NeilDas' Rating of Looper

Neil's Review of Looper

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


At first glance, I didn't have high hopes for Looper, but decided to give it a shot, seeing it was being well received.

Surprisingly, Looper benefits from tense moments, some rather clever lines as well as odd but enjoyable humor, not to mention a solid performance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt (oh hey, his name in the movie is Joe). As for Bruce Willis, this isn't the first time-travel movie he was in. While his performance was acceptable, the nostalgia from Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys was strong.

The plot miraculously manages to tell a compelling story, even if you think you had it figured out long before the end. One would never be certain what to expect next, while the sub-plots make for some genuinely intriguing moments. Moreover, the plot itself isn't quite as implausible as I had originally thought it would be. In fact, it represented the aspect of time-travel that is usually illogical in a way that actually made sense.

Though there is one plot point that strains part of the movie for me, but mentioning it here would be a spoiler.

However, as Looper ends, all I can say is while it may leave loose ends for the viewer to tie up, the movie's logic should make up for them.

While I wouldn't call it the #1 movie of the year, Looper was a definite surprise, thanks to a refreshing take on time-travel and what was mentioned above.