taylor's -hilarious-, Biel, Garner and mostly Hathaway hahaha"

It's Complicated

the best act in this was Krasinski, other than that it wasn't that funny... all the laughs were included in the trailer !
it's dramatic more than comedy in ratio. NOt bad but still not as good as it sounds.

The Lovely Bones

loved the script, the dramatization of the murder and the state of the " in between" was brilliant. the characters of Mark as well as Saoirse were my favorite. The Sound track was fitting to the general ambience of the scenes especially those representing the "glimpse of heaven".
I felt compassion,love and sympathy watching it which makes it one of my favorites.

Up in the Air

it's a movie about human connections... the sense of purpose and direction in one's life, married to your life partner? or to your career?
The directing was fulfilling and Anna Kendrik's performance was catching she does deserve the Oscar nomination, loved the scene when (spoiler) she declares her boyfriend left her: it was so real she cried like a lil child :D
A must see for those who don't believe in marriage too cz they fit in the shoes of Clooney's character.


amazing story, excellent directing and script as well... the role of Mandella was played exquisitely by Freeman. Matt is a pleasant on screen as always.
the movie breathes and conveys hope, compassion and inspiration.
''I'm the master of my fate, I'm the captain of my soul"

The Marine
The Marine(2006)

great action scenes, stunts were remarkable. story is pretty much the regular hero-never dies- type.

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

not much of a story but funny one-liners


Jake acting shops are really remarkable, the diversity in his character amazed me. Tobey (though I don't like him!) did fill in the role of the disturbed half broken soldier back at war...
(trying not to spoil it for anyone) the ending statement was perfect!
Loved how Portman read the letter from her husband not when he was supposedly dead, but when he came back and he clearly wasn't himself and things got blown out of proportions...
U2 official soundtrack was a beautiful addition to this piece of art.

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

amazing script, great cast, the score was more than prefect! I loved every single detail about this movie!


very fast paced. lack of built up for characters... silly dialogue, the only character i liked with connelly's

Sherlock Holmes

I am with no doubt watching this again, the character was more than well played by Robert. Jude Law was great in Watson's shoes and the story fascinates you more and more as it unfolds!
can't wait for the sequel :D

The Golden Compass

a great cast , CGI, morals behind the twist of the story (the book that is)... It's a family movie that entertains, thrills a bit and easy to watch

Lost In Translation

I believe this is the movie that launched ScarJo as a solid actor, great movie in a way it holds the perspectives of life that come with age. Charlotte is young, married early and she just lays in the shadow of her husband still not knowing what she wants to be in life, and Bob is a struggling actor going through his midlife crisis where he doesn't know how to feel the joy of his marriage which turned into mere routine with time...
two lost souls tangled in this foreign world had to attract.
I loved the title "Lost in Translation" it's genius!

The Time Traveler's Wife

the movie translates the book which holds all meanings of life and love basically.
Holding on against the difficulties of relationships and marriage, the loving wife always patient going through the menaces of life that her husband has to go through.

it's about compassion, romance, Love, perseverance...

I fell in love with Rachel McAdams' character the minute she was on screen and with her first couple lines of the dialogue, the look she gave Henry was full of long awaited love.... it's not exactly love at first sight ... it's more of a "I've been waiting for you my whole life" look...

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu(2006)

this is the third time I watch "Deja vu" and everytime I get to that scene where Denzel goes in the machine to reach the past, I get goosebumps!

Fascinating concept, Denzel's performance was amazing as usual.


Christopher Smith delivers a great setting of scenery for a horror movie. Creepy--> yes
twisted---> hell yes!

but what was the real story or twist behind it?! you never know!
they only mention the curse of that mythical guy who defied death or something.... not bad for a creepy evening movie...

