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The Santa Clause 2

Going back to watch The Santa Clause 2 makes me enjoy the movie even more than before. Sure, it's more childish than the first one, but it's also sweet and funny. I enjoyed the storyline of Santa having to find a wife and the evil toy Santa. Tim Allen is just perfect again as Santa as is Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol.

The Santa Clause

I have always enjoyed The Santa Clause since I was a little boy. It is such an enjoyable and fun movie. Not to mention that Tim Allen was cast perfectly to play Santa as he is hilarious in this movie.

Frosty Returns

Frosty Returns is NOT nearly as good as the original Frosty the Snowman. The animation isn't nearly as good and I don't like the story trying to preach about the enviroment. It just doesn't feel like a Christmas movie and Frosty just feels like an afterthought. The only real redeeming quality I can really think of is that John Goodman does a pretty decent job as the voice of Frosty.

Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman isn't my favorite of the old-school animated Christmas movies, but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. I always liked the story, just wish the movie was a little longer. The voice acting is also very good as are the songs.

The Little Drummer Boy

The Little Drummer Boy has been one of my favorite of the animated Christmas movies since I was a little kid. I love the story and music, but just wish that the movie is a little longer and more fleshed out in some parts. That would be my only complaint (and it isn't much) in an otherwise enjoyable and near-perfect animated movie.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Home Alone 2 is not better than its predecessor, but it's still a very good and entertaining Christmas movie. This second Home Alone is a little long in places and takes a while to get to the action, but when it does, it turns from a good movie to a great movie. Once again, the showdown between Kevin and Harry and Marv is just great and full of hilarity.

An All Dogs Christmas Carol

I appreciate that the creators of All Dogs Go to Heaven tried their hand at a Christmas movie. I even appreciate that they tried to put their own spin on a story that's been told many times. Unfortunately, I just didn't find An All Dogs Christmas Carol all that exciting and fun. Just disappointing.

Disney's A Christmas Carol

I really do enjoy this version of A Christmas Carol. I think the animation allows for the movie to portray some things differently than all the other versions such as the Spirits of Christmas Past and Present. I enjoyd Jim Carrey's portrayal of Scrooge, but wish guys like Gary Oldman and Colin Firth (who are also both very good actors) more time with their characters. Other than that, this version of A Christmas Carol is very good.

Miracle on 34th Street

I really enjoy Miracle on 34th Street. I love the story and think that it is smartly written which is the movie's strong point. They could have thought of juvenile ways they could have had Mr. Gailey try to prove the existence of Santa Clause, but they didn't. All the actors/actresses did a fantastic with my Edmund Gwenn just doing a great, great job as Kris Kringle.

Dr. No
Dr. No(1962)

Dr. No is a very good beginning to the James Bond movies. It isn't full of action like some of the other James Bond movies, but it does well as a spy movie. I just love how Bond is made out to be like a spy/detective in this movie. Dr. No is a little cheesy at times, but I can get past that with some pretty good action scenes and great acting from Sean Connery as James Bond.

Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is such a fun and entertaining movie. It's very funny at times, sweet in others and does a good job of pandering to video game players, like me, who have played video games for many years. All the video game references were great and just fun to point out. Not to mention the appearence of some video game characters that I grew up with. Jane Lynch was really good as the voice of Sergeant Calhoun. But, I have to say that John C. Reilly and Sarach Silverman as Ralph and Vanellope were just great. Their chemistry together was just fantastic.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

I'm one of those people that finds the movie Borat really funny. Sure, it's dumb in a lot of places, but some of the situations that Sacha Baron Cohen puts himself into in this movie are quite hilarious. I just can't help but laugh.

National Lampoon's Van Wilder

Van Wilder certainly is gross sometimes, but it had me laughing like crazy at some parts in the movie. In my opinion, Van Wilder does a good job mixing its humor and feel-good moments. Ryan Reynolds was both funny and charming, Tara Reid was very good as well and Kal Penn just stole the show as Taj.

The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods is such an interesting movie. I applaud if for being a different kind of horror movie story-wise. It's not really that scary, but it is quite heart-pounding and had me on the edge of my seat for most of the movie.

Trick 'r Treat

A very entertaining anthology movie to watch around Halloween. Trick 'r Treat isn't perfect, but it is really enjoyable. The way the filmmakers combined all the stories was really nice and there are actually some surprises that caught me off-guard the first time I watched this movie.


I really do enjoy this version of John Carpenter's classic and think it's one of the better remakes out there. I believe that Rob Zombie did a good job making this movie his own while keeping some elements of the original Halloween in it. Yes, this version is more violent and gory than its predecessor, but that didn't really bother me. Michael Myers is still a bad@$$ and that's all that matters.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

It was nice to see Michael Myers return in Halloween 4. He makes the movie more menacing and scary. The movie also gives off a very creepy atmosphere. I just wish the movie hadn't moved so slow in some parts and the scenes where there could have been some great kills, we never see which is disappointing.

Halloween III - Season of the Witch

Unlike most people, I didn't mind that Michael Myers wasn't in this movie. Still, though, Halloween III isn't anything spectacular. It has a somewhat interesting storyline, but it just plays too cheesy. There some good scenes, however, such as when the family visiting Silver Shamrock has to "test" out the new product.

Jason X
Jason X(2002)

The best thing Jason X has going for it is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's goofy, gory and entertaining. It doesn't make it good, but it makes it the perfect movie to turn your brain off at.

Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday

Definetily at the bottom of all the Friday the 13th movies I've seen so far. Taking Jason out of the movie for most of it was a bad idea and the movie is just boring. On the plus side, though, were some great and gory kills that were Jason-esque.

Dead Snow (Død snø)

Dead Snow certainly is very cheesy, very gory and, most of the time, very dumb, but it's still a fun and entertaining zombie movie.

An American Werewolf in London

A little cheesy in some parts that keeps it from getting a higher score, but at the end of the day, it's an entertaining werewolf movie.

Session 9
Session 9(2001)

A little disappointed with this one. Not really scary except for a couple heart-pounding moments. Nice little twist at the end, though.

The Scorpion King

Many people dislike The Scorpion King, but after watching it again, I found it to be an entertaining swords and sorcercy movie. Sure, it's FAR from perfect, but I enjoy it. The movie never feels bogged down from unnessary scenes and there are some great, fun fight scenes. Some of the dialogue and acting is cheesy, but I could get past that. I felt Dwayne Johnson did a really good job in his first starring role and I enjoyed Steven Brand as Memnon.

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

I really wanted to like Tomb Raider, I really did. The story was simple, but somewhat interesting and there were some decent fight scenes. The movie just felt rushed and the CGI in the temple fight scene was really bad. I also think Angelina Jolie did a pretty good portrayal of Lara Croft while Daniel Craig was underutilized. And Iain Glen was ok, just wish his villain character was fleshed out more.


I enjoyed Immortals, I really did. Just watching it, though, made me realize it could have been a lot better. I liked the style of the movie and how it looked. It even had an interesting storyline. But for a movie that's supposed to be about a king killing to unleash Titans to avenge his family, there just wasn't enough action. Now, when there was some action, it looked good (particularly the last fight between the gods and titans), but most of the time it felt liked it was over too quickly. As for the acting, Henry Cavill plays a Theseus, but Mickey Rourke stole the show with his portrayal of King Hyperion.

Lethal Weapon 4

While maybe not as good as the first 3, Lethal Weapon 4 is still an enjoyable movie and better than what you can expect from other 4th movie in any other franchise. The story is really good and is told like it. There are also some exciting action scenes especially the last fight scene. The movie also keeps up with the humor from the first 3 movies. I wasn't, though, a big fan of the Chinese family they included in this one and while he does an admirable job, there's a part of me that wishes they could have found someone other than Chris Rock to be Rianne's husband. To round it off, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover stay fantastic after all these years with their roles of Riggs and Murtaugh.

Lethal Weapon 3

After going back and watching Lethal Weapon 3 again, I can say I enjoyed this installment as much as the first two. While the story may be simpler, I still found it to be told really good. The movie is also very fun as funny as the previous two and has some great action scenes. I also found the addition of a serious woman character to Martin to be refreshing. On top of that, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are still both fantastic as Riggs and Murtaugh.

Resident Evil: Degeneration

Resident Evil: Degeneration is a fairly entertaining movie bringing back some of the Resident Evil characters we all know. I just wish it was better. The story is a little confusing sometimes, the CGI is bad sometimes especially with some of the lip movements and the way they portrayed Leon, but it's not bad all the time. In fact, the CGI looks really good in some parts. I also wish there was more Leon and Claire vs. zombie action. The movie spends too much time with the talking. When there is action, though, it's really good and entertaining.

Gods and Generals

The first time I watched Gods and Generals, I really loathed it. But going back yesterday to watch the extended Director's Cut, I found the movie much more enjoyable. Sure, the movie is still really, really long and drags in some parts in between the battles, but the Director's Cut adds so much more to the movie. Another thing is I wish that, like its predecessor, the movie would've focused a little more on both sides. Instead, the movie focused a lot of Stonewall Jackson which was fine, but I wanted more from the North side. There are some good scenes, however, showing how men from both sides are shooting friends of theirs on the other side. Speaking of this, most of the battle scenes are quite good with the movie portrayed version of the Battle of Fredericksburg very impressive. As for the acting, Stephen Lang does a very good portraying Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson as does Jeff Daniels again in his role of Joshua Chamberlain. And even though he looks and acts the part, I wish Robert Duvall was given more time as Robert E. Lee.

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is cheesy as all get out and should be a bad movie, but it's entertaining as heck. The storyline is interesting and the movie is funnier than you might imagine. There are some great action scenes even though they can be cheesy sometimes and the last fight scene in Fhloston Paradise in just great fun. As for the acting, Bruce Willis is just great as Korben Dallas as is Milla Jovovich as Leeloo. Gary Oldman is also good as Zorg even though I wish he would've gotten more screen time.


I found Gettysburg to be more than enjoyable than I thought it would be. Yes, the Director's Cut is REALLY, really long (being almost 4 and a half hour long), but I can honestly say I was never bored once. I liked how the movie showed the perspective from people both North and South and delved into the minds of each of the major generals in the battle. Showing how the war and battle were affecting them. The battle scenes were also done well especially in the last part with Pickett's charge. This movie, though, was nothing without some brilliant acting. Martin Sheen, while maybe nobody's first choice to play Robert E. Lee does an admiral job. Tom Berenger was also really good as General Longstreet. But, the two men that stood out to me so well were Jeff Daniels as Joshua Chamberlain and I loved Stephen Lang as George Pickett.


xXx is the typical turn-your-brain-off action movie. It has an absurd storyline mixed with even more absurd action scenes. That's not to the storyline is bad, it's actually quite interesting, if typical. Most of the action scenes are also really fun to watch even though they are mostly over-the-top to the point of cheesy sometimes. There also isn't much in the acting department. Vin Diesel is good, not great while I think Asia Argento as Yelena was actually quite good. Overall, xXx is a good action movie to watch on a lazy afternoon.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Many consider it a horror classic and I really did enjoy the movie. The concept of Freddy Krueger killing people through their dreams is an interesting one which made the storyline of A Nightmare on Elm Street a good movie storywise. All the death scenes in the movie looked good and there were actually a couple scenes that had my heart racing. Acting was subpar. But of course you can predict that for a movie like this. I would like to say that Robert Englund pulled off Freddy Krueger real well and should be commended for it.

Joe Somebody
Joe Somebody(2001)

Joe Somebody really isn't a bad movie, but it's not anywhere as good as I had hoped. With Tim Allen, I was expecting a relatively funny movie with a good, feel-good story. Well, the movie got it half right. There's a good feel-good story here involving Joe, his daughter and Meg. I just hated how the movie strays away from Joe and his relationship with his daughter and shows him becoming a jerk. Also, the movie isn't really all the funny. I don't think I really laughed at all. The good thing, though, that I think the movie has for it is the acting. Tim Allen and Julie Bowen were both good as Joe and Meg.

Halloween II
Halloween II(1981)

I consider Halloween II to be a worthy enough sequel to John Carpenter's classic, even though it's nowhere as good. It's not as scary as the first, but it can be pretty tension filled especially the last 30 minute chase scene which is the best part of the movie. I also enjoy this version of Michael Myers which is the one we've all grown accustom to. As for the kills, unfortunately, they aren't all that great. I just didn't feel impressed with any of them and didn't think they were all that creative. Lastly, it was nice to see Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strode even though she didn't get a lot of screen time and Donald Pleasance was good again as Dr. Loomis.

Friday the 13th Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan

Friday the 13th: Part VIII is defenitily my least favorite of all the Friday the 13th movies I have seen. Bringing Jason Voorhees to New York sounds like it could be a good idea, but we don't get to see him in New York all that much until the end of the movie. On top of that, the movie isn't scary except for one part that made me jump a little and I can't really say any of the kills were exactly spectacular.


I found WANTED to be a really, really enjoyable action movie. The story is rather simple, but I thought it was told really well. Other than the part that the assassinations were supposed to happen because a loom said so, which I found a little absurd. Other than, the action scenes are just fantastic especially the last gunfight with Wesley running into The Fraternity which has now become one of my favorite movie gunfights ever. As for the acting, James McAvoy was just great as Wesley and brings charms and badass-ness to the character. Angelina Jolie was also great while Morgan Freeman was a little underutilied.

Back to the Future Part III

While, in my opinion, not as good as the other Back to the Futures, Part III is still a great and rather enjoyable action/adventure movie. I loved the setting of the Wild West and how they gave Doc a love interest in this one. I just wish the character of villain "Mad Dog" Tannen was given more to do to be more menacing. As well, the movie is still funny as heck in most parts and there are actually some fun and well-done action scenes. To round it off, even though it's the third installment of the franchise, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd still put in every effort to bring Marty and Doc to life and are just fantastic.

Back to the Future Part II

I enjoyed Back to the Future Part II almost as much as the first one. I found the story to be nearly as good and liked how they went into the future (with a great hoverboard chase scene) only to have to go back in time to fix a problem. How all this is represented is just great with the Sports Almanac and all. I also liked how when Marty when back in time to 1955, he had to avoid himself and everyone else. It was actually quite nailbiting. As for the acting, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd again do a fantastic job as Marty and Doc Brown.

Friday the 13th, Part VI - Jason Lives

Friday the 13th: Part VI is one of the better entries into the whole Friday the 13th series. Yes, the reason how Jason comes back is pretty cheesy and way over-the-top, but I just love this version of Jason. Being a walking, killing zombie and all. On top of that, this movie has some of the better kills in all of the movies. Some of them are just fun and inventive.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future is such a great movie. It has a great and interesting storyline, for one. The movie is also funny as heck in some parts and mixes its comedy with some good action scenes. All of this is put together by some fantastic performances by Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown.

Friday the 13th, Part V - A New Beginning

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning is an interesting addition to the Friday the 13th series. I liked how they brought back Tommy from the previous movie and expand more on him going crazy. There are some great kills in this movie and is actually scary in a few parts. I just hated how the filmmakers didn't show the killers face until the end even though there's a pretty big plot twist that surprised me.

Halloween H2O

Halloween H2O has an interesting concept with bringing back Laurie Strode from the first 2 movies and while it's not perfect, it is entertaining. Like I said, I like how they brought back Laurie and their backstory of where she had been and how she had stayed away from Michael for years. The problem I have with the movie, though, is that it feels like it's trying too hard to be scary. Also, I never liked Michael's mask in this movie. It just looks too cheesy at times. Plus, it kind of takes a while to warm up (except for a very good opening scene), but once it does, the last 15-20 minutes are very good. As for the acting, Jamie Lee Curtis once again does a fine job bringing Laurie Strode to life and Josh Harnett is good as her son John.

Lethal Weapon 2

Lethal Weapon 2 is every bit as good as its predecessor. It has another interesting and well-told story and since the movie doesn't have to establish the partners meeting, it has some more well done action scenes. With these scenes, come two that really stand out to me (the toilet bomb scene and the stitls coming down by truck). These two are my favorite in any of the 4 movies. The movie is also funnier than the first, especially with some scenes with Joe Pesci as Leo Getz. As for Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, they once again pull of the parts of Riggs and Murtaugh with complete perfection.

Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon is such a thoroughly entertaining buddy cop movie. There's an interesting story surrounding some rogue Vietnam soldiers, but most of the story in this one surround Murtaugh and Riggs trying to work with each other and it works well. The movie is really quite funny in some parts and has some great action scenes especially the end fight between Riggs and Joshua. As for the acting, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are just fantastic together as Riggs and Murtaugh.


Hellraiser is one of those movies that's a little too weird for me to rate properly. It's got an interesting story and is quite disturbing at times, but I was expecting the movie to be scarier than it was. It's more like a horror mystery story and I really wish Pinhead and the rest of the Cenobites were involved in the story more. When they appear at the end of the movie, that's the best part of the movie and is really heartpounding. As for the acting, it's nothing to talk home about as it's really cheesy at times except for Ashley Laurence as Kirsty who I thought was good.

Case 39
Case 39(2010)

Unlike most people, I guess, I found Case 39 to actually be a decent psychological/horror movie. Sure, the story isn't all that original, but it's pretty well done. I found myself jumping at a few scenes with the volume turned up and found my heart pounding in other scenes. However, I felt some of the death scenes were a little forced, trying to be a little too shocking. And I wasn't all that big on the ending. As for the acting, Renee Zellweger is pretty good and I felt Bradley Cooper was underutilized. But I have to give mad props to Jodelle Ferland with her portrayal as Lily. She just screamed creepy and sweet at the same time.

Ghostbusters (1984 Original)

Ghostbusters is just one of those movies that mixes action and comedy almost perfectly. There are definetily a lot of moments that I laughed out loud. I just wish there would have been a couple more scenes of the Ghostbuster, well, ghostbusting. The one showed, though, are done very good and are extremely funny. As for the acting, everyone is just great. Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis are just great as Peter, Ray and Egon. Sigourney Weaver also plays the part of Dana well. And Rick Moranis is just hilarious as Louis.

Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason is an enjoyable movie that crossovers two horror movie icons. It does a good job capturing the essence of both of the characters, but sometimes it's too cheesy and ridiculous to be truly great. On top of all the cheesiness, most of the acting is pretty horrendous. On a positive note, though, this movie has some great kill scenes that isn't scared to be a little brutal. Also, Robert Englund once again does a very good job as Freddy Krueger and Ken Kirzinger does a good job in his portrayal of Jason Voorhees.

Saving Shiloh

Saving Shiloh is a very good family movie. I just wish it hadn't strayed so far away from what made the first one better. I hated in this one how the focus was almost completely taken off Shiloh and that he was barely in the movie and when he was he was subjected to the background. I didn't like how he was very much of a factor except near the end. I also didn't like how the story felt a little convoluted and couldn't decide on what story it wanted to tell. As for the positives, the movie actually had a decent mystery to it and I enjoyed the ending and felt it was quite heartwarming.

Friday the 13th

The reboot to the Friday the 13th is entertaining, at most times, but it is nowhere great. It can be a little boring at times and the acting is nothing to write home about. Plus, there was hardly anything scary about this movie. On the other hand, there are some great chase and kill scenes in this movie. This is especially true at the beginning which is one of the best starts to a horror/slasher movie I've seen in awhile. I also quite enjoyed this version of Jason. How they made his more brutal and more menacing.

