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4 years ago via Flixster
Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas(2012)

Well that was....interesting. Visually, it was very pretty. And the whole interconnected stories concept was neat. Except sometimes it worked well and sometimes it didn't really work at all. Some parts had me thinking that yeah, all these stories are definitely woven together, and other parts had me wondering how they could possibly be connected. Some of the stories were captivating while others were incredibly dull and I feel like they could have been omitted entirely and the movie wouldn't have suffered a bit. It was also overlong at nearly 3 hours. I feel like at least an hour of the film could have been chopped off and each story could still have been fleshed out as much as it needed to be. I can't say this is one I'd ever watch again voluntarily, but I suppose I'm glad I saw it this once.