Inglourious Basterds

vicious, hilarious, adrenaline fueled... Simply: Tarantino :D


didn't deliver as I expected, couple laughs but nothing solid in the genera of animation for 2009

Astro Boy (AstroBoy)

not bad for an animated movie concerning the story in hands of Astro Boy, the fans of the character will enjoy it surely and those non fans will digest it easy. Not successfull for this year as (Monsters Vs Aliens) when it comes to comparison within the genera.


first of al thank god finally Fox Movies had a movie that is worth watching (that is bcz Cameron didn't let them fuck with him on any level of production)
second the movie is beyond amazing, the directing is amazing, the story is heartfelt, there is everything in this movie: romance, honor, passion, love for one's home, sacrifice...

not to forget the the 3D animation which added warmth to all the romantic scenes and the landscapes of Pandora were breathtaking.... I loved it and surely will watch it over and over again :D

Case 39
Case 39(2010)

an overdue script , but the elements of suspense and horror are very well fitted in the movie. U may jump off ur seat frequently. For those who believe in spirits and possessions, this movie won't be as horrifying as it will be for those non believers.

Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds(2008)

very dramatic, never saw it coming... Such a human sacrifice can't be reached unless with such a tragic loss as the one Ben suffered, though I believe a mind set as such is the finest that a soul can reach. Great movie to watch next to your pack of tissues and maybe someone to snuggle with...

The Boondock Saints

"Sean Patrick Flanery" was the best thing about this movie in my opinion.

The supporting crew apart from the two brothers and the badass Old fucker (and of course Defoe) are all wacky! very stupid italian accented actors (makes you wanna weep asking for some Godfather scenes!)

But the Saints are amazing! I loved the strong bond between the two brothers, the passionate person that is Conner is what I loved about the character the most, you can feel his pain with every scream was really great acting by Sean's part... Can't wait to watch part 2!

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

freaking hilarious, I loved the fact that Cage portrayed with perfection the symptoms that people on drugs experience... Laughed my ass out three times through the movie. Didn't expect it to be that good :D
funny thing is that it ended up with a happy ending, I thought it would end up badly for the cop.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

as usual...Fox screwed up another translation from video games (instead of comicbooks) to movies .

The Box
The Box(2009)

very depressing and touches on so many subjects related to the divine entities.... still it has some key points highlighted that Women are generally the ones eager for more green (despite if it's for a good cause or not and weither it's gonna cause harm or not the mean of acquiring it that is!)
Still a good woman (mother) would sacrifice herself for the sake of her son...


hahahahaha I seriously can't wait for the 3D sequel , it's gonna be awesome! Lmaw
I'm not that much of a zombies' movie guy but this was hilarious


the Sci-Fi of the year so far! (hold on till Avatar is out)!
My god it was amazing and a hell of an experience to watch it! My jaw dropped when the truth was revealed though I kinda saw it coming!

I dropped a tear near the end and loved the wrapping up of the story... Rockwell acting was top notch!

Loved it! Go watch it you won't regret it!


not bad, has a deep message behind all the graphicness of it.

The Italian Job

Fine : Fucked-Up, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional!

love it!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

for all you haters: This was made for the fans and the fans love it!

A Perfect Getaway

Timothy is really great on screen.. beautiful script, nothing unusual though. the movie was shot at a very beautiful exotic place. action is fair enough and the adrenaline rush wasn't bad.
"I don't need a honeymoon" as the closing line in the movie was funny :D

Paranormal Activity

the movie is worth watching only from the 20th minute after the whole hour has passed. I believe exactly at 1 hr: 23 min things began to be interesting to me. It's plain simple, yes it's scary but I'm one of the people who believe in spirits so it wasn't that big of a deal to me.

500 Days of Summer

oh my God, it's easily on the list of best romantic movies I've ever seen!

the directing is awesome, narration is amazing, acting is wonderful, the story is straight from our everyday life.

the irony in it is so true. The ending can never be any better.

I so relate to Joseph character. One of the Best movies I've seen in a while.

