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American Gangster

American Gangster(2007)

Wow, What An Incredible Film. Every Single Thing About This Film Is Perfect In Every Way Possible. The Performances Are Beyond Oscar Worthy, Definitely Some of The Greatest Performances In Any Film In Years. The Entire Cast Is Amazing. Russell Crowe Is Absolutely Fantastic, Denzel Washington Is Breathtaking, Josh Brolin Is Mesmerizing, Cuba Gooding Jr. Is Great Like He Always Is, And Chiwetel Ejiofor Makes A Nice Appearance Here. This Is Ridley Scott's Finest Achievement As A Director, He Really Deserves An Award Here. American Gangster Is One of The Greatest Films I Have Ever Seen, And A Landmark In Cinematic History. This Is The Kind of Film That Will Be Remembered For Its Brilliance And Powerful Story. Completely Gripping And Engaging From Start To Finish, A Film You Absolutely Have To See. A Masterpiece In Every Way Imaginable. Its Almost Difficult To Describe How Amazing This Film Is. Its Brilliant. I Love It...