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America America

Elia Kazan's most personal film is a strange film.The film is the type of film by a master who after near 2 decades of success in film both commercial and critical got to make.The film looks and feels like nothing Kazan had done before.The film has more in common with the films of Bergman, Antonioni, Da Sicca and John Cassavetes in terms of mood and episodic fragments.I still don't know what happened and need to watch it again but this film is the type of so called "epic film" that shows that design and big vistas are not needed when the story, the plot and characters are so interesting.Haskell Wexler's photography is amazing the deep blacks and whites are beautiful and the shadows on the faces can bring one to tears.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

While the climactic battle against the Dark Side and The Jedi is amazing this film is perhaps the most childish of the original trilogy.

American Hustle

The best crime comedy since The Sting. Along with The Departed it's the type of film that reinvigorates your love of cinema. My only issue comes down to that some of the improvisations hindered the film to a degree and left plot hole in it. Bradley Cooper plays the most off kilter law enforcement agent since Pacino in HEAT.

Silver Linings Playbook

A modern day screwball comedy by way of 21st century sense of psychology. A brilliant cast down to the bit parts. Lawrence is a revelation. De Niro gives his best performance since HEAT and perhaps the most against type part he has ever played.

Minnie and Moskowitz

the most realistic love story, tim carey's scene is one of rapid non sequeters

Saving Private Ryan

The first 25 minutes are brilliant to a degree everything after that is never as powerful. However this deserved Best Picture and it losing to Shakespeare in Love is unforgivable.

Running Scared

Underrated film. A true masterpiece in style and in genre. Wayne Kramer is one of the underrated directors working today.

Public Enemies

Average gangster film it could've been an excellent film had they focused on the whole 18 month crime wave. Depp however gives a great performance its akin to Brando's Vito Corleone, no imitating previous actors portrayal of gangsters. Stephen Graham as Baby Face Nelson is truly frightening and shows where he was going in his performance of Al Capone on Boardwalk Empire.

Händler der vier Jahreszeiten (The Merchant of Four Seasons)

Perhaps one of the most emotionally devastating films ever made. No hope what so ever but I loved it. It is Fassbinder's masterpiece.


Great action film in post Tarantino filmmaking.Mickey Rourke as always cool and toughness personified. Knightley for once seems to be acting and is some what attractive.Scott's visual style is amazing. This is Tony Scott's masterpiece.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

A film with genuine power and grit. Unlike any film I've ever seen. Dito Montiel's debut shows him to be a poet who understands humanity better than most artists of his generation. Palminterri gives one of his best and most unlikely performances as a fragile man who does not want change. Channing Tatum shows he has the ability to be an actor with power his performance as Antonio has moments of a young Mickey Rourke or Sean Penn.

The Outsiders

A great teen flick from a great director Coppola who makes "The Godfather" of teen films. Amazing sun burnt/magic hour cinematography

Rumble Fish
Rumble Fish(1983)

A lost classic a perfect blend of American New Wave,The German Expressionists,The French New Wave and Italian Neo Realism. Amazing cinematography should be considered among Coppola's finest achievements of his career along "The Godfather" trilogy,"The Conversation" & "Apocalypse Now". It is one of the few masterpieces of the 1980's.

Full Metal Jacket

A great hour and the final 56 minutes are satisfactory.

The Deer Hunter

Great film deserves the recognition it gets perhaps a better representation on war than "Platoon". I would say my only problem is the editing, Cimino does not know where to cut in the first hour and than spends to little time in the final 90 minutes.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

This along with "The Dark Knight" changed the comic/superhero film by injecting realism and actors who want to understand the character

Batman Begins

Amazing film.The first true Batman.Makes every other Batman film before it look like a tv movie.The Wayne character is for once seen as a human being who is interesting instead of us waiting for him to get in the suit".Chris Nolan obviously is becoming one the decades best directors he is a talented director and writer.It was good to have a guy with a IQ and literary influence instead of just aesthetics like Burton and Schumacher. Great supporting players (Oldman and Caine can do no wrong in my book) though Katie Holmes can not act at all her marraige to Cruise is more realistic.Bale was a choice out of the left field and thats what was great (Nolan did this again with the casting of Ledger as the Joker) yet I can't see anyone else in the part other than him.He gives a humanity and a warped mind to both Wayne and Batman.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is a seminal masterpiece that gives one of the great characters in all of fiction a proper send off. Christopher Nolan's legacy is solidified he accomplished something that Francis Ford Coppola failed to do, make a third film in a series the best one.

Shutter Island

I think this film is perhaps one of the most beautifully shot films of the last 20 years.Yes as many have pointed out the film has process shots that are easy to notice but it fits when you get to the ending.I think the film is like films such as Vertigo and The Trial in that it works at many levels. DiCaprio continues to prove he is the best actor of his generation. Scorsese America's greatest filmmaker has taken a great story by one of America's great novelists Dennis Lehane & has made a film that is equal in the greatness of the novel. I think this film is deeper than most horror/thrillers and has what few have which is great humanity and warmth.This is a film when you first watch it is different when you look back at it because of the levels it works on.Robert Richarson's cinematography shows he is the best cinematographer working in film today. Outside of Michelle Williams and Mark Ruffalo I find all the performances to be great.

Beautiful Girls

Great film. Great performances.

Monument Ave.

Ted Demme's death ay 38 was a tragic loss to film. This film along with his previous film "Beautiful Girls" and his last feature "Blow" showed he was a gifted director. This is the Irish version of Scorsese's "Mean Streets" and it delves into themes long seen in films dealing with the Irish community that of informing. Denis Leary is able to throw in stand up bits into scenes. Leary gives his best performance in a film. Sheen in his small role as always shows why he is one of this county's great actors. Meaney plays the usual shanty Irish piece of shit bad guy. Noah Emmerich in his small role as a racist neighborhood tough guy is great. Only issue was the running time.

The Sting
The Sting(1973)

A true masterpiece of writing and plotting. Newman and Redford are amazing. Every Oscar is deserved.

Gangs of New York

An underrated film of Scorsese's its the David Lean film he wanted to make it is a old school epic with a rock n roll attitude.The Butcher is perhaps the first great movie villian of the 21st century.The violence realism revels "Private Ryan" especially the opening scene.Diaz is perhaps the only bad casting since she can't act.

Once Upon a Time in America

A novel film in that you have to watch it again to understand the great nuances in it.The final film of Leone shows that he was not just a great genre filmmaker he was a great filmmaker in the same class as Godard and Bertolucci. This film I feel is the best in showing gangsters as what they are which is immoral broken people who can only express themselves through violence and betrayal. These gangsters are not like Vito and Michael Corleone these are degenerates.I would say everyone gives a great performance.


A great Sunday afternoon film that you don't ever turn off.The you hate my fucking guts scene is a great scene and perhaps De Niro's last great performance.


The only mob film with the balls to stand against The Godfather and unlike The Godfather shows you that this life is anything but Shakespearean there are no heroes in this film everyone is fucked in the end for living this life of murder and cheating in a capitalist society and just plain immoral behavior. Cinematography, editing, the music everything in this film is amazing.

Mean Streets
Mean Streets(1973)

The only film that truly shows the relationships of men and how that friendship can lead to being damned and exiled.I credit this film with making me to work to become a filmmaker

Planet of the Apes

Perhaps the best Sci fi film ever better than Star wars series.

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas

One of the few Christmas films made in the modern era that is not sappy or cruel. Good acting all around. Ed Burns most all around best film since "She's the One".

Good Will Hunting

Amazing writing and each performance down to the smallest role is great. Robin Williams best performance he took his character from Dead Poets Society and brought him down to a flawed but compassionate level. This was the film that made me want to be a writer.

Seven Beauties (Pasqualino Settebellezze)

One of the most heartbreaking films I have ever seen.A film that shows what the human spirit can endure and be broken because of it.

State of Grace

Underrated masterpiece.Perhaps the most underrated crime drama ever.A great cast down to the bit parts.Gary Oldman's performance probably the best of his career. Ed Harris as always brilliant. Sean Penn gives one of the most underrated performances of his career. If you loved The Departed you'll love this film.Amazing shoot out ending and Jordan Cronworth's best cinematography since Blade Runner.

