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The Bay

The Bay(2012)

Barry Levinson is definitely one of americas most accomplished and consistent directors of the past 30 years, he's proved he can work well in almost all genres, and he adds horror to that list with the bay, not only of his best, but one of the best horror films I've seen in recent years, it was one of the most unsettling films i've seen, many times i was cringing and almost yelling in my seat, the effects are great and seeing what the parasite does to people is very disturbing, the fact that it infects good people too makes it all the more depressing, it's found footage yes, but the footage comes from a variety of sources, so we're able to see a more complete look at the catastrophe, there aren't a whole lot of big roles, so not much to the acting, but all the performances are believable which is what the story needed, only minor quibble is it was a bit vague with how the thing spreads, but this is definitely a must see for any horror fan