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5 years ago via Movies on iPhone


A movie I would have happily waited for DVD to check out but I don't necessarily regret seeing it in the cinema either. Seth MacFarlane delivers a sold directorial debut with "Ted", the story of a teddy bear that magically comes to life and grows with his young childhood friend into an irresponsible stoner. The concept was fresh and a lot of the jokes were funny. I could definitely see the Family Guy resemblances (I couldn't help but think of Brian every time Ted spoke). Mila Kunis is beautiful as always and Mark Wahlberg has a lot of fun as John, the man that never grew up. There's a lot of weed jokes, sex jokes, and 80's references (especially to Flash Gordon, which I found slightly annoying after a while). It's not a bad movie and there are some touching scenes in it. But I can't say I see myself viewing it again, unless I was stoned or something. And the third act was pretty random and completely changed the focus of the film. Still, if you're a fan of MacFarlane and his work, you should check out "Ted". It's a solid comedy.