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Basket Case
Basket Case(1982)

Watch it 3 times in a row the other night! Such a fantastic story and beautifully executed with a no name cast. Some crew members from this movie went on to work on The Toxic Avenger, Street Trash, I was a Teenage Zombie, and Slime City!!

Zombi 2
Zombi 2(1980)

There isn't enough that can be said about Fulci's supposed masterpiece Zombi 2. Yes, fan boys, I said supposed. Although not his best work (Don't Torture a Duckling, The Beyond, Cat in the Brain among others surpass this film effortlessly!) Zombi 2 stands out as one of the more prolific and visceral italian zombie films of the 80s. Its familiarity and popularity are obviously faulted by Romero's classic Dawn of the Dead (a much better film by all standards) yet Zombi 2 stands alone in many ways. Its visceralness was somewhat of a landmark in spaghetti splatter. Fulci's use of close ups, and stuttering, drawn-out deaths only makes the apprehension that more claustrophobic. Fulci and Sachetti also went back to the roots of Zombies by filtering in Carribean voudoun rites that enhanced the atmosphere and location setting. And lets not forget the unforgettable underwater fight between a zombi and...well, if you haven't seen it, now would be the time. Fulci's Zombi 2 earns 4 and 1/2 stars for some of the most memorable celluloid ever printed. Its only fault was trying to be too closely related to Romero's Dawn. Then again, in my opinion, if it never would have latched on to the epic DotD, its popularity would have brought it down to the level of films like Burial Ground, and Antropophagus (two films that I highly recommend regardless of critic views).

Zombies paletos

This movie is a one of a kind laugh-fest that has the gore for the horror aficionados. The smallest of small things make me laugh. From the zombies burping after a heavy meal to the witty one liners that, although sometimes asinine, can still create a chuckle from the lax viewer. Ferd Mertz (Bucky Santini) is by far the winner here when it comes to the laughs. A great way to spend a good night and to introduce people to the bizarre and obscure. Totally cheesy but all in good fun! There are really no blatant cliché moments in this one that leave you scratching your head and wondering if your intelligence has been insulted. Redneck Zombies is not suppose to be taken seriously. Anyone who does is obviously watching this movie for all the wrong reasons. Highly recommended if you can find a place that carries it. If not there is always Amazon.

The Deer Hunter

It has been over 15 years since I have first laid eyes on this film (a whopping old age of 10 I was!) and to this day and beyond, no other movie breaks down my emotionless barrier unlike The Deer Hunter. For myself this film was the stepping stone to great cinema. I am a life long diehard Deniro and Walken fan because of this film. It ranks on my TOP 10 Greatest Movies Ever and will never leave and maybe ascend a spot or two as I get older. The story of small town blue-collar iron/steel mill workers fascinates from the beginng credits of the early morning dusk settling down sleeping forests of green, to the tyrranical jungles of Vietnam, amd back again to the small town turned upside down by tragedy striking thousands of miles away. Hands down this movie deserved every Oscar appointed to it and Deniro was a fine canidate for BEST ACTOR. Walken hands down acted his heart out and as I write this I receive chills and goosebumps at rememberances of scenes past. If there were a TEN STAR rating I would mark that a million fold. Every one: young, old, skinny, fat, handicapped, bald, blue, hermaphrodites, whatever you may be....much watch this film before crossing over to the unknown which this movie so proudly exhibits.

The Grim Reaper

Flat out 5 stars for the visceral italian style gore in the vein of Dr. Butcher M.D. and Fulci's Zombi. Joe D'Amato lets loose his exploitation, world wide banned masterpiece with comic book blood, shaky cameras, a skinned rabbit along with one forced abortion you have to see to believe. The backstory of the title creature is told through one meager backstory but it is enough to set your teeth on edge. The two disc uncut edition can be picked up for about 15 bucks. The special features are nothing to orgasm about, but if your a film fan/freak like me the extra tidbits delivered by the late D'Amato on the origin of the film are interesting enough. Worthy of mulitple views.

There's Always Vanilla

I am a huge Ray Laine fan. His films are filled with such charisma. The role he has as the down and out discharged army private is filled with such realism and prestige. Simple lines and unabashed winks and smiles to the camera wrap the viewer into a frenzy to find out just what is this guy trying to do with himself. From session guitar player to wanting to write his first novel, to scamming his way into a conglomerate advertising/marketing firm, Laine shines. I cannot get enough of this film and I recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a great actor act. RIP Mr. Ray Laine. We do miss your charm.

Fellini Satyricon

Surreal and demented, Fellini's masterpiece shines with amazing acting and superb cinematgraphy. Definetly a dream sequence set in the underworld of Nero. A much watch for film enthusiast and for fans of the grea Kenneth Anger.