A must-see for romance, comedic relief and a lil a bit life wisdom all around :)

Monsters vs. Aliens

sooooooooo funnnny and u can't be sitting there watching it and burst with tears out of laughter!
Seth Rogen was by far the best character in the flick! a Must watch!


funny at times, GRAPHIC! Haven't really read the book which I'm prettty sure is way better than the movie. The ending is kinda surprising (of how stupid it is!)
yeah so bottom line don't really see it unless there's nothing else better to watch :S

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

Amazing movie, funny like shit. I laughed my ass out. Don't forget the amount of Drama/ life wisdom thrown here and there. It makes you laugh, cry, think abt ur life... overall great piece of work.
The main idea behind the whole movie abt the lead role manning up and taking responsibility for his actions. It was fun watching Bana in an Australian character speaking his native tongue.


the scenes where the world was collapsing are ammmmmazing! the movie reaches at slow pace phase (boring) half way through but overall it was awesome. Still I can tell you that it will come second place after 3D Avatar for this year!!!!!!!!

Year One
Year One(2009)

it was super hilarious! I pissed myself laughing! and the DVD extras are funny as hell! the alternative ending was even better than the original in my opinion! hahahaha

The Rebound
The Rebound(2009)

I loved it, it's straight from real life.
U meet the right person at the wrong time :S
the movie goes till half way with the funny flavor, the comedy is great. Then the drama part is near the end which by the way I loved.
a great date movie.


the concept is thrilling, Quaid and Foster delivered.
it has all the concepts of a Sci-Fi thriller/space movie.
Loved the ending. Once u get halfway it starts to be more thrilling.

Four Christmases

romantic , funny , amusing.... Vince is as funny as always, reese is charming and delightful also in this one.


god damn it I wanted that screwed up kid dead! wanted to kill her myself!
Top notch movie for horror/thriller lovers!
the end twist is like :-OOOOO !!!!!

Law Abiding Citizen

god damn amaaaazzzzing!!!! adrenaline fuled till the last minute! Gerard Butler is the maaan!

Jennifer's Body

diabolic never looked soooo damn hot!

Couples Retreat

It was hilarious! A must-see on the weekend when u need a good laugh :D

Love Happens
Love Happens(2009)

pretty emotional once the guy realises he lost his wife.... other than that it's an average movie


loved the idea of all the surrogates all dying at once, the scene was fabulous. Acting shops in the movie were very primitive, Greer's wife is so effing stupid I wished she would die by the end of the movie.

Land of the Lost

highly disappointing...brings nothing new to the genera

The Bourne Ultimatum

my best sequel! the one with the most action sequences! can't wait for the 4th chapter!

District 9
District 9(2009)

liked it, didn't love it though! too much advertisement and it ain't a movie to be watched at the movies... get it on DVD it would be more than enough. the concept is pretty much redundant, though the idea of extra terrestrial life and the cinematography were catchy.

Match Point
Match Point(2005)

the drama with the most outrageous ending... u never see it coming really, nice piece by Mr Woody.


it sticks to its opening description "a touching comedy" it really serves the purpose of this line.
nice piece of work, you may yawn at times but overall it's not bad.

I Love You Beth Cooper

nothing interesting than stressing on the point that hayden is a babe... we already know that! and it's killing us! :P

The Ugly Truth

not ur average comedy with it being really offensive when it comes to language but sure damn hilarious...
and heigl is kinda foxy...never realized that before...

Green Lantern: First Flight

1st time I get introduced to the lanterns world, it was great! can't wait for RYan Reynolds' hal jordan!

The Final Destination

never never watch it if not in 3D, but once u do it's gonna blow ur mind away! great 3D directing!


I was really disappointed :(
another movie that lets me down!

Dance Flick
Dance Flick(2009)

LOL wayans brothers are hilarious...

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

hugh jackman and kate bekinsale on screen...say no more cz the movie was a must-watch

The Soloist
The Soloist(2009)

very human story, sad and true

State of Play

the story keeps you on ur nerves till the last moment... the score and music were awesome, the facts which this film is based on are frightening.
the action and thrilling part were great.


a beautiful impersonation of the Book.

Race to Witch Mountain

not bad but nothing more than an average movie.


the sci-fi part of it was not a favourite of mine, but the cinematography and the effects were awesome and it felt so real... loved it


funny, thrilling and reflects how couples in real life have trouble trusting one another for no good damn reason!


loved the fight scenes... tatum is not that good of an actor though.
howard sounded like a pussy the whole movie...
but judging by the title , this movie surves its purpose.

