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Robots (2005)
9 years ago via Flixster

One of my friends described this movie as "Monsters Inc with robots" and he was right on the money. This was trying way too hard to be a Pixar movie and it showed. Though quite funny in some parts, and had some very nice visuals, (for example the domino sequence that has a wave of dominos chasing Rodney and Cappy) it failed to impress.

The movie felt like it was straining to be funny but it never quite managed it. The saving grace of the movie was the stellar cast, but even the great actors they had seemed to be just going through the motions. For example Robin Williams was just being his normal self; there was nothing you had not seen before.

I give this movie two stars. The few good scenes it has keep it from being a one star movie.

Chicago (2002)
10 years ago via Flixster

Chicago is the film adaptation of the Broadway hit musical, based on the book written by Maurine Dallas Watkins. (Now that was a mouthful.)

The film version stars Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones as fame seeking femme-fatales, both in jail and under trial for murder. Richard Gere plays their slick attorney trying to get them both out of jail.

The film uses most of the songs from the Broadway musical. My personal favorite of the music numbers is Queen Latifah singing "When You're Good to Mama" as the prison warden, while flashing back and forth between the prison and her singing the song in a 1920's speak easy.

The movie is extremely well done from start to finish and reminds me a lot of work by the director Baz Luhrmann. It is obvious that the film's budget was spent on the lavish sets and costumes.

The acting is top rate and every character in the film is believable. Even Richard Gere pulls off his performance as the lawyer well, which was quite a surprise. Who knew that he could tap-dance?

Contact (1997)
10 years ago via Flixster

This thought provoking sci-fi movie explores the barrier between science and religion and really makes you ask the question, "can science go too far?"

The film stars Jodie Foster as a determined SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Life) researcher obsessed with finding intelligent life out in the universe. Because she is mocked by fellow scientists, she has to get private funding from a reclusive billionaire for her research. Until the day she finally receives a signal not of this planet.

The movie is extremely well made and has a stunning supporting cast including Matthew McConaughey and James Woods. They all play their parts very well and the movie builds on it from the start.

The script is well written and keeps you wondering about what will happen next as well as what would happen if we really did get a message from space?

Ella Enchanted
10 years ago via Flixster

I went to see this movie by accident as the movie I went to see was not showing - and I am so glad I did. As soon as the movie started and I saw that Eric idle was the narrator, I knew I was going to like this film.

This movie is a great fun film for people of all ages.

The movie is set in a mythical fantasy world where elves, trolls and giants roam. They aren't free, but are persecuted; the elves are only allowed to be entertainers or singers. The giants are forced to work as slaves and the trolls are blamed for the death of the king.

The kingdom is currently being ruled by the uncle of the soon to be crowed prince. It is he who has forced all the injustices on the non-humans. The film follows its name sake: Ella, who as a baby, was given a horrible gift by a fairy godmother the gift of obedience. Anytime ANYONE tells her to do something she is forced to do it exactly as told.

When her father re-marries after her mother's death, her new step sisters find out about the spell and start to take advantage. So our heroine runs off to try and find the fairy who put the spell on her, as she is the only one who can remove it.

She is accompanied on her trip by an elf who is trying to become a lawyer and the boyfriend of another fairy who is trapped in a book.

The movie is very funny and is one of the best comedies of the year. It made me think of a live action Shrek, in that it has comedy for both children and adults alike.