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Lorenzo's Oil
Lorenzo's Oil (1992)
8 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A film for all aspiring parents. If I have a serious disease, even fatal one when I am a child, I want parents like Augustos and Michaela Odone (acted brilliantly by Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon). When most parents would have given up if their kid was diagnosed with ALD (adrenolenkodystrophy) and not intervene as nature takes its course, the child becomes crippled, and eventually die a horrible death of drowning in their own spit and regurgitation. Not Augustos or Michaelos. Although not doctors or scientists, they recognised the terribly inapt doctors and scientists and the slow progress of finding a cure to newly discovered disease because the scientific community do not share their nascent research prematurely for egotism and prestige reasons. Rather sit and see their child suffer and degenrate, they ploughed the fields of biochemistry, physiology and medicine with the help of library, they discovered Lorenzos oil. Fruits of their tenacity, never say die attitude saved, not just their sons life but also the lives of many ALD kids. Truly magnificent parents.

The Jungle Book
8 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The film earned buckets and buckets for Disney. Everything Jon Favreau touches turns to gold. Ironman and the Avengers are cases in point. I have a lot of respect for Dysney for taking their animated films including their animal ones to the highest level in tasteful quality, While Fox were busy making stupid, crass boring dull animal characters like the Ice Age franchise, Dysney sets itself apart by making life like animals like the jungle book. However, I did find the survival theme, the burning of the forest and the killing of the jungle's most magnificent animal, the tiger, a little too dark for Dysney's genre.

Passengers (2016)
19 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

For me, it was the greatest interstellar love story with the worlds most winsome and bankable couple Chris Pratt and JL. Unfortunately Murphy's Law struck again. That aside, nothing cements love better than the couple working together to avert disaster and save more than 5000 humans on the space ship. Brilliant graphics one would expect from a 110 million dollar budget. Sure a bing chunk of the budget went to the two superstars. Although necessary to save the human race, interstellar migration is still light years of our time in technnology and the demise of earth will come sooner than that. Hence the premise of the story was entirely feasible. A beautiful and luxurious interstellar twirling space ship complete with swimming pool under the stars and a bar with a android bartender named Arthur who spoke Queens English or Russian and capable of making 1436 cocktails. The chemistry between smokingly hot sultry Lawrence and handsome handymanly masculine Pratt was magic because their appeal can´t be any more appealing. The plot was wonderfully simple and based on primal needs of needing human company and the gallant hero sacrificing himself only to be rescued by the love of his life. So its a greatest mystery this movie did not make pay dirt at the box office. Murphy´s law struck again.

Nocturnal Animals
20 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Someone please give Oscars to Amy and Jake already. A beautiful film by Tom Ford that has three frames in its narrative. His signature of tasteful artistic composition without being too arty farty was written all over in this down to earth plot of class mismatch between a rich high society Amy Adams from New York and a poor aspiring writer from Texas, brilliantly acted by Jake Gyllenhaal. True to Amy´s high born mother´s forewarning, Amy would indeed eventually come to her highborn sense. As her mom had predicted, Amy grew out of her young varsity puppy love for Jake to follow her mom footsteps by resuming her path in her high society life. A high society life of art exhibitions and chairwoman to stuffy societies instead of an ordinary working class life with Jake. Jake´s heart was of course shattered not just by Amy leaving but also for their aborted baby to disappear forever. But after 20 years in a loveless marriage with a cheating rich husband, perhaps regret for not following her heart instead of her mind, she finally heard from Jake again when she received a book dedicated to her by Jake. We therefore see the segmented three part narrative with firstly the young varsity life of Amy and Jake, secondly the current loveless life of high society & a chauffeur driven Amy going about her rounds of art exhibitions and finally thirdly the gruesome novel she received from Jake and we got to see the story played out with Jake as the main character and the small town chain smoking cancer ridden detective brilliantly played by Michael Shannon. Beautiful plot, directing and a fantastic cast make this another class act by Tom Ford, who is in a class of his own when it comes to good taste.

Easy A
Easy A (2010)
20 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The appeal of Emma Stone is clearly visible from this high school frolic of a good girl from a well balanced family whose parents are level headed, supportive, non racist and non judgemental. Borrowing from Nathaniel Hawthorne´s Scarlet letter, she would experiment with ostracism to help fellow students who suffered from real ostracism because of sexual orientation, physical non conformity etc etc. I am not a big fan of high school dramas but I could appreciate the talent and appeal of Emma and how she could be the darling of Hollywood seven years later when she worked with Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling. Thanks to this film, however, my interest is piqued to check out Hawthorne´s Scarlet Letter.