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Star Trek

Star Trek(2009)

Awesome!!!!! that's the word to describe it . Packed with action style and humour Star treck is an awesome ride and a great popcorn flick certainly better to be watch on the big screen(or a big screen).Probably the best popcorn flick to come out of hollywood this five last year. NOW ,It might sounds too much but the cinematography acting story special effects and screenplay are just top notch.Maybe the editing is a bit behind for reasonable reasons since j.j abrams is before all a director of tv show.Anyhow Without getting the depth of the original TV show Star trek is still a success and a great tribute no one should miss. This lack of depth is probably what will bring some negative criticism to the movie and in a more accurate sens it is meaningful since star trek originally is more like an epic than an action movie.But critics and audience got to think what the director intended to do.In fact,He might be possible that he only wanted an action movie for this adaptation but more probably an introduction to a more meaningful following to come.seen like this it could be an introduction to a greater epic.In that case Star trek deserves a full price. Everyone should watch it!!!