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Tales of an Ancient Empire
9 months ago via Flixster

Albert Pyun's 1982 film THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER is one of my all-time favorite movies. It's a highly memorable, gloriously cheesy tale about a roguish hero with a bitchin' TRIPLE-BLADED SWORD THAT ALSO SHOOTS BLADES. This sequel... is not. And really, I can't call it a sequel because I can't even call it a movie. Movies have things like... plot and structure. The most interesting story bits are poorly narrated rather than shown. The entire length of this film is spent on setup, there is literally no final resolution or confrontation - the heroes simply spend an hour setting out on their quest and getting imprisoned. The protagonists are legendary Japanese ruler Oda Nobunaga and his adult children - portrayed as WHITE EUROPEANS. Whoops. Aside from Sorbo, the actors are uniformly terrible, delivering grandiose epic dialogue in stilted modern accents (excepting Ralf Moeller, who plays the most compelling character, and whose tiny role is completely wasted).

Practically the entire thing is shot on a green screen and highly-saturated monochromatic color timing is abused throughout - nighttime is blue, daytime is orange. Many shots are re-used several times. It looks worse than an Asylum picture. Terribly produced sub-TV level CGI is also prevalent, which is especially disappointing since the original TS&TS is such a marvelous showcase of practical effects. One wonders if Pyun even sat down and watched the original before setting out to make its sequel. Unfortunately, this film had a microscopic budget and myriad production woes which hindered it immensely, but the terrible story, structure, and editing can't be excused.

Lockout (2012)
15 months ago via Flixster

The tagline reads "DIE HARD meets BLADE RUNNER" which is the kind of observation a which might come from a clueless reviewer who doesn't actually watch movies, and certainly hasn't seen ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. Or OUTLAND. Or ALIEN 3. Or even BLADE RUNNER for that matter.

The story is ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, but protagonist Snow is no Snake Plissken. Despite a great actor (make no mistake, Guy Pearce is a great actor) in the role, the mouthy narcissist is such a mean-spirited wisecracker that his vibe is more asshole than badass.

I also have to say, I love Peter Stormare but it takes a special kind of idiot to cast him as a member of the US President's cabinet.

Thankfully it gets better from there. The pace is set quickly and as with any Luc Besson production the action is wild fun. Guy Pearce does a lot of more subdued roles so it's great to see him just run around and kick ass for awhile. Maggie Grace actually gets the better character of the two, making an effective rescuee-turned-sidekick.

Sometimes stupid but mostly fun.

Death Race 3: Inferno
15 months ago via Flixster

The Death Race DTV prequels are consistently better than a lot of crappy big studio pics that get shown in theaters. Amazingly they do so while injecting great new actors and maintaining impressive continuity.

Green Lantern
Green Lantern (2011)
15 months ago via Flixster

Extended cut? This was years too long to begin with.