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita è bella)

One of the great films of the 90's.Benigni's performance is like the great performances of Chaplin and Jimmy Stewart,his performance makes you laugh and the love his character has for his son makes every viewer cry.Special kudos to Cantarini who gives one of the best indearing performances by a child ever who has such an angel quality to his performance.


One of my favorite films of all time.I saw this before I could retain memories yet this is my earliest memories of watching this.Looking back at it now 26 years later I still think its one of the best pop movies of all time.Albert Finney to many of my generation remember him from this movie and I find it strange seeing him in many of The British New Wave films of the 60's as a Cockney instead of a baldhead bombastic Oliver Warbucks.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

This film solidifies Scorsese as the greatest living filmmaker and DiCaprio as this generations Paul Newman. For every generation of filmmakers since the 70's one Martin Scorsese picture was one of the key films into making them become filmmakers; in the 70's it was Taxi Driver, the 80's was Raging Bull, Goodfellas was the 90's and for the new millennium The Departed is the film to the young filmmakers starting.Scorsese's most entertaining film since Goodfellas is also as he said "the first with a plot" and the plot which is a throw back to the Warner Brothers gangster films of the 30's (its Hong Kong predecessor Infernal Affairs owes a debt to nearly every crime film by Warner Brothers) is a great plot which delves into themes of loyalty, guilt, father figures, betrayal and ultimately the showdown of good vs evil.The film is perhaps Scorsese's most moral film, in Billy Costigan played by DiCaprio we get the first Scorsese character ever who is a good man trying to do the right thing.The film is proof of the power and weight the crime genre is capable of in presenting morality tales that do not preach but entertain and instill in the audience a understanding of the evil in this world and what good men can do.

Perhaps one of my favorite films of all time.

American Gangster

Great movie in the vein of Scarface. One of the most intense chase sequences ever done, truly puts you in chaos of a cop in a dope house.


Overly praised and too long. Howard Hawks version is the superior one. However Pacino is worthy of Muni. The sentimentalizing of Tony's love and protection of his sister is a cheap ploy at creating dimension in a character.

The Godfather, Part II

A great sequel, the Pacino stuff is okay but De Niro was amazing and made the film.

The Godfather

Greatest film ever made. This film made me want to become a filmmaker and a writer.Coppola and Puzo are genuine heroes of mine as an artist. It's truly an American masterpiece.

White Heat
White Heat(1949)

I'm underwhelmed a bit by this film. Cagney had created two great gangster portrayals before this in Angels with Dirty Faces and Roaring Twenties, in White Heat he goes back to the over the top histrionics of The Public Enemy. The story however is a great pre-cursor to The Departed in the use of O'Brien's undercover guy.


The original gangster film that set up every gangster film. I honestly feel this is better than De Palma's, Hawk's, Hecht and Muni don't soften Tony up one bit he is a creep, degenerate, sexual deviant and violent nutcase not one redeeming thing about him. Those who feel gangster films glorify criminals or evil behavior are wrong just look at this film. This film should rank as one of the great American films.

Angels with Dirty Faces

A great film unjustly underrated, an American landmark. The 2nd phase in the gangster as a 3 dimensional character and also perhaps has the greatest ending of them all in the classic age of the gangster film. Cagney's performance is the performance of his career he never I feel reached the same level as an actor; he always played two extremes either a nice guy (Yankee Doodle Dandy) or a living Satan (White Heat). Rocky Sullivan is a perfect balance of showing both extreme sides in Cagney as an actor. Curtiz I would say never made a more beautifully shot film or had material of this quality ever again in his career. O'Brien as Father Jerry is the priest we would all want to confess to. Bogart knows how to make death look cheap.


Fassbinder's 2nd film is dull and very much an art film but his choice of minimalist style and aimless characters pre dates Jim Jarmusch and the New York underground film scene by 10 years.


An off-beat Brecht like take on the western. It's not a great film but it is perhaps one of the more interesting foreign films I have seen. Excellent cinematography and production design.


An interesting concept does not help with the absolute boredom of this film. The film is sensationalistic the brutal and detalied homosexual rape is harsh but is more harsh and cruel when in retrospect in which the victim of rape becomes involved with his rapist.

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

The Fighter much like Crazy Heart is nothing new to the staple of films in which a man must overcome his odds through his career.The Fighter is though deserving as being one of the best films of the year.Christian Bale gives one of his best performances as Dick Ecklund like his Dark Knight co-star Heath Ledger he gives an all out performance were the actor disappears and becomes the character.Melissa Leo gives one of the best performances of the year in her role as a controlling mother.Amy Adams gives a great performance as the voice of reason in the film.Mark Wahlberg gives his best performance since The Departed as the lead a good guy who just wants his family to let him his have his chance without being up his ass.David O'Russell gives perhaps his only heart warming film, no cynicism or looking down on these people the way the rest of his films do.The Fighter is in many ways the link between the optimism crowd pleasing of Rocky and the gritty rawness of Raging Bull.

The Foot Fist Way

Harsh in its comedy and the characters are unlikable a great debut I loved it. McBride is great at playing a mean egotistical funny prick

Observe and Report

Funny and mean spirited Jody Hill is one of the few filmmakers in comedy who knows how to film and bring a signature to it. Rogen's best performance.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

It was good great opening but not that great

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

I honestly like this one better than Raiders, its tougher and closer to John Huston

Rocky IV
Rocky IV(1985)

Annoying jingoistic cold war propaganda that makes no sense in a film series that started out as Marty with boxing.

The Honeymoon Killers

Perhaps one of the great forgotten independent films. It is Bonnie and Clyde meets In Cold Blood and Warhol. Shirley Stoler who would by the end of the decade gain critical acclaim as the brutal commandant in The Seven Beauties is equally terrifying and pathetic she represents the real Martha Beck perfectly. Lo Bianco a year before his role as Sal Boca in The French Connection is the sleaziest con artist ever put on film your tv will feel greasy after every shot of him. Originally to be directed by Martin Scorsese it is a good film though don't expect to be particularly entertained its in the same vein of In Cold Blood so you are not exactly watching it for entertainment as you are for an experience.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Great film.Warren Oates best performance.Peckinpah's best film other then Starw Dogs and The Wild Bunch.The forbearer of Tarantino and Lynch style black comedy/action film. Absolutely bleak, Peckinpah's "Touch of Evil"

Heavy Traffic

Landmark film its basically an animated Mean Streets.


A good police drama that delves into a lot of questions of what a cop has to deal with even if it means breaking the law.

Mr. Holland's Opus

Underrated masterpiece Dreyfuss best performance.

Blue Valentine

One of the most emotional soul crushing films I have ever seen. Williams and Gosling have the power of a young Gena Rowlands and Dustin Hoffman in this. Derek Cianfrance has the vision and search for the truth that John Cassavetes had in his day. Erotic but never sleazy its a celebration of young love and the collapse of it, within seconds by the end we are filled with joy seeing them married to emotional wrecks cause of their break up. The abortion clinic scene is one of the most intense and uncomfortable scenes I have watched so far in my life.

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

Gosling,Rowlands and Garner give good performances. Its a sappy love story but they are needed in a cruel world. James Garner's break down is powerful.


Good old fashion love story.Kate Winslet never looked more beautiful. DiCaprio should've gotten an Oscar nom. James Cameron however is obsessed with the technology he had to make it and it shows in certain points.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

Apart from one good line from Sam Elliot this film is a travesty.

The Usual Suspects

Blessed with perhaps one of the best scripts ever written it goes beyond the conventional crime film cliches. It is a true throwback to the era of John Huston.

L.A. Confidential

A flat out masterpiece.One the best crime/neo-noir/cop films ever made.The best cast assembled of the last 20 years. However Bassinger who did not deserve the Oscar and who is just out of place in this film.Cromwell as always delivers a performance that keeps you guessing.Crow and Pierce make great American debuts in this film.The cinematography,color palette and script are first.Hanson deserved the Oscar for best adapted screenplay.

