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3 years ago via Flixster
Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2(2013)

Not spectacular, but then again, neither was the first one. The first one was more memorable, but this one wasn't that bad. The humor fell flat a lot, but there were some genuinely funny moments, and the action scenes made up for any unfunny parts. There was no Nicolas Cage ridiculousness in this one (aside from Hit Girl having a framed picture of Nic Cage's goofy mug in her hideout), but Jim Carrey's bizarre performance makes up for that. He didn't look or act much like Jim Carrey at all, so it was really disorienting. There's loads of violence in this one, too. The first one was, but this one moreso. It seems like every few minutes, a character died in an unpleasant, gruesome fashion. It bordered on parody after a while. Anyway, this wasn't the surprise hit movie of the summer or anything, but it was an entertaining time at the movies. For every unsavory scene, it seemed like there was a better one to balance it out. This isn't one I'll want to rewatch this one a bunch of times in the future, but it's fun enough to watch once. It felt like a Zack Snyder movie at times, even though he didn't have anything to do with this. Also, this had Christopher Mintz-Plasse's best performance since Superbad.