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Erik's Review of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo(2011)

I'll get right to the point: this film was awesome. I definitely want to finish reading the book after viewing this film. The score by the geniuses who composed the oscar-winning score for the Social Network did it again! Their score added so much tension to Fincher's atmosphere. Speaking of Fincher, he did a wonderful job, as always. He is a director that many amateur filmmakers should look into, because the atmosphere and tone of his films really connect to the stories he tells. For this film, I hope he gets his third Oscar nod for his versatile direction. After I read the book, I'll comment about Steven Zaillian's screenplay, but from what I've seen, he did a marvelous job interpreting the extremely complex first novel. From what I've read so far, it must have been beyond difficult to turn Steig Larson's novel into a feature length screenplay. I hope the screenplay gets award consideration, because he didn't read the book to the audience, he brilliantly interpreted the novel and Fincher brought it to life with his unique style. Fincher's green undertone really added to the suspense of this film.The actors were fantastic. Daniel Craig is always great and continues to be one of the best actors in Hollywood. There is not a role in this world that he wouldn't be able to master. I mean come on, he's James Bond. He contributed a lot of dedication to a role of an obsessed man trying to solve a mystery. Bravo Mr. Bond. Christopher Plummer may a late bloomer for being amazing in his latest films, and this is another film to add to his really long resume. Plummer played his role of Henrik Vanger perfectly, and I hope he wins for his performance in Beginners. He is such a dedicated actor to keep doing what Clint Eastwood gave up on. It was good to see Robin Wright and Joely Richardson again. It's been awhile since they've done anything this big in their careers. I'm happy they were back with their talent. Stellan Skarsgard is another actor out of a huge cast that I recognize and his acting skills never fail. I'm glad he finally did a critically acclaimed film like this one, and he was one of the only Swedish actors in the film. Glad to see you Stellan.Ok, now that I'm done with the other actors, the real star of this film is Rooney Mara. She wasn't great, she was absolutely fantastic. She completely embodied such a physically and mentally demanding role. She stole every scene she was in and I always looked forward to learn more about Lisabeth Salander throughout the film. This is a role of a lifetime and she dedicated her entire life to this role. For example, the piercings on Mara's face were real, she started smoking, she learned how to ride a motorcycle like a professional, and more. She's rude, ignorant, careless, and at times, terrifying. Mara makes the character beyond likable throughout the tough road her character must encounter. I gained every inch of respect for this dedicated actress. I hope she gets an Oscar nod, because she's that good.This film does get really intense and tough to watch. I'm going to give anything away, but there is a scene that was so hard to watch, I had to turn away. The meaning of the certain scene gets meaning and retribution later. Other than the one scene, it's an amazing film and Fincher had become one of my favorite directors. Mara steals the film and Craig is always amazing. See this film as soon as possible.