Gone With the Wind

You can't really say anything bad except that it is near perfect filmmaking and that sort of bothers filmmakers in the making who feel they can never top the extraordinary staging of this film.The directing is good,the acting except for Leigh who becomes a some what parody and the writing is amazing.Selznick may have been a borderline dictator towards the directors he worked with but he was a showman of Pt Barnum standards.


Greatly underrated film, James Franco's best performance. The film is a mix of film noir, southern gothic and Midnight Cowboy. Blethyn's character is an honest portrayal of this type of personality in this disgusting, degrading profession. James Franco shows the Brando and James Dean comparisons easily in this but it is not caricature. The film is a great character study and condemning of prostitution but it shows how society does not give you second chances easily and uses their own fake modesty while oblivious to their own hypocrisy.

Malcolm X
Malcolm X(1992)

A powerful bio pic.Washington's best performance ever. Lee's most ambitious film to date.

25th Hour
25th Hour(2003)

Spike Lee's most powerful film since Do the Right Thing. Edward Norton gives one of his best performances that ranks second only to American History X.

Summer of Sam

Perhaps one of Spike Lee's best films, it's intense from beginning to end.Lee as always touches on themes about who we are as a society in regards to race,sexuality,gender roles, the group vs the individual and the role the media plays in how we react to situations. Brody gives a great performance as does Leguizamo as Vinny a male slut who cheats on his wife and is into deviant sexual activity.Ben Gazzara in his small role brings a weight to what could've been the usual neighborhood mayor/godfather role.The film also is amazing visually and shows Spike Lee's 2nd phase in his career as a visual director.Gone is the formalist camera work that his DP Ernest Dickerson made a hallmark in Lee's early films and with DP Ellen Kuras (and later with Matthew Libatique) a emphasis on hand held camera,change in camera speeds,desaturation and emphasis on certain color palette is seen for the first time in this film.Along with a soundtrack of the era that shifts from disco and funk to arena rock.

Fox and His Friends

A great film about how a good person can be used by the evils of other peoples weaknesses. Fassbinder's masterpiece with one of the most cruel and haunting endings ever put to film.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This one of the few films that as an American adaptation is superior to its original film. The Swedish version while a good film lacked the bite that this film has. Rooney Mara is convincing as a dangerous woman compared to Rapace who I never felt a sense of dread meeting. Fincher has found a franchise after his numerous turn downs for well established properties, this is the culmination of his previous genre movies. It has the depravity of Se7en, the mystery of Zodiac and the design of Fight Club. Hopefully more American filmmakers will get the chance to make films that are as confronting as this film is. Fincher has officially brought the genre film to a level that South Korea has for the last decade in making genre films that are for a smart adult audience looking for brash, shocking, confronting, audacious work.

The Lion King

This is an epic disguised as a animated family film.Its perhaps Disney's greatest accomplishment after Fantasia and the early masterpieces of the 30's & 40's.The Circle of Life opening sequence is one of the most powerful sequences ever made (it still gives me shivers watching the sun break out on to Simba)

The Best Years of Our Lives

Beautiful film.With some of the most powerful moments in films that leave you crying from the sheer emotion it gives you. Not one false note in this whole film.

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

Clint Eastwoood took Dennis Lehane's novel a blend of family drama and noir and created perhaps one of the most powerful films of the last decade.Sean Penn delivered his most powerful performance since "Dead Man Walking".Tim Robbins portayl of Dave is one of the most heartbreaking performances in film a living dead man who just wants to die so he can finally be at peace.The story touched on both director and the author's constant theme the after effects of violence on the survivors.Big notice also to it being the first Eastwood film that started to show what has become his visual style (muted color,bluish tint).

Brokeback Mountain

The movie if you forget about the way the political and special interest groups tried making this a statement on homosexuality is perhaps a love story as recognizable as Romeo and Juliet.It really is the homosexual "Rome and Juliet" story and it is heartbreaking to see these two guys deal with the pressures they have put on themselves.


Van Sant as always when he works in mainstream/independent film makes films that are beyond the standard film.With Good Will Hunting he made a coming of age film that many of Gen X and Y consider an essential film. Milk in time will be a film that will stand against the great bio films, but it is however an over hyped film.Its release during Prop 8 made it not just a film but a statement by Hollywood and the elitists to make a stand. The script unlike Good Will Hunting is not that amazing and honestly every Sean Penn performance over the last 20 years is worthy of an Oscar nomination but Penn did not deserve the Oscar for Best Actor.Dustin Lance Black for the most part won his Oscar for political reasons the same reason Guess Who's Coming to Dinner won best film and script in 1967.However Van Sant should be praised for the visual style of this film (cutting from actual footage of San Francisco in the 70's to shooting on 16mm and 35mm) and the eclectic soundtrack.


Spike Lee's joint is the Network of the 2000's, Lee predicted what would happen basically in American tv particularly reality TV when racial stereotypes and negative portrayals of our society would become entertainment.

She Hate Me
She Hate Me(2004)

One of Spike Lee's few bad films it is a muddled mess but its interesting to watch because only a filmmaker of Lee's level could make such a mess.

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

Spike Lee's full step into mainstream film began with this film, like Martin Scorsese with Cape Fear Spike takes a tired genre and infuses an auteur's view and style into it.With perhaps one of the biggest twists in American films in the last decade Inside Man rises above the plot and is a commentary on post 9/11 world and on the sins of certain members of the greatest generation. Owen,Washington and Plummer are top notch in their performances.


This is Spike Lee's kids movie, is filled with such warmth and humor.It along with films such as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and To Kill A Mockingbird shows the harshness of life from the perspective of a child and does it well.Also an amazing soundtrack.

Miracle at St. Anna

Spike Lee joints are sometimes masterpieces or interesting but never bad.This film is interesting but no near the masterpiece one hoped it would be.I give Spike Lee credit for using his success from Inside Man to make this film instead of going back to doing a small film or another studio director job.The camera work, performances and Terrence Blanchard score are excellent as in all Lee's picture.My only problems come down is to the length it could have been 20 minutes shorter and the story could've been tighter.Lee like his teacher Martin Scorsese even when they make films that are not their best its better than any other film out.

Horrible Bosses

A hyper violent hyper sexual Three Stooges film.

Capturing the Friedmans

Never has a documentary filled me with such disdain towards the subject matter of an already revolting topic...child porn and pedophilia.While Arnold is clearly a degenerate his sons (who are walking stereotypes of Jewish people) are worse in trying to defend him, their almost comedic delusions are hysterical and heartbreaking to watch.It is though one of the most fascinating documentaries I have watched.

Friends With Benefits

Friends with Benefits makes fun of the genre of the romantic comedy while using the cliches.Harrelson and Clarkson are scene stealers.Richard Jenkins is great as Timberlake's father he has a Jack Lemmon quality to him.Mila Kunis was great in it and was playing a version of her sweet bitch with a heart of gold.

X-Men: First Class

Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer have crafted The X-Men equivalent of Batman Begins. Fassbender's Magneto is as good as McKellan's bringing to it the anger of a young Magneto that is only felt in McKellan's performance in the trilogy. Kevin Bacon is in perhaps one of his best villain roles since Sleepers and he is just as malevolent.The young actors who make up the first class of X-Men are standard good with Lawrence and Hoult being the only ones who are given material in the film to show their prowess. January Jones is the only weak link in the film as Emma Frost she basically plays Betty Draper with higher showing of sociopathic behavior.McAvoy brings the weight of Stewart's Xavier but with a shot of arrogance and far less of a saintly character.

Special effects along with production design is fantastic.

The sequel I feel will be The Dark Knight of Marvel comics films.

