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An Education

An Education(2009)

This is a coming of age story about a young girl who gets involved with a playboy and discovers herself in the process. As this new man enters in her life it will change for ever her perception of it. An education is a touching well acted and written story.It's story is meaningful and very engaging and smart without being in any sens preachy ..Supported by a good cast and realization and a very good screenplay the story shines and talks to us.Nick Hornby should definitely be praised for his excellent screenplay lone scherfig assembles very well in his realization.Beside Carey mulligan is exceptional and succeeds very well by conveying the emotion and doubt of her character. All of these allow an education to be very relevant and to get an excellent movie everyone should watch especially for the fan of the genre. Anyway An education is a really good stuff and could easily be summarize by this quote of Charles Bukowsky"Love is a dog from hell".