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The Sessions

The Sessions(2012)

This is a rare occasion for a film. THE SESSIONS was not much of a comedy, but the story was still interesting; and a powerful film. After watching this flick, I now realize that the ability to "engage in intercourse" is something a lot of us take for granted.

This was the first time I had ever heard of a sex therapist. The difference between a hooker and a sex therapist is that a hooker just wants the money and doesn't give a d@mn about her "John". A sex therapist (or sex surrogate) is someone who helps the client sharpen his skills and build up his confidence between the sheets.

Much like The Other Sister, this film shows us that for some of us, an ordinary life is its own extraordinary achievement. As interested as I was to see how the story unfolded, I'm still not gonna go out and buy the blu-ray. My grade: C

The "haven't yet done the deed" part in the trailer is actually two different scenes edited together. John Hawkes was actually referring to a different deed he hadn't done yet.

William H. Macy and Helen Hunt never appear on camera together.