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Fan (2016)
17 months ago via Movies on iPhone

A film like Fan can only be made on a few actors around the world, and in India there are a hand full of actors who amass such a huge fan following, and Shahrukh Khan is one such actor, who's fans will do anything to catch a glimpse of the star. Fan in short is about an obsession with an actor to the an extent your whole life is just that one person. And in the film's context Gaurav, slept, breathed, and literally ate everything to do with Aryan Khanna. But when an obsession crosses a limit the price that is paid is what Fan is all about. Coming from the Yash Raj stable, and with Aditya Chopra the mastero himself the producer, with a great director like Maneesh Sharma ( of Band Baaja Baraat Fame) alot of expectations come with this film. The SRK and Yash Raj Jodi is golden to say the least ( DDLJ, Chak De etc), and especially after viewing the trailer one was even more excited because after ages SRK was breaking his starry image, and actually acting in a film and that too in a double role. But did the film live up to such humongous expectations, well lets analyze.

Fan is not your regular film, where a story summary is needed because the story is know and in the forefront since the films inception, its about an obsession with a movie star, and what happens when the obsession turns unhealthy. Even when one talks about the films acting, there is only one actor who leaves his thundering impression in Fan, and that is SRK as Garuav and Aryan. Without a doubt I can say that in the last couple of years, and that after Om Shanti Om this is SRK's best performance. SRK plays both roles so wonderfully, that one believes that Gaurav is played by a another actor, and not SRK. They are that dramatically different at times, in looks, and in acting. He totally owns the film and hits it out of the park with this film. SRK is at his acting best. Watch out for his climax chase and speech its some of the best acting I have seen SRK do. He is back to Daar and Baazigar days.He had me in tears almost in the climax.

Fan is not a perfect film, the film has its blemishes, but its a very powerful watch, its a film that will move . You will be able
to feel the pain of an obsessed fan, and his sorrow.The film takes you into the life of a star, and into the life of a common Delhi Boy, who is a crazy fan of a actor. We see a realistic side to both sides. I honestly really enjoyed the film because I could relate to Gaurav the character in bits, while I am not obsessed with any actor and his life, I did grow up on films, and there are some actors I have looked up to my whole life, and idolized, so I do understand his character at times. As a viewer I could relate to his pain at times, and thats a huge positive for the director, to make the film relatable for the viewers (or some of them like me, who grew up on films). The film has no music and is was not needed, kudos to YRF for being brave to do this in a Hindi film. The VFX is top notch, and SRK was transformed into Gaurav perfectly. The action, and chase sequences were shot sleekly, and the stunts were first rate. The production vaules in general were top notch, and beautiful countries in Europe were highlighted. Now to the films blemishes, well the only problem I had with Fan was that at times the story was way to over the top and unbelievable. Like how does one just beat up a movie star to meet another movie star is it that easy, and how is one able to enter such a huge movie stars house so easily, these examples and more such make fan really unbelievable and not realistic at times. The film has such a good realistic follow going until these hitches, but I must say with such a fast paced film even the over top scenes were entertaining, its just that the film had a chance to be a masterpiece if not for these blemishes. But alot of the blemishes were made up for me in the appropriate and heartfelt climax.

Overall if want a watch a good SRK film after ages, and want to encourage India's stop stars to do worthy films, watch Fan and make it gross 200CR +, rather than encouraging garbage films like Dilwale. And this is coming from a non SRK fan.

Grade : 75% B

Hardcore Henry
17 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Hardcore Henry redefines the action film genre, and one doesn't have to go into detail to talk about the film, because the film has no real story, and acting/ emoting take a huge back seat in this film, because the whole film is about explosions,gory violence, and intense gun play. There is even harry potterisque magical action involved. The action just never stops, the film is a adrenaline filled roller coaster. The film is like a video game, its the first film to be filmed in first person. Its like playing call of duty, except everything is unpredictable and one is at the edge of there seat because of constant thrilling action . The action is truly awe inspiring, the film has some best stunts I have ever seen on the screen. Hardcore Henry's only downfalls are that the camera angles for the first person filming makes one pretty dizzy at first, it takes at least half an hour of the hour and thirty min runtime to get used to the crazy camera angles. Its almost seizure inducing at times. And the films biggest flaw is that there is no real story at all in the film. Its just mindless action pretty much. However overall I recommend Hardcore Henry to be watched by action film lovers at least once because the film is truly a new cinematic experience.