The Woman in Black

I was actually very excited to see The Woman in Black, but walked away from it VERY disappointed. There just isn't much to be scared at. Unfortunately, I saw most of the scares from every mile away and almost every one of them is cliche'd as heck. It just tries to hard to make you jump. What the movie does have, though, going for it is atmosphere. There were a couple of scenes that had my heart pounding for what was to happen, but there was never a big payoff. Plus, I hated how the movie shied away from the creepy mansion. If they would've kept the movie there, it might have been better. Lastly, I felt Daniel Radcliffe pulled off his first real mature role well.

Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter

While still enjoyable, I felt that Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter was a drop-off from the third installment. The acting is actually a little better, but the pacing felt too slow for me. I guess that could be credited to the filmmakers trying to get some kind of character development, but there was just too much time between Jason's kills. Speaking of those, there were once again some cool ones and Ted White does a good job playing Jason this time around.

Friday the 13th Part 3

I found Friday the 13th: Part 3 to be my favorite of the first four Friday the 13th movies I watched. I'm not saying it's the best. It has some pretty bad acting and cheesy moments, but to me it just feels like a Jason Voorhees movie. It's gory, it's scary and actually had my heart pounding sometimes. On top of that, this is the best representation of Jason. Richard Brooker just plays the menacing serial killer to perfection.

Friday the 13th Part 2

I just didn't enjoy the second installment of the Friday the 13th series nearly as much as the original. I hated how they spend the first 15-20 minutes showing flashback of the first movie even if they did have the actress who played Alice in the first return. There also wasn't much character development and I didn't feel for any of the characters like some in the first. Now, in this one, there are some nice death scenes and genuinely "jump" scenes, but not much else.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

While darker than its predecessor, I still found Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom to be as enjoyable as the first. The movie having a darker tone that Raiders is one reason why I enjoyed this installment as much as the others. It makes for lesser cheesy moments. However, there are more moments in this one where you have suspend belief. Also, this Indiana Jones has two of my least favorite characters in any of the movies in Willie Scott and Short Round. Even to this day, I'm not big fans of those characters, especially Short Round who I just wanna shoot. Temple of Doom, however, does have some great action scenes with the mining cart chase and the bridge scene. Lastly, Harrison Ford once again brings the character of Indiana Jones to life and is great once again.

Rugrats Go Wild

Rugrats Go Wild is, without a doubt, the worst of the Rugrats movies. Not to say, it's entertaining, it's just loses spirit of what made the other movies good. I liked the combining of both Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys and thought it was very cool how they tied to two in. Unfortunately, both shows aren't represented equally, in my opinion. The family from The Wild Thornberrys seems to take a backseat to all the Rugrats characters. Also, I remember seeing the previews for this and not being able to wait to hear Spike talk. While Bruce Willis does an admirable job, I just hated how they portrayed him in this movie.

The Rugrats Movie

Going back all these years and watching The Rugrats Movie brings back so many memories of why I miss this show. The movie is almost a spitting image of the show except that it feels a lot more grown up with a darker-ish story and more jokes aimed to make the grown-ups laugh. I don't mind the addition of Dil into the movie/show's storyline and feel that the movie did a good job portraying Tommy having to learn responsibility. My only real complaint about this movie is that sometimes there feels as if there is too much dialogue and maybe drags the movie on a bit. All-in-all, The Rugrats Movie is still a great movie for everybody and that's especially true of those who grew up watching the show.

Knockaround Guys

Going back to watch Knockaround Guys, I found this movie to actually be an entertaining modern-day mobster movie. The story, while maybe not the most original, is done quite well and has a nice little twist at the end that kind of surprised me. I just wish the movie would have been a little longer to give a little bit of time to introduce some of the characters more. As for the acting, Barry Pepper and Vin Diesel come off really well as badass mobsters Matty and Taylor and John Malkovich is as good as usual. The only person that just didn't seem to fit in was Seth Green.

Rugrats in Paris - The Movie

Rugrats in Paris is actually an improvement over the first Rugrats movie in many ways. It has a sweeter story with Chuckie and Chas looking for a new mom/wife that actually had me tearing up sometimes. It's also funnier with some really funny jokes I still catch after all these years. All-in-all, Rugrats in Paris does a good job of bringing the spirit of the show to the big screen.

Schindler's List

Schindler's List is a really great movie. The story of one man turning from a greedy businessman only obsessed with money to someone who's only care is help people survive the Holocaust is a great story that is told so well by the movie. Yes the movie is actually quite long and can be a little confusing in the beginning, but that doesn't make it any less good. It can also pretty disturbing in some parts, that I think that was Spielburg's intention. I also think the movie portrayed what Schindler had to go through very well. The other thing I have to praise is the acting. Liam Neeson gives another brilliant performance as Oskar Schindler as well as Ralph Finnes as the evil SS officer Amon Goeth. But, who really caught my attention throughout the movie was Ben Kingley as Itzhak Stern.

Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers (Halloween 6)

I actually enjoyed this installment of the 6th Halloween movie. I don't know, I just found to be quite entertaining. I enjoyed the movie being centered around a cult trying to control Michael Myers, even if it might have been confusing at some points. I also found the movie to be scary at times and there were some moments that even had my heart racing. The only thing I felt kind of annoyed about was some of the fast cuts that made it hard to see what was happening sometimes. As for the acting, it was good especially Paul Rudd in his first on-screen performance as Tommy Doyle.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a very good action/adventure movie and entertaining as heck. I also enjoyed the story focusing around the Nazis looking for the Ark of the Convenant and thought it was done really well except for the ending which has always felt kind of underwhelming. Some of the scenes, especially some fight scenes are a bit cheesy, but still, they're entertaining. As for Harrison Ford, he IS Indiana Jones. He gives charisma and comedy to the character and is just fantastic.


Underworld is very entertaining fantasy movie. I love the combination of vampires and werewolves except that I wish the war between the two was explained more. The one thing the movie does have going for it, though, is its action scenes. All of them were looked great and were done great and I especially liked how the Lycans looked in this movie. Also, the last fight scene between Michael and Viktor was just a fun fight scene. As for the acting, Kate Beckinsale is very good as Selen and while I enjoyed Scott Speedman as Michael, I wish he was given more to work with. Who I really enjoyed, though, was Bill Nighy as Viktor.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is definetily one of my favorite sports movies. The story is told really well and captures the essence of high school football almost to a tee. It is a little cliche'd at times with the whole underdog part of the story, but it's still done well. The movie also has a nice mixture of gut-wrenching scenes, funny scenes and has the best feeling of what a football game really is like I've ever seen in a movie. This is especially true in the last game portrayed between Permian and Dallas Carter which is just phenomenal. As for the acting, Billy Bob Thornton is great as Coach Gary Gaines and Lucas Black is very good as Mike Winchell with the rest of the cast doing great as well.

We Were Soldiers

We Were Soldiers is a good war movie about men that people tend to want to forget about. It's not perfect, though. It's a little chiche'd at times, cheesy and I felt that sometimes it tried too hard to pull at the heartstrings. That doesn't take away from a the great fighting scenes, the way that the movie showed both sides of the fighting and what was going on at home. Not to mention how well Mel Gibson and Sam Elliott were in their roles as Hal Moore and Sergeant-Major Plumley.

Where Eagles Dare

Where Eagles Dare starts off as a very slow movie. I wasn't into it the first 15 or so minutes because I had no idea what was going on. But once the movie gets to the parts with the castle, it turns into a great action movie with over-the-top shootouts, plenty of bullets flying and more than handful of dead bodies. The whole escaping from the castle makes this movie worth the while and gives it it's rating. The story's a little confusing, but it all ties up nicely in the end. As for the acting, Richard Burton does a really good job as the stone-faced Major Smith and while Clint Eastwood isn't given a whole lot to work with, he does a fine job as Lt. Schaffer.

Marvel's The Avengers

Going with my brother to see this, I couldn't decide who was more excite to see it, me or him. What I can say is, Holy Crap! The Avengers is such a fun and entertaining movie that I enjoyed almost every minute of. I really like how the filmmakers made it to where all the members didn't get along at first, but I also felt trying to convince them kind of bogged down the movie a little bit. There disagreements, though, made for some pretty exciting fight scenes (the one between Hulk and Thor is just great) and some hilarious dialogue. Speaking of fight scenes, the last fight scene in the movie. There are NO words to describe just how truly fantabulous is was. That last fight scene is the most fun I've had at the movies in a LONG time. My only other complaint is that I wish Hawkeye got more time be badass. He's gone for the first part of the movie.As for the acting, Robert Downey Jr. was once again, just great as Iron Man. He's given most of the comedy lines and pulls them off fantasticly. Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth are also very, very good as Captain America and Thor. Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner do their parts to bring justice to Black Widow and Hawkeye. And lastly, Mark Ruffalo. While not given much to work with as Bruce Banner (even though I feel he did an adequate), I must say that this presentation of the Hulk is the best I've seen in any movie yet.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Rewatching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince the last couple times has made me appreciate this particular entry in the Harry Potter series more. It is quite a long movie running at right 2 and half hours, but it is really entertaining. There are some funny movies (one of them being when Ron tries out for the Quidditch team), but I think what really made me appreciate this movie was the feeling of hopelessness this movie gives off. This especially true of the scene when the Burrough is destroyed. There are also some great scenes in this movie including the scene in the cave and, of course, Dumbledore's death which is done well.


Shiloh is a very fine family movie. There are some slow moving parts of the movie and lots of dialogue that might bog it down sometimes, but it is still an enjoyable movie. It has a great message and is very heartwarming, especially the ending as well as some sad parts. Blake Heron gives an inspiring portayal of Marty Preston, but the one person's performance I am impressed with even after all these years is Scott Wilson as the cold-hearted Judd Travers.

True Grit
True Grit(1969)

True Grit is definetily one of my favorite John Wayne movies that I've seen. I admit it's a little cheesy at times and might drag, but I can't help but be entertained. The story, while simple, is actually quite interesting. There are also some great gunfight scenes including the famous one between Rooster Cogburn and Ned Pepper and his gang. All this is offset by a great performance by John Wayne as Cogburn and Kim Darby's very good performance of Mattie Ross.

Revolutionary Road

Didn't know what to expect watching this movie and after viewing it, I didn't hate it, but it wasn't spectacular either (IMO). I enjoyed the message that the movie gives off by telling us to go out and live our dreams no matter what life tells us is right. However, I just couldn't get into the movie itself. I just felt confused most of the time about what was happening and sometimes it just seems to drag. As for the acting, I thought Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet once again made a good couple and I could feel the hatred and emotion in some of their scenes. But is there was anyone who stole his scenes, it was Michael Shannon. He was just great as John.

Kingdom of Heaven

This is my review for the Director's Cut of the movie. I have not seen the theatrical version so I cannot compare the two. Yes, the DC version is VERY long (eclipsing the 3 hr. mark), but I cannot say that I was ever bored watching the movie. While there aren't a lot of fighting scenes, the story was engaging enough to draw me in. Especially with the insights of some of the characters such as the Christian king and Sibylla. Speaking of the action/fighting scenes, some of them felt underwhelming. They weren't horrible, but fast cuts of some of the action and never seeing the battles end kind of hurt them. As for the acting, Orlando Bloom was actually very good in his role, Eva Green was also very good (and very beautiful). But I think who I really enjoyed the most was the scenes of Edward Norton as King Baldwin.

Gangs of New York

I didn't know what to expect sitting down to watch "Gangs of New York" for the first time. After watching it, I can say that I enjoyed it quite a bit. Sure, the story is simple, but it is really well told and the backdrop of 1800s New York was phenomenal. And, yes, the movie is LONG running over 2 and half hours, but I can honestly say I was never bored. The story just drew me in even though it could be confusing at times. My only other complaint would be that the ending kind of feels underwhelming. I guess I just expected more with it. Anyways, as for the acting, Daniel Day-Lewis is fantastic as usual and Leonardo DiCaprio is as well. As for Cameron Diaz, she's alright. Didn't really add anything to the movie nor take it away.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

Even though it is still quite entertaining, I find Saw II to be one of my least favorites of the series. I just don't think the story is as strong as the others and neither are the characters. One of the strengths of the other movies are the tapes that Jigsaw has for each victim. With this one you hardly learn about any of the characters and it's weak. Like the other ones, though, part 2 does have a very nice twist ending that I definetily didn't see the first time I watched it. On top of that, I think Donnie Wahlberg was actually pretty good in his role of Detective Matthews.

Saw IV
Saw IV(2007)

While it may not be the best one, I find that Saw IV is easily my favorite one out of the first four Saw movies (maybe out of all of them). I don't why, I guess I just enjoy the "game" Rigg has to play more and I like the twist ending to this one. Also, this one shows more of Jigsaw's background which I found enjoyable.


Years back I remember really liking this movie and even considering it one of my favorites. Going back to watch it, though, makes me realize it isn't really all that great of a movie. However, I did still find it an enjoyable romp through medieval times. The story is interesting and the sets do look nice which this movie does have it going for it. I also enjoy the last "battle" in the movie. I think it's the best part. As for the acting, it's mostly sub-par. Paul Walker is just ok as the lead. He is easily overshadowed by Gerard Butler as Marek and Michael Sheen as Lord Oliver.

Les Miserables

I've never read the book, so I can't compare the two. What I can say, though, is that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie a lot. The story just kind of sucked me in and never let go. It's just done so well and presented so well in the movie. This of course is made even better with the performances of Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush as Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert. Their performances were just fantastic beyond belief.

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Maybe not my favorite of Tim Burton's movies, but Corpse Bride is still entertaining. It's funny and charming and made me laugh out loud a few times which surprised me. The movie is kind of short, though, and there isn't much character development. I do have to give props to Johnny Dell for putting in another solid performance.

30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night is definitely one of the better vampire movies I have seen in a while. While the usual townsfolk grouping together to face extinction has been done before, I just enjoyed the concept of vampires attacking a town that goes dark for a whole month. The movie just pulls it off so well mixed with some violent scenes that had my heart pumping. There aren't many really scary moments, but a few.


Hostel is far from a great movie, but once it gets going, it's at least entertaining to say the least. That's the problem, though, with this movie. It takes too long to get going, spending the first 30-45 minutes focusing on the guys and their sexscapades. But once it gets into the actual torturing, is when it gets good. There are some heart-pounding moments and some moments that'll make you cringe. All-in-all, maybe something to sit down and watch on a boring afternoon.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Growing up, Empire Strikes Back wasn't my favorite of the classic Star Wars movies. And while it still isn't my favorite, I can definetly see that it is a great movie. As others have said before, it is much darker than the other two. Plus, it has two of my most favorite moments out of any of the other movies. The battle on Hoth at the beginning is probably my favorite battle in any of the movies and is just fantastic. The other moment being the Millenium Falcon's escape on an asteroid. These moments really stand out to me and just make a good movie even better.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

I can honestly say that I was never a big fan of Star Trek. I knew about it, sure, but I never watched the shows, went to conventions or anything. But seeing the previews for this movie showed me a movie that I thought would be fantastic. And it was. I was drawn in by the story and it never lets go. Sure, the first time I watched it, I was confused. But after watching it again, it makes sense and that makes it better. On top of that, I loved the action scenes which looked spectacular. I thought Chris Pine did a fantastic job portraying Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto was just as good as Spock.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Yes, I have given Star Wars: Episode II a lower rating than its predecessor. And yes, I know I should probably hang for it in the eyes of some viewers. But the fact is, Episode II of the Star Wars saga has to be my LEAST favorite of all the movies. I just find this installment extremely boring beyond relief. I can't stand the way the love story between Padme and Anakin was portrayed in this movie. I felt they focused on it way too much and made the movie just boring. The only saving grace that Attack of the Clones has the saved it from a lower rating is the final battle/fight sequences. These are the best moments in the movie by far and are quite entertaining.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

I don't hate Star Wars: Episode I nearly as much as some other people. Sure, it's not terrific, but it's entertaining for the most part. I enjoy all the scenery and CGI and there are some great battle scenes. The lightsaber fight between Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Darth Maul is certainly entertaining and, dare I say, fantastic. I just wish that the movie would have been way less kid-friendly and cheesy.

My Soul to Take

My Soul to Take is just too cheesy a movie for me to recommend strongly. I can get past the outrageous story, it's just everything else that I can't get past. There was hardly any suspense in the movie and it was barely scary. The only thing that really got me intrigued was trying to decide who really was the Reaper. Speaking of the Reaper, he was just a lame villain. Not scary, not intense, just stupid.


Centurion is sure as heck entertaining for what kind of movie it is. A straight-up action movie with sword fight scenes and lots and lots of blood and gore. The story isn't really all that great and that's kind of disappointing, but it does enough to fill in the time between the sword fights. I just wish the movie hadn't felt so rushed and some of the stuff would have been drawn out more.


After.Life had such an interesting concept that drew me into watching it, it just doesn't deliver all the creepiness that it promises. Sometimes there just doesn't seem to be anything happening in the movie which makes the movie seem boring. It isn't, but there are really some slow parts. Along with them slow parts, though, there are truly some intriguing scenes. These scenes had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was really going on and what was going to happen.

Million Dollar Baby

While maybe not as good as I had hoped, Million Dollar Baby is still a good, enjoyable movie that likes to tug on the heartstrings a little bit. The story, while simple, is told spectacularly with the fantastic performances by Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood leading the way. The boxing scenes all looks great even though I wish there would have been more of them and had them longer. I guess my only real complaint about the movie is that it felt a little longer that need be.

The Hills Have Eyes 2

I really enjoy the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, but the remake of Part 2 just doesn't do it for me all that much. Sure, it's gory and full of some pretty decent kill scenes, there was just too much stupidity for me to even enjoy the movie. The so-called soldiers are dumb and they act it. I don't know, I just didn't enjoy THHE 2.

100 Feet
100 Feet(2008)

Reading the back of the case for 100 Feet gave me real hope that this movie would scare the pants off of me. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed. While there are definetly some moments that made me jump and/or feel on-edge, there were just too many moments that had me shaking my head. Most of them being when the actual ghost is introduced and shown. As for Famke Janssen, she held the movie together well and showed that she could carry a movie. I just wish she had more to work with.

Run Fatboy Run

Not as funny or as clever as Simon Pegg's other movies such as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, but Run Fatboy Run is still a movie that had me laughing at its ridiculous compromise and the way that Pegg puts himself out there with no shame.

Phone Booth
Phone Booth(2003)

Who knew that a movie focused entirely on a phone booth could be so dang entertaining. The movie is full of suspense and had me on the edge of my seat throughout. Colin Farrell just a fantastic job and this is definetly one of his better roles. I also have to mention Kiefer Sutherland. Even though it was only his voice through most of the movie, he did a GREAT job.

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Maybe not one of favorite animated comic book movies, but it is still great entertainment. A lot darker than some of the other comic book movies full of more violence and death. The animations look great, sometimes a little off, and I liked the inclusion of Jason Todd as Robin and also with Nightwing.

Resident Evil: Extinction

In my opinion, "Resident Evil: Extinction" is the weakest of the four Resident Evil. I just feel that the story isn't as good as the other entries and there are just too many moments that make me shake my head in disbelief. Also, unlike the other movies, I just feel that the scary moments and/or the action-y moments in this movie are left out. There isn't much of either. Most of the time, just a lot of talking. Now don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed this installment just not as much as the others. For all the action scenes there were I felt looked great especially the final fight between Alice and Dr. Isaacs. Plus, on the plus side, I enjoyed the introduction of Claire Redfield to this one.


