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This is 40

This is 40(2012)

First off, lemme just do a lil rant, I cant stand how people have been criticizing this calling it "white people problems" or "1st word problems" Judd Apatow can make a movie about whatever he wants. Youre supposed to make movies about what you know and this is the world Judd Apatow knows so its what he has the most experience in, you wouldnt want him making a movie about third world problems would you?? Anywhos that aside, as for the movie its ok, not his funniest or his best, like any of his films it goes on way too long, some scenes just go on and on and i was like jeez just cut already, i dont need to hear yet another variation on the same joke, also mann character got annoying lotsa times, and even rudds character annoyed me a lil bit at times, but overall rudd is very likable, mann looks damn good for 40, i dont buy her argument that shes not pretty, there are some good laughs tho, especially from chris o dowd and jason segel and paul rudd, of course its filled with lotsa pop culture references, some are clever, some just obvious, overall enjoyable enough to rent or download