Grade: 73% B

Ki & Ka
Ki & Ka (2016)
17 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Approximately 9 days after Ki and Ka released I finally watched the film ,well better late then never right ( I was ill so give me a break). Ki and Ka is made by the famously schizophrenic director R Balki, who on one side has made gems like Paa, and Cheeni Kum, and he is the same man who made last years disastrous Shamitabh. Balki always comes up with unique and out of the box ideas for all his films and Ki and Ka is not any different .Ki and Ka is a film about squashing gender stereotypes, a film where there is a house husband, and a working businesswoman wife, I was impressed with the basic idea, but I had my expectations in check, especially after watching the just okay trailer. However the film is not nearly as bad as Shamitabh, but its not as good as a Paa either, this film hits a middle ground and ends up being a watchable good effort. I will now go into a more of in depth analysis of Ki and Ka.

Story wise Kia aims to become a successful business woman and also wishes other women to work instead of managing the house-hold and just becoming the support system of her husband. On her flight to Delhi from Chandigarh, she meets Kabir . The two get along very nicely and start meeting quite often. Kia discovers Kabir wants to be a house "wife" like his mother and does not want to get caught in the race of progress by becoming of business man. Kia also learns that Kabir is the son of a highly successful building constructor but does not want to inherit his immense wealth.Kia and Kabir gradually fall in love and decide to marry where Kabir would handle the household stuff while Kia would be the bread earner. They convince their parents for this marriage and get married in a court. What happens next forms the crux plot.

Acting wise Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor have a crackling chemistry on screen, and look very compatible on screen. Arjun Kapoor gives what is one of his career best acts in Ki and Ka. Its a very unconventional role, and he handles it with maturity and is restrained onscreen. Its funny to watch him on screen in such a different avatar then usual. Kareena Kapoor is at her ever dependable best, and she owns her de glam business woman role. Both of there play on gender stereotype ideas on screen is hilarious.

Ki and Ka works for two reasons, one as mentioned above the great chemistry of the leads, who look like a real couple onscreen, there acting is extremely believable. The second reason is that films core idea is very fresh, and the need of the moment in India especially. In a time were rape, and abuse against women is at its all time in India a film like Ki and Ka is very important to challenge the male patriarchal thinking in India.Don't get me wrong Ki and Ka is not a preachy film, but its still a feel good film/ romcom but it talks about a important issue, and its a start even if the tone of the film is not serious but light (and a steer in the right direction). Now where the film falters is in the stories predictability and very cliched story arc. You know there is going to be a happy ending right from the first frame, and all the conflicts in the film are those we see in any romantic comedy drama etc. On top of that the film has some not so great production values, as the whole film is shot on sets. And the dialogues of the film and the play on gender stereotyping at times is hilarious, but some dialogues are cringe worthy. The way how first Kia becomes ultra successful and then does Kabir is very unbelievable and not necessary to show in the film (in my opinion).However what makes the film enjoyable throughout despite any flaws is the films light feel good tone, that keeps a smile on your face at all times. I really enjoyed the whole train idea, how the train brings food etc, it was nice catch in the script (You will understand what I mean when you watch the film). The music , and especially the high heels song was enjoyable. The film had a tight edit, and was told at a nice breezy 2hrs.

Overall while Ki and Ka is not a must watch film, its a nice predictable feel good watch, and its fresh core idea make for some good laughs on screen. Just don't go into the theatres excepting a film that will change gender norms,because the film is far from that. But its a start.

