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The Ledge
The Ledge(2011)

This is a suspense drama, not my favorite genre, but it was well-done. It pins a believer against a non-believer. Whose actions are more ethical/moral? Is adultry punishable by death or should it be? Can a non-believer do "the right thing"? What is worth dying for? These are some of the questions that arise in this movie.

Raw Faith
Raw Faith(2011)

The trailer gives little clue to this story. It's a documentary but in the style more of a docu-drama. A story about a female minister who seems very religious in a robe and high pulpit feels like it would not be a story I'd be interested in, but I was curious. The minister tells her life story, which is not necessarily one you might suspect. She's a southern lady who left it all for a liberal religion. She had to keep it all a secret from her congregants. During the 2-yrs. of the making of the movie, something unexpected happens. It is what really makes the movie captivating and endearing. I was deeply touched by this story.