I can definetly say that "Courageous" is the best movie yet that Sherwood Pictures has come out with. How far the church who brought us "Facing the Giants" has come is amazing. I enjoyed the message of this like all the other productions and found myself thoroughly entertained. I even found myself shedding a few tears in some of the scenes in what are some of the best emotional, gut-wrenching scenes I've seen in a movie in a while. The movie does hit the 2-hour mark and can feel a little tedious at times and, unfortunately, there are times that the movie seems to drag and might have you looking at the clock. That and my only other complaint comes from some of the acting which seems forced sometimes. But these are minor complaints. With "Courageous", Sherwood Pictures has impressed me again with their most "movie"-like movie to date.

I Am Number Four

Unfortunately, there just isn't much good to say about "I Am Number Four". While the story may be simple, I found to be intriguing, but it just isn't fleshed out at all. We don't learn anything about these people we're supposed to be caring about and there's just too much focus on the teen drama moreso than the aliens trying to kill Number Four. And that just makes for one boring movie. As for the acting, Alex Pettyfer is alright as Four, but dang, Timothy Olyphant is just wasted in his role as Henri. The only real redeeming quality I can give to the movie is the last fight/action scene which is actually quite good and entertaining. Too bad the rest of the movie couldn't be as good.

The Change-Up

I found rating "The Change-Up" to actually be kind of difficult for me. I mean, I know I liked it, but there's just something in me that is confused. I don't know. The movie is quite funny in some parts, but nothing really side-busting. It's also somewhat gross in some parts. The story is simple, but is done well because of the lead roles in Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. Both do a great job.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes" is quite an entertaining movie and one if enjoyed quite a bit, but I just feel it could have been so much better. I liked the origin story of the movie and I thought it played out well. But I thought it could have spent more time on the ape rebellion. Speaking of the apes, the CGI looked fantastic and all the action scenes that involved them looked great. As for the acting, I just felt that the talents of James Franco and the others were, unfortunately, wasted. They just seemed to be there to be there.

Cowboys & Aliens

After watching "Cowboys & Aliens", I just don't understand all the hate for this movie. I found it quite entertaining and while it some aspects it could've been much better, it was a fun movie. A lot of people found it boring, but I admit I wasn't bored at any time during the movie. Sure it wasn't as action-packed as I had hoped, but it wasn't boring. And speaking of the action scenes, they were good, especially the last fight scene. I just wish some of the action scenes were longer and sketched out more. As for the performances, Daniel Craig was really good and Harrison Ford was pretty good.

Apollo 18
Apollo 18(2011)

Not nearly as good as other mockumentary movies that I've seen such as "The Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity", but still a decent sit-through movie. Unfortunately, "Apollo 18"'s major downfall is it isn't as scary as the movies I just mentioned. But still, I found the concept interesting and there are a couple of moments that had me biting my nails in anticipation, but this movie just wasn't what I thought it would be.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

What a major disappointment coming from a movie that I got so excited about after watching the trailer. "Don't Be Afriad Of The Dark" just isn't scary in any sense. There's no scary moments, the creatures are shown all the time so there's no tension any time in the movie. I just can't recommend it. If you're looking for a good scare on quiet night, best look elsewhere.


Wow! What a great movie! "Warrior" just blew me away. I knew I was going to like the movie, but I enjoyed it SO much more than I thought I would. The movie is just so well told and the MMA fight scenes just look spectacular. Albeit they're a bit short. Finally, I cannot give enough praise to Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy in their roles as Brendan and Tommy Conlon. Just amazing.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness may not be the most entertaining movie out there, but it certainly is a good one to watch. Will Smith gives, in my opinion, one of his greatest acting performances. This movie has that perfect blend of humor and then there are scenes that actually had me in tears. Such an inspirational movie!

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

I wouldn't agree with all the people saying that this Sherlock Holmes is better than the first, but wow, it is still a very good movie. Plot is a little confusing at first, but you'll come to understand it. My biggest compliment goes to the action scenes which were just fantastic. Now those, were better than the first movie. As for Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, they are just a great duo together.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Ever since the first time I watched it, Christmas Vacation quickly became one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies and it's definetly the best of the Vacation movies. Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid are just so hilarious together and there are more times than not, I was laughing out loud.


Maybe not my most favoritest Christmas movie out there, but "Elf" is certainly funny in most situations. To me, this is Will Ferrell's best role. I guess because he isn't completely over-the-top or playing a complete idiot. In this movie, he plays someone we can like. I also thought that he and Zooey Deschanel had some great chemistry going.

District 9
District 9(2009)

Starts off quite slow for the first 30 minutes or so. But once the movie gets past the introductions and what not it turns into a very entertaining sci-fi alien movie that had me on the edge of my seat throughout.

The Producers

Maybe not as funny as I was hoping it would be, but there were still quite a few moments that had me laughing out loud. Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder were both fantastic as Bialystock and Bloom and made a great team.

Final Destination 5

FAR, far above "The Final Destination" is this new entry. Of course the story is the same, so I won't go into that. Acting was spectacular, but good enough to keep the movie going with some sort of realism. Kind of wished the deaths were a little more elaborate, but they were still filled with some gory goodness. And my! That ending! Wow! The ending was the best part of the movie and will have you dropping your jaw.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

A great performance by Mickey Rourke makes The Wrestler a great movie. Yes, it will leave you depressed, but the story is so engaging and so inspirational it won't matter. My only "big" complaint is that I wish there was more wrestling actually shown, but that isn't much of a complaint. The movie wanted to show a "real", non-sugar-coated looked at a wrestler behind the scenes and it achieved that.

Green Lantern

A WHOLE lot better than what people are giving it credit for. I thought the acting was great, the action was intense (though I wish there was more of it) and the costumes and sets looked phenomenal. Don't understand all the hate this movie is getting, but this fan enjoyed it tremendously.


A good triller movie that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Has a great concept and very good acting, just didn't appreciate and understand all the Wall Street stocks talk and stuff like that. All-in-all, kind of exceeded my expectations.


Could have been SO much better than it was. Had a decent, interesting story to work with and some neat action scenes, but everything just felt rushed. Hardly any character development and action scenes were just too sparse alongside being too quick to end. It's a shame, I really wanted to like this movie.

Season of the Witch

Actually quite an entertaining movie that seems to get more heat than it really should. The story is simple, yet entertaining and the action pieces look really good albeit a little rushed in some parts. I thought Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman made quite the team.


A pretty good movie that wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. The movie just feels long and drawn out with too much "horse" talk. Still, it was a great story and I really enjoyed the race scenes and John Malkovich's performance.

The Lincoln Lawyer

A pretty good movie with lots of suspense that'll have you wondering what will happen to the very end. Only problem is, is that the story can be somewhat confusing at times. Still, this is definetly Matthew McConaughey's best acted movie.

The Expendables

A decent action movie that could have been a whole lot more. Instead it goes on my list of major disappointments. Still it had some decent fight scenes and gun fights, but the story jumped around too much and there was TOO much Sylvester Stallone.

Quarantine 2: Terminal

In my opinion, not better than the first Quarantine movie. It was still quite enjoyable and even scary in some parts. All-in-all a nice movie to spend a lazy afternoon watchig.


A sweet, at times sad and hilariously funny movie all wrapped into one. I liked it way more that I thought I would. Definetly Russell Brand's finest work.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Walking out of the theater, I couldn't help but feel a little let down by Captain America. I guess I had waited too long for this movie and had my hopes up too high. Don't get me wrong, I really did enjoy the movie, there just seemed to be something missing. First and foremost, I loved the setting and how it actually felt like I was in the 1940s. I was also amazed at how they could make Chris Evans look before he became Captain America. As for the story, yes it's an origins story and I do enjoy how they told the story, but I think they focused on it way too much. For me, I wanted to see Captain America in action, throwing out his shield and taking out bad guys. There just didn't seem to be enough of that and what there was just felt rushed. Another thing is, the audience is introduced to the Howling Commandos, but we never properly get to know them. We just see them in action and that's it. Speaking of the action, even though it might've felt rushed at times, it was actually pretty neat. There were plenty of explosions and bullets flying everywhere and they filmmakers did have Cap use his shield properly. Lastly, the acting was very good. There was some concern with Chris Evans being chose to play Steve Rogers/Captain America after playing The Human Torch in Fantastic Four. But fear not, Evans does a great job. Yes, he does bring some of that Johnny Blaze sarcasm with him, but he just really brings a likability to the role. The person who really stood out to me acting-wise was Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter. She was great. As for Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, I felt he was greatly underdeveloped and underutilized. If a great actor like Weaving would've been given more screen time, he could've made Red Skull great.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

*SPOILERS AHEAD* Well, here we stand. The end of a fantastic franchise. Does "Deathly Hallows, Part 2" go out with a bang or does it disappoint? To me, it's a little feeling of both. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic movie and deserves to be called a Harry Potter movie. But, there were just some things that rubbed me the wrong way. One thing was the Battle of Hogwarts itself. The special effects looked fantastic and it was awesome to see the fight between the students and teachers of Hogwarts against all the minions of Voldemort. The battle, though, just felt underwhelming. It didn't get a chance to truly show how grand it was. It just felt kind of rushed through. Speaking of underwhelming, the deaths of Fred, Lupin and Tonks seemed to be just thrown in there. There wasn't any real sense of sadness. They just showed the three of them dead and that was it. On the other hand, though, the movie had some major strong points. The broom escape from the Room of Requirement was thrilling and Snape's death (though changed from the book) was definetly the strongest scene in the movie. Just fantastic. Also, with Snape, I'm glad they included his back story. Also, I like how the movie focused more on Voldemort as a person. In this movie, he actually has fear and seems more human which was nicely done. As for the acting, once again Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint did a phenomenal job bringing Harry, Hermione and Ron to the screen. But as usual, Alan Rickman stole the show as Snape. In closing, while it may not be all that I expected from the last of the Harry Potter movies, "Deathly Hallows, Part 2" is still a great movie and a great ending to a great franchise.

Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles was exactly the type of movie that I expected it to be. It was loud, full of explosions and gunfights and has no character development. Funny thing is, though, is I enjoyed the movie. It was the perfect movie that I could just sit down to and turn my brain off for a couple hours and that's nice sometimes. There isn't much of a story I can talk about. There's a little bit of one, but the movie pretty much centers around the fights between the marines and aliens which is definetly the movie's strong point. All the gunfights look fantastic and are just fun to watch. I even admit, there were some parts that startled me which was a surprise. As for the acting, it was nothing special. Aaron Eckhard plays his part of soon-to-be-retired marine well enough. Nothing special.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

"Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone" is a good start-off to a great movie franchise, but it isn't one of my personal favorites. I


"Hereafter" is not the kind of movie you'd expect to have the name Clint Eastwood attached to. There's no violent shoot-outs, no explosions of any sorts or gory deaths. Instead what Eastwood brings us this time is a look into something that we all think about from time-to-time. What happens when we die and what it is like? I liked the concept of there being three interlinking stories and how they were played out especially when it all comes together at the end. There isn't any action in this movie unless you count the scenes of the tsunami and the London train bombing. Most people will find this boring since the movie does clock in at over 2 hours, but I found the story to more than make-up for action. The characters were real especially Marie and Marcus who deal with very real things such as a near-death experience and death to a close relative. These are all things that many people can relate to because we all want to find answers when something like that happens. Even George (Damon) is relatable in that he is torn between wanting to help people and living a normal life. Having to make that hard decision we all have to make at times. There were a couple things, however, that makes my score go down. I felt some of the backstory was unnecessary at times and having to read all that French when it was Marie's story was annoying and made me miss a lot of dialogue. I also wasn't a big fan of the ending. It just left me with an empty feeling. As for the acting. Matt Damon was good as George in this one even though this was far from his greatest movie. The person I think who stood out for me was Cecile De France as Marie. I thought she was fantastic. To put it straight, "Hereafter" will be criticized for being a religious/Christian propoganda movie when it is fact nothing even close to that. It's a look into something that everybody gives thought to at least once in awhile.


Watchmen, for lack of a better term, is an interesting movie. This is FAR from your typical superhero movie. While some superheroes may have problems, weaknesses and downfalls, it is nothing compared to what is shown in this movie. Nothing is sugarcoated. The superheroes shown in this movie are real people that have real problems that we can associate with. I guess that's what makes the movie so unique. These heroes aren't portrayed as superhumans who can take on anything. Other than being unique, Watchmen has a lot going for it on other accounts. I liked the story and how some of the historic timelines were different. Not have read the comic books, though, I did find myself somewhat confused, though, with some of the story, but wasn't completely left in the dark. Watching it the first time, I didn't really like the ending, but watching it again, it fits. I also enjoyed the action scenes. There weren't a whole, whole lot, but there were enough. And pretty violent for what needed be. Lastly, I felt the acting was superb. Patrick Wilson and Malin Akerman played their parts of Nite Owl and Silver Spectre very good. But the person who stands out the most is Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach. To sum it up, Watchmen is a movie that will be loved by many and hated by about the same. To me, though, it's a unique movie and deserves at least one watch.

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

I didn't know what to expect renting 127 Hours. I remember reading the story of Aron Ralston when it happened a few years ago and I wanted to see this and heard some good things about this movie. I can truly say, it is a fantastic movie. It doesn't start off as strong as you would think. It just starts off with Franco acting like a idiot and what not and I honestly thought I was going to hate the movie. But once Franco's character gets trapped in the canyon, the movie really turns into something beautiful. I liked how the movie was shot showing all of Franco's character's visions about his life and what he regretted and wanted for his future. It wasn't the most exciting movie, but it was compelling all the way down to the climatic ending. Everybody who knew the story going in knew what was going to happen at the end, but even it was beautiful. The music played out to where even I felt the pain that Franco's character was feeling having to cut off his own arm. Yes, the arm cutting scene IS graphic and was the first time in a while my stomach churned from any movie scene. Lastly, I have to give props to James Franco. He does some good roles in the past, but this one surpasses them all. His portrayal of Aron Ralston was absolutely great.

Diary of the Dead

The first time I watched "Diary of the Dead" I actually really enjoyed it. Watching the last couple times, though, made me realize it's a really terrible movie. The storyline follows the usual zombie outbreak theme and there were some parts of the movie that just felt useless such as the deaf Amish guy. Also, why this movie needed to be shot in first-person is beyond me. There were also moments in the movie that really turned me off and had it looking so fake that it took me out of the experience. Why a zombie would walk right past the guy with the camera to get to somebody else is beyond me. I will admit that the zombie killing scenes are nice and kept me from rating this movie any lower. I especially liked the scene where Deb makes it home only to find her little brother is a zombie and he gets an arrow through the head. I'll admit that the movie wasn't afraid to be different and gorier. As for the acting, it pretty much all sucked. Nothing special at all there. Out there, there are many good zombie apocalypse movies. Unfortunately, "Diary of the Dead" is not one of them. Skip this one even if you are a zombie lover.
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Major League: Back to the Minors

In some ways, I found "Major League: Back to the Minors" to be better than the second movie even though there was really no point in making a third movie. I, unlike other people, found the switch of focus to the minor leagues to be a welcome change. Some people also complain about how they switched from the Indians to the Twins, but once again, I didn't find that all bad. The main problems I had was the movie trying to play off the other movies by including people that weren't needed. Maybe if this one its own standalone baseball movie it wouldn't have been too bad. Instead, they had to bring back characters like Cerrano and Tanaka for no apparent reason other than to remind us this was a "Major League" movie. The return of Roger Dorn I could live with and Bob Uecker is so funny, it was nice to have him back. I did like the story surrounding how the minor league Buzz would face off against the major league Twins even though it was farfetched. Also, the movie was still quite funny in some parts that had me laughing out loud. Near the end, though, the movie kind of seemed to lose its luster and there was a lot of bad acting and cheesy lines and moments. And I know everybody else has mentioned it, but the cheesy computer-generated baseball was useless and not needed at all. As for the acting, I really enjoyed Scott Bakula as Gus Cantrell. Like I said earlier, Bob Uecker was still funny as the commentator, but maybe lost some of his funniness this movie. As for all the other actors playing the baseball players, they ranged from good to alright. Nobody really stood out. "Major League: Back to the Minors" isn't really as bad as people say, it just isn't great. I still feel that it could've been way better had it not had the "

Jurassic Park III

Being the third movie in a triolgy means that "Jurassic Park III" should have been horrid, but it isn't. It's actually a pretty decent thrill ride, just not fantastic like its predecessors. The story is actually is actually quite interesting and while it may seem like a stretch to reintroduce Alan Grant, it is very nice to see Sam Neill back in character. I liked the introduction of a new dinosaur in this movie as keeping focus on the T-Rex would have felt tiresome. It's also nice that the raptors got a little more recognition and even their own little side story. I do, however, felt the movie rushed through a lot of things. The people on the island just seemed to rush from one place to another and it didn't let a whole lot of suspense start to grow like in, especially, the first one. Also, we don't get to know the characters such as the Kirbys and Billy all that well. They are just introduced and then everything shifts to the island. I do admit, however, that the action scenes looked great and special effects were as spectacular as ever. The fight between the Spinosaurus and T-Rex is fantastic albeit a bit short. As for the acting, as I said, it was nice to see Sam Neill back as Dr. Grant. He did quite a good job in this one. William H. Macy and Tea Leoni were good as Mr. and Mrs. Kirby. And even though she hardly had a part, it was nice to see Laura Dern back as Ellie. "Jurassic Park III" could have been horrible. Instead the filmmakers made a very good action movie that doesn't wear out its welcome and is good enough to call itself a "Jurassic Park" movie.

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

I will be completely honest and say I enjoyed this second installment of the Jurassic Park trilogy almost as much as the first. Sure, it's not as good as the first one, but very few movies are. What "The Lost World" is, though, is a great action movie. I found the story to be quite interesting and liked how it followed the first instead of straying away like it could have and just ignored moments from the previous movie. It was nice to see cameos of John Hammond and Lex and Tim even though I wish there would have been more of them in there. I also liked how they decided to bring the T-Rex to the city at the end. Even though after watching the movie again, the ending in the city is the worst part of the movie. "The Lost World" does have a lot of great action scenes going for it, some of which are my favorites in any movie. The scene with the trailer going off the cliff after being pushed over by a mom and dad T-Rex was great and then my all-time favorite, the scene in the Raptor field. Just fantastic. As for the acting, it was nice to see Jeff Goldblum back as Ian Malcolm. He didn't have the same kind of energy and sarcasm as in the first movie, but there were still some pretty funny lines uttered by Goldblum. Julianne Moore and Vince Vaughn were also really good as Sarah Harding and Nick van Owen as well. "The Lost World" may not be nearly as great as its predecessor, but it's still a very good movie and fun movie.

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

Even though my rating of "Sucker Punch" is a positive 3 and a half stars, I have to admit I was sorely disappointed by this movie. I wanted so much to really, really like it, but I just can't give it a higher rating no matter how much I want to. I found the story of the movie to be quite intriguing. Something different and it was. I liked how Baby Doll actually had 3 different worlds to describe what she was going through. The only problem with this is that it makes the movie confusing at times especially at the beginning when I was wondering what the heck was going on. But once you figure out what's really happening, it's quite easy to follow the movie closely. Another thing that had me so disappointed was the ending which I absolutely hated. I just felt it made the whole movie futile. Beyond the story there are the action scenes which are fantastic looking and just plain fun which is to be expected from Zack Snyder. The combination of time periods was genius and made for some interesting action scenes. These scenes were the best part of the movie and rightfully so. As for the acting, it was good. Emily Browning played Baby Doll pretty good and as for the actresses behind her, they were all good as well. To finish this review, let me say that "Sucker Punch" let me down in a lot of ways. Does that mean I didn't enjoy it? No, of course not. It is a fun ride when it is on.