Grade: 67% C+

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
18 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice doesn't really warrant a in depth review, and me not being a huge superhero comic fan I don't wanna get into the nitty gritty, but watching this film last night at 10:30 pm turned out to be the perfect cure for my insomnia. The film is by far one of the slowest paced films I have seen in awhile, and there are so many subplots that divert from the stories main crux that the main plot is actually rushed and insignificant. The whole Batman hating Superman problem is solved in 5 mins, and instead time is wasted showing insignificant characters like Aqua Man, Flash, and Cyborg which is obviously DC's way of promoting new superhero pictures coming up. Like I feel Batman and Superman fans were cheated out. The whole Bruce Wayne parents angle was also not convincing, and would it kill Clark Kent to smile once he is Superman. Zack Snyder the director should have token a lesson from Chris Nolan before trying to make a proper good superhero flick if compare both the Batman's there is no comparison. The whole Superman on trial thing was ridiculous too.And honestly Zack Snyder couldn't pick another Lex Luthor Jesse Eisenberg was overacting the whole time.Ben Affleck was okay as batman and Henry Cavill is adequate as superman. Amy Adams has nothing much to do as Lois Lane.The films only saving grace is the amazing action and CGI which was highlighted in the climax, especially when the films real star wonder woman starts kicking ass. Those last 30 min when things like the Bat mobile etc were highlighted I actual woke up and stood up in my seat in awe. Some of the best action scenes of the year for sure were in this film. The films scale and production values were mammoth top notch. However those last sequences don't make up for one the weakest films of the year, do yourself a favour and wait till Captain America Civil War to watch a good superhero film.

Grade: 48% D

Rocky Handsome
18 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Rocky Handsome brings together the combo of John Abraham and Nishikant Kamat after there last hit action film Force which released in 2011. Nishikant Kamat has now become the remake king with films like Force, Drishyam, and now Rocky Handsome all being remakes of hit films. And rightful so he is the remake king, because as they say why mess up formula you have perfected. John Abraham has also now moulded himself into a action hero of sorts, and literally resembles a dumbbell (with his huge monstrous physique) if you ask me, so with Rocky Handsome both filmmaker, and actor are in familiar terrain. However the real the question is that, is the film successful in its endeavour of making a emotional high octane action drama, that the trailer so highly portrays. Well if your looking for some kickass action, and don't mind shedding a tear or two then, then this film is for you, just don't go into the film seeking intelligence, and I will explain this analysis in a in depth review further.

Story wise the film revolves around Kabir Ahlawat/Rocky Handsome who sets out to take revenge against Goa's drug mafia after they kidnapped an eight-year old girl who is his neighbour with whom he shares a special bond. Who is Rocky Handsome whats his past, and does he save the girl forms the rest of films crux.

Acting wise John Abraham is the soul of the film, and while he doesn't have much acting to do ( he literally mouths two lines in the film) he does display some awe inspiring, hair raising action. The training he went through to master certain fighting styles is truly applaud worthy. Nishikant Kamat the films director debuts as the films villain, and he totally kills his role. His menacing, crazy act is totally believable and he never once hits that over acting note (unlike his brother in the film). A great debut indeed. The little girl Diya Chalwad is cute, but her act feels fake at times, but she does a adequate job.

Rocky Handsome's story is so average, and its screenplay is so full of loopholes that one might think the film is bad, but the films director Nishikant Kamat makes sure that despite, all the shortcomings, that Rocky Handsome is still a good film, and honestly its a film I personally couldn't despise. However I do wonder could they not have found a better story to remake. The films loopholes do warrant that at times the viewers should just switch of there brain and just enjoy the proceedings.For example why do gangsters carry around axes instead of guns at a club, and in the climax where does the girl magically appear from, and how does the thai body guard turn good all of the sudden, scenes like these did leave me dumbfounded at times. But all was forgiven.This is because Rocky Handsome never bores for a single moment, and doesn't really let its viewers think with such a breezy pace. The film is sleek, and shot in a very stylized manner that catches the eye at the films beginning. The background score is superb, while the music is just okay. But the film has two major aces which is the mind blowing action, and the great emotional depth in the two main characters. The action in the film is simply superb, and the best I have seen in a Indian film in awhile, the hand to hand combat scenes in the club, and climax scene will leave you gasping for breathe. Its Hollywood level action. For a film with action at its fore front, it surprised me that it had nice emotional depth, the scenes involving the little girl, and John are heart warming and very endearing. The climax had me in tears , with the whole eye scene and hug. Another surprising factor for me was how finally things like drug trafficking and forced child labour was shown in a more accurate portrayal then most hindi films ( most films a make mockery out of the subject).

Overall honestly I throughly enjoyed Rocky Handsome its exactly what I excepted it to be a kick ass action film with a hint of emotion. Its not the most intelligent film but who cares, it pure unadulterated fun.

Grade: 73% B