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Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness(2013)

Let me first say I was never really a Star Trek fan, I never saw any of the tv series, or any of the movies, my first venture into the world was Abrams' first Star Trek, which I really enjoyed, so this is the only Star Trek world I know, if any trekkies find that sacrilgeous well they can go fuck themselves, my point being i dont really know if JJ is changing any major lore or history with his movies, (outside from some major pop culture references) nor do I really care, its his movie, his version of the universe, he can do what he wants, that said, the strength of the first one-the cast, is just as good, kirk and spocks relationship is just as strong as last time, pegg has a bigger role, prolly cuz hes more famous now, and some of the other crew members dont have much to do (chekov and sulu) but theyre all still just as good, cumberbatch is great as the villain, very menacing and foreboding, having said that i was underwhelmed with what his plan was, its not bad per se, but i was just expecting something grander, and the film got a bit confusing/chaotic at the end, still its got some exciting action scenes, and some good music, fans of JJs first one will probs like this one