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

this movie is awesome, hell it's more than awesome! I watched it for teh 2nd time today and hell it's awesome! (too many awesomes I know...)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

it was dark and badass, loved the action. Sneak eyes was my favourite

Fred Claus
Fred Claus(2007)

pretty funny, vince vaughn is a favourite :)

Saving Private Ryan

the directing was unbelievable, spielberg rocks!
the story was top notch
loved it

License to Wed

really funny, very romantic and I loved the ending
totally related to it :D:D:D

Crossing Over

a compilation of tragic and happy as well as bittersweet stories about people tangled in the web of immigration legal issues and being granted the american green card...
pretty sad actually

Public Enemies

loved the character, Johnny depp was awesome!

School of Life

loved Ryan in this , a very good movie for a family night

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

wtf?! man as crazy as this movie is, i just can't get over it!

Made of Honor

a must see! u'll laugh ur ass out!

Pineapple Express

these guys make u wanna try pot!

The Lake House

one of the best romantic flicks really, specialy when u reach desperation with a realtionship that feels real more than anything else still it's as crazy as it could be!

Bangkok Dangerous

loved it! badass, romantic, thrilling

The Godfather, Part III

not as good as the first two (my fav is the second)
though we get to see how Karma works...

Punisher: War Zone

a total badass ! straight from the comic books to wide screen loved it!

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

one of the best comedies I watched recently :D

Marley & Me
Marley & Me(2008)

nice family movie with a romantic feeling to it and gives a a lovely moral at the end of it u feel the greatness of what u have in hand at the moment and learn to appreciate it

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

watched it in 3D and it was awesoooooommmmmmme!


bil hader was funny in this but other than that it wasn't that impressive

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

hilarious but gets to the point where u say it's so fucking unreal cz it's wayyyyyy exagerated!

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

a bit funny though mcconaughey didn't bring anything to the role, it's the same him from 70% of the other movies he's been in.
christina milian was mind blowing on her 5 min appearence god damn!

Angels & Demons

not as good as the first one when it comes to the story but it was damn entertaining

The Last House on the Left

hell yeah! i freaking awesome piece of directing! loved it!It has all the elements of a horror movie with all the suspense and the suprise...the ending is just fabulous!

17 Again
17 Again(2009)

it was ok, some laughs and the regular romantic teen movie elements ...

Fast & Furious

it's as good as the other fast and durious movies but nothing's new....loved the last scene when vin diesel offs the badass bad guy

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

can anyone be more persistent?

Fired Up
Fired Up(2009)

hahahaha never thought i would like this !!!1
it's freaking hilarious!


different than X-men (thought it would be like it at first) super cool powers and great action, thrilling.... loved it :)

The Spirit
The Spirit(2008)

the spirit is so gay, i don't know how they managed to make him look like he's a playa when everything he says and everything he does has "HOMO" written all over it!

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

i expected soo much out of this movie , what i loved though was hugh jackman as always and Wade Wilson's portrayal by Reynolds was off the hook! looking forward for the deadpool spin-off!

I Love You, Man

best comedy this year so far :D

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

very funny, suitable for all ages! comedies these days don't match this kind of class since they have to be R-rated and implement lots of adult material!


best piece of action from Fox recently, hope wolverine will top that


make you cry and I feel anyone can relate to this movie, it feels so real and full of pain with glimpse of hope every now and then

Slumdog Millionaire

lots of morality inside, loved it

The Midnight Meat Train

very nice and well displayed killing scenes though the ending is sci-fi!
I can get the picture of that guy ''taking out bradley's tongue and then eating it'' out of my head!

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

very touching and meaningful story...beautifully connected


very touching and sensual, reminds u of the bounties of life that u have right now...

Blade: Trinity

ok i gotta be honest here....i love this movie but only for Hannibal king cz seriously the script as well as the directing sucked big time!
if they didnt have ryan reynolds on it it would've been lame!


the land is beautifull, storyline was good and the movie has a deep more meaningfull meassage behind it. starts out with hilarious dialiogues at first to turn more dramatic at the end...loved it....though a lil more action in it wouldnt have hurt

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

thomas jane is the man for the job! wish he went for the sequel, i havent seen warzone yet but i guess it will suck!

