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Everest (2015)
9 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Beautiful but heart breaking true story that happened two decades ago. I read about this horrific news of 8 people dying in a single expedition in Time magazine. So it was especially moving to watch this film fleshing out the characters involved. Rob Hall, characterised as that kind and hand holding trekking leader made it impossible not to shed tears while watching the heart wrenching horrific conclusion. Commercialising trekking expedition such as scaling Mount Everest multiplies the risk of casualties many times more given many bottle necks in the narrow treacherous path to the top and that there are narrow time windows of safe periods. Human follies or selfishness such as fighting over scarce resources and non cooperation amongst folks jeopardise lives even more with more and more commercial companies set up to cash on 65k/person. Case in point is leaving oxygen tanks at certain depots or the scheduling appropriately and unselfishly to accommodate safe group sizes for time windows for the ascent. Watching this film brought memories of trekking Mount Shasta (4322m). Of course this is only half has high as Mt Everest (8848m) but it was nevertheless no walk in the park. The film and my Mt Shasta experience underlines the importance of preparation of both fitness and having the right equipment. For city slickers like me, my ill preparation for trekking in Mt Shasta only meant greater suffering and gratitude to good samaritans and fate for saving my skin. John Krakauer struck a cord with me, when he questioned the group on their individual motives to embark on this insane mission or activity. Apart from Rob Hall and the Sherpas for mercenary reasons, most if not all did it to satisfy their egotism and narcissism.

Manchester by the Sea
32 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Unfortunately for Ryan Gosling, Casey Affleck would steal the thunder with his defining performance as the tragedy and guilt stricken Lee and hence won the Oscars. Not since Doubt has another film with tour de force acting gripped my attention so fiercely and unrelentingly. Using flash backs, the director Lonergan brilliantly filled us audience in on the background of Lee and the tragedy that shaped his character. Casey had the lion share of the 135 minutes movie since the focus was on him. But the supporting cast gave stellar performances such as the beautiful Michelle Williams to treat us to an ensemble performance. It is a long movie but never felt draggy. The director never shot a scene longer than it should which means that the director really packed many many scenes in, making editing work all the more difficult and time consuming. But the end result is a masterpiece. Manchester by the Sea is beautiful and unforgettable and Casey is under radar of many now. But in fairness to Ryan Gosling, its a much more difficult role to play the jazz pianist, the tap dancer and the crooner. Gosling could play Lee, but Affleck will be hopeless playing the jazz pianist. The Oscars, unfortunately, always favour the serious genre over musicals or comedy. So I think the Golden Globes did the right thing of having two separate categories for acting. Comedy/ musicals & serious dramas.

La La Land
La La Land (2016)
32 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Film is as magical and thrilling as all the hype and excitement suggested. Since I don't go to the cinema anymore, its a six months wait from screening to receiving my Bluray. It was worth the wait to watch it privately on 4K 65" TV without noisy potato chips crunching neighbours to annoy me. Nothing must disturb me while I watch this great follow up on Whiplash from Damien Chazelle in creating this romance musical. Musicals is a tough genre because few musicals have impressed me, perhaps because I havenīt been impressed with the castings of musical movies. Not Chicago, or All that Jazz or Ma Ma Mia or the most recent Les Mizerables. But La La has hit the ball out of the court. It had two of the most winsome darlings and talented actors, Ryan and Emma. Their on screen chemistry was magic. The heart simply soars to dizzy heights while watching them dance and sing. All focus centred on Ryan and Emma while everything else became oblivious. Most scenes if not all were one shot long sequences underlining how challenging it is for the actors to get it right over a five minute non stop shot. The choreography and set decorations were too beautiful for words. The ending was a reality bite because two talented people who are in love must go their separate ways because they had to make personal sacrifice in order to entertain the masses one day. At least hopeless romantics like myself were treated to an alternate reality where Ryan and Emma would live together happily ever after. A greatly underrated actor, Gosling was brilliant at the piano with many close up scenes of his fingerings on the keyboard. Yes, it was all Ryan. No doubles. It was heartening to have Chazelle so young and talented because we look forward to seeing more gems from him in the future.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
50 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Eva Green is the chief reason i saw this film. Since the day she was the ill-fated bride of James Bond (Daniel Craig), she has captured my attention. It was in Penny Dreadful that she showed us how talented she was in playing long suffering and tortured soul. It was nice to see Eva play a cheery feathered lady this time round.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2 (2004)
3 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Cool villian..... excellent focus.. in this movie... thrilling action from spidey. Superb marvel hero movie. Top of the bunch and there are quite a few already. Brilliant cast. Tobey is the original spidey and is much better than Andrew Garfield. Alfred Molina played the Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde was the perfect villian. With 4 extra serperine tentacles to inflict damage, the tussle with Spidey was superb.