The Bride of Frankenstein

An American masterpiece this is the only sequel in the horror genre that is superior to the original.James Whale is an overlooked genius he was truly the first auteur (I would go far to say he laid the foundation for Coppola and Nolan in the case of taking a commercial genre piece and creating something personal and intelligent that goes beyond the confines of the genre)

Karloff is the only of the original monster movie actors who showed a genuine respect for the role he played.The Monster is not a prop but a fully realized character.Ernst Thesiger gives a performance of absolute brilliance.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Apart from Ian Mckellen's speeches and a few moments that were good (all involving Stewart and McKellen) this was a let down to what up to that point was the most accomplished comic book film franchise.Ratner shows no care for the characters he treats the material with the feeling of a passing glance.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Aronofsky's achievement of his career so far.He has melded the visual tricks of Requiem for the Dream with the hand held realism of The Wrestler to create a film that is original yet completely familiar in Aronofsky's work.
Portman gives the performance firmly establishes her as the actress of her generation.Her performance is straight out of the performances of female leads in Bergman and Polanski films.The story is a psychological thriller but it has at the end a positive message about growing up.

Back to the Future Part II

One of the few sequels that is as good as the original.Perhaps one of the best examples of the three act structure.

Mysterious Skin

Uncompromising film about the effects of child sexual abuse/grooming.Araki finally has made a film that is not a John Waters rip off but of completely his own vision.JGL has yet topped this performance in terms of depths and ambiguity.This is a film that stays with you weeks after you've watched it.

The Tin Drum (Die Blechtrommel)

Perhaps one of the masterpieces of world cinema it is an experience to watch it is in many ways an epic dark comedy fable. Along with the many achievements of Fassbinder this film is the masterpiece of New German Cinema.

Last Tango in Paris

This film is hard to talk about.The sex in the film is simultaneous alluring and beautiful while at the same time disconcerting and painful.The two characters who have no emotional connection meet for nothing by anonymous sex so the impact emotionally is not much compared to visceral reaction of Marlon Brando the legendary actor simulating graphic sex.

Marlon Brando perhaps gives one of the most groundbreaking performances, he is literally showing us a pain and vulnerability rarely shown in a performance done by a man. The monologue in its profanity and ugliness shows the genius of Brando as an actor, showing rage and simultaneous vulnerability.Maria Schneider's performance is the weakness of the film she seemed to have gotten the role for her cup size and willingness to be nude on camera.

Bertolucci and Storaro's visual style in this was a step back from The Conformist yet the steam and sweat of the actors is seen in the photography (soft almost shot through fog)

The Social Network

The Social Network is the film that sums up the generation born in the 80's & early 90's.The film is the first true masterpiece of cinema of the 21st century.The film is also the culmination of David Fincher's career.Fincher a filmmaker known more as a director with an overly stylized aesthetic has learned to control it with the help of Aaron Sorkin's screenplay.Jesse Eisenberg an actor who has up to this film has shown very little talent or range has found the role of his career as the fictional composite of Zuckerberg.Eisenberg plays this modern day Charles Foster Kane with such a control its amazing to watch because this character is not charismatic or likable, he is the epitome of the Generation Y asshole a guy who sees himself as a victim for his intelligence yet he is as much the victimizer to those he thinks are beneath him or are getting in his way.

The Social Network will win the Oscar for Best Picture and Adapted Screenplay.

Whatever Works

Perhaps Woody's most entertaining film since Annie Hall.A literal coming of geniuses Allen and David give a great farce of a comedy.

The Killer Inside Me

Perhaps the most chilling crime drama since No Country For Old Men.Perhaps the darkest of all noir films in its disconnected dementia and psychosis through the character of Lou Ford.This film deserves all the praise and criticism its gotten.Winterbottom is an unflinching journeymen director (Robert Wise with Kubrick world view is best way to sum up his style) he takes the source material by the darkest and most over the top pulp writer Thompson and has created a truly bizarre work. Alba gives a very good performance in her small role.Hudson gives her best performance since Almost Famous.Affleck continues to amaze he is so detach in his behavior of the violent,sexist and psychopathic Lou Ford.Bill Pullman and Elias Koteas give great performances as corrupt union officials.The film though while dark has moments of dark humor that left me nervously laughing particularly involving a scene with a drifter and Lou in the last 25 minutes. The camera work is amazing particularly in the first 20 minutes in which later helps in a twist. The film ends in perhaps something only that a writer in the era of pulp novels could have gotten away with putting in and not for ironic post modern reasons. The ending is truly something that takes this film into the surreal. Why I am not completely happy with it is Ford's childhood abuse could've been delved into more.I liked this movie so much I bought the book at concessions in the IFC center.

Across the Universe

A flat out masterpiece acting not great but no musical really has it.If your a cynic like me the whole peace and love thing is hard to stomach at some points but all together great film sure to be a cult classic.

Hopes for the counterpoint using Rolling Stones music.

Y Tu Mama Tambien

This film I would say is "Superbad" with good looking leading men.It feels like a throw back to the 70's coming of age films but with a hint of Almodovar frank sexuality.What is so interesting about this film is that these boys argue like real guys.The graphic depictions of sex are called for cause its not just their to titillate in many scenes it is funny,sad,immature and beautiful often at the same time.What is also great is the fact that the guys are shown as equal as the women are.


Watchmen is without a doubt a great movie.Along with Dark Knight and Iron Man it is helping make comic book superhero films be taken seriously.As a filmmaker Zack Snyder shows promise to be a great genre film director.Unlike fellow director Chris Nolan who takes a film like an architect Snyder takes to it like a designer, the man's eye for detail is impeccable.Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach was amazing to watch he completely encompasses the character.

The cut of this film theatrically is really not as good as this film could be.The extended directors cut I feel will fully show the potential this film has.

In many ways this is an anti Hollywood superhero movie not one big star,unconventional plot and an ambiguous ending.Its the first superhero art film.Its gonna be this generations "Blade Runner".

Inglourious Basterds

Tarantino delivers the ultimate film experience.In many ways it shows Tarantino as the successor to Sergio Leone in his ability to take genre and bring it to a level of opera that makes you look passed the inaccuracies.Waltz as it has been written in every review gives a great performance that reminded me much of the villains of Spaghetti Westerns.Perhaps though the most over looked performance is that of Michael Fassbender the great Irish actor who delivers a performance that the great British actors such as Olivier,Ralph Richardson,John Mills and Alec Guinness could've done.Robert Richardson's camera work as always is amazing to watch.


Spike Lee delivers perhaps one of the best films of his long ambitious career.Lee perhaps only 2nd to Woody and Scorsese when it comes to representing New York takes Richard Price (perhaps the New York writer of the last 40 years) book and gives a top rate cops and crooks film that can stand with Sidney Lumet's work in the crime genre.As always Lee brings out the best in the cast.Keitel as always proves he is one of America's great actors.Keith David always brings an authority to his roles and in the supporting role of a cop he gives his best performance.Phifer and Lindo play their roles as clocker and drug kingpin amazing,they are complex hypocritical dealers who understand they are poisoners of the community and don't care."Clockers" is also Lee's best film visually along "Do The Right Thing" , "Son of Sam" and "Malcolm X" especially in the interrogation room scenes at the end.

Red Dawn
Red Dawn(1984)

It is corny and weird but its really the ultimate teenage boy fantasy brought to life.Kudos to Milius for being violent and honest but kid friendly.

Conan the Barbarian

It was reviewed by one critic as Star Wars directed by a psychopath and I agree in the best sense its violent and its great to see Arnold as someone human who bleeds and gets hurt.


The forgotten masterpiece of 1967 released the same year as Bonnie & Clyde and The Dirty Dozen.A great film with stand out performance by Richard Boone.Newman and Ritt were an amazing director and actor combo.Elmore Leonard was as much a master of spinning a western tale as he is spinning a crime tale set in Detroit or Miami.A must for anyone a fan of the post modern dark psychological western.

Black Caesar
Black Caesar(1973)

The greatest Blaxploitation film ever made.The "Citizen Kane" of the Blaxploitation genre this uses the basic structure of the Warner Brothers gangster films of the 30's with a healthy dose of sociopolitical comment.Cohen like his hero Sam Fuller takes B movies and injects his cynical view of society into great genre films.