The Shawshank Redemption

it deserves to be the no.1 movie on!

Quantum of Solace

loved the action but the script is way less catchy then the other bond movies of the old days...


haven't played the game , i heared is better than the movie...

Tropic Thunder

this flick is freaking hilarious! but it has downey jr. writen all over it!!!!
man i laughed my brains out!

Max Payne
Max Payne(2008)

wahlberg is a favourite but come on! the movie is half as good as a teh game!!!!! and most of the stunts in the movie wern't that impressive!

Righteous Kill

i knew who's our mystery guy at that moment where they show you pacino and de niro in a comparison of their answers to the shrink "are u sleeping well? having dreams?..." and u notice that de niro is the one who seems disturbed 180 degrees different than pacino it was like the director was forcing us to believe de niro is the killer!
good movie...

The Bank Job
The Bank Job(2008)

bloody brilliant I tell ya!
hehe u gotta start talking british once ur done with that movie!!!!!!
enjoyed every minute of it!
i cant believe this was real!!!!!!!

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

very funny! haven't watched the series but this one is pretty damn good!

Death Race
Death Race(2008)

the trailer is thrilling! gotta c it!
ok now that I watched it, u kinda expect more but it's thrilling and entertaining, statham added the flavor to it and u sure get relief when that b**** dies at the end!

Blade II
Blade II(2002)

the best of the triology!

Just Friends
Just Friends(2005)

"bush! the 1st family....are on my mind!!!" hahaha man ryan always cracks me up!
4th time i've watched this...:D

Love in the Time of Cholera

okay so it's very romantic true, but come on! this could never be true! for god's sake!!!
not that i wont be crushed if the love of my life marries someone else! hell i might go stray just like javier did or i would jump off a cliff! i cant do this and wait for god knows how much for the dude to die!!! :/

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

nice plot, wanted to know what happens to the younger brother though!

Anger Management

adam sandler is a favourite!
"i'm so pretty...." hahaha


i really cried at the end when adam sandler died (but then i bursted with a laugh when he gave speedo-guy the finger!)

Kate & Leopold

Hugh Jackman's character is surreal, very well played and a very romantic movie...loved it!

The Happening

the creepiest moment is at the beginning of the movie when people start throwing themselves off the rooftop!
loved the ending when wahlberg comes home to find out his wife was pregnant....but the whole story isssss...dunno ! a bit crazy!

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

a must-see movie, superb story and a great ending!
the crew on this movie is amazing!

Underworld: Evolution

kate beckinsale aaaaaah! man this was awesome!

Seven (Se7en)

this one is on my favourites' list a'ight!
god damn it killers are sick in the head, sick with all the evil filling up their brain cells....i'd torture him till he wishes he was dead that piec of shit john doe...

The Strangers

didn't really like it...ok it's a bit scary at times but it's hollow!

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3(2007)

still funny and hilarious!

Batman & Robin

ehm..i watched this shit back when I was a kid when it was released (man i dont know how i liked it!!!???)
When u get to watch the dark knight of 2008 and u look back at the old movies, u get one idea: batman was gay!!!!! it was stupid and some comicy!

Buying the Cow

hahaha pure fun!!!

Ryan's role is blaaaahahhaha "dad....I'm gay!" hahahaha
man this movie is a must see!

The Scorpion King 2

naaaaaahhh don't watch this movie cz it's lame!
the first movie was way better, the only nice thing I thought is that michael copon really resembles a young 'Dwayne Rock" and he tried to make his facial impressions and immitate his attitude a bit...but as I said ...not a good movie!


the best romantic movie i have ever ever ever seen!

Man on Fire
Man on Fire(2004)

he was really on fire in that movie!

Enemy of the State

creepy stuff u learn in this story...

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

splendid! couldn't stop laughing at these stooges!

