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Brandon's Review of Into the Wild

9 years ago via Flixster
Into the Wild

Into the Wild(2007)

Into The Wild Is Literally One of The Greatest Films I Have Ever Seen. I Was Pinned From Start To Finish. Never In My Life Have I Seen A Film So Fascinating, Powerful, And Beautiful. Into The Wild Is A Rare Film That Only Comes Around So Often, And Then Blows Us Away With Its Brilliance. Sean Penn Is Now The Greatest FilmMaker Cinema Has Ever Seen, Writing A Beautiful Script And Brilliantly Capturing Each Scene. Emile Hirsch Delivers A Powerful Performance And Definitely Deserves Some Oscar Attention This Year. The Entire Cast Is Oscar Worthy And There's Not A Dull Moment In This Film. Constantly Gripping, Engaging, And Intelligent, Into The Wild Is A Landmark In FilmMaking, And One of The Best Films Ever Made. An Amazing Masterpiece, Brilliant. I Love It...