Boy Eats Girl

An actual winning accomplishment in the new era of zombie movies of the new millenium, Boy Eats Girl has a fantastic cast and a somewhat eccentric plot that holds strong for the most part, but quickly gets silly and comic-booky. The film has many laugh out loud antics in the vein of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, yet is not as ambitous nor funny as the unprecedented future cult classic. Like said before, the casting is undoublty great and the gore effects lend a hand to the viewable but, not cheesy. Gore might be associated with such films as DEAD ALIVE, and THE EVIL DEAD. Great film but the plot gets rather silly towards the climax of the film.

The Lookout
The Lookout(2007)

Fantastic film from Scott Frank (writer of OUT OF SIGHT and GET SHORTY) that has a terrific cast ensemble. Joesph Gordon Levitt, all grown up, is a major player in the film. Levitt shows strong acting skills and battles internal and external dmeons through out the film. Jeff Daniels is always a charm and his witty and sonewhat sad portrayal of a scheming blind man cannot be missed. The film is VERY well paced and some parts of the moving leave you gripping your seat with angst. Highly recommended for fans of: Running Scared (Paul Walker), Undworld (Denis Leary), Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrell, Snatch, etc.

Are We Done Yet?

John C McGinley absoloutely makes this movie one million times better than what it would have been without him. I had not laughed so hard in a really long time. I'm usually really anti-warm and fuzzy monotonous family theatrical releases, but Jon C. McGinley gave an outstanding performance that gave this film 5 stars. He is fantastic.

Dominick and Eugene

A very compelling drama that has me slacked jawed from the beginning. Ray Liotta's signature fast-tempered drama is superb. His opening scene was excellent and very significant to the hardship and struggles veering around the corner. Tom Hulce is always fantastic and as the dim-witted Nicky, he is on top, as equivalent to Amadeus. Jamie Lee Curtis lends the inevitable struggle to Liotta, and runs with her role as the unnsuspecting homewrecker. Suburban Pttsburgh has never looked so sad. The locations were on the money and the route the Nicky has as part of a garbage team with Bill Cobbs (wish he coulda had more in this role) and "best friend" Todd Graff surround a small tribe of people that all interweave with Nicky's life. Graff's role of Larry was excellent. He liked to mildly torment Nicky and even knocked one of Nicky's front teeth out "accidently" via tossed garbage can (this scene is verbalized but you get the general impression from Nicky). As the film rolls along, Larry starts to actually support and befriend Nicky, in a real show of emotion. A showcase performance by all actors. There are not many movies out there like this one. This one gave me goosebumps. Please seek this movie out. You will not be dispointed. The topics of brotherly love, family ties, independence, jealousy and abuse are heavily silohetted and performed with eloquencie.

Apocalypse Now

I was once asked to give my opinion about the aftermath which was APOCALYPSE NOW and how it affected me visually. I embarked on a rampant journey through my mind seeking out the most complex and thought-provoking answer so as to not offend or belittle the film with a recant that was lacking in devotion to the FIVE STAR rating I have so appreciatingly given it. One word was expelled from my breath...Wow! No joke. This film was brilliantly pieced together with an Overly All-Star cast and amazing set visuals. By far Dennis Hopper is at one of his best performances. I wish he could have had a bigger role in the film yet his presence was phenomenal!!!! Coked up and emitting Extra-Terrestrail jargon only Ron L Hubbard would understand. Martin Sheen was fantastic as Captain Williard. No holds barred attitude and a strong keen insite on getting the job done strict and confidential. Robert Duvall....jesus christ can this man act. The Lietenant-Colonel that surfs. Stupendous performance. Marlon Brando is always a pleasure to watch. He was doused in shaodwos during the entire span of his role to hide the wieght he had gained during his tenure in the mid to late 70s, but nonetheless he is always pleasing and devoted to his roles. He handled his ad libbed dialouge like the outright professional that he was. Amazing ad libs. It was rumoured that Harvey Kietel was up to play the part of Captain Williard before Sheen was mentioned. Lets hope that one day Coppola unearths footage and screen tests of Harvey doing his thing. What would this movie have been like? What if....

No Country for Old Men

Jeebus Christ on a crutch. This movie was fantastic. The pace was superb, Javier Bardem was chilling and dead on, Brolin was awesome and very realistic, Tommy Lee Jones was terrific but lacked a really strong point in the picture. Just his prescene was enough to put this flick at 5 stars. Jones was very witty and true grit. The Cohen Bros always amaze and they definetly deserved their OSCAR here. Some of the most flamboyant and gut churning chase scenes I have ever had the privelege to swaet through. Bardem's weapon off choice is eccentric but very intimidating. Do not pass up a chance to watch this beautifully shot, amazingly edited, superbly casted masterpiece.

