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Every Day
Every Day (2011)
6 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A stellar cast but the story of a dysfunctional family failed to impress because of missed opportunities. The last months of a dying grandfather Brian Dennehy living with his daughter (Helen Hunt) and son in law, Liev Schreiber, a writer for TV show, gay teenage son and a younger son. A trying time for the family given grandfather's trying physical and medical needs. LIev's conscientious husband, father and son in law role gave us a talkative and caring character that was quite refreshingly different from the usual cheerless, grim faced man of few words 'Ray Donovan'. Liev had more lines in this one film than the whole season of 'Ray Donovan'. Except for one short scene of music ensemble at the end with daughter and grandsons surrounding the ailing grandpa, there were not enough tender moments to convince us viewers the ending where the family appeared to be sombre in grief while the ashes of grandpa were scattered in the ocean.

From Here to Eternity
6 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Don't need to wait long. Just 30 minutes into the film before one gets to see the famous 'beach necking scene' between a young Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr. Watching this black and white film 70 years later is like opening a time capsule to peak at life in the US (Hawaii at least). A star studded cast, although I doubt none is a alive today. An absolute sign of the times in pre-civil rights movement of 50s, not a single black actor or character in the US army or civilian population of Hawaii. Being Hawaii, there were of course Asian bartender and civilians. With invasion of the Pearl Harbour as the historical focal point, a remake of the film today, even if there is vociferous protests from the loud black community, changing the demographics in the film would alter the accuracy of history. The film has provided me a good starting point to read Montgomery Clift's biography.

The Conjuring
The Conjuring (2013)
12 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Superb horror film because of the immensely talented cast. Not since Linda Blair's exorcism has another exorcism so engrossing for me. Though less frightening, this one has a lot more heart and soul in it, even though it wasn't performed by a priest. Patrick Wilson nailed his role as an aspiring expert in demonology, a loving husband and father and first and foremost, a concerned and kind hearted human being.

All the President's Men
26 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I likhet med filmen Spotlight jeg så i fjor, denne klassiske politiske filmen viste nok en gang at pennen er mektigere enn sverdet. Disse filmene kan ikke understreke nok hvor viktig det er for å få sånn demokratier å ha fri presse å være se hunder av regjeringer eller noen herskende organer som Vatikanet og deres kardinaler. Frihet og uavhengighet presse alene er ikke nok, men også behovet for god undersøkende, ansvarlig journalistikk. Ivrige journalister i Washington Post handlet med Robert Redford og Dustin Hoffman kontrollert av kloke og erfarne redaktører utsatt Watergate-skandalen av Nixon som bare handlet om Machiavelli prinsipp gjør hva å holde seg ved makten. I hans tilfelle, for å spionere på sine politiske motstandere. Skandalen malt republikanerne i et svært negativt lys. Men er Liberaldemokratene hellige i sammenligning? Absolutt ikke, og pressen er ikke upartisk i skitt de avdekke. En virkelig lurer på om Washington Post ville ha vært like ivrige til heksejakt Nixon om han var demokrat. I alle fall, en fri presse er en nødvendig støtte i alle gode forhånd demokratier fordi hvis vi har lært noen ting fra historien, er det alt menneske med makt som den amerikanske regjeringen eller kardinaler i den katolske kirken, vil etter hvert bli korruptert hvis de var ikke i begynnelsen.

1408 (2007)
32 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Excellent horror film with a great story and brilliant acting from John Cusack as the cocky writer of ghost stories, Mike Enslin and Samuel L Jackson, as Mr Olin, the cautious hotel manager of Dolphin Hotel who went to great lengths to dissuade Mike Enslin of foolhardiness. Entering 1408 at great peril to himself and a mess for Mr Olin to clean up afterwards. Never in the world would I expect the Carpenters classic nostalgia " We've only just begun" incongruously used as the recurring spooky and haunting song in the haunted room 1408. Not the typical haunted stories with macabre ghosts and blood bath. Rather it was the painful memories of Mike Enslin, his deceased daughter of cancer being the worst, that would plague Mike recurrently like 'Groundhog Day' that was the most hurtful and unbearable and ultimately his reason to check out of the hotel in a fiery inferno. The best scene was the playful banter between Mr Olin and Mr Mike, one trying to dissuade the other not to venture into the room. In the meantime, not only was Mikes curiosity heightened enormously to taste the forbidden fruit but also us the audience. It was a satisfying ending because Mike Enslin, for all his cockiness and scepticism, he did not survive room 1408.