The Adjustment Bureau

I enjoyed "The Adjustment Bureau" way more than I thought I was going to going in. It has a fantastic storyline that just drew me in from the beginning and just had me on edge throughout. Yes, the story is that good. The story doesn't feel rehashed like some movies and it's nice to go into a movie and see something new. I thought the balance that was put between the sci-fi elements and the romantic elements was spot on. Not knowing who (or what, possibly) these people are the want to ruin Matt Damon's character's life just made the story that much more intriguing. It was better than the filmmakers giving us some terrible story or reason of who these people are. The only major complaint I have and it seems to be with everyone else is that the last little bit of the movie doesn't seem to be as strong as everything before it. The first half or so is crazy thrill ride of trying to put the whole story of the Adjustment Bureau together and figure out who they are mixed in with an interesting love story. Near the end, though, it just turns into a regular chase me here and there movie. Also, the ending seems to be a little lackluster, but nothing too extreme to ruin the whole movie. Lastly, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt were great together. They had fantastic chemistry on-screen and were very believable as lovers.

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

I found "Date Night" to be funnier than I expected and I really enjoyed it. Sure, the story's simple and maybe it isn't the most original comedy out there, but something about this movie had me feeling good. There were a lot of funny moments that had me laughing out loud. Especially any of the scenes involving Tina Fey's character oogling Mark Wahlberg's character while Steve Carell (her husband) watched. Pretty funny stuff. Sure some of the jokes and supposedly "funny" moments fall flat. But the funny moments far outweigh the non-funny moments. This is mostly made possible by the great comedic team of Steve Carell and Tina Fey. They both have good chemistry with each other and were very, very funny at times.

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

It's safe to say that I did not enjoy "The Ring" as much as I had hoped. I rented it with pretty high expectations and was let down harshly. I like the story of the movie. It's probably one of the things that drew me to it. But there just wasn't anything special here. The tape isn't anything to write home about. Yes, it's weird, to say the least, but it isn't scary. Nor is anything else in the movie. I don't think I felt frightened at all anytime during the movie. Still, the story did draw me in well. There were times where I felt anxious because I wanted to know what was going to happen next and I wanted to know the whole story of the little girl. That's the one thing "The Ring" has going for it, story telling. Naomi Watts does a well enough job as Rachel. Daveigh Chase was pretty freaky as Samara when she had screen time.


A rather enjoyable addition to the long list of Disney movies. "Tangled" has a lot of usual stuff that's included in all Disney movies, but that's to be expected. That doesn't keep it from being a fun movie. I liked the story. I found it rather intriguing and a refreshing take on the Rapunzel fairy tale. There were even some moments that had me laughing out loud. Unfortunately, maybe not as many as other Disney animated movies. Didn't really like the songs either. While some Disney movies have really memorable songs, this one doesn't. I don't think there was one song that I really enjoyed. Also, the ending of course is all Disney. But it really did a good job of making us feel for the characters. Which comes to my last point, the acting. Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore were both excellent bringing Flynn and Rapunzel to life.


Though nowhere near great, I found "Devil" to be quite enjoyable. It was nice to see the decent movie about the Devil. The only problem was that even though this movie was based around the Devil, it played out like a lot of other movies about evil beings. The movie, also isn't really that scary. I don't think I really felt frightened at all through any of the movie, but the story did draw me in quite well. Another problem I had were the killings. They were pretty cool, but it seemed as if they had been cut down. The deaths involved a lot of necks and what not, but there was hardly any blood. I guess the filmmakers had to cut down to get the PG-13 rating which is crappy. Lastly, the acting is nothing to write home about. All the actors and actresses were pretty terrible except maybe Chris Messina as Bowden.

Cop Out
Cop Out(2010)

Cop Out had a lot of negativity surrounding it and I was hesitant to rent it. But after watching it, I don't know why there's so much hate. I found myself laughing so hard in some parts. Sure, it's a dumb movie, but I enjoyed myself with this quite well. The stories a little dumb, but I felt it fit the tone of the movie. Not wanting to take itself seriously. Bruce Willis may not have given his best performance here, but his stonefaced sense of humor complimented the over-the-topness of Tracy Morgan. Both of them had some really funny lines.

The Last Exorcism

Enjoyed it way more than I expected to. I heard a lot of bad things about this movie renting it, but I was quite entertained. The story isn't all that original as it follows the basic exorcism story, but it is told from the handheld perspective which is nice. I also liked it because the people feel "human". Especially the reverend. A man losing his faith and wanting to show exorcism as a fraud seems very viable. I just wish there was more going on in the movie. It seems to take forever to actually get to the good stuff and then it just kind of rushes through things once they've begun. The movie was over before I knew it. Also, a lot of people have complained about the ending. Yes, I wish we could have found out what happened with Cotton, but I actually feel the ending fit. Plus, there's a nice little twist I can admit I didn't see coming. Lastly, got to talk about the acting. Patrick Fabian was very strong as the lead character, Cotton. Ashley Bell was just as strong as the possessed Nell.

Scream 3
Scream 3(2000)

Scream 3 unfortunately falls in with all third movies of a trilogy. Yet, it is pretty entertaining. This third movie of the Scream series just feels like the first movie all over again. I mean, for chrissake, they even went back to Sidney's old house (even if it was a prop). I mean, the story's the same again and the characters just aren't that interesting. We don't even know anything about them except that they are playing characters from the FIRST movie. Even, the final killing rampage stunk. It felt rushed and looked stupid sometimes. And don't get me started on the ghostly appearances of Sidney's mom. However, as much as I'm complaining, I was pretty enjoyed by this one. The moments where I didn't know where the killer was coming from still had my heart racing a little bit and the twist at the ending was still pretty surprising. Lastly, it was nice to see all people return to this movie. Lord knows how many times a third movie has come out in a series and there's new actors and actresses. Neve Campbell is still good playing Sidney. David Arquette still plays Dewie good and Courtney Cox was alright as Gale in this one.

Repo Men
Repo Men(2010)

Repo Men is actually an alright movie that I enjoyed more than I thought I would, but there is just something about it that made it feel off. I liked the concept of the movie. I thought it was actually quite interesting. But there were just some things that irritated me. They say in the movie that there was a war that made things like they are. But they never explain the war, why it started or things like that. Even a sentence or two about the war would have been suffice. Also, there was a lot of dialogue that they used that wasn't explained. Sometimes I would be like, "Huh?" after a sentence. The movie actually starts quite well and I enjoyed it. Then it just kind of drags into things and turns into a typical, run-from-whomever movie. Some of the action scenes, though, were pretty awesome and brutal, but nothing seen not seen before. I also didn't like the ending. I give the filmmakers props for not going the typical "Hollywood" ending route, but the ending just kind of left me with a bad taste in my mouth. As for the acting, I thought Jude Law was good as the lead. Nothing too special, but good. Forest Whitaker was also good.

The Final Destination

After seeing Final Destination 3, I thought the makers of this franchise couldn't come up with anything more farfetched. That is, until this installment. I mean, a car race, really? This just makes this fourth Final Destination movie unenjoyable. There really isn't much to offer. The characters have no personalities so I didn't care about any of them. I didn't even find any of the death scenes all that great. While the deaths in the previous 3 movies were inovative, all these deaths felt like they were just made to show off the 3-D. Nothing special whatsover. Still, with all the negatives, I actually found myself rather enjoyed just watching some teenagers die. Yes, the movie's short, but it can be fun.

Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex(2010)

This movie is hated quite a bit, but it's still quite enjoyable for what it is. Am I saying it's the greatest movie? No, not at all. But I was entertained thoroughly. The story is really simple and combines two very simple concepts in revenge and good guy vs. bad guy. I just wish there could have been more time introduce the characters and their backstories. They just seemed to introduce the character and go on with the movie. Nothing in-depth. This also seems to happen throughout the whole movie. Sometimes it just felt rushed and that's made known by the running time. I felt some of the scenes could have been drawn out just a little more, even the action scenes. They didn't even explain what was up with Hex's bringing back the dead powers. It was kind of confusing. And even though they might have been rushed a little bit, I enjoyed the action scenes. Lastly, for a movie that's hated universally, I felt the acting was strong. Josh Brolin seemed to have the role of Jonah Hex down pat. John Malkovich was also very good as Quentin Turnbull. Even Megan Fox was halfway decent as Lilah.

Shrek Forever After

Shrek and Shrek 2 were great. Shrek the Third was alright. After seeing Shrek Forever After, I hate to say that it falls in with the latter. There doesn't seem to be any magic left and it shows. The story of the fourth is actually pretty interesting, not really original, but interesting. The movie even gives a good reason as to why Shrek wants his old life back. But I just found the movie mostly boring. There weren't a whole lot of laugh out loud moments like 1&2 and Rumpelstiltskin just isn't nearly a menacing villain as Lord Farquaad and Prince Charming. All the other movies had cartoonish action, but there was just nothing here. It was bare. Even Eddie Murphy was held back. In the first 3 movies, Donkey was hilarious, but there was just nothing in this one. All-in-all, a disappointing ending to a franchise that started off so well.

The Other Man

I didn't know anything about this movie renting it. But I came across and saw that it had Liam Neeson in it and gave it a shot. It's an alright movie. There's no gunfights, no blood and gore, no bad guys getting blown away, just story. And a halfway decent one, too. I found it to be engaging and I like how it was told in little flashbacks and what not to tell me what happened. With no action or anything, the movie did get boring in some parts. I admit there were times I looked at the clock to see how much longer the movie had. As for the acting, this definetly was Liam Neeson's best movie. Not that he was bad, but he spent most of the movie scowling and showing no emotion. Antonio Banderas was also alright. Nothing special either.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

I remember sitting down and watching the original The Wolf Man when I was younger and enjoying very much. This remake, though, not so much. I found this update of The Wolfman to be dull and boring and very uninteresting. The only redeeming quality to this movie are the scenes where The Wolfman goes on one of his rampages. I admit that the killing scenes are pretty awesome. In between those action scenes, though, I found a really boring movie. Alls that happened was a lot of dialogue that I cared nothing about and story that just wasn't interesting. And the little "twist" of what happened with Lawrence's mother, not even that was surprising. I will, however, comment on the make-up and costumes for this movie. I thought it was really well done and enjoyed how they venture far from original look of werewolf of the original. As for the acting, it was ok. I don't think Benicio Del Toro was cast right. He wasn't horrible, but nothing great either. I didn't find Anthony Hopkins any better either. The only one that I found good was Hugo Weaving as Aberline.


Unknown is a movie that seems to be really hard for me to rate. I really, really wanted to like this movie, but there were just too many aspects of the movie I was disappointed it. Mainly, the ending. I was totally engrossed into the movie until we find out why nobody recognizes Liam Neeson's character. Then it just turns into another "action" movie instead of the psychological thriller of the first half. So, basically, Unknown is a tale of two halfs. Not saying the second half is bad, just kind of a drop-off from the first half. I've also heard this compared to "Taken". Honestly, I don't see it. Taken was a fast-paced action movie that didn't let up. This doesn't nearly have as much action. It relies on a good story to pull the audience in. So even though it might not be action oriented, doesn't mean it's boring. Lastly, the acting. Liam Neeson gives another very good performance here as Martin Harris as does Diane Kruger who makes for a very likable Gina.

Dinner for Schmucks

Usually I find Steve Carell and Paul Rudd really funny. I'll even say those two have become my favorite comedy actors. But Dinner For Schmucks just wasn't that good. My story is farfetched, like most comedies, and I can live with that. What I can't live with, though, is how it was played out. The movie just wasn't funny. There might have been some moments where I chuckled, but most of my "laughing" was forced. I just didn't find much about this movie funny. Steve Carell's character is just so damn annoying you can't really like him. Usually in movies where there's an idiot character, he/she is likable, but not here. Carell's character just asked to be punched in the face. The only part I did find somewhat funny is when they FINALLY get to the dinner (which happens almost an hour and half into the movie!). There were some pretty funny parts then, but by that time, the movie had left a sour taste in my mouth to where I couldn't enjoy it. If the makers were gonna call it Dinner For Schmucks, at least focus more on the dinner. Lastly, Paul Rudd did an ok job in the movie. Nothing special, but nothing terrible.

Michael Collins

I didn't know much about Michael Collins when I bought it. Sure, I had heard of it because I'm a Liam Neeson fan and I was intrigued by how it dealt with an Irishman, but I really didn't know what to expect. It's safe to say that the movie is actually quite good albeit flawed. I don't mind these historical movies because I like to learn what I can about people I haven't even heard of (even though I know movies exaggerate a lot about the people). The movie is quite interesting and held my attention for the most part. Yes, it is a long movie and, unfortunately, it seems to drag in places, but there are gunfights thrown in and the story can be really interesting to one who really listen and want to know what's going on. Another problem, I kind of had was the explanation of what was going on. It's safe to say I am NOT an expert on Irish history, so I must admit I was kind of lost about what was going on sometimes. I'm sure the Irish and Brits have names for all these days and dates, but I have no idea. Beyond that, I really did enjoy the story. I'm a sucker for movies about one standing up for what he believes in and this one was no different. Plus, there were enough gunfights and violence to satisfy the 'guy' in me. Liam Neeson gives a great performance as Michael Collins. He fits the role well. Alan Rickman also does a great job as Dev.


Invictus is not your typical sports movie. Heck, I wouldn't even really call it a sports movie at all. It's more of an inspirational movie with some rugby thrown in there. The story of Invictus is interesting. I knew who Nelson Mandela was before seeing this movie, but I never knew too much about him. To me, Invictus showed me the dedication that me put into trying to unite his country no matter what. And to do it in the form of a rugby team, just brilliant. I liked how the movie shows off the hatred between blacks and whites and what Mandela went through. Part of me, though, wished there was more rugby shown, but I can understand that the filmmaker didn't want the focus to be purely on the World Cup. Morgan Freeman is fantastic, as usual, as Nelson Mandela. I honestly believe this is one of his greatest performances. Matt Damon is also good, albeit a little underutilized in my opinion.

The Nines
The Nines(2007)

The Nines is an interesting movie. I knew nothing about it, just went to the store, saw it Ryan Reynolds in it and thought the concept sounded interesting. So, I figured what the heck. The Nines tells its story without gunfights, blood and gore and explosions. While this may seem boring, the movie actually did a pretty decent job holding my attention throughout. The story does get kind of confusing at times and the beginning is just, I don't know, weird. But it does pick up and keeps the viewer in suspense until the end when we find out what the heck is going on. As for acting, I felt Ryan Reynolds played all his parts well. Maybe not his best movie, but still good. Hope Davis was alright. Melissa McCarthy was quite good.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

The Hangover is one funny movie. Maybe I don't find it nearly as funny as some people, but watching it last night, I must admit I was smiling all the way through. The premise of the movie is great and it makes for some hilarious moments. I laughed out loud a few times, but maybe not as many as I would've liked from a movie like this. Other moments and lines had me smiling and feeling good. And of course, there are some moments that just had me shaking my head because of stupidity, but that can be expected. Surprisingly, though, I feel that the strongest part of this movie was the acting. Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms were really great as Phil and Stu. They each had many a funny lines and moments. But the person who stole the show was Zach Galifianakis as Alan. He just had the perfect comedic timing and was hilarious. The only thing that I didn't really like was Ken Jeong. I found his character annoying.

The Other Guys

I didn't have much expectations watching The Other Guys. I'm nowhere a huge Will Ferrell fan because I don't find his very funny. It's safe to say that The Other Guys continues that trend. I didn't find the story very interesting and I didn't really care about it as it progressed. Worse, I didn't find the movie very funny. Sure, there were a few laughs here and there, but nothing special. Honestly, it was quite boring sometimes. I didn't even like the characters. I know that Samuel L. Jackson's character was supposed to be over-the-top, but it was annoying. Just TOO over-the-top. As for Mark Wahlberg, any other movie he might be good in the role of a prick, but here I just wanted to punch him in the face. He didn't really have any comedic timing and all he did was scream half the time. Which brings me to Will Ferell. His character also came off annoying and a douche. I felt nothing for him either. The movie just felt like it was trying to hard to be funny and it mostly failed.

I Love You, Man

I Love You, Man is a great guy movie about, well, guys. Where girls have their chick flicks, guys have these kinds of movies where we can relate to the characters and what they talk about. While unlikely, the story of the movie is quite interesting and makes for some funny sequences that had me laughing out loud more than once. It really is a funny movie at times. While there are funny parts, I find that the movie seems to have too many scenes where there is nothing but dialogue that can get really boring. I know that there can't be funny moments all the time, but I don't know, I felt like some scenes just drug on for too long. Paul Rudd has slowly become one of my favorite comedic actors, because, well, he's funny. Here he is perfect as the awckward Peter Klaven who has to whoo not a girl, but a guy into being friends with him. This makes for some funny moments and lines and Paul Rudd does it good. I also thought Jason Segel was very good. I found him very funny in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and he's funny here to as the childish, but alone Sydney Fife.

Get Him to the Greek

Where Forgetting Sarah Marshall succeeds, Get Him to the Greek fails in almost every way. I didn't Get Him to the Greek funny nor interesting. This was supposed to be a comedy, yet I don't think I laughed once except for maybe a couple forced laughs in hoping to feel better about renting this. The "comedy" just seems really forced and more over-the-top than it should be. I must admit that I kinda liked the idea of Aldous Snow getting a little spin-off and having him relapse back into drugs and alcohol only to be brought back into fame was actually a good idea, the movie just doesn't act upon this interesting story. It's just party scene after scene, stupid people doing stupid stuff and saying stupid stuff etc. etc. Plus, there's a lame-ass love story thrust into it. It's fair to say I didn't enjoy Get Him to the Greek at all. I was expecting a movie where I could just sit down a laugh a little, but it turned out to be one's of the crappiest movies I've seen in awhile.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is not like any other Western movie I've seen. Instead of relying on rousing gunfights and blood and guts flying everywhere, this movie relies on an engaging story that drew me in from the start. I was reluctant to watch this movie seeing as it was 2 hrs. 40 mins., but sitting down to watch it, I enjoyed Jesse James immensely. Yes, with the running time, it does drag a little bit, but that can be expected. Also, the movie can be a little confusing at times trying to keep track of all the names, faces and situations. There's also not much of the early life of Jesse James portrayed which is kind of upsetting, but I guess the makers of the movie left those out because most of us know who Jesse James is already. Instead we get a story where a young man by the name of Robert Ford tries to find who he is by joining Jesse James and his gang. This is just as engaging as any movie full of gunfights. I also enjoyed how the camera work was sometimes. It was grainy and such and made it really look like the 1880s. But if you should see the movie for one reason and one reason only, it's the acting. I can't imagine anyone other than Brad Pitt playing Jesse James. His acting is so superb in this movie when he goes from a man who had everything as a former outlaw to trying to step away from it all. Casey Affleck also steps alongside Pitt as Robert Ford. He is also scary good in this movie.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

All I can say is WOW! It took me awhile to finally see Harry Potter and the Deathly Halllows: Part One and, boy, was it ever worth it. I'll even go as far to say this is one of, if not THE, best Harry Potter movie and that's saying a whole lot. For a long while now, Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire held the title as my favorite Potter movies, but after seeing this one, things may change. I know I can't wait until Part Two. The storyline of Deathly Hallows is so gripping, so intense that it just drew me in and never let go. Yes, the movie is quite long and yes, there were some points where it may have dragged just a little, but honestly, it didn't feel like two and a half hours went by. I love how they made this Potter movie feel more mature. More violent wand fights, deaths of all kinds and a nice little torture of Hermione thrown in there. This movie felt more mature and it should have. The makers of this movie didn't mess that up. Along with the mature theme, I like how the movie gave off such a great deal of hopelessness from the beginning all the way through. It made us, the viewers, feel for Harry, Hermione and Ron, rooting them on to win, but knowing they are fighting a losing battle. I remember seeing the first Harry Potter and now noticing how much all the actors/actresses have grown up. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint should all be commended for how fantastic they did in this movie. Just can't wait for the conclusion.