The simple story of a daughter dealing with the death of her mother is perhaps one of the most moving films I've ever seen.The performance of the 4 year old girl is amazing she literally rips your heart out.This film could make a stone cry.

Little Fugitive

Undeniably powerful film.This film is so unbelievably moving.The first modern indie film ever.

Gone Baby Gone

Superior to Mystic River, this is a deep emotionally gripping thriller. As a fan of the books by Dennis Lehane it continues that these stories are perfect for film adaptation .I think Affleck is a much better director and writer than he is an actor he has a hand on dialogue that is excellent.Casey Affleck is Kenzie when I read the books he is who I pictured as Patrick.I am shocked that Ed Harris did not get an Oscar Nomination this is one of his best roles as an immoral moral absolutist cop.Amy Ryan was robbed of the Oscar her performance is amazing it was like watching some of the great performances of the 70's by actresses like Gena Rowlands and Sandy Dennis.

Crazy Heart
Crazy Heart(2009)

Is this film anything new, No.However what works about this film is the acting.Jeff Bridges has given in this film as Bad Blake a great performance.Bridges rises above the basic formulaic film of a "has been famous __________ with a chance at redemption" into perhaps his best performance in almost 20 years.This performance is the culmination of a career that began almost 40 years ago in "The Last Picture Show" which even barely into his 20's he showed a complete understanding of acting.Bridges does not act to his fellow actor he acts with them. Bridges plays this man like he has been Blake for 40 years this is a man who has seen it and sang it all.Major kudos towards Gyllenhaal who shows that she is perhaps only a hand few of the great actresses working today.Duvall as always gives a great performance in his small role.Colin Farrell continues to grow as an actor in his small role.

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

The B movie is resurrected in this film.A good old fashion genre film.Better than the original.

The Grissom Gang

This is perhaps one of Aldrich's greatest films.Scott Wilson gives a great performance.


A true surrealist masterpiece.

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

Michael Bay took a tragic event of terrorism and death and made a movie that is equal to the disaster cinema wise.Outside of Jon Voight's performance of FDR this film sucks.If you wanna see a movie about Pearl Harbor watch "Tora Tora Tora"

Seven (Se7en)

Absolute masterpiece of suspense and horror.Art directed an inch from life.Brad Pitt's best performance this performance put him in the same league as a young Robert Redford was 20 years before.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

A perfect blending of noir and horror.Everyone is in top form MacLachlan and Rossellini give performances that were at the time early in their careers perhaps their best performances ever.I would say only Rossellini's performance in "The Funeral" is as memorable. The stand out performance though is Hopper who gives a performance of an evil psychotic that is only matched by Malcolm McDowell in "A Clockwork Orange" and Heath Ledger 22 years later in "The Dark Knight".It is a role and a character that is everyone's nightmare he is America's fears and horrors in his sexual deviancy,nihilism and violence.When it came out in 1986 people felt Lynch was taking pleasure in showing the suffering of the characters when the truth I feel is he was quelling himself of his own fears. The character of Booth is terrifying cause the truth is we know that people like this exist in the world and Lynch created the character so that he could find away to deal with those fears.Lynch's masterpiece.Fredrick Elmes cinematography is noir shot through Dali.

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (Saibogujiman kwenchana)

I would say that while it does have Park's surrealistic visuals and humor it shows he has potential to make films of the non extreme.

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

This is Park's best emotional film it has moments of truly heart wrenching pain.This is "Oldboy" with a female lead and it is a masterpiece like all in the Vengeance trilogy.Unlike "Oldboy" or "Mr Vengeance" this film truly shows the effect of revenge on the lead the best because it shows her emotionally broken but realization.

The Proposition

I would say this film is perhaps one of the most uncompromising films of the decade.The way it portrays violence and evil is amazing.My only problem is a big plot hole in it that does not try to realize Arthur Shields wickedness and crimes.

Let the Right One In

This film is amazing it is an intelligent genre film.Great story,acting by its young stars & moments of shock that are thrilling.This is one of the few horror films out in the last 10 years with a soul.


I think if you told John Water's 35 years ago during his trilogy of X rated bad taste films of Pink Flamingos and Female Troubles that he would one day make a family film called Hairspray he would've told you "are you fucking nuts".Than around 1989 if you told him that Hairspray would become a Tony Award winning musical and perhaps the biggest hit on Broadway since Cats he would've told you "you fucking nuts".Well the Pope of Trash the Prince of Puke has gone from a proto punk filmmaker of eating dog shit and 300 pound transvestite character actors has become a family entertainer and a Will Rogers for indie films.

Hairspray the Musical film is perhaps one of the best movie musicals since Grease.It is a movie musical for people who hate the glam of Chicago and Moulin Rogue.Its a movie musical for people who hate musicals.The acting is great Travolta gives one of his performances since Pulp Fiction & Chris Walken as always gives a performance worth watching.The music and dance numbers are great.The finale is amazing

Boys Don't Cry

Perhaps one of the top 10 best debuts of all time.Swank's performance was and is a revelation its a performance that is of the same tier as Daniel Day Lewis.The film is brutal and harsh and I'm glad it is since it shows hate and violence for what it is a disgusting horrifying event in life that is not sanitized.I hope they release the NC-17 cut one day.The film is visceral and it needed to be because a physical and emotional reaction stays with you forever,and an emotional reaction is only temporary.

There's Something About Mary

Landmark in comedy films.Brought bawdy politically incorrect humor to the mainstream

Rosemary's Baby

Perhaps the scariest film I have ever seen.Perfectly executed direction by Polanski.Scenes that still scare me.


One of the best comic book adaptations outside the Nolan Batman series

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

A masterpiece.Rourke has given a performance that is between Brando and De Niro's greatest performances.The doc drama look of the film is the best I've seen since The French Connection.Tomei's performance as a stripper with a heart of gold is great she still has a wholesomeness about her.Evan Rachel as always gives a solid performance.This is what true personal filmmaking is suppose to be this is a film that was obviously a work of love for the cast and crew.This movie left me sitting in my seat.Springsteen's song at the end sums up the movie.


Bizzar beyond belief.A surreal look on male paranoia of relationships and growing up.The fact it took Lynch 6 years to make is astounding because it doesn't have the feel of a long production like WHO'S THAT KNOCKING Scorsese's debut

The Last Temptation of Christ

A great film in which Christ is shown as both man and divinity.

Planet Terror (Grindhouse Presents: Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror)

Great B movie awesome beyond belief perfect balance of humor and action packed gore fest

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

One of the best films of the year.Classic Eastwood.Clint gives one of his greatest performances.Sure to be a classic.


A true landmark in the crime film.The first true cop film done in an epic scope.De Niro's last good role before he became a parody.

Seven Samurai (Shichinin no Samurai)

The film that set up every action film structure and gave rise Kurosawa as one of the greatest directors of all time .Mifune is as always amazing in perhaps one of his top 5 best performances.His character is crude,scratches his ass yet he has a humanity in him that is touching.


Good film to intense and I had a relative involved in the Operation.


The lost masterpiece of the golden age of the epic.Could've gone on 3 more hours a great story based on a classic novel.This along with Lawrence of Arabia showed an epic could take place in the 20th century.Great score,title sequences,directing by Preminger,Trumbo's screenplay.If you haven't seen it its a must see for everyone.

Clerks II
Clerks II(2006)

Great sequel to one of the best comedies of all time.Crude yes but Smith never makes you hate the crudeness he makes you look passed it.


Hitchcock made this as sort of a less dangerous version of his pet project "Kaleidescope Frenzy" (look it up very interesting sort of American Psycho before American Psycho)

But this is very much like Psycho a landmark in the suspense film and in pushing the boundaries of violence on screen.Hitchcock's humor is intact as well as the McGuffen

Not Hitchcock's best but lets call this his last film (Family Plot was just stupid)

This is definitley in his catalog of many masterpieces betweeen Marnie and Rope

Monster's Ball

Stupid movie.Halle Berry only won the oscar cause she showed her tits in it and even thats not worth half a star.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Great comedy soon to be a comedy classics.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

The best comedy of the last 20 years.Near perfection in this comedy film.