The Incredible Hulk

better than the first one i guess and thrilling though I wished he'd finish that skeleton off at the end of the movie!

Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory(2008)

loved it, Ryan really knows how to get in the drama keeping the humor ...very nice story funny, serious, dramatic...


very nice thriller, mastermind...a bit predicted but u'd still have that doubt in u "is he dead? Is he gonna come back?"
I saw that the chick was on the plan half way through the movie but a nice movie overall... Hugh Jackman a favourite always.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

The first movie was way better...
needs more action and that thriller character is missing,too bad it's released same time around dark knight cause now I have a new standard movie, and this is why this movie wasn't that good :S

Meet Dave
Meet Dave(2008)

eddie murphy did it again! hehe man he's hilarious! used to loooooooove his stand-ups!

The Love Guru

not bad, expected more funny scenes

The Dark Knight

been a while haven't watched a complex movie like this one!
hooped there was more ass-kicking though!
But overall loved every single minute of it!!!!


it makes u reconsider messing around with your waiter better yet eating indoors all the time!

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

liked it though...hehe
"fattouch"! and too much hommos!

laughed my guts out when zohan's father used his eyeglasses to eat hommos then put some more in the tea!!!! hahaha


smooookkkiiing hottttt!!!!

superb action movie! worth every penny u spend at the movies!
now all I gotta do is learn how to bend bullets! :P


amazing story, can't believe it's based on a true one!

Batman Begins

great restart of the high-tech super hero tails...

American History X

Edward Norton----great acting, I gotta watch "the incredible hulk" now!!!!


favourite quote in that movie "it's gonnna be your head up his ass!!!!" hahahaha

88 Minutes
88 Minutes(2008)

got an Al pacino maniac friend of mine recommending this movie to me, and I gotta say it was worth it!

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

as screwed up as it was the end of the was one hell of an experience!

dramatic story, great directing, very nice crew..loved it

Pitch Black
Pitch Black(2000)

i watched the 2004 movie before this one and frankly the chronicles movie is way better

The Benchwarmers

liked the fact the schneider was a bad-ass!

Into the Blue

I just LOOOOVE the site of the ocean where they shot this movie!


amazing, genius! best movie I've seen in ages!


one hell of a ride! statham rocks!


very nice thriller, mind freaking experience...good job
Samuel Jakson didn't have any actual role though! :/

Street Kings
Street Kings(2008)

nice , a bit predictable scene when reeves hits the guy runnin on the rooftop with that chair! man that's cool!

Are We Done Yet?

funny, it's true the 1st one was funnier but this one is ai'ght ...

Cheaper by the Dozen

u really should consider not having that much kids!!!!

Are We There Yet?

a reason to hate nasty smart-ass kids! :P

The Ruins
The Ruins(2008)

stupid concept, stupid movie, stupid ending...

Meet Bill
Meet Bill(2008)

hahaha funny and really nice!
inspiring story within...good that the tramp got what she deserves at the end!


laaaammmmme! expected more!!
grudge is way better...personally the best remake of a horror movie made till now is "the eye"

Be Kind Rewind

funny , makes u wanna shoot ur own "sweded" copy right now! personally I'd so -Blade!- hehe

Southland Tales

had some fun moments, not bad didnt like the story plot at all though! so lame :s
"I'm a pimp and pimps don't commit suicide!" hehe

Failure to Launch

haha hilarious! (attacked by a dolphin, bitten by a lizard...enemy of nature!)
and the paint ball hangout---Genius!

The Wedding Planner

very nice romantic movie, beautiful twist in the story!
must see ;)

One Missed Call

SO MANY BULL IN IT, the girl goes thru the place where she knows the evil spirit opened the door for her and then she gets freaked out and runs away!!!

and very stupid ending...

Nim's Island
Nim's Island(2008)

nice, funny
(loved the lizard!! hahaha)

Sleeping Dogs Lie

as fucked up as it sounds! the most disgusting stupid to-be-whipped-with ur-behind movie!

I hated every minute of it!

Fool's Gold
Fool's Gold(2008)

my kinda movie! the carrebean and the funniest people!