The Town
The Town(2010)

The Town is a very good movie that delves into the world of crime. The movies wasn't the action movie that I was expecting it to be and maybe that kind of disappointed me a little bit. Then I realized the movie is so much more. It's actually a great love story as well as a crime drama. Usually romances bring down movies because they're just thrown in there, but not here. It was believable how Ben Affleck's character wanted to get away from what he had become involved in to be with someone he cared for. It was a really well-done story-arch. Now, I said it's not an action movie, but there are some action scenes and they're really nice. Not over-the-top, but just right. Also, the language was pretty harsh, but I personally had no trouble with it. Ben Affleck made a really good movie here. I may not own it or watch it over and over, but it was a good movie for sure. Affleck gives his best performance in a long while and all of the supporting characters were fantastic as well.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This A Nightmare on Elm Street remake (excuse me, "re-imagining) falls about short of everything. The story isn't interesting and isn't told in a way that'll keep anybody's attention for long. The characters are interesting and I didn't really care what happened to them. Heck, not even the kill scenes were any good. Basically, this remake feels like a movie that was remade just to be remade. It adds nothing new to original movie. I didn't care that all the characters were being hunted down. At least in the first movie, I care about Nancy and what happened to her. Here, the character of Nancy just isn't anything special. She seems quiet and weak. The Nancy in the original came off as a strong female. All the other characters were just thrown into die and it showed. Speaking of dying, at least with movies like this you can rely on some pretty cool death scenes. Not here, unfortunately. None of the deaths were anything spectacular and they were just boring except maybe the death of Nancy's mother at the end which was cool. Lastly, the acting was anything to write home about. Jackie Earle Haley was alright as Freddy Krueger. Definetly nothing special as he didn't come off as the least bit spooky of sadistic. Not to mention the make-up which was horrible. Everybody else's acting was alright. Nobody really stood out and I didn't expect them to.

Saw 3D
Saw 3D(2010)

Saw 3D is probably the weakest of all the Saw movies. Unlike the previous installments, it just isn't exciting and didn't hold my attention. The story for this one is ok, I guess. It was pretty interesting, but nothing special compared to the others. The main problem with this Saw movie is that it really feels rushed. I know that the whole franchise relies on the Jigsaw traps to keep fans coming back for more, but in Saw 3D it seems that the traps were the only things they were trying to rely. At least with the other movies, there was some interesting story thrown in. There were just too many traps in this movie and none of them were anything special which was a shame. Even though I admit it was finally nice to see the Reverse Bear Trap utilized. Also, the "special twist" at the end was "meh". I just wasn't impressed with how that worked out. It just seemed more farfetched than anything and just thrown in there to make fans happy. Lastly, don't get me started on the acting which was horrendous. I remember Sean Patrick Flanery from The Dead Zone tv series and I know he's a good actor, but no here. He's no over-the-top it's not even funny. And the guy who plays the Internal Affairs guy Gibson was the worst actor I've seen in a long time.

American History X

What a fantastic movie that deals with an issue that few movies/movie makers wouldn't even go near. Definetly beats out Crash and is a little ahead of Gran Torino with movies based around racism. American History X has such a great story that draws the viewer in and never lets go until the shocking end. The use of the black and white to show flashbacks was done very well. Some may say that the violence is too much and this movie DOES have one of the most violent scenes I've ever seen (two words: curb-stomp). But, honestly, I couldn't see this movie without the violence it portrays. Another thing is the language. While I admit it can be quite excessive at times, I once again couldn't see the movie without it. The violence and language really show how much hatred the characters have towards that aren't of their same race. This also is do to the acting of all the actors and actresses. Edward Norton is a great actor and has had many great roles he's known for. But he is just fantastic in American History X. He does come off, at the beginning of the movie, as a hatred-filled neo-Nazi and makes it believable when he has an epiphany. Edward Furlong also gives his performance of a lifetime. He was just great as Danny Vinyard.


Taken is more or less my favorite Liam Neeson movie because it is a great action movie. The concept of the movie is very intriguing. Though one the surface it's your basic revenge movie without someone dying. And I know the movie is also trying to raise awareness for sex trafficking, but it isn't forced down our throats. It takes a backseat to the action, which is where Taken shines and shines bright. The movies starts off a little slow with the introduction to characters and plot. Once Liam Neeson's character's daughter is kidnapped, the movie speeds up and never slows down until the end. The action scenes look great, very real. There were a couple times where I winced from just how brutal some of the punches and strikes looked. It was great. I had a great time watching Liam Neeson kick some ass. Speaking of Neeson, he was fantastic as the lead character Brian Mills. Very believable as an ex-spy of whatever he was and just badass all around.

Clash of the Titans

The first time I watched Clash of the Titans, I hated. What drew me to rent it again last night is beyond me. But, watching it for the second time I enjoyed it a WHOLE lot more. Anything to do with Greek mythology or anything like that really catches my attention which is why I was drawn to this movie. I'm not expert on all the mythology, though, so I don't really care if parts of Perseus' stories are portrayed correctly or not. I just know the movie was fun. Yes, the story kind of takes a backseat. It does just feel there, but it does do a good job filling in the gaps between action scenes. Speaking of the action scenes, they are the most fun of the movie. The giant scorpions fight scene looked good and the Medusa fight scene was also pretty good. The one thing, though, that absolutely disappointed me was the end with the Kraken. They pretty much just introduced it then had it killed off. It disappointed me almost as much as the end fight scene of Iron Man 2, if that tells you anything. Lastly, as for the acting, I felt it was alright. Sam Worthington made a good Perseus even though I wish they would've have fleshed his character out more. I wish there would have been more Liam Neeson in the movie. He was pretty good as Zeus. And Ralph Fiennes made a pretty creepy and hateful Hades.

The Losers
The Losers(2010)

The Losers is a movie where I went in expecting guns, guns and more guns with turn-your-brain-off action. Sadly, I must admit I was sorely disappointed. The concept of the movie intrigued me slightly. I'm all for the movie where a group of soldiers seek revenge against someone who betrayed them. That's why I enjoyed the A-Team so much. The Losers does get a lot of comparison to the A-Team and I can see why, but I just didn't enjoy this movie near as much as the A-Team. This movie seems to fall into the category of alright story mixed with some dialogue that just wasn't interesting. Even the action scenes felt somewhat bland. There were moments where I felt the movie could have been more violent, but was cut to meet the PG-13 rating, I guess. Even though I wasn't impressed by a lot of things The Losers had to offer doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the movie, it just left me wanting more. I would also like to tip my hat to Chris Evans who was absolutely hilarious. He's slowing becoming a favorite of mine.


Red is good action movie and a movie I enjoyed, but it kind of fell below my expectations. Too be honest, I didn't even know this was based on a comic book until I saw this movie so I can't really base my review on that. The concept of Red really intrigued me and for the most part, the story is really well told. I like how all the characters are introduced and I thought it was hilarious how Bruce Willis is supposed to be a 50 year old former assassin yet he takes out a bunch of assassins with the snap of a finger. It was pretty awesome. I also thought the way Frank (Willis) and Sarah (Parker) met was pretty cool. It was something different. The movie was also pretty funny as some times, but it really wasn't as funny as I hoped which kind of disappointed me. The action scenes were also really cool especially the one in the airport. There were some pretty cool moments in that gunfight. Also, the fight between Bruce Willis and Karl Urban's character was pretty cool. While these were cool, I didn't feel there were enough action scenes. There seemed to be a lot of dialogue and that made the movie drag on a bit more than it should have. Lastly, I felt the acting was pretty good. Bruce Willis was fine as the badass Frank Moses. Morgan Freeman was highly underutilized which stunk. Helen Mirren was very fine as Victoria. Mary-Louise Parker was ok as Sarah, nothing special. And lastly, John Malkovich was hilarious as Marvin, he definetly stole the show.


Buried alive. What a horrible, horrible concept to even think about. Buried centers itself around probably one of the most awful ways to die and delivers a very good thriller movie that had me on the edge of my seat the whole hour and 35 minutes. The entire movie takes place inside the coffin that Ryan Reynold's character has found himself in and while some people may find it boring, I found it brilliant. Not being able to see the faces of the people that Paul talks to throughout the movie only lends itself to the feeling of claustrophobia and hopelessness. To me, Ryan Reynolds probably gave off one of the best performances I've ever seen him give and that's saying a whole lot since I think he's a great actor. We, as the audience, can feel the different emotions that Reynolds gives off. A family man who loves his wife and son very much and is trying to make them proud, but is full of some regret for traveling so far away to work. Not to mention the tearful goodbye when he calls his mother for the last time. As Paul starts to lose hope, so do we and when he regains it by believing his saviors are on the way, we can't help but to feel with him. My only true complaints about the movie are 1) some of the way that the people acted that Paul called. Some of them seemed like complete idiots and it felt like they were being dumb and deaf on purpose and 2) the ending. The ending just didn't quite set right with me, but I guess I should commend for not being the typical "Hollywood" ending.

The Condemned

I personally thought The Condemned was the PERFECT turn-your-brain-off-and-enjoy movie. The story is pretty simple, yet it's interesting and makes for a fun movie. From the beginning, seeing Nathan Jones and Stone Cold kick some ass, I knew I was in for a good time. The movies isn't scared to be violent and isn't scared to drop f-bombs all over the place. Far different from the crap that was The Marine. Some complaints I had, though, come from some of the characters. Some of the killers weren't really introduced. The only ones we really get to know are Vinnie Jones and Stone Cold. All the other characters may have lines explaining some things that happened to them, but we don't really get to know them a whole lot. Also, even though I could see why it was implemented, I probably could've done without the whole wife/girlfriend storyline. To me, it just felt out of place. All-in-all, The Condemned is a perfect guy movie. Steve Austin actually did a fine job as the lead Jack Conrad and even had a few funny lines. He played off of his WWE "Stone Cold" character as a complete badass and I had no trouble with that. The person, though, I was impressed with was Vinnie Jones who made a great villain among villains.

Seven (Se7en)

I don't know, why, but I have a hard time trying to explain to myself why I like Se7en so much. It's dark, it's sadistic, it's different and I guess that's why I enjoyed it. Instead of the boring good cops track down some lame bad guy, Se7en gives us a bad guy that uses the seven deadly sins to do his killing (or as he thinks, cleansing). It's just an interesting story that draws you in and never lets go until the ending. The movie IS long and, admittedly, I found it a little boring sometimes. But looking back, I see this was used to develop the characters a little more as you really seem to get to know each character and feel for them so that when the surprise ending comes, it hits you hard. The only real complaint I can think of off the top of my head is when the movie shows some of the victims. The first couple of victims or so were really emphasized on and truly showed how much they went through, but then when it tried to show some of the other victims, it just kind of rushed through things. Just a minor complaint, that's all. Lastly, a movie usually can't come together without good actors portraying the characters. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman pull of their roles without a hitch. Pitt plays the young, restless David Mills who's trying to find who he is perfectly. And Freeman plays the aging, about to retire William Somerset just as well. *SPOILER* Even though he doesn't officially appear more than halfway through the movie, Kevin Spacey steals the show with his portrait of the serial killer John Doe.

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

I knew renting The A-Team I was going to like it and after watching it I can say that I am NOT disappointed. This is best action/comedy movie I've seen in a long time. Most movies like this try to be one or the other or they take themselves too seriously, but I can definetly say that that isn't the case here. The movies knows it's ridiculous, it knows there going to be some breaking laws of physics and it knows it's going to have lots of explosions and it takes each step in stride. The story is simple, yes, but I felt they tried to make it different with The A-Team trying to steal back some money plates. This involves a lot of action sequences that I had tons of fun watching in my living room. There were also some extremely funny parts that had me laughing so hard. Finishing off, I felt all the actors played their parts great. Liam Neeson fit the bill of Hannibal King great. Bradley Cooper was fantastic as Face. Rampage Jackson gets a lot of heat for his acting, but I felt he was good as B.A. Baracus. The person, though, who stole the show was Sharlto Copley as Murdock. He was absolutely hysterical.

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

3:10 to Yuma is one of the finest modern-day Western movies. The story, in general, is pretty simple with a man looking for money decides to join a group taking an outlaw to a train for a prison. But what complicates things, though, are the characters in this movie which I feel is the best part of this movie. Christian Bale's character needing money and deciding to risk his life so his wife and sons can be happy. As well as trying to be a hero in the eyes of his older son who looks down on him. Then you got Russell Crowe's character. An outlaw who is a killer, but has a simple side to him and soon comes to appreciate Bale's character's heroism. It sounds complicated, but it's not. Just some good character development done by the writers. As for other things in the movie. I loved the sets. They all looked great, just like I would imagine the old West. The gunfights were also a major plus especially the final showdown in which Bale's character tries to get Crowe to the train station on time. It's actually pretty intense. I already mentioned how well the characters were developed and this is a compliment to the actors. Russell Crowe and Christian Bale were absolutely fantastic as Ben Wade and Dan Evan respectively. Also, other than these two, the person I felt stood out was Ben Foster as Charlie Prince.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Following up to Goldeneye had to be tough, but in most ways, Tomorrow Never Dies does a fine job in keeping up with fine James Bond movies. Growing up, I didn't really appreciate the story in the movie as I felt it didn't really make sense. But going back last night and watching it, I enjoyed it more because it's, well, different. Of course with most Bond movies it's James going after the bad guys, but this time the bad guy is a media mongul who wants to start a war for ratings, not just some guy hellbent on holding a country hostage or something along those lines. Every Bond movie has that one action sequence that makes you say wow and TND is no different. I thought the action scene where James and Wai-Lin were running from gunfire on the cliffs of houses in Saigon was fantastic and would make any action movie fan happy as it was really well done. Despite all these good things, though, I felt there was something missing that kept it from greatness.


A lot of hate goes around for Armageddon and I can see where it comes from. Yes, the movie is absurd in most ways, but what people fail to see is that Armageddon is actually quite entertaining. The story is alright. We've all heard the stories about how an asteroid will destroy the earth, but the movie actually gives us something different of how it will be combated. By sending up a drill team to drill a hole in the asteroid and then drop a nuke in it to send it offcourse. I doubt anyone other than Michael Bay would pull a story like that. The main complaint I have with the movie is that it seems to be divided into a bad half and good half. To me, the beginning of the movie is boring and even though it tries to be funny in some parts, it falls flat. For a bunch of guys trying to learn to be astronauts, they sure don't take it too seriously. The second half of the movie, though, is very entertaining and has some really good action sequences. Once they get into space, it gets really fun. The visuals look good and it's actually pretty intense wondering if the drillers will be able to drill a hole deep enough in time. Of course, with this kind of movie you can already tell who's going to die when things go wrong. Lastly, the acting. Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck were actually the two best in this movies, but as for Bruce Willis, he just wasn't that great. He didn't seem to care.

Eight Below
Eight Below(2006)

I don't see Eight Below as your average Disney movie. Yes, there are animals, yes some tragedy strikes that forces these animals to survive on their own. The only difference from other Disney movies? These dogs don't talk and there are no cute songs to describe what's happening or in between things. I honestly enjoyed the story of the movie and it intrigued me quite well. I'm always astonished to see how see what dogs can do to survive or to help each other out and this movie just made that stronger. I think the movie does a fine job in portraying the story it wants to tell. Seeing what the dogs are going through each and every day and then having to see what is going on with the man who had to abandon them was fantastic. Eight Below is also a movie that'll play emotions with you. Being a dog lover, it saddened me when two of the eight dogs die trying to survive. Even with the typical "Hollywood/Disney" ending, there was still a lot of emotion. Lastly, the acting. The movie, of course, focuses mainly on the dogs and they're great. It's so awesome to see what these dogs can be taught to do. I do think, as well, that Paul Walker did a fine job portraying a man who would do the same thing the rest of us dog owners would do. Doing anything to get back to the mutts we love and seeing them safe.

Passenger 57
Passenger 57(1992)

Actually used to be one of my favorite Wesley Snipes movies, but going back to watch it again, I could clearly see it isn't a good movie. Maybe a good movie for action movie fans who don't mind to turn their brain off for a hour and a half, but it still isn't good. The plot is pretty much the same as any other movie like this. I've heard is be called a Die Hard rip-off and I can see that. The only difference is that Die Hard was great and this is forgettable. The story just didn't interest me and the movie felt kind of rushed. I felt the story wasn't moved along like it could have been. At least with Die Hard, you're introduced to the characters and can actually feel for them. With Passenger 57, it was pretty much, here's the character and move on. The action scenes weren't any better as I felt most of it was to show off some martial arts that Snipes knows and it felt out of place. The gunfights were also very bland. Lastly, I thought the acting was ok. Wesley Snipes played an ok hero in John Cutter. Bruce Payne, on the other hand, actually played a decent villain in Charles Rane.

Jingle All the Way

An enjoyable Christmas movie, but has lost some appeal to me since getting older. The story is fairly simple, but I like how it takes a different approach than other Christmas movies. I know that this is a take on the craziness of Christmas shopping and it wants to expoit that, but I don't like to take it in that sense. I just try to enjoy it as comedy movie. It is funny in some parts, but not as much as I remember. The acting is alright. Arnold does alright as the main character. Sinbad is quite funny as the deranged mailman. Phil Hartman steals the show and creepy neighbor.


Another epic masterpiece from Christopher Nolan. I absolutely loved Inception and it has become one of my favorite movies. I love the concept of the movie and thought it was quite original. Everybody d reams and this movie expands further on that by saying there are ways to extract portions of dreams. It's quite and awesome concept. The thing, though, that takes center stage in the movie is the special effects. They are the best I've seen in a long time and the floating hallway fight scene will be remembered for a long time. Lastly, I thought the acting was also excellent. Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page looked comfortable in their roles and it showed. The person who really stole the show, though, was Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Dead Space: Downfall

A very enjoyable, and VERY mature animated movie. I'm right in the middle of playing Dead Space and I wanting to see the prequel movie really piqued my interest. I thought the movie set up the game really well and gave off the same atmosphere of isolation and hoplessness. The action scenes look really cool and there never really is a dull moment to the movie. It does a good job just keeping going-and-going, never letting up. There is plenty, plenty of gore to go around for people who don't mind it or for people like me who feel it's needed in a movie like this. Lastly, the acting was also very good. I felt all the actors and actresses did very well with their voicework and brought the characters to life.

The Scorpion King 2

Just a dreadful movie. What there is of a story is alright, but the movie just feels all over the place. It just feels like the characters are going place to place just for the hell of it instead of having a specific reason. And for an action movie, where's the action? I found myself quite bored throughout the movie. When there is action, though, it's pretty good, but over too quickly. Plus the giant scorpion at the end looked horrible and I would guess the idea was taken from the end of The Mummy Returns. I think the biggest downfall of the movie was the acting and dialogue. Nobody was standout with their performances. Michael Copon just didn't have the presence to play Mathayus. As for Randy Couture, he was menacing as Sargon, but just couldn't pull his lines off very good. The only really decent person was Simon Quarterman as Ari.