Letters from Iwo Jima

One of the great war films.A great perspective of WW2 from the Japanesse.Watanabe gives a great performance.The suicide scenes are powerful.

The Pope of Greenwich Village

Okay film,Rourke gives a great performance but Roberts ruins it for me he is too over the top his performance in Star 80 was better.Cimono should have made this after THE DEER HUNTER.

Million Dollar Baby

One of the best movies of the decade.Great performances and use of camera.Swank is becoming the Jodie Foster of her generation.

Apocalypse Now

An art film disguised as a war film.A landmark in cinema.

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

A great movie pop cinema at its best.Film noir with a twist.Rourke kicks ass and its nice to see Carla Gugiono in the state she's in


The first horror film that scared men with its metaphor for homosexual rape with the face alien.

Batman Forever

While entertaining in chesse this film is so stupid.They returned to the camp of the series.When it tries to be serious its not.It was good to see Robin but Chris O'Donnell was like 24 and looked like 24 they couldn't get a 12 year old kid to play Robin.No wonder Chris Nolan has refused to brinG Robin into the reboot series.


Lets remember I was part of the generation who saw this as the first real Batman film.But now that I'm grown up this film is all fireworks and no substance.Burton I have to say was able to finally make people forget the camp of the 60's tv show.Nicholson's Joker though is nothing like Ledger's Joker.Nicholson's was already a psycho before the accident it just made him a bigger asshole.Ledger's portrayl is like evil incarnate.

Batman Returns

Burton is obsessed with aesthetics and this films shows it.Nobody is good the dialogue is flat and the story is boring when I saw it when I was 6 I got bored and took the video out.

Escape from New York

The best scifi film ever.One of Carpenter's best film.Russel rules in this roles.


Amazing film.Pop cinema at its best and most visceral.The forebearer to the Spagetti western and modern action hero.

Le samouraï
Le samouraï(1967)

A great crime film.Pacing like a Japanesse film,French take on the American crime film.

Léon: The Professional

Good movie though it drags a bit.Gary Oldman as always gives a great performance this was really his best bad guy performance.

The Doom Generation

Other than Rose McGowan nakes this film is complete garbage.People who are this pissed off and nihilistic just need to put a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger.It was as if Araki was like okay I'm the most depressing unhappy director on the planet how can I make NBK but with a bisexual subtext.

Wild At Heart

This film is bizzar and weird and thats why I love it.Its like Lynch made a 70's John Waters film and mixed in violence.This is "Bonnie & Clyde" on acid.

Eastern Promises

A true original crime film.Cronenberg is firing on all cyilinders.Mueller Stahl gives a terrifying performance he is the Devil encarnate.Cassel a total scene stealer.Viggo as always gives a performance that is amazing.

Dawn of the Dead

A great horror film but funny as hell.Romero is truly a genuis who pioneered using horror as social/political commentary.Without him Cronenberg and Carpenter don't exist.

Monsters, Inc.

Great Pixar Crystal is hilarious

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

A great comedy.Makes you laugh.I always love counting who got injured more Pesci or Stern

Raiders of the Lost Ark

One of the landmarks in action movies.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

Great film.Did not deserve best pic or director.TARANTINO WAS ROBBED.Hanks crying when he finds out he has son does bring tears to the eyes though.


One of the best films of the 90's, the "MIDNIGHT COWBOY" of the 90's.Boyles direction is one that shocks and makes you laugh with in seconds of each other.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Smith's best film since Chasing Amy.With Smith their is no line of good and bad taste this film is raunchy and bawdy and thats why I love it.


Powerful film.Jolie a definite Oscar contender

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

Funny as hell.Right up with any of Apatow or Smith's great work.

Body of Lies
Body of Lies(2008)

Good not great perfect for the unpatriotic patriot in everyone.A big screw you speech to Islamo fascists and nationalists that makes ya cheer.

The Lookout
The Lookout(2007)

A great crime thriller with a personal story about feeling like a misfit.Amazing cinematography and color palette.Will become a neo-noir classic.

The People Vs. Larry Flynt

Great movie.Milos Forman's best film since "Cuckoo's Nest".He does something the great directors do and that is make a complete cowardly scum bag into someone you want to root for.Courtney Love is amazing in it.Harrelson is the pornographer Flynt

The Searchers

This film is a flat out masterpiece.Wayne gives his best performance ever.Ford's greatest film that shows all his themes that he had been showing since his first masterpiece "The Informer".

The Last Supper

Great attack on liberal assholes and right wing douchebags.Great to see liberals shown as the fascists that they are.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Ford's last masterpiece.Stewart is as always brilliant and his line "it aint enough to kill a man without building a life on it" is a very moving line.The Duke as always plays the Duke and its great.Ford ended his career 3 films later but with a masterpiece like this lets just say he ended here.

The Quiet Man

True Romantic Comedy at its best.Victor McLaglen is the perfect heal

Perhaps one of my favorite movies of all time.Ford's best non-western/action picture.Wayne's 2nd best performance #1 goes to him in the Searchers


Perhaps one of the greatest films ever made.Chan Wook Park is a true visonary his work in this is amazing that only he could have made.Images and feelings in this film that stay with you


Truly beautiful images that show Hitchcock at the top of his powers.The film that every film school student should see.

Requiem for a Dream

A truly powerful film of unrelenting nature.Aronofsky truly is the heir to Kubrick.

Charlie Bartlett

A refreshing teen comedy thats not afraid to be smart.Kat Dennings gives a performance that is good still don't get it how she isn't the biggest actress in the world.Downey Jr. as always gives a solid performance he's slowly becoming the new Christopher Walken in that he always is good in anything he does.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

This film is amazing.This film is superior to "Juno".The film touched me in away I have not had since the first time I saw "Clerks" in that it inspired me as a person and an artist.

Burn After Reading

Okay not the best Coen's film but better than any other film out

Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown(1974)

A great 70's B movie.Pam Grier as always sexy.Rehashing of Coffy but Hill knows his limits.Castrate the villian and put his prick in a jar brilliant.


A great exploitation film perhaps in the top 10 of exploitation films.Pam Grier is drop dead gorgeous.

Female Trouble

Unbelievabley shocking perhaps the most disgusting and perverted film ever.A mix of dark comedy and horror that would creep Rob Zombie out.

The Devil's Rejects

Great horror film.Actual great performance by Forsythe and Haig.Great to actually see the suppoed hero Forsythe being just as violent and sadistic towards the evil Firefly family.

Black Book
Black Book(2007)

Amazing film that also shows the evils of revenge and how it does nothing but make you as bad as the enemy.Verhoeven's best film

The Sound of Music

a great film should be everyones introduction to film at a year old

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Great film Spieldberg's first personal film.


This is the first true Kubrick film in that you have him making a film that is completely unconventional to what became his well known style.Though not a favorite of mine of Kubrick's I see why it gets the notoriety.


Any shy guy knows Marty cause he is him,ugly or handsome you feel for this joe and the hope he can find love.This film touched me in a way no film ever has in that I completely understand Marty's angst and fears. His line

"You don't get to be good-hearted by accident. You get kicked around long enough, you become a professor of pain."

Is a line that I understand so well.Marty shows something that few films show even today which is the feelings of single men and women that is not angry,passive aggressive or misanthropic it is just about the single men and women who want companionship.Chayefsky is the man that every writer of films wants to be.Probably in my Top 15 favorite films of all time.

Dressed to Kill

Perhaps the best De Palma suspense thrillers.Often called a rip off of Hitchocks it is not if anything its an homage to the master of suspense.Some have called it campy but to me its surrealistic and with that one needs to suspend reality when watching a De Palma genre film cause he takes it to a level of pure cinema that is the equivalent to a haunted house ride.Nancy Allen is good in the role her than husband gave to her again (the hooker) in his follow up "Blow Out".Michael Caine as always flawless giving a great performance in what was at the time a low period for him after "The Man Who Would Be King" and "Sleuth".Angie Dickinson in her half hour role gives a performance and impact to that of Janet Leigh in "Psycho".


