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Django Unchained

Django Unchained(2012)

Quintessesntial Tarantino, as I stated in my basterds review, I hate QT as a person, and theres no denying the amount he takes from other films, but goddammit his films are always very entertaining and well made and well acted, and are always an "event" picture, Django is no exception, the dialogue is on par with anything hes written, and delivered excellently by Waltz and Dicaprio, both are oscar worthy here, its great seeing DiCaprio play a villain, you also never know where the film is gonna end up going, theres always the chance that it can take an unexpected turn somewhere, theres another great table sequence like the one in the bar in basterds thats also very suspenseful, its also chock filled with cameos that are fun to try and pick out, i do gotta say this might be his most violent film ever, to the point of getting quite excessive at the end, also some of the plot points get kinda unbelievable near the end, and it does go on a bit too long, but before faltering near the end, its a damn entertaining film, that all QT fans will enjoy