Could have been a really good movie, but falls into the realm of bad-to-mediocore movies. I like the concept of 2012, just the idea of the end of the world kind of strikes my fancy. But the movie relies on too much things that just make it bad. Mainly the comedy, or supposed comedy. There were moments that were supposed to be funny, but weren't. And there were too many of them. For a movie that was supposed to be a serious end of the world movie, it sure had a lot of stupid humor. I would, though, like to mention the special effects. Just wow! They were probably the best I've seen in a movie and had me shaking my head at how much it looked as if the world was actually ending. As for the acting, it was pretty much subpar as well. John Cusack was alright as the lead character Jackson, but nothing special. Same as all the other characters. They were pretty forgettable. The one person, though, I felt did act well was Danny Glover. I felt his performance as the president was top-notch.

The House Without a Christmas Tree

A good Christmas movie/special introduced to me by my mom who grew up watching it. It has a really heartfelt story that isn't just some rehash of other Christmas movies. Even though I saw some aspects of "A Christmas Carol" in this movie. Only real complaint was that it looks like it was made in the 70s which isn't a complete knock on it, because, well there's not much they could do about it. Lastly, I thought the acting was strong. The little girl, Addie, kind of annoyed me, but then the more I thought about it, the more I saw that that is how a 10 year old would probably act. Strongest performance came from Jason Robards as James who I felt put on a very Scrooge-like act and then did a good job with his "transformation".

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

An ok comic book movie. Ghost Rider actually starts off really well, but then goes downhill as the movie progresses. Don't know what it was, but it just doesn't keep up with the good start. The movie's storyline is basically the same as any other comic book movie, good guy faces bad guy for the world, but it's nice they included actual baddies that Ghost Rider is known to face in Mephisto and Blackheart. Speaking of Ghost Rider, the Rider effects were done extremely done well and looked quite good. As for the bad guys, they weren't all that spectacular. Blackheart was ok, but the lackeys he had were terrible, which is my major complaint with the movie. They just introduced the elemental villains, then killed them off. It was terrible. Also, I thought some of the dialogue was off and there were some fair share of corny lines. Blackheart had a couple that I could think of. Just had me rolling my eyes. Lastly, I felt the acting was ok. I felt Nicolas Cage was good in the role of Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider and put some time into it. Eva Mendes as Roxie didn't really add anything to the movie, nor did she really take anything away. Same for Peter Fonda as Mephisto who I felt was also underutilized.


A fantastic, fantastic movie. Rarely does a movie come out of Hollywood that deals with the issues that Crash does a phenomenal job portraying the demon known as racism and what consequences can come from it. I really like the intertwining of the storylines in the movie. It had a way of connecting almost all the characters together without getting confusing which some movies that do that sort of thing tend to do. There's not much more to say than talk about the acting with was in one word: spectacular. Everybody in their role was great. Sandra Bullock and Brendan Fraser did a very good job and while they weren't in the movie that much, the time they did have made a really strong story. Don Cheadle was also great in his role as Graham. Even Ludracris put on a good role in this movie and was a standout as Anthony. Terrence Howard and Thandie Newton were great as Cameron and Christine and Matt Dillon played the part of John Ryan perfectly. The part of the movie I really have to mention, though, is the story of Daniel and his little girl. I found this the most engaging and put together story that ends with a little twist that'll leave your mouth open. Kudos to Michael Pena playing Daniel phenomenally. I think Crash is one of those movies you should at least see once to see what it's all about.

National Lampoon's Vacation

Vacation is one of the funniest movies of the 80s and even funnier than most comedies that have come after it. It's a silly movie and over-the-top, but that's what makes me enjoy it so much. The story is simple, but it is made so much funnier. There are many moments in the movie that made me laugh out loud and I could actually picture my family going through some of this stuff. Chevy Chase belongs in this kind of role and he shines in it. Funny, cooky, innocent, he does it all. Plus, he's hilarious when needed especially when he's called to go off which is one of the funniest parts of the movie.

Batman & Robin

While I don't hate Batman & Robin as much as most people do, I can still see that it's a pretty bad movie, albeit quite entertaining at points. Continuing with the others movies, I still enjoy that they bring in new Batman villians everytime and it's nice to see Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Bane. Too bad the rest of the story is pretty childish and some of the gadgets are worse that Batman Forever. I also wondered where Batman and Robin kept all this stuff in their suits. And don't get me started on the nipples on the costumes. It was also pretty cool to see the additon of Batgirl even though I felt she wasn't needed and was very underutilized. The dialogue was laughable at times and who knows how many "freeze" one-liners Arnold said throughout the movie. Lastly, the acting was ok. I felt George Clooney actually played the part of Bruce Wayne very well. Maybe not Batman, but Bruce Wayne. He was believable as the mult-millionaire. Arnold was ok as Mr. Freeze. Big, menacing, that's about it. Uma Thurman was also alright as Poison Ivy. She brought a sexiness to the character, but nothing special.

Batman Forever

Not entirely terrible, but still not great. I still like the idea of how they keep bringing in new villains to these movies, this time with Two-Face and The Riddler. This adaptation is a little more light-hearted that Batman and Batman Returns and it shows. There are some majorly cheesy moments and sometimes it feels TOO much like a comic book movie. Some of the gadgets that Batman uses and even the Batmobile going up a wall just feel out of place. I did, though, like the backstory of Edward Nygma becoming The Riddler. That was well done and enjoyable. Lastly, the acting was alright for the most part. Val Kilmer played an ok Bruce Wayne/Batman. Nothing special and nowhere near what Michael Keaton did for the character. Nicole Kidman was sexy as Chase Meridian, but her character wasn't anything special. Tommy Lee Jones made an alright Two-Face. He just felt out of place. It was nice to see the addition of Robin and I think Chris O'Donnell played him well (I also liked the addition of the old Robin costume they showed). Who I really enjoyed though and felt did the best job was Jim Carrey as The Riddler. He played the cooky, crazy character very well.

Batman Returns

Although still enjoyable, it's just not as enjoyable as the first Batman. The story is interesting for the most part, it's slightly darker, but it just doesn't click like the first one. The story can be confusing at times and while I enjoyed them spending time delving into the life of Penguin, they didn't do Catwoman justice. They gave her a revenge story and a kind of an awkward love interest with Batman (which WAS done pretty well), but that was it. As for the sets, they still looked great and Gotham looked gloomier than ever. The costumes also looked good. I love the yellow crested bat on the batsuit, Danny Devito looked good as Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer pulled off a pretty sexy Catwoman.


A great Tim Burton and an even better adaptation of Batman. We all know the story of Batman, so there really isn't anything new to this movie in that department. I did, though, like the inclusion of Vicki Vale and thought she was a really good love interest for Bruce Wayne, even thought I felt the love story took away from the Batman/Joker story a little bit. Also, the sets for the movie look really good. The gothic feel of Gotham City looks great as well as the Keaton's classic Batman suit which I like. The movie is dark, but there are some truly funny moments especially coming from Nicholson. The only problem with that is some of it felt cheesy at times. Lastly, I felt the acting was also very strong. Michael Keaton was cast very well to play Bruce Wayne/Batman and Kim Basinger was good as Vicki. But, of course, who really stole the show was Jack Nicholson as The Joker. His craziness and cookiness brought character to part and in some ways, dare I say, he was better than Heath Ledger's Joker.


The best Predator based movie since the original. While the concept of Predators is nearly the same as the first Predator movie, it does throw in something different. Of course in both movies, almost everybody is a soldier, except now, the people in this movie are being hunted for game instead of just some encounter with a Predator. This makes for a fun movie, even though I felt it was missing some of that magic that the first movie had. There wasn't that sense of hopelessness or fearfulness. There also, wasn't that much action. But, when there was, it was pretty awesome. A couple cool hand-to-hand fight scenes and a nice homage to the original Predator with the fight at the end of the movie. Lastly, I felt the acting was good. Adrien Brody played Royce very well, same with Alice Braga as Isabelle. While his screen time was short, I liked Laurence Fishburne as the crazy Noland. But who I thought gave the best performance was Topher Grace who does a good job convincing the audience he's good, until he comes out at the end.

Paranormal Activity 2

It's not as good as the first, but Lordy, is still was pretty dang good. While I didn't find that the story was told better in this one, I guess because we've seen it before, I found that Paranormal Activity 2 did some things right on par with the first one. Maybe even better. The main being that this sequel is scarier than the first. There were literally some moments that had me jumping out of my seat in the theater and biting down my fingernails just waiting for something to happen. That, my good people, is horror. Another thing I liked is how they tied in the two movies. Of course, this one was about the new family, but both Katie and Micah were present in the movie. Lastly, I felt the acting was very good. Very real to what would really happpen if stuff like this happened to somebody.

Friday the 13th

Really enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would. To me, it was better than the original A Nightmare on Elm Street which everyone seems to like better. While the story is simple, compared to A Nightmare on Elm Street, I found Friday the 13th scarier and gorier in some regards. It even has a nice little twist ending for those who haven't seen it and an even better moment right at the end that'll make anybody jump. As for the acting, I felt it was actually pretty good for this type of movie. All the actors playing the counselors were good, but who really stuck out was Betsy Palmer as Mrs. Voorhees. While only on screen for a short amount of time, she was definetly most memorable.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

While still not as good as the first Resident Evil, I enjoyed Afterlife better than Apocalypse and Extinction. The action was better, we finally get to see Wesker in action and some new characters are introduced and some old ones reintroduced. Like I said, the action in the movie is really, and I mean really, good. They're loud and gory, just what you would expect in this kind of movie. I did think, though, they went overboard with some of the slow-mo. I also liked how they killed off all of Alice's clones and made her human again. They only thing that irritated me was that they made Alice look like she never even lost her powers. Another plus was all the video game references in this movie. They introduced the Executioner, the zombies having their mouth split open along with the dogs. All references to RE4 and RE5. Plus they finally introduced Chris Redfield, who, unfortunately, was highly underutilized in the movie. Lastly, I felt the acting was good in almost all the part. Milla Jovovich still does a fine job portraying Alice along with Ali Larter as Claire. It was also nice to see her get more screen time. Shawn Roberts was ok as Wesker. He had the physical appearance and badass-ness to him (seen in the last fight), but the voice just wasn't there.


A very good, action/revenge/comedy or whatever you want to call it movie. I like the concept of Kick-Ass with some average guy becoming a superhero. Everyone has thought about at least once in their life and the movie plays out our fantasies very well. The action scenes were done well and looked great especially the very last fight scene which was quite epic. My only complaint was that he movie wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be. Not to say, there weren't some laugh-out-loud moments and lines. Lastly, I thought the acting was very good. Aaron Johnson played the role of the geeky Kick-Ass very well. Nicholas Cage was pretty good as Big Daddy, even though I didn't care much for his Adam West line delivery. Christopher Mintz-Plasse didn't have as much screen time as hoped for, bu he was good as Red Mist. But the person who really stuck out was Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl. She was phenomenal, bad-ass, and quite funny.

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

A worthy enough sequel to the first Scream, and it does do some things better than the first, but all-in-all not better than its predecessor. The plot of Scream 2 is the same as the first and while its set on a college campus and there are new people, there's really nothing new here. What Scream 2 does do right is there is more killing and the movie is quite funnier than the first and plays more on it being a slasher movie. Unfortunately, though, Scream 2 is NOT scarier than Scream. It does, however, though in a nice twist at the end like its first. As for the acting, its still on par with what you'd expect. Neve Campbell still does a good job as Sidney and while he doesn't get a lot of free time, Liev Shrieber is quite good as the creepy Cotton Weary.


While almost all well-known slasher/horror movies originated in the 80s, Scream outdoes them all and was made in 1996. The story of the movie is one we've all seen before from Freddy to Jason, but there is something different about Scream from the awesome beginning all throughout. The movie is a play on itself and other slasher movies and that's what makes it fun. From all the references of other horror movies to the cliches, it's just plain fun. Not that to say, the movie isn't scary, because it really is in some parts as well as quite gory. Lastly, I felt the acting was good. Not much to expect from a movie like this. Neve Campbell did a fine job playing Sidney and Skeet Ulrich was good as the creepy Billy.

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

Probably one of my favorite horror movies, if you can actually call The Mist a horror movie. There's nothing really scary about the movie, but there is a lot of atmosphere. And that is where The Mist succeeds quite well. The idea of military experimentation (though never stated in the movie, but implied heavily) may not seem like much, but it doesn't have to be. The reason why the monsters are in our world takes a backseat to them just being there. Nothing wrong with that. The movie's main winning point, though, is its continous feeling a hopelessness and helplessness that doesn't give up until the ending which I promise will make you go, "WTF!" the first time you watch it. Lastly, another strong point of the movie is the acting. To me, Thomas Jane was perfectly cast to play David Drayton and plays the part very, very good. I would also like to commend Marcia Gay Harden for playing the overly Biblical, fire-and-brimstone, Mrs. Carmody very well.

In the Mouth of Madness

A great horror movie and a good one from John Carpenter. After watching this, I may have found one new favorite horror movie. The story of the movie is quite intriguing and though it can be confusing at times, it is still well done. The movie is genuinely scary in some parts and even has a couple of "jump" moments that really had me jumping. Lastly, I thought the acting was very good. It was good to see Sam Neill in a leading role again as he was very good as John Trent. And Julie Carmen was good as Linda.

Prince of Darkness

An interesting movie and quite scary and some parts, but far from being one of John Carpenter's bests. While the idea of Satan being a liquid in a tube hidden by the church may sound stupid, the movie actually does a good job in working with it. It mixes the concepts of religion and science very well. While cheesy in some parts, which you would expect from a 1980s horror movie, and confusing with some of the science language, the movie is actually quite creepy and scary. As the acting, no one performance really stuck out to me and it seemed to take a backseat to story and "action" which is fine. Not to say it was bad, but no one person was great.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

A truly amazing movie and a fitting ending to the acting career of Clint Eastwood. The storyline of Gran Torino is simple and plays almost like Crash except this movie somehow portrays racism a little more realistic than Crash. The inclusion of old-school racist terms mixed with a few of how many people feels towards Asians among others made the movie just feel realistic. Also, it was nice to Eastwood in kind of different role away from Western movies and Dirty Harry. That doesn't mean he doesn't pull off a badass retired war vet, because he does. He is just as badass here at 78 as he was when I first saw him in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. He does a phenomenal job pulling off the part of Walt as well as Bee Vang as Thao and Ahney Her as Sue.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Probably one of the best animated movies I've seen in a while besides Toy Story 3. The story is fairly simple, but the movie just seems witty and smart. Like some of the dialogue and some parts of the story. For example, after the main character and his brother are kidnapped and while the main character escapes, the brother decides to stay and become part of the bad owls. The animation of the movie was absolutely superb and I thought it was the best thing about the movie as well as the fight scenes which were surprisingly violent for a kids movie. Lastly, I thought the acting was good for an animated movie. Jim Sturgess was good as the lead character Soren and Ryan Kwanten played Kludd very well. Joel Edgerton was also good as the villain Metal Beak. I was kind of disappointed, though, that some of the bigger names didn't get more screen time such as Sam Neill and Hugo Weaving.

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Another fine Western movie made by that guy named Clint Eastwood. While the story is simple, the movie does a very good job in portraying many aspects of the life of Josey Wales. From the murder of his family to meeting new friends, to a final showdown with part of the Union Army. All the sets and costumes look great as do the gunfights which I thought were one of the best things about the movie. Finallly, the acting was very good. Clint Eastwood was perfect as Josey Wales and I enjoyed the performance of Chief Dan George as Lone Watie.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

A worthy sequel to the first Resident Evil and another entertaining video game-to-movie adaptation. This time, the movie focuses more on the action side of the zombie infested Raccoon City. This side makes for some great fight scenes and gun battles, but there just seems to be something missing that the first movie had. I liked, though, how the director paid homage to the video games with the addition of Lickers, Jill Valentine and even Nemesis. As for the acting, I thought it was pretty good. Milla Jovovich continued to show why she's perfect as Alice and Sienna Guillory was good as Jill. The only person I didn't really like was Mike Epps as L.J. I felt that he had no other reason to be there except to make parts funny.

Resident Evil

One of my favorite video game-to-movie adaptations. While not following in the footsteps of the video game, Resident Evil is still a very good and entertaining movie. I feel that if they tried to make it exactly like the video game, it would be boring. Instead they came up with a new story and new characters and put in zombies and the mansion. Plus I felt the movie did a fine job of setting the sense of claustrophobia and helplessness well with what the video game did. As for acting, I felt Milla Jovovich was cast perfectly as Alice and that all of the other characters, while, good were just there as back-up.


One of the best western movies out there that doesn't involve a man named Clint Eastwood. I like the story of Wyatt Earp and I thought the movie did a fine job in telling that story and showing what Earp did to bring the law and what he lost to accomplish that. I also liked the gunfights in the movie even though they didn't come until near the end, which is fine. The first half was spent as a build-up for things to come. But it was never boring. Lastly, I felt the acting was stellar. Kurt Russell played Wyatt Earp to perfection and Michael Biehn made a great bad guy in Johnny Ringo. But who really stole the show was Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday.

Mortal Kombat

Is it cheesy? Yes. Does it virtually have no storyline? Of course. Are most of the special effects outdated? You got it. Does that stop Mortal Kombat from being a very fun movie and one my favorite video game-to-movie movies? Nope. The movie does do a good job in making a story based around a game with no story, but there still really is no story to the movie. It's just one big fight scene after another. As for the fights, yes, some elements looked cheesy, but all-in-all, the fights looked good. Especially the fight between Liu Kang and Reptile and Liu Kang and Shang Tsung. I also appreciated how most of the actors and actresses looked like their video game counterpart. A major complaint, though, was seeing some major characters die too easily. As for the acting, I felt it was pretty good. Robin Shou played Liu Kang well. I felt Linden Ashby got the role down of Johnny Cage to perfection as well as Bridgette Wilson as Sonya Blade. Also, I felt Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa played a very good Shang Tsung.

The Quick and the Dead

Actually, a pretty good western, though not near the best. Nor do I think it's intended to be. The storyline is fairly simple on the surface with The Lady wanting revenge, but I like how it is played out in the form of quickdraw contest. All the gunfights looked real good, even though some of the sequences looked real cheesy which is one reason I didn't rate this higher. As for the acting, I thought it was really good. I liked seeing a woman gunfighter for a change and Sharon Stone played The Lady real well. Gene Hackman played the perfect villain, John Herod, and Russell Crowe played the part of Cort well. But who really stole the show was a young Leonardo DiCaprio as the Kid.

Pale Rider
Pale Rider(1985)

A typical Clint Eastwood western, but that doesn't make it any less good. It is not, though, on the same par as "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". But is it still very good. The story was done very good and was different in many ways, but the same to other movies in other ways. There weren't many gunfights, but the story was interesting enough to cancel that out. And the last gunfight in the movie was very good. As for the acting, everyone did exceptional. Clint Eastwood was excellent as the Preacher and I thought Michael Moriarty was great as Barret.

Shutter Island

Actually a very well-done thriller and another winner for Leo DiCaprio. The storyline of Shutter Island is very intriguing and is very well done. The movie does a fine job playing with the mind and even has a few scary/jumpy parts to back it up. Plus, it has quite an interesting twist in the end. As for the acting, I thought everyone did good. Ben Kingsley was good as Dr. Cawley and Mark Ruffalo was good as Chuck. But who really did very good was DiCaprio in the lead as Teddy.


