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Daniel's Review of Smashed

4 years ago via Flixster


Sobering (yes pun very much intended) look at how alcoholism can affect people's lives and almost ruin them, it isn't as dramatic or dark as something as the lost weekend, but that's what makes this more effective and realistic, there are lots of fun and good times when you're drunk, and you always want to try and have more of those good times, yet it can start to take over your life, the people affected here aren't bad people, they're just flawed and that's what makes it more painful when we start to see the bad things happen to them, winstead is great here, ive never seen her in such a dramatic role before but she pulls it off well, ive loved aaron paul since breaking bad, and hes just as good here, offerman, mulally, and spencer, generally known for their comedic roles, all turn in solid supporting work, as a guy in my 20s who drinks a good amount, it definitely made me think about being more careful about drinking