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Losing Isaiah

The movie is very emotional especially by his two leads who manage to give more depth to the movie that it really has.The subject is complex and the racially charged overtone the movie used to explain adoption is rather poor especially as the child side is forgotten.In a way the racial aspect takes too much place and the feel good conclusion is not too easy.the film is still viewable and it must be said that hall berry has probably never give a better acting.for that alone It is a must see.

No Country for Old Men

The vilain is so crual! but the moral is indeed powerful! and it s just tell as life is many times.it s not bambi(i like bambi by the way) but it s a instant classic at the first minutes .the acting are amazing for all the characters and i have to give a mention to tommy lee jones and the crual sugar!! the way cohen brothers create the atmosphere is stunning.They have their own world and you just get through it for the begibbibg to the end sometimes with great anxiety sometimes with a lot of dissapointment but you are in th end in a proufound and real tale of life!

The Player
The Player(1992)

the opening scene is a true classic in which the hollywood world is presenting to you with such a talent that you just watch it without word.despite the basic plot the way the story is compeling the acting made and the hollywood world decribed to you gives an entertainement to enjoy.the movie is Realistic and at the same time a true fiction with a nice twist at the end.It is a perfect satire on hollywood disguised in a well done thriller .

Love Actually

It is one of my favorite romantic comedy.But i have to be fair ,if richard curtis manages to capture very well the charming and magic side we often see in his Good English romantic comedies with very interesting and captivating stories all along,his realization is not that perfect far from that actually.That is why i give it such a low rating even though the movie itself is very much recommended and appreciated for his heart. As regard quality as an essential part of an art work I cannot rate love actually higher than three stars without compromising myself .It has at least what make a great movie or art work despite his above yet barely average quality :some soul.And it is without doubt the reason of its success.Therefore love actually does not have the quality expected but It has some touching and moving soul and undeniable charm that makes it enjoyable and advisable for all .It is A fair good watch!

The Man Without a Past

'The man without past" is a discovery .A kind of movie between an Ozu ,Rhomer and Cohen brothers type of film.It is a strange one but its story supported by a realistic contemplation of reality is amazing.Its story of a man who forgot everything about his past after a beating up and have to start a new life can seem a remake of an old movie of the thirties or some Hitchcock of the 60's but it s totally the opposite."The man without past" is in fact a rather slow contemplative and meaningful movie where the silence the expression of the actors and the music as well as the words talk to the viewer.It is truly amazing and poetic and it is all due to the director talent who must be praised for such a gem. He remembers to us that cinema is still an art in its own right at a time where many movie are dumbing us down and lack of genwuine and artistic qualities.Indeed,Aki kaurismaki has brought a magnificent piece of cinema and one of the very best movies of this last ten year ."The man without past" is already a classic and all cinema lovers (especially the fan of ozu) should watch it.Further If its rather slow pace might not please everyone it will be difficult to deny- even the more bias against it- its quality. In one word" the man without past" is a great realization and an instant classic.

An Education
An Education(2009)

This is a coming of age story about a young girl who gets involved with a playboy and discovers herself in the process. As this new man enters in her life it will change for ever her perception of it. An education is a touching well acted and written story.It's story is meaningful and very engaging and smart without being in any sens preachy ..Supported by a good cast and realization and a very good screenplay the story shines and talks to us.Nick Hornby should definitely be praised for his excellent screenplay lone scherfig assembles very well in his realization.Beside Carey mulligan is exceptional and succeeds very well by conveying the emotion and doubt of her character. All of these allow an education to be very relevant and to get an excellent movie everyone should watch especially for the fan of the genre. Anyway An education is a really good stuff and could easily be summarize by this quote of Charles Bukowsky"Love is a dog from hell".

