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The Man Without a Past

The Man Without a Past(2002)

'The man without past" is a discovery .A kind of movie between an Ozu ,Rhomer and Cohen brothers type of film.It is a strange one but its story supported by a realistic contemplation of reality is amazing.Its story of a man who forgot everything about his past after a beating up and have to start a new life can seem a remake of an old movie of the thirties or some Hitchcock of the 60's but it s totally the opposite."The man without past" is in fact a rather slow contemplative and meaningful movie where the silence the expression of the actors and the music as well as the words talk to the viewer.It is truly amazing and poetic and it is all due to the director talent who must be praised for such a gem. He remembers to us that cinema is still an art in its own right at a time where many movie are dumbing us down and lack of genwuine and artistic qualities.Indeed,Aki kaurismaki has brought a magnificent piece of cinema and one of the very best movies of this last ten year ."The man without past" is already a classic and all cinema lovers (especially the fan of ozu) should watch it.Further If its rather slow pace might not please everyone it will be difficult to deny- even the more bias against it- its quality. In one word" the man without past" is a great realization and an instant classic.