Full Metal Jacket

A surreal look at the American Govenment and the brainwashing that goes with the military. Kubricks storytelling is precise and as gritty as ever. Kubrick succeeds in every category. Matthew Modine puts forth every unstrained human emotion to the test with finess and determination. The most meorable however has to be Vincent D'Onfrio as the excellently dimwitted Private Leonard Lawrence (aka Private Pile). D'Onfrio sets forth a nerve twitching confrontation with gusto and the viewer generally feels sorry for him. With top notch actors, and a great pace, Full Metal Jacket will reign as one of the greatest Vietnam era inspired movies of all time.

The Great Yokai War

The little (being indifferent to size) buggers themselves in this great flick by Takashi Miike (sp?) are of a great visual mind. Their colours are nothing short of extraordinary and they send a creepy tingling through the collective soul's spine with a quick glance of non-chalantness (word?). A memorable scene for me is the the scene where all of the gentlemen seem to be getting drunk off of water....no it was sake really but it looked clear and I didn't know any better at the time. This movie actual led to my first sake experience which is another reason for its 5 star rating...which is being unfair to the movie because the movie itself deserves 5 stars for its great imaginary visuals and very obscure yet child friendly storyline. After all, it is a child's film. : )

Corpses Are Forever

Jeez the only reason this flick is still in my collection is because I am having a hard time getting rid of it. I gave this film a chance because of the role Richard Lynch has. Love Lynch, absolutely hated this film. The half star is for Lynch.

Sleepaway Camp

The legend lives on....a personal favorite of mine which cashed in on the dead teenager formula of the 80s that was eating up the box office at the time. Definetly a shocker and the imaginative deaths realign horror with reality.

Street Trash
Street Trash(1986)

One of the best extreme gore movies of the 80s with a cast of great unknowns. The lead of Fred was actually the make-up assistant to Jennifer Aspinell who has had a remarkable career with TROMA, SNL, Mad TV, NFL, and helmed the new Indiana Jones flick. The story is original and does not lack the depth and charge it nees to succeed. The liquor, Tenafly Viper lends a Lovecraftish feel to the film when it is found behind a secret compartment in the basement of Ed's Liquors. A fantastic film which is a must for every horror afficiandos film collection.

The Toxic Avenger

A gem of a movie from TROMA(One of the first) that has a great plotline with a twist. The gore is top notch and definetly of low budget material. The cast is strong for what it is. Young Melvin is defininetly the strong point of the pre-monster Cohen.

Meshes of the Afternoon

In 1943, a landmark film was made. Inspiring countless filmmakers (Anger and Merhige notably)with simple camera techniques and fluid motions that run on like a labrinthe of creeks. Seems to view as a student film, experimenting with different lighting and camera techniques, yet subtle hints of female expressionlism and a slew of inner changing emotions open the mind and force you to delve deeper into eccentric thought. A truly remarkable film and a must see film for art film students or just plain film nutz.


For over three decades, no one has had the same illustrious illusion...or disillusion as the writer and director of ERASERHEAD. David Lynch has said in his interview contained on the ERASERHEAD DVD from Absurda, that fans have expressed many different outlooks on his landmark film, but none even close to what he envisioned while writing and filming this masterpiece. Brilliantly done in everyway, ERASERHEAD stands out as one of the more hidden gems of important cinema. Lynch's astounding visual effects and subtle glances at sexual frustration and lonliness are well executed by stars JACK NANCE (R.I.P.) and Charlotte Stewart. The amazing sexual reproduction intro has to be seen to believe. At some points in the film, hints of occult and evil imagery flicker for milliseconds and beyond, never really uncloaking itself to the viewer. Also (depending on your outlook and creative curve), I find the film carrying on in a sort of exploitation comedy. The sets are crafty and elegant, although sometimes the film gives off a vibe very close to a stage play...in no way a bad thing. The Lady In The Radiator is very astonishing and extremely creepy. Her "In Heaven" song has to be the most memorable scene in the film. Most of what I have explained are hidden from the non eccentric viewer, yet eccentrics like myself tend to delve deep. Sometime a little too deep that we over-analyze. I stand by my synopsis 100 percent. ERASERHEAD is not for the lax newbie viewer. The film relates more to hardcore Experimental/Art film buffs. For fans of Kenneth Anger, E. Elias Merhige, Maya Deren, and more notably Stanley Kubrick.


I liked this movie. My best friends cousin created all of the effects you hear. The crashes, explosions, some music. He won an academy Award for it. He passed away a few years back but he did amazing work on this film. He also worked on Coneheads, Broken Arrow, and a few other blockbusters.....Oh Bad Boys too.