A deeply moral movie on murder and what secular intellectualism can cause in which morality and human life can become objective for one to live with themselves.The 10 minute takes show Hitchcock at his best in pushing the medium to new levels of artistry.

How Green Was My Valley

A great film moving with an ending that brings tears to your eyes.

The Informer
The Informer(1935)

Perhaps the first American film to show the European expressionism in the visuals but still has that American/Irish poetic acting and dialog that makes it an original.

Jungfrukällan (The Virgin Spring)

A film that truly shows the consequences of ones actions and how it can lead to death and to spiritual realization.Bergman's masterpiece.The film shows that violence in oneself can come out and be more terrifying than the people who love committing violence.

West Side Story

A masterpiece of filmmaking.The music is great.The design and editing is amazing.

A Clockwork Orange

A film that changes you after your finished your perception on human beings and humanity is changed for the better by learning just cause you can't do something does not mean your a good person your choice to be good or bad is what makes you a human being.Cause the choice to be moral and immoral is important because the film is saying that choice is what makes you a human being.Shots and images that bury into your brain.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

This film is not exactly scary as it is disturbing and that makes it probably better because being scared is temporary being disturbed stays with you.Images as always was Kubrick's key to giving the audience a reaction.The man in the animal costume and another man involved in a sexual act,the wave of blood coming out.Started were Nicholson could play wacky and bizarre and do it better than anyone else.

Paths of Glory

The war film meets the art film in this film.A perfect blending of Fellini and "All Quiet On The Western Front".Kubrick's shots and his camera work in it are breath taking.As always the script is a perfect blend of tragedy and satirical commentary on bureaucracy.


Perhaps the last great swords and sandals epic that was not self conscious.It is one of the few epics that seems like it was trying to redefine the genre and push the boundaries of what you could do with in the genre involving temporary themes such as the red scare but at the same time showing the truth about the time period and not glossing it over the way Ben Hur did.

The Black Dahlia

Horrible film and this is from someone who loves film noir.Though this film originally was being called a masterpiece in its longer version the cuts most likely forced by the studio

Duel in the Sun

Melodramatic like hell but what do you expect from Selznick who made the greatest melodrama of all time in 1939.Its a B movie with an A budget cast and director but it is definitley better than most romantic melodramas today.Peck in one of his few roles as a real prick who comes across as a deviant in his treatment of Jones character.Barrymore as always good.


One of the few horror comedies that is a true horror comedy.When its scary it is scary and when its funny it is funny.One of Dante's best films that shows his genius with pop culture and subversiveness.

The Dark Knight

With "The Dark Knight" Christopher Nolan accomplishes only what Francis Coppola was able to do and that is take a sequel and make it better than the first film.This film is amazingly shot,acted,scored with a story that is amazing.Ledger's performance is generally brilliant he brings a Joker that unlike Nicholson's Joker who is unpredictable and is only believable as a psychopath who has no control.Bale brings a layer to the Dark Knight that no Batman has shown.Eckhart is amazing his transformation from the white knight to a embittered mad man is amazing.Oldman as always is amazing.It goes beyond the comic book film and this is a general crime film in the same way of "The Departed" and "The French Connection".Ledger will get an Oscar and Globe nomination because this portrayal is perhaps one of the best villains since Hopkins as Lecter

We Own the Night

Good film though it helped me realize I like stylized crime films since they have the moral ambiguity, rogue cops and revenge .Performances good though but Columbia Pictures seemed to want this to be this years Departed but they missed the boat.The film takes its self too seriously and lacks the dark humor The Departed had.It though seemed to have moments of ideas but I had seen these ideas in nearly every crime film.The Russian mob and Russians in general are jerks with no concept of morality, I saw it EASTERn PROMISES

The Bridge on the River Kwai

The beginning of the modern action film,its also one of the few intelligent action films.A classic in my top 10 favorite films of all time.

The Silence of the Lambs

This film is a masterpiece,I would go as far to say it helped show that genre films can be of a high artistic quality. Without this film there is no BATMAN BEGINS,THE DEPARTED or NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.


A genuine great A- film with the showing of a genius at work.Too bad the genius became a pompous d bag.


A masterpiece and perhaps as a filmmaker in the making perhaps the top 5 that have influenced me


A sweet film on a sweet man who has nothing but good intentions.A definite uplifting film that shows people in general are genuinely good inside and even people who make mistakes are good.

Gangster No. 1

This film makes McDowell's Clockwork Orange look like a Disney film.Brutal beyond belief best British film since Trainspotting.


Juno is without a doubt a good film.Yet the character is obviously very much a contrived referential personality.I know no young women who like Iggy or Argento I doubt in fact they even know who they are.The films story is interesting and Cody's script is good but her years as a stripper have blackened her view of men who are either castrated dweebs like Bleeker or saintly like Simmons character.

The Funeral
The Funeral(1996)

Great film a mob film by way of Bresson an ending that is up there with "The Departed" and "There Will Be Blood".

There Will Be Blood

Masterpiece beyond words.Amazing ending great protagonist.

Boogie Nights

A masterpiece that like Pulp Fiction makes you care about these losers who have really no redeeming qualities,they are self centered,drug addicted and power driven by their inadequacies.Yet you love it for the fact they are like this. Great camera work Anderson truly is a genius

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Great Musical Depp's best performance since Henry and Joon.No chance for Oscar but he's a film or 2 from Oscar.

No Country for Old Men

A masterpiece.Bardem's character is already a legend in film.Perhaps the closest we will ever get to the truth of violence in society.


Perhaps the first perfect film it has everything you want comedy,mystery,romance.Bogart is amazing and everyone else is(I particularly like Peter Lorre's role as the sleazy crook)

Talk Radio
Talk Radio(1988)

Amazing film that shows the truth behind how the media is nothing but a corporate monster controlled by greed.It is one both the right and the left can get behind.

Two Women (La Ciociara)

Amazing film Loren is powerful and left me with tears in my eyes.The rape scene is perhaps more disturbing than anything we could've seen on screen in our own minds

My Voyage to Italy

A great documentary but I wish he could've talked about the Italian cinema of Rome which gave us Sergio Leone

Lawrence of Arabia

THE GREATEST FILM THAT ONE NEEDS TO SEE TO BELIEVE.David Lean is at his best its some where between John Ford,Demile and Kurosawa in the beauty of how he filmed it.The script by Robert Bolt is a masterpiece of screenwriting.Peter O'Toole is Lawrence reincarnated and is some what of a Brad Pitt in his looks.Alec Guinness as always is amazing along with Anthony Quinn who represent both sides of the Arab conflict in the early 20th century.Omar Sharif is a revelation in his role he is both very angry and by the end is a very sympathetic man who is a very warm human being.The score only tied with GODFATHER and GONE WITH THE WIND as the greatest score in film history.

Splendor in the Grass

A film with some flaws but it being directed by Kazan makes you forget.Woods best performance besides "Rebel". Beatty's performance a bit to sensitive for a male role.

Get Carter
Get Carter(1971)

Gritty beyond belief and really the beginning of the bad guy vs the badder guys

Beneath The Planet Of The Apes

The 2nd film is perhaps the 2nd worst film in the series ("Battle" takes that unfortunate honor) Other than the climax the rest is dull.The human/ape child concept that originally came up in the early drafts would've been a lot better

Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes

Perhaps the best sequel to the series.Your routing for Caesar and the apes to destroy man and enslave them.Too bad they had to recut the speech with the whole being humane it would've been good to see the apes become as bad as the humans in the 5th film thus showing the humans take over and a better reason for the crying statue

Escape from the Planet of the Apes

In a lot of ways a great satire on celebrity and as the plot thicken s a great allegory on the dangers of government paranoia under Nixon

Battle For The Planet Of The Apes

This sucked if they wanted to do another one after "Conquest" it should've been the apes taking over continent to continent


Much more of a character study than a war movie on America's last great General who took shit from nobody and could've stopped the Cold War if America did not take sides with those red sons of bitches

Sky High
Sky High(2005)

A great send up of the superhero genre. Warren Peace is a great character in the tradition of Fulton Reed

Once Upon a Time in the West

"Jesus Christ its Henry Fonda" thats what Sergio Leone wanted us to think when Fonda came on screen as the bad guy.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

The only horror film that has scared me to death

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

New York Gothic at its purest and most visceral its like having the screen shoot you with its depravity and alienation.And yet it is a cautionary tale of not allowing the loneliness and alienation to take you over.