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

Awesome!!!!! that's the word to describe it . Packed with action style and humour Star treck is an awesome ride and a great popcorn flick certainly better to be watch on the big screen(or a big screen).Probably the best popcorn flick to come out of hollywood this five last year. NOW ,It might sounds too much but the cinematography acting story special effects and screenplay are just top notch.Maybe the editing is a bit behind for reasonable reasons since j.j abrams is before all a director of tv show.Anyhow Without getting the depth of the original TV show Star trek is still a success and a great tribute no one should miss. This lack of depth is probably what will bring some negative criticism to the movie and in a more accurate sens it is meaningful since star trek originally is more like an epic than an action movie.But critics and audience got to think what the director intended to do.In fact,He might be possible that he only wanted an action movie for this adaptation but more probably an introduction to a more meaningful following to come.seen like this it could be an introduction to a greater epic.In that case Star trek deserves a full price. Everyone should watch it!!!


fun and thrilling wit double ending possible..the story is awkward but engaging it does no seek much more than that with good acting and special effect that all we could ask for. must watch for everyone.

Dolores Claiborne

Stephen king rules in this history of family secrets and dark torments that lead to two murders a strong and enigmatic woman called dolores Claiborne. Despite a rather stylish realization the editing look awkward and so does the screenplay.Only the source material- the story(which in itself is amazing) with the acting allow us to enjoy this awesome story.The beginning and the end are very good but the realization and the screenplay lost their flow in the middle. It still remain a good ne to watch though and a good Stephen king to start with on the screen..."IT" and misery remains far better nonetheless . I have this impression that this kind of movie(suspense/thriller) with many suspense and thrilling and logical moments cannot suffer a bad editing and screenplay even for a moment ..it is in my opinion the genre of cinema that ask the most one mistake can destroy all the movie that's why Dolores Claiborne its disappointing in my opinion it doesn't reach what is expected for a convincing and good adaptation of the stephen's king novel..

Young Frankenstein

One of the best Mel brook and an absolute beautiful tribute to the famous book of Mary Shelley. very well realized and funny without losing the dark image of the original book.it s a real pleasure to watch. Its in his kind a true masterpiece. It s recommended to everyone.

Paris, Texas
Paris, Texas(1984)

Beautiful!Beautiful! and unforgettable love tale.This is true cinema to the highest level possible.

An Officer and a Gentleman

The realization might not be that outstanding but the story an the screenplay make it a touching and very pleasant story. It is far better than the basic chick flick we mostly have and for once without losing his romantic sight the movie has some depth.A very good movie. PS :some scenes could have been avoid and the soundtrack is good.

The Rookie
The Rookie(2002)

one of the best sport movie ever and a true story :) recommended to everyone.

Bukowski: Born into This

The definition of sex by bukowsky is "something you do when you have nothing else to do....".That s quiet meaaningful when you think of it...isn't it? This is an excellent documentary on the life of the greatest American poet of the second half of the twenty century.It shows us his life and allows us to understand the man behind the myth.between insomnia drinking writing and sex we discover a man with many doubts suffering and a lot of love for humanity.This documentary is truly a nice ride. For all fan of poetry this is a must see from people who know Charles bukowsky to people who don't know him.

Mother (Madeo)

A mother believing in the innocence of her children ,accused of murder,starts searches for the real killer. It s huge bong joon ho realizes another great movie and confirms the high quality of the new Korean cinema.A first rate cinema that stands as a leading one in the world cinema nowadays.Bong jo hoon In his new movie treats an Hitchcockian tale full of suspense and mystery, with a remarkable realization and editing.His narrative is stunning with an excellent use of the details that puzzle you until the very end. Nothing lacks from this movie and the rather low developing story add a gripping tension that keeps you on your seat until the very end. That could be all but mother succeeds at being a beautiful study of family and mother love by adding a meaningful psychological aspect that confers to the audiences an awful compassionate feelings and reflection of itself.This feeling is especial well conveyed by a screenplay and an acting- especially by hye ja kim of the best quality . Yes mother(madeo) is one of the est movies of 2010 and a new proof that the Korean cinema is today one of the last cinema to create on a regular basis something worth to be called great cinema.

Red River
Red River(1948)

one of the best western and beautiful tale i have seen.It deserves all he praises it got.It s true what they say that great story doesn't belong to one time but "eternity".

The Road
The Road(2009)

The story of a father and son who try to survive in an apocalyptic world where humanity has been lost. The road has everything to be a great film but it fails short for achieving it.Despite a technically good realization a great world of destruction acting and cinematography the story is uneven.It is hard to know what the movie is talking about.Is it a fight for survival an initiation of a coming of age a story of despair or these three at the same time? you can hardly know especial because so many question stay unanswered.