A fairly decent action/thriller movie, but far from being Christopher Nolan's best. I thought the storyline was pretty decent, but there was really nothing to write home about with it. Just the usual cat and mouse cop story with some extras thrown in. That doesn't mean, though, the movie was entertaining. What I really liked in the movie, though, was the acting. I thought Al Pacino was almost perfect as Dormer and that Robin Williams played Finch very well.


A very intriguing and enjoyable movie and a good start to Christopher Nolan's career. While, not his best, Memento is still good. The storyline is quite intriguing, yet very confusing. But the movie makes it to where I wanted to know more and I was never bored with it. Not much action, which is ok, just a lot of thinking needed which I don't mind. As for the acting, I thought it was the best thing about the movie. Guy Pearce was great as Leonard, Carrie-Anne Moss was good as Natalie and Joe Pantoliano was very good as Teddy.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

Greatly lives up to the first two Toy Story movies. I wasn't expecting it to, but it did. The Toy Story Trilogy is one of the few where I can actually say that all 3 movies were brilliant. The storyline of the this one is much darker and deals with a lot more emotional issues. On top of that, the animation looked great. It was extremely lifelike and looked great. The movie wouldn't have been anything without the voice acting, though. All the actors and actresses once again did a fantastic job with their characters with kudos to Tom Hanks as Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

A very, very goofy movie, but extremely fun and very funny in some parts. The storyline of the movie, while simple and perhaps stupid-sounding is actually very well done. Seeing all kinds of historical figures come together is just plain fun. I just wish the movie would have been longer because I felt they could have done more. Also, the movie wasn't extremely funny, but there were parts that had me either laughing out loud or smiling. I thought the sets of each time that Bill and Ted went to looked very good and came away impressed with that. Lastly, the acting was quite good. Keanu Reeves was good as Ted and Alex Winter was the same as Bill. But who I thought really stole the show was Terry Camilleri as Napoleon.

Vantage Point

A good action/thriller movie that is thoroughly enjoyable. I found the concept of the movie quite intriguing and thought for the most part, it was done well. I did, though, felt that seeing the same things over and over again got somewhat boring even if they were from different perspectives. I must say that the movie, though, did keep me on the edge of my seat sometimes with wanting to know what happens to each character. I also thought that the near ending was a little far-fetched and tried to throw in some twists that weren't entirely needed. Lastly, the acting, I thought, was very good. Dennis Quaid was good as Thomas Barnes and Forest Whitaker was good as Howard Lewis.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

One of, if not, the best western movie ever made. Everything about GBU is brilliant. The storyline is very, very good and I feel that it is the strongest point of the movie. With so many twist and turns that the characters take alongside gunfights and funny moments, the storyline is awesome. Speaking of gunfights, all of them look really good and I like how they implemented scenes of the Civil War as well. There weren't as many gunfights as I thought there was going to be, but the story is so engaging, it doesn't matter. Lastly, the acting is phenomenal. Clint Eastwood again proves why he is perfect as the Man With No Name. Lee Van Cleef also does a great job as the merciless as Angel Eyes and Eli Wallach is just as good as the comical Tuco.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

While not as good as I was hoping it would be, Prince of Persia was still an enjoyable movie. I have never played any of the games, so I will just write this review on the way I viewed the movie. The storyline was different and that made it good. I felt, though, like the movie dragged in some bits and had me bored waiting for the next action scene to happen. Speaking of action scenes, they looked very good. I thought them and the sets were the best part of the movies. Lastly, the acting was surprisingly good. Jake Gyllenhaal looked the part of Prince Dastan and played it with perfection. Gemma Arterton was pretty good as Tamina and Ben Kingsley, while having a pretty small part, was good as the bad guy Nizam.

For a Few Dollars More (Per Qualche Dollaro in Più)

A very good western and a great follow-up to "A Fistful of Dollars". Story is fairly simple, as with most westerns, but it is done very well here. I also liked the idea of putting the two lead guys together to fight the bad guys instead of them fighting each other. All the gunfights looked very good and the last stand-off between Mortimer and Indio was very cool. As for the acting, it was actually quite better than the first movie. Clint Eastwood once again makes the character of The Man With No Name. Lee Van Cleef is also exceptional as Mortimer and Gian Maria Volont is great as the villain, El Indio.

A Fistful of Dollars (Per un Pugno di Dollari)

A wonderful western movie and great start to the "Man With No Name" trilogy. The storyline is fairly simple, but is very well done and didn't bore me at all. All the fight scens looked excellent espeically when Joe would take out 4-5 bad guys in one swift motion which I thought was badass. There wasn't much blood, though, but I can forgive that seeing as the movie was made in the 60s. As for the acting, while some of the acting was some men were over-dramatic, the acting as a whole was good. Clint Eastwood was born to shine in this kind of role and he does as the Man With No Name.

Mission: Impossible III

On the same level as the first Mission Impossible and is actually better than the first in some areas. Like M:I-2, Mission Impossible III brings more action to the table and unlike the 2nd movie, it succeeds. All the action scenes are very well done and look fantastic. I especially thought the beginning of the movie was great. Story-wise, the movie is pretty simple with Ethan and team going after an arms dealer. However, I did like the concept of Ethan getting married. Lastly, acting was very good across the board. Tom Cruise still excels as Ethan Hunt and Philip Seymour Hoffman is probably the best villain in the 3 movies as Owen Davian.

Mission: Impossible 2

While the first "Mission: Impossible" was very good, "Mission: Impossible 2" is just bad. The story is very average and just didn't indulge me like the first movie did. I didn't mind M:I-2 trying to become more action-oriented, but again, it just wasn't done very well. I didn't like the over-the-top action moves because they just didn't fit into a Mission: Impossible movie. I think the only action scenes that were remotely interesting were the motorcycle chase scene and the final fight between Ethan and Sean. Lastly, the acting was decent. Tom Cruise still does a good job as Ethan Hunt, Thandie Newton was alright as Nyah and Dougray Scott was actually a pretty good villain as Sean Ambrose.

Mission: Impossible

A very good action thriller and good beginning to what would become a trilogy. Plot was good and included many twists that caught me off guard even during my second viewing. The storing could be a little confusing at times, but it does come together. A lot of good scenes including the famous vault scene where Ethan Hunt hovers closely to a floor that has an alarm and the end scene with the train and helicopter. As for the acting, I think everyone did very good. Tom Cruise was fantastic as Ethan Hunt, Ving Rhames brought a little comedy to the table as Luther and Jon Voight was very good as the soon-to-be-found-out villain, Jim Phelps.

The Strangers

A genuinely scary movie that keeps the scares and scares all the way until the end. The Strangers is well-done in many horror movie departments in that it is actually scary throughout the movie. Even with a second viewing, there are still moments of the movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat and will make you jump. The atmosphere is great and gives off a very creepy sense. Also, while not everyone liked how the strangers had no motive to kill Kirsten and James, I thought it added to the movie. It did its job in making the three strangers even more mysterious. If I had one complaint about the movie it would be that it starts off too slow, but when it picks up, it picks up! Lastly, the acting was quite good. Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman were believable as the leads and made me feel their terror.

Conan the Barbarian

A pretty good action/adventure movie. Conan deals with the concepts of revenge, love and death and while those have been done many times over, Conan delivers some new stuff. The movie, to me, seemed like one of those movies where it didn't really care about anything. It didn't matter about the acting, how much blood was shown, or how much sex there was and that's what made it entertaining. The sword fights looked good most of the time as they looked quite real, I just wish there would have more fight scenes. As for the acting, I felt it was very good in some parts and cheesy in others. Arnold seemed to fit the part of Conan and I enjoyed James Earl Jones's role as the evil Thulsa Doom.


A decent Western movie, but far from being the best. The story was overly simple, the ideas of reveng, love, and the west have been done before and done better. The movie seemed to move too slow and when they finally got to a gunfight, it happened so quick it left me unsatisfied except for maybe the last stand-off between Everett and Bragg, but still it ended too quick. On a positive note, I did feel that Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen were very good together in their roles as Virgil and Everett.

Sherlock Holmes

Absolutely fabulous movie. Loved the storyline and felt that the movie took something simple and made it into a thinking-man's movie. All the fight scenes looked exceptional and the times that it showed Holmes thinking about each punch before actually doing it was brilliant. I just wish it would have been used more. Along with everything, the backdrop looked gorgeous. I really felt that I was watching a movie taking place during 1891 England. Lastly, the acting was fantastic. Robert Downey Jr. takes a break from being Iron Man and once again proves how good he is as Sherlock Holmes. He and Jude Law have great chemistry and Law should credited for being very good as Watson. Rachel McAdams also does a fine job as the sexy love interest/adversary of Holmes. As for Mark Strong, he wasn't on screen much, but when he was he made his presence known as the villain Lord Blackwood.

The Birdcage
The Birdcage(1996)

Watched this after seeing one of the scenes while playing Scene It and can honestly say The Birdcage is actually quite funny. The story is pretty simple and probably has been done in some way or form, but it is done very good in the movie. There are some honestly funny scenes that had me laughing out loud and all the characters were likable. As for the acting, I felt it was very good. Robin Williams and Nathan Lane had perfect chemistry as Armand and Albert and Hank Azaria was hilarious as Agador.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

While not superior to its predecessor, Iron Man 2 is still very good in so many ways. The movie is a lot deeper and darker than the first movie which seems to make it more mature, even though I felt that during the first half of the movie, there was way too much talking going on. The movie also did a good job in portraying Tony's alcohol problems. I also enjoyed the inclusion and introduction of both Justin Hammer and Whiplash, the ideal brain and braun villain combination. All the action scenes looked great, even the last fight scene which I thought wasn't as good as the climax of the first Iron Man. The acting again was superb. Robert Downey Jr. once again proves he IS Iron Man. Gwyneth Paltrow makes a superb Pepper Potts, Don Cheadle is a worthy replacement for Rhodey and even though she isn't greatly utilized, Scarlett Johansson is sexy as Black Widown.

Die Another Day

While not the best Pierce Brosnan-era James Bond movie, Die Another Day can still be called a solid Bond movie. There seems to be something different about this movie than the others, but I just can't seem to put my finger on it. Maybe it's a little more darker than the others made obvious by the opening scene in which we see James Bond like never before, captured and tortured. While this is good, I can't stand the opening musical scene and song by Madonna. While the song is catchy, it just doesn't fit. All the action and fight scenes do look good, even though there are some scenes that feel really cheesy. Acting I thought was good. Pierce Brosnan keeps up his good work as James Bond, Halle Berry makes a decent Bond-girl as Jinx and I enjoyed Toby Stephens as the villain Gustav Graves.


Definetly nowhere close to the best comic book movie and not even the best movie to portray the Hulk. In some ways, it was kind of cool the way Ang Lee made some scenes look like a comic book, but for other times it just became annoying. I also didn't mind the back story about Bruce growing up and then his work as a scientist, but it took too long that it became quite boring. It just took forever for something exciting to happen. The Hulk in this movie also looked ok. He just looked too cartoonish sometimes and too light of a green. The acting, though, was actually pretty good. Eric Bana was good as Bruce, I liked Sam Elliott as Thunderbolt Ross and I think Jennifer Connelly was a good choice for Betty.

Blade: Trinity

Will never understand all the hate for this movie. It gave the audience some interesting concepts, interesting characters, and awesome action scenes. I didn't think that the idea of bringing in Dracula was all that bad because we finally get to see the #1 vampire hunter up against the king vampire. I do admit that there were some parts of the movie that were kind of lame along with some lines. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the fight scenes and the final fight between Blade and Drake was done very good. Wesley Snipes continued his very good role as Blade, Jessica Biel was very good as Abby, but the person that stole the show was Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King.

The Orphanage

A really good psychological movie with some horror thrown into it. The Orphanage does a wonderful job with the atmosphere and that alone makes the movie more creepy. Not a whole lot of "jump" scenes, but the movie makes you feel so uneasy that it doesn't really need any. Acting was quite good as I thought Belen Rueda was very good as the leading lady, Laura.

National Lampoon's European Vacation

Still didn't find it as funny as Vacation or Christmas Vacation, but European Vacation is good enough to be called a "Vacation" movie. I liked the idea of taking the Griswalds to Europe and this allows for the family to get into heaps of trouble, as usual. There were some genuine funny moments that had me laughing pretty hard, but nothing great. As for the acting, Chevy Chase still has it as Clark.

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

Probably one of my favorite movies of all time. Nothing can describe just how awesome Sin City is. The filming in black and white with little specks of color was done very well and gave off a very comic book feel. The movie also blended action with humor very well and was very violent which made the movie better. As for the acting, I strongly commend all the leads of each story in the movie. I enjoyed Bruce Willis's performance as Hartigan. But Mickey Rourke was fabulous as Marv and Clive Owen was the same as Dwight.

Vegas Vacation

While I haven't seen European Vacation, I can say that this installment was nowhere near as funny as Vacation or Christmas Vacation. I thought that the idea of Vegas was interesting, but there wasn't much here to laugh at. Sure, there were some funny parts that had me laughing hard, but there wasn't enough of it. As for the acting, it was nice to see Chevy Chase back as Clark Griswold and Beverly D'Angelo back as Ellen Griswold.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

A pretty funny movie. There were some moments that made me laugh and smile, but nothing that had me rolling. I liked how they implemented some of Tenacious D's songs into the movie and how it went along with what was happening. There were some moments, though, that seemed entirely childish. I thought the story was actually a pretty funny concept. As for the acting, it was good. I thought Jack Black and Kyle Gass were fine as playing mostly themselves.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Worthy enough sequel to Fantastic Four. There were some things in this movie made it enjoyable, but then there were some things that left me scratching my head. I liked the storyline of Reed and Sue's wedding and I liked the addition of Silver Surfer. All the effects looked good especially the chase scene between Human Torch and Silver Surfer which remains one of my favorite movie scenes. Some things that ticked me off, though. What happened to the Galactus I know? He wasn't a flippin' cloud in the comics. Also, Dr. Doom was made out as an idiot. He'd rather let the world get destroyed and control the Surfer's board than save it and try to control it himself. Lastly, I still say Chris Evan was just perfect as Johnny Storm/Human Torch and I thought Laurence Fishburne's voice was perfect for Silver Surfer.

H2: Halloween II

Wow, what happened? I thoroughly enjoyed Rob Zombie's first remake of the original Halloween, but I didn't enjoy Halloween II at all. Aside from a few things, the movie was just plain bad. I felt that this one made Michael out to be brutal and I enjoyed that. But there are some scenes where it felt like he was killing people just because he can and I hated that. I hated the inclusion of Michael's mother as a ghost/guide, I hated how they changed Dr. Loomis into an a-hole, and I hate the direction they took with Laurie. Just stay away and stick to the first movie's remake or the originals.

The Others
The Others(2001)

I did not expect to enjoy the movie as much as I did. The Others was a well-thought out movie with good acting, creepy as hell, and has a twist ending. While a story about ghosts isn't original, this movie does a good job in presenting something new to the table. As well, I also enjoyed the sets which I thought added the creepiness to the movie which didn't need any help. Acting was also spot on as I think Nicole Kidman was absolutely fabulous as Grace.


Was not as impressed as I thought I would be with Avatar and honestly I think 3.5 stars is being too generous. The storyline was interesting, yet it has been done before so I can't say it was anywhere near original. I felt that the movie could have spent more time on the conflict between the Na'vi and marines, because other than that, it just felt like a love story. Of the action scenes there were, I found them to be good and the CGI looked good. I also found the acting good as I enjoyed Sam Worthington as Jake Sully and Zoe Saldana as Neytiri.

Sleepaway Camp

Not a great movie, but it was fun. Following in the footsteps of Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp is just the kind of movie where you can turn your brain off. With similarities to other slasher movies, that doesn't make the concept of this movie original. But, the ending, wow, the ending, was unbelievable. Most of the acting was pretty terrible as what you can expect in a movie like this. I do admit that I liked Felissa Rose as Angela. Most of the death scenes were good/alright.

The Running Man

You're typical Schwarzenegger movie which means that it's just fun, turn-off-your brain action. The storyline of the movie is pretty original, but it is very interesting. I just wish the movie would have followed the book a little more closely. All the action scenes looked pretty good as well as some of the deaths. Acting was about what anyone would expect from an action movie like this. I did think Arnold was good as Ben Richards and Richard Dawson stole some of the spotlight as Damon Killian.


A fun western movie. The story of Silverado is quite simple and probably has been done before so I can't say it's original. Most of the acting in the movie was good while there were some parts where the acting was bad and there were a few cheesy parts in the movie. But what made Silverado enjoyable were the gunfights which delivered. All of them looked good and were fun to watch. I enjoyed Kevin Kline's role as Paden, Scott Glenn as Emmett, Danny Glover as Mal and thought Kevin Costner was very good as the eccentric Jake. My hat off, also, to Brian Dennehy as the villain Cobb.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Better than the 2nd one, but still not as good as it could have been. Story started off really well and I thought I was going to enjoy it thoroughly, but as it neared the end, some things happened that made me rate it lower. I found the story about how the girl in the movie could teleport others into her dreams interesting. Some scenes in the movie were also quite scary, while others were just plain cheesy and had me roll my eyes. Acting was pretty good and it was nice to see Robert Englund turn into the Freddy Krueger we all know about.

Fantastic Four

Not nearly as bad of a comic movie as people say. The movie did a good job of giving the origin of how the Fantastic Four, plus Dr. Doom, came to be and how they cope with their new superpowers. I found the movie quite funny in some parts and heart-warming in others. The special effects looked good for the most part. Some of Mr. Fantastic stretch scenes looked kinda bad. I also thought the acting was very spot on. While not great, Jessica Alba was pretty good as Invisible Woman. But the others were good-to-great. Ioan Gruffud was good as Mr. Fantastic and I enjoyed the performaces of Michael Chiklis as The Thing, Chris Evans as Human Torch and Julian McMahon as Dr. Doom.

X2: X-Men United

Outshines the first movie in every way imaginable. X2 has a darker, more serious tone than the first movie and the storyline is great. My only complaint was that Cyclops wasn't in the movie more. X2 also has some of my favorite scenes ever in comic book movie, maybe even in any movie. The soldiers storming of the Xavier mansion is one and I love that scene as well as Pyro blowing up the police cars outside the Drake home. And the fight scene between Wolverine and Yuriko was good. Lastly, the acting was phenonmenal from everybody. Hugh Jackman returns and still continues his great job as Wolverine, Patrick Steward is great as Charles Xavier, Ian McKellen is very good as Magneto and Brian Cox is very good is his role as William Stryker. Also, an honorable mention to Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

A major drop-off from the first movie. I don't think that the storyline is all that great because it focuses more on the teens in the movie than Freddy and I hated that. The movie wasn't really scary and not having Freddy in it hurt the movie badly. Not even any of the death scenes looked great. I do think, however, that the acting in this movie was better than the first one. Robert Englund was again was good as Freddy Krueger.

The Amityville Horror

A worthy enough remake and a worthy entry into the horror movie genre. The story of the Amityville house has been over done before and will probably be done again so I can't really say the concept is original. I do, however, believe that this version is better than the 1979 version. One major thing that this version has going for it is there are actually a lot of scenes that were truly scary and had my heart racing. I would also like to give kudos to Ryan Reynolds as George Lutz. His portrayal of a man who goes from being a loving husband and stepfather to a man possessed my something evil was brilliant.

Dangerous Calling

Not a bad Christian thriller movie, just not perfect. The storyline was quite interesting and showed a side of the church that most of us don't see. The idea that people of the church who aren't deemed perfect should be kicked out. Other than the storyline, the movie also had some scenes that were truly heart-pounding and left me breathless. On top of all this, the acting was also quite good. Stephen Caudill was good as Pastor Evan Burke, Carrie Walrond was good as Nora Burke, but who really stole the show were Jackie Prucha as the strange Miss Pat and Brandon O'Dell as the mysterious Elijah Hinton.

