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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Love Actually

Love Actually(2003)

It is one of my favorite romantic comedy.But i have to be fair ,if richard curtis manages to capture very well the charming and magic side we often see in his Good English romantic comedies with very interesting and captivating stories all along,his realization is not that perfect far from that actually.That is why i give it such a low rating even though the movie itself is very much recommended and appreciated for his heart. As regard quality as an essential part of an art work I cannot rate love actually higher than three stars without compromising myself .It has at least what make a great movie or art work despite his above yet barely average quality :some soul.And it is without doubt the reason of its success.Therefore love actually does not have the quality expected but It has some touching and moving soul and undeniable charm that makes it enjoyable and advisable for all .It is A fair good watch!