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Super (2011)
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

A not-so-super hero movie, about a man whose life is, well, crap.
It turns him to a vigilante lifestyle.

I enjoyed it. Its not a big budget type film, but it has big budget actors.

For me, Ellen Page made this movie what it was.
Her character was awesome. Adorable, sadistic, creepy.

Rainn Wilson was enjoyable in the lead role too. You get a good sense of his character progression throughout the movie.

This movie is often compared to Kick-ass. And I can see why.
But I think this has a lot more realism to it. Seeing as it tackles more pressing real world issues.

Cowboys & Aliens
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I guess I should start out by saying, I didnt hate it.
I did have a good time watching this.
But, why did it have to be so predictable? There were times when you could literally say "He's gonna say this" or "yeah, he's gonna do this" or "Yeah he's dead".
It almost felt like the movie was making fun of itself.

Like when they show how Craig's character got the bracelet.
I mean really? THATS how he came by it?

Daniel Craig makes a pretty badass cowboy. I enjoyed watching his character.

The Aliens were terrifying. Ill say that much. Definitely went outside the lines designing them.

It was an good movie, fun to watch, but I would have enjoyed a more serious atmosphere portrayed in the screenplay.

It is a SciFi movie. There will be an aspect of cheesiness. But, keep the suspense up, dont allow the audience to foresee whats happening.

Captain America: The First Avenger
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I enjoyed it. Never read the Captain America comics, but I was familiar with them going into this.
Good action, decent story, cheesy comic style speech at times, and big name actors. To include; Hugo Weaving, Stanley Tucci, Tommy Lee Jones, Sam Jackson. Solid.

Neal Mcdonough is Dum-Dum, I enjoy his movies. for the most part.

If you stayed after the credits you saw a preview of next years Avengers.
Looking forward to it.

This was a fun movie. I am always hesitant going into a superhero movie.
Most of my friends have read every comic known to man, so they rarely like these.
I read bits and pieces of many different comics, so I dont get angry when they leave a miniscule detail out. Or cast the wrong person in a role.

Ninja Assassin
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

For the most part, there is not much plot. I mean with a name like Ninja Assassin... what would you expect? I mean Thats a pretty redundant title eh?

Rain, is a Korean pop singer. Surprisingly enough, he does the whole action movie thing pretty well.

The action scenes were pretty good. For the most part.
They utilize the anime laws of blood. i.e. the human body is filled with 1000 psi blood canons for veins and arteries.

I really enjoyed the final action sequence. Pretty badass.

A hack and slash movie. Nothing more.

Watchmen (2009)
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

This was a lot better than I was led to think it was.
A lot of good character detail and great cinematography.

I enjoyed it alot, but... it was LONG. I had no idea how long it was before I started watching it.

For the most part I was not aware that I had been sitting there watching this for almost 3 hours. Which speaks to the enjoyability of the movie.
But there were a few points, where i looked at the clock and thought "woah, is this thing almost over"

All that said, I would still recommend this movie.