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The Fate of the Furious
10 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If you are a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise then you pretty much know what you're getting with these films, you just have to completely switch off your brain and forget about things like realism, because there are so many things in this film that you can pick apart and say... 'well that would never happen' or 'how stupid was that!', however saying that it is an enjoyable film and what makes it is the cast, they are clearly having fun and the chemistry between them feels genuine. The way they have included old villains, now on the good side, does feel a little flimsy but again, you don't see these films to see an intelligent film with a brilliant plot that makes you think, unless you are really stupid. There was a big hole that I don't think they were able to fill... the absence of Paul Walker, but there is a sweet dedication to him at the end of all the mayhem that pleased a lot of people in the screening and there was a few surprises during the film, t hat I wont spoil because of plot points. I loved Charlize Theron as Cypher, but it was disappointing that she never got any fight scenes. She is essentially a Bond villain and to be fair that's the way these films are heading, think of this as an ensemble version of a Bond film. If you are a fan you will enjoy this, its stupid but very enjoyable.

Sing (2016)
12 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I found this to be very boring. What starts off promising quickly becomes a very lacklustre animation that's solely aimed for a younger audience. The singing numbers are all decent enough and the voice acting is great but it lacks jokes and is far too long. Much like The Secret Life of Pets its very disappointing.

Split (2017)
15 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Well this turned out to be a waste of time. The only decent thing in this was James McAvoys performance. I can't really give any other praise to this, Shyamalan really can't make any more decent films.... won't be bothering with this director anymore.....

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
30 days ago via Flixster

So this isn't as bad as what the critics are saying it is. The main issue this film has is its frenetic and jarring editing in the action scenes, the cuts are far too quick and results in being headache inducing, speaking of which, it feels like its been padded out with far too many action scenes that go nowhere. Its hard to care about the new characters when none of them have any back story and aren't really fleshed out, but then the RE franchise doesn't excel in that regard. Its all about the action, which is a shame because they could've made better for it if you cared about the people involved. Luckily there haven't been any inclusions of the game characters just for the sake of it. But again this franchise has suffered because they didn't include people like Leon, Chris, Ada, Barry, Jill or even Sheva for a decent reason. I have to give some props to Paul Anderson, he does know how to create some decent special effects but its all for nothing as he doesn't make decent films with heart, which is strange seeing how much he loves the games. It doesn't really end the series with any finality but it does end well. Lets hope they don't make another one though. It needs a reboot and needs to stay faithful to the source material. Good end to a lacklustre film series.

Kong: Skull Island
36 days ago via Flixster

Ok so its not terrible but not as good as I had hoped. The main issue with this is that you just don't really care for any of the characters as they aren't fleshed out enough, they are just one dimension cut outs. No one has any real motives apart from John Goodman and Samuel L Jacksons characters, the rest are just there for the sake of being there. Its very underacted and undeveloped from the human perspective. But for that downside there are some very good action scenes mainly involving Kong and the other nasties on the island. Of course if you live under a rock this is a film that sets up the Kong Vs Godzilla film that's to be released in 2020 as there is a Marvel-esque end credits scene. But that's about it, there's nothing here to engage the brain, if you like giant monsters fighting and some bland characters getting eaten or blown up then you'll have a blast, but there isn't anything else here that is actually worth seeing, it was all in the trailer. Wait for it on Netflix.