The Second Chance

A very well done Christian movie with a fantastic message about how you should do things for God and not for money or something like that. The storyline was good and was very well done. All the actors did a fantastic job portraying each character. A couple heart-warming scenes topped off everything in the movie. My hat off to Michael W. Smith jumping to showbiz and doing a fine job as Ethan and Jeff Obafemi Carr as Jake.


An excellent way to start off the X-Men movie franchise. Liked the story even though I wish it would've focused more on the actual X-Men than just Wolverine and Rogue. For a movie made in 2000, most of the effects still hold today especially any of them involving a Mystique transformation. All the action scenes looked very good as well. The fight between Wolverine and Sabretooth on top of the Statue of Liberty was epic. Acting was phenomenal as well. Hugh Jackmas was made to play Wolverine, as was Patrick Stewart for Professor Xavier and Ian McKellen as Magneto.


One in the first of many very good Marvel comics movies. The movie did a good job of giving the audience the origin of how Peter Parker became Spider-Man. The story of Harry Osborne was also covered quite well. CGI in the movie looked good and the Spider-Man costume and Green Goblin costume looked fantastic. The acting was also very good. Tobet Maguire made Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Kirsten Dunst was ok as M.J., James Franco was good as Harry Osborne and Willem Dafoe stole the show as Harry Osborne/Green Goblin.

The Book of Eli

Absolutely terrific movie. Everything about The Book of Eli was great. The storyline, while simple, is well done and is an awesome addition to movies about the end of the world. What really hooked me in, though, were the sets and action scenes. The sets looked absolutely fabulous and got the point of a war-torn country across. The action scenes were also great and you really believed Eli was a badass. The acting was also very good. Denzel Washington was great as Eli, Mila Kunis was good as Solara and Gary Oldman was great as the villain Carnegie.

Planet Hulk
Planet Hulk(2010)

Not one of Marvel animation's best. Planet Hulk has the right pieces for a good movie, but some things fall short. The storyline for example is very intriguing with Hulk being exiled to another world and crash-landing on an alien planet where he has to be a gladiator. It's interesting, but I don't think it was as well done as it could have been. It just didn't have that "wow" factor. The animation looked good as well as I was impressed with the fight scene between Hulk and Beta Ray Bill. Lastly, the voice acting was very good all around.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman(2009)

While not as good as some of the other DC Comics animated movies, Wonder Woman is still a nice addition and it's nice to see her get some recognition. The story in the movie was good. It was kind of awesome to see Wonder Woman face off with the god of War himself, Ares. The animations all looked great and the fight scenes were really well done. What was really good, though, was the voice acting all-around. Keri Russell was good as Wonder Woman, Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor and Alfred Molina as Ares.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

A well enough entry into the DC Comics animated movies. The storyline was pretty good with Lex Luthor becoming president and setting his targets on Superman and Batman. The animation, for the most part, was good. I felt it was a little off on times as some things looked a little kiddish. The fight scenes, though, looked good. It was kinda cool to see Superman and Captain Marvel fight each other. Lastly, the voice acting was good except for in a few spots where a line just didn't sound right. Kevin Conroy once again made Batman in this movie and Tim Daly was good as Superman.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Another fine entry into the DC Comics animated movies. Loved the storyline of this Justice League. It intrigued me with the idea of another universe and a bad guy version of the Justice League with each member having an opposite. The animation looked really good in this movie as well as all characters looked their part and the action scenes were great. Voice acting was very good all around.

HULK VS.(2009)

Probably the best animated movie that Marvel has put out. While the others have been good to just ok, Hulk Vs. was actually quite entertaining. Both stories of Hulk going up against Wolverine and Thor were both well done. The one with Wolverine was quite simple, though, and seemed to be done before but it was still good. The Thor story, though, was a nice change of pace and very good. Almost all the animations looked good. Wolverine and Thor and Hulk all looked good, but I hated how Deadpool and Sabretooth looked. The voice acting was also very good with Steven Blum doing a good Wolverine, Matthew Wolf good as Thor and Nolan North was good as Deadpool.

Justice League: The New Frontier

A fantastic superhero movie that delves in the origin of the Justice League. Storyline was very good, albeit a little confusing at times. The movie had a nice 50s tone to it and it looked really good. All the voice acting was superb with my hat off to David Boreanaz as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern and Neil Patrick Harris as Barry Allen/The Flash.

Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm

Probably one of, if not the best animated superhero movie even after all these years. The storyline of this Batman movie is quite entertaining and compelling. It also does a good job of showing Bruce's troubled past and his love life with Andrea. I just wish that the movie could have been a little bit longer, but it is what it is. The animations look great as well. This is the Batman I grew up watching and still fondly like it. Lastly, the voice acting was great. Kevin Conroy was great as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Mark Hamill was superb as The Joker and Dana Delany was good as Andrea Beaumont.

Superman: Doomsday

A pretty good take on the Death of Superman. While not perfect, the movie is still pretty entertaining. The storyline is quite interesting and takes on a subject that interests me a lot. The fight scenes look great and the animations are really well done as well. Only complaint here is that the title of the movie doesn't live up to the story. There is only one fight between Superman and Doomsday. I did like how there were some dark tones in the movie and some aspects seemed quite adult. All the voice acting was really good. Adam Baldwin was good as Superman and Anne Heche was good as Lois Lane.

Green Lantern: First Flight

Probably one of the best animated superhero movies that I have seen. I'm not saying that because I'm biased toward Green Lantern, but it is a really good movie. The animation looks great throughout the movie and the fight scenes between the Lanterns and the bad guys look great. The storyline does a fine job in giving the origin of how Hal Jordan became a Green Lantern and then goes to the usual bad guy/good guy story. All the voice acting was exceptional especially Christopher Meloni as Hal Jordan and Victor Garber as Sinestro.

Batman Gotham Knight

A pretty good animated movie and a good nod to the Batman franshise. All the stories in the movie looked good, even though some looked better than others. Same thing goes for the storyline of each of the 6 stories. Some of the stories were really good and entertaining, while others just just ok. My personal favorite being the story, "Deadshot". All the voice acting was good especially Kevin Conroy as Batman.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

I don't know what made me like this movie so much. The story was wacky,as were the characters and I guess that is what made the movie enjoyable. The story is actually interesting enough with it focusing on a reporter and a psychic, hippie soldier. There are some really funny moments in the movie that had me laughing a lot. But I think what really made The Men Who Stare at Goats enjoyable is the acting. George Clooney was superb as Lyn Cassady and Ewan McGregor was just as good as Bob Wilton. Kevin Spacey also gets an honorable mention as Larry Hooper.

The Blind Side

A terrific, awe-inspiring movie. Everything about this movie was superb. The story has been done a million times over, but The Blind Side does it so well that it doesn't really matter. Plus it is based on a true story which makes it a whole lot better. All the football scenes and scenes of Michael struggling to find himself and where he belongs are done spectacularly. The acting was top-notch. Quinton Aaron did a great job portraying Michael Oher, Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw were great as the Tuohys, and Jae Head stole some of the spotlight as S.J.

Last Man Standing

A pretty good action movie altogether. The settings of the movie are actually pretty well done as it isn't really a western movie, even though it is set in a western looking town, but it does have modern weapons. The storyline of the movie is actually pretty straight forward, but is pretty interesting in the main character goes back and forth working for two gangs who hate each other. The pacing of the movie was sometimes slow and boring, but when the gunfights accored, they were awesome. The acting was pretty good all around. Bruce Willis was good as John Smith, Christopher Walken as Hickey and Bruce Dern played a fine Sheriff Galt.

Old Dogs
Old Dogs(2009)

While nowhere near perfect, Old Dogs is still an enjoyable movie. The plot is pretty predictable as it follows probably ever other Disney movies, but that's ok especially if you don't mind feel-good movies. While some parts had me rolling my eyes, there were actually some pretty funny parts of the movie that had me laughing out loud. I think that both Robin Williams and John Travolta did fine jobs as Dan and Charlie.

Johnny English

A pretty decent movie. While the story of an idiot secret spy has been done a million times, Johnny English is still a movie that had me smiling throughout. While not as funny as I had hoped, there were still some parts of the movie that had me laughing out loud. The acting was actually pretty good as well as Rowan Atkinson was very good as Johnny English and Ben Miller was good as Bough.

Mystery Men
Mystery Men(1999)

Terrible movie. The concept of Mystery Men is actually pretty interesting, but it is extremely poorly done. The movie just doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. Whether it wants to be a spoof superhero movie or just very childish because a lot of things in the movie are childish. The action scenes are ok, nothing special. The movie isn't really funny. I expected a few laughs, but a lot of what was supposed to be funny just had me rolling my eyes. The acting was alright and there were a couple standouts. William H. Macy was good as The Shoveler and Geoffrey Rush was good as Casanova Frankenstein.

Love Actually

An absolute wonderful movie. I'm not usually into romantic movies, but I finally sat down to watch this movie and loved it. Everything was great about it, the storyline(s), the acting, just everything. I liked how all the storylines were intertwined in one way or another and even though the movie has the typical Hollywood ending, it actually made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. All the acting was superb with honorable mentions to Hugh Grant as David, Alan Rickman as Harry, Liam Neeson as Daniel and Bill Nighy as Billy Mack.

Ninja Assassin

Even though I really enjoyed Ninja Assassin, I just can't give it higher than a 3. The plot of the movie is farely simple with it becoming a revenge/being hunted type movie. The acting was good from the two lead characters which can be expected most of the time, and all the other characters were pretty much there to die. What really made Ninja Assassin enjoyable were the fight scenes which were quite well done. Enough martial arts and blood and gore to appease any man. Rain was good as the character Raizo and Naomie Harris was good as Mika.

Law Abiding Citizen

A very fine entry into the action movie genre. Everything in Law Abiding Citizen was good, not perfect, but good. The storyline was an interesting one and can cope well with anyone who watches the movie. The action scenes were exceptional with a few surprising deaths in the movie. All was the acting was very good too. Gerard Butler was fantastic as Clyde and Jamie Foxx was just as good as Nick.

Jurassic Park

Nothing can even begin to describe how awesome Jurassic Park even after all these years. Everything about this movie is fantastic in every way. First, the scenes, sets, and effects look great. The story is top-notch and will suck you right in. The action scenes all look spectacular and will have your heart-pounding whenever any T-Rex or Raptor jumps out after the characters. My only complaint is that the movie starts off real slow, but when it picks up, it doesn't stop. Acting is fantastic from top-to-bottom with my hats off to Sam Neill as Alan Grant, Laura Dern as Ellie and Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm.

Dawn of the Dead

A very, very good zombie apocalypse movie. The story, while simple and done a million times, is very good and is told very well. Dawn of the Dead does a good job in portraying the characters as hopeless and knowing that they probably won't see the end of the zombie invasion. The action scenes in the movie are also extremely well done and there are plenty of them. All around good acting from all the actors and actresses, but kudo to Ving Rhames as Kenneth, Sarah Polley as Ana and Ty Burrell as Steve.

Predator 2
Predator 2(1990)

A worthy sequel to the action hit known as Predator. The acting was pretty good throughout Predator 2. It was nothing special, but it wasn't awful. The story was interesting as everybody who's ever seen the first Predator wondered what would happen if the Predator came into the city. The action scenes were also well done and there were more of them than the predecessor. That doesn't mean that they were better, though, because some of the action scenes felt out of place. Commends to Danny Glover for doing a good job replacing Arnold and playing a good Mike Harrigan, Gary Busey playing Peter Keyes good, and Kevin Peter Hall again playing the menacing Predator phenomenal.

The Visitation

Actually a pretty good thriller for what is considered a Christian movie. Some parts were even scary and gave off an uneasy feeling. The acting was superb was all the main characters, the story was interesting in that it teaches about false witnesses, and the effects were really good. Martin Donovan did a good job portraying Travis, Edward Furlong was good as the evil Brandan, and Randy Travis was good as Kyle.

Amazing Grace

An exceptional movie about how one person's drive to do the will of God can lead to something extraordinary. Amazing Grace has a great blend of great acting mixed with a good story about a group of people trying to end the slave trade. This movie tugs at the heart and gets you really thinking about what you can do to change the world. Ioan Gruffud was fantastic as William Wilberforce, Romola Garai was good as Barbara and Benedict Cumberbatch was good as William Pitt.

End of the Spear

A very, very good Christian movie. Does a fine job in showing how God's teaching of love and forgiveness can change someone's ways for the best. Good acting from everybody all around, great story, and even though there is some violence, it's all needed to push the story along. Cudos go to Louie Leonardo as Mincayani.

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

A really good horror/action movie. A lot better than the original made in 1973. The premise is very interesting, even though it has been done before, the acting is very good among all actors, and the action scenes were very well done. This version of The Crazies was more violent than its predecessor which is very satisfying. All-in-all, an enjoyable experience. Hats off to Timothy Olyphant as David, Radha Mitchell as Judy and Joe Anderson as Russell.


While not perfect, Predator is a fantastic action movie. Good acting, especially for an action movie mixed with great action scenes mixed with enough blood and gore to make any man happy mixed with amazing effects especially for 1987 makes this movie a fun thrill-ride. Arnold played a perfect Dutch, Carl Weathers was enjoyable as Dillon and Kevin Peter Hall was fantastic as the menacing Predator.

One Night With the King

A pretty good adaptation of the story of Esther. Acting was good in the movie and the sets looked good as it looked as if things were actually taking place in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. My only real complaint was the movie seemed to move slow in some parts and there were other parts where things seemed to get confusing. Other than that, the movie kept my interest throughout. Good acting from Tiffany Dupont as Esther, Luke Goss as Xerxes and James Callis as the sinister Haman.

Alien Resurrection

Bad is about the best way I can describe Alien: Resurrection. This movie is so much of a drop-off from the first three that it's not even funny. The acting is decent, the effects and death scenes look good, but there is just too much corny-ness in this movie. It just doesn't feel like an Alien(s) movie. Sigourney Weaver was ok as Ripley again and Ron Perlman was the best thing in this movie as Johner.


A worthy enough sequel even though Alien 3 is a far cry from the first two, especially Aliens. The concept of A-3 was interesting being placed in a prison. The action was good as there was more of it even more than its predecessor. The acting was decent enough even though it felt like half the cast was there just for Alien food. A-3 is a good movie, it just doesn't have to magic of its predecessors. Hats off to Sigourney Weaver once again doing a good job as Ripley and Charles S. Dutton as Dillon.


Simply perfect. Not sure I can even describe how awesome Aliens is. It blows its predecessor out of the water by a longshot. The acting is very good, the effects still hold up today, and the story, while done before, is so well performed, you don't care. The action scenes are spectacular and there are more of them which makes this a little easier to watch than Alien. Sigourney Weaver did a fine job again as Ripley, Bill Paxton was good as Hudson and Michael Biehn was a perfect Hicks.


A pretty decent action movie. I thought that the premise of Legion was interesting. The acting was decent, but the action scenes were really well done. Even though they seemed few and far between which sucked. The battle between Michael and Gabriel was quite cool. Speaking of Michael, I'd like to tip my cap to Paul Bettany for playing the archangel near perfection.


A very, very good action/horror movie with more emphasis on horror than action. The acting was great, the story was good, and the effects were still good even in today's day and age. The star of the movie, the alien, looked brilliant. Just wish there was more scenes of him, which is really my only complaint about the movie. Alien is one of those movies that plays with out psyche instead of throwing violence at you. But don't get me wrong, there are some violent deaths (can't forget the chest-burster scene). My hat goes off to every actor and actress who were really good, especially Sigourney Weaver as Ripley.

Mad Max
Mad Max(1979)

A pretty good action movie. Pretty average story-wise, but these kind of movies are made for their action and this is where Mad Max shines. Every one of the actors portraying the evil bicycle gang do a great job as you feel hate for them throughout the movie. The chase scenes still hold up today as well as they were very well done. Mel Gibson was born for the role of Max Rockatansky and Hugh Keays-Byrne done a very good job playing the sleazy, vile, Toecutter.

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Pretty good movie. Interesting take on the story of the beast of Gevaudan. Just wish there was more beast in the movie and less side stories. The movie seemed to drag in some places. The acting was good, even though I have only watched the dubbed version. What really makes the movie worth it, though, are the fight scenes and the few scenes with the beast in it. They are exceptionally done.

The Chronicles of Riddick

A very good action movie. The story is different from the 1st movie, but in a good way, and the special effects used in the movie look exceptional. But what makes the movie what it is are the fight scenes which are very well done. Vin Diesel does a fantastic job as Riddick. It's like he was born for this role. My hat also goes off to Karl Urban as Vaako.

The Happening

Not nearly as bad as everyone says it is. Still not all that great, though. The beginning of the movie starts off well, but the movie goes downhill from that. The story is decent, but some of the acting is laughable at times. There are some really cool death scenes, though, which can throw off the bad acting sometimes.


Probably one the best video game-to-movie adaptations to date. The acting was good but that thing that really made the movie entertaining were the action scenes which were really well done. Timothy Olyphant, basically an unknown at this time, did a fine job as Agent 47.

Four Brothers

Actually a pretty good action/revenge movie. There was a decent enough story and great mix of action and humor. Mark Wahlberg did a pretty good job as Bobby and Tyrese was good as Angel.

Ocean's Eleven

All-in-all a pretty good movie. Did a good job of keeping me interested throughout and there are enough laughs to keep the audience in a good mood and not make the movie too serious. All around good performances from everybody including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Andy Garcia.

The Crazies
The Crazies(1973)

The best that I could say for this movie is that it is halfway decent. I liked the concept and I like that George Romero directed it, but it just isn't a good movie. The acting is decent to bad and for a town full of crazy people, you barely see them. I watched this because I wanted to watch it before the remake. Hopefully the remake is a lot better.


Not at all as terrible as I thought it was going to be. Interesting concept mixed with some halfway decent action scenes makes for a decent movie. Howie Long does a pretty good job as Jesse and William Forsythe is good as the sadistic madman, Shaye.

28 Days Later

A good take on a genre that has been done many times before. It's nice to see something that are not flesh-eating undead walking the earth. Cillian Murphy does a fine job as Jim, Naomie Harris is good as Selena and Christopher Eccleston is good as the evil Major Henry West. Only real coimplaint about the movie is that the second half of the movie is a major drop-off from the first half.

To Save a Life

One, if THE, best Christian movie I have ever seen. Taking away from the usual cliches of Christian movies, such as bad acting, this movie shines in everything it does. From good acting all the way to speaking to the heart of the viewer, this is a movie everyone should at least see once.


A thoroughly entertaining movie from start to finish. Very funny movie that had me entertained throughout. Probably the most epic opening credits EVER. Woody Harrelson shined in the role as Tallahassee.

The Shawshank Redemption

One of the best movies I've seen in quite some time. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman give two excellent performances that just adds to the greatness of this movie.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

An alright addition to the Ice Age series. Wasn't thoroughly impressed. Thought the story was good, but not as funny as the other two.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Not nearly as good as the first one. The CGI was excellent, but not even that could a terribly done story.

Where the Wild Things Are

I cannot figure out why everyone loved this movie. I don't think it did the book justice and I found myself uniterested through half the movie.

Babylon A.D.
Babylon A.D.(2008)

Not worth my time. The story was confusing and not that great. I found myself bored to tears throughout half the movie. I thought it had a good premise, but was performed really poorly.