Appatow and company continue to go up the comedy ladder.Non stop laughter.Best moment is the period pants.

The Real Glory: Reconstructing 'The Big Red One'

Before "Saving Private Ryan" gave us realism.Sam Fuller gave us the first realistic portrayal of the horrors of war.

King of New York

Ferrara's first great film that encapsulates the spiritual and Catholic imagery that he has done since.

Who's That Knocking at My Door?

Though not a great movie its better than most student films I've seen I've made worst films

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown(1997)

Underrated in the Tarantino cannon so far his only mature film


Newman is Middle America bad guy personified, the opposit of Dean's Cal Trask,Hud could care less about getting the approval of his dad and it shows.Newman plays the first male ho in film

Kill Bill: Volume 2

Better than volume 1 which was all action and no dialog, this is the part were it all comes together

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

A great film perhaps the most mature and most intellectual and dark of the series

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

Perhaps the most important film of the last 15 years that has inspired every crime film SINCE.

The Maltese Falcon

Huston's debut is perhaps 1 of the best directorial debuts in movie history.Peter Lorre's performance is great and Bogart's is what made him a star.

Reservoir Dogs

A great debut film that could've been made in the 70's for a grindhouse theater.Its influence is not to be forgotten nor its influences


While the story is good the pacing is to slow and Laurie's acting is too over the top to be taken seriously as scary and more as dark satire.

The Public Enemy

The Ganster film and film acting began with this film

Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry(1971)

A great action film they don't make films like these any more.

Edward Scissorhands

A modern fairytale that touches every outsider.Elfman's music is amazing and Depp's performance made him a star

Pretty Persuasion

Perhaps the best high school film ever made.Its rawness and depraved sense of humor makes this film work.James Wood is fantastic as the racist father.The talk about Wood allowing a guy to give it to her were it don't shine is perhaps the funniest scene I've seen since "Clerks"

Bonnie and Clyde

The film that brought sex and violence to the screen in a stylized manner that makes you forget how depraved these characters are


Perhaps the only film you could say had every guy buying equipment and make a movie.A film thats influence is the equivalent of the 1970's punk revolution

A Fistful of Dollars (Per un Pugno di Dollari)

The film that changed cinema and brougt EASTWOOD to prominince as a hollywood legend.Yojimbo rip offs are rarely this good

In the Name of the Father

A great film, some say it over exagerates well good sometimes you have to humiliate a country of lying socialist pigs.It is probabaly the greatest film about unjust imprisonment since "Midnight Express".Day Lewis best performance of the 1990's and just second to his best performance of Bill the Butcher. Postlethwaite perhaps gave the best and most realistic portrayal of a father who loves his son unconditionally

American Beauty

A masterpiece that leaves a lot of bad rip off films but a lot of great tv shows.Spacey and Cooper's best performances.Mendes set the bar for his career

King of Kings

Nick Ray proved that you could make a biblical epic for hipsters and intellectuals.This is one of the best and perhaps the best portrayl of Jesus Christ played for once by an actor the same age as the Savior when he was crucified

Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa(2006)

The best Rocky since the original its back to basics approach and lines are great.Stallone's best work for quite awhile

Judgment at Nuremberg

Perhaps the best court room drama ever made it also shows the truth of the evils of WW2 and how the US and UK were tricked by Hitler and were too late by the time we realized what happened.Clift's performance perhaps one of the greatest performances in film

Schindler's List

The most important film of the 20th century that shows the most horrifying moment in human history that rips you to shreds and makes you feel anger and than makes you cry with the ending of "I could've done more" which is not just Schindler but the world who are saying that

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

The first sci-fi film that does not bore you.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

A film that proves the need for anti authority figures and the dangers of people who only want to control you while hiding behind a curtain of help

The French Connection

The film that made me want to make movies.The opening theme is like a punch to the head

Night of the Living Dead

The only horror movie that scares me even now the opening scene with the zombie smashing the window is frighting even today

Death Wish
Death Wish(1974)

A great exploitation film with a great socio/political underlining theme that makes you think about the want for vigilantism when the world has gone to shit

Degrassi High: School's Out

A great ending to a great series that left it open for the now blockbuster sequel series

A Decade Under the Influence

A great documentary about the renaissance that changed film.

Midnight Cowboy

A truly scary movie that leaves you feeling clamy and depressed and thats what a story like this should do.


A great debut by a great filmmaker

The Grapes of Wrath

The greatest film adaptation of Steinbeck

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

The film that brought film into the same level as novels and paintings


The best film I ever saw in a theater a true movie theater film and experience.Death Proof is the best film.Planet Terror is good but Death Proof is a great action film

The Godfather, Part III

A revolting end to a classic trilogy it should've never been made.A damper on the careers of Coppola and Puzo which never fully recovered and why Francis Coppola lost a lot of control over the films he has made since.

A Streetcar Named Desire

Brando's signature performance.His lines about Blanche's lies and airs is what every man has wanted to say to a woman.


Perhaps the first film to truly show a mentally damaged psycho path who has no control over his actions.The fact that it was as sexually explicit in 1960 is really how not just a groundbreaking horror film it was just a groundbreaking film

The Believer
The Believer(2002)

Ryan Gosling's performance is a revelation and is one of the greatest film performances ever

Straw Dogs
Straw Dogs(1971)

like a hit to the testicles metaphorically it hurts and shows that even the violence in the most timid can be the more violent and dangerous

The Aviator
The Aviator(2004)

one of the best bio films

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

the film that redefined th western for the anti establishment 1960's and 70's

The Wild Bunch

The death of the Western.Peckinpah engraves the tombstone of the Western John Ford and John Wayne gave birth to.

The Warriors
The Warriors(1979)

An urban western by way of Kurosawa by Walter Hill AJAX IS THE MAN


A film ahead of its time the idea of a film about a child molester/murderer is unthinkable today but the fact that this film came out in the 1930's is even more shocking.Lorre's breakout role

It's a Wonderful Life

American classic,that has the soul of every American.Its the ultimate American story about the American spirit.

American History X

A powerful film to rival Schindler's List with its rawness and ferocious portrayal of racism and how it ruins the soul

Slums of Beverly Hills

Natasha Lyonne was amazing in this film that even a guy can understand.When I saw this when I was 14 I fell in love with Natasha Lyonne and thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world, so what happened now she looks like a meth addict

The Night of the Hunter

the scariest film ever made mitchum's definitive role

Cape Fear
Cape Fear(1991)

one of the few great remakes that is better than the original, not to bring down mitchum and peck but this film shows what the original could not do


Good movie Dean's last performance and his only sub par performance

East of Eden
East of Eden(1955)

The best adaptation of Steinbeck since "Grapes"

Rebel Without a Cause

The film that has made teenagers emulate Dean and Woods and a few want to be Director Ray and screenwriter Stern

The Dirty Dozen

The Greatest war movie John Cassavetes was robbed of an oscar he was awesome.Cassavetes,Bronson and Marvin are cool personified


The film that started modern cinema and changed filmmaking forever

Do the Right Thing

The most important film of the last 25 years.Spike's masterpiece and unlike CRASH truly shows that man is inherently bigoted in his views on everything and that anyone who uses the race card is hiding their own racist views

The Untouchables

A back to basics good vs evil story that never gets old.Classic De Palma

Raging Bull
Raging Bull(1980)

The jail cell scene is what makes this picture it rips you to shreds and punches the tears out of ya

Bad Lieutenant

A look into hell on earth that makes you shiver and weep and cringe a movie that changes your life like A CLOCKWORK ORANGE

On the Waterfront

the film that keeps inspiring each generation is one for the ages a wonderful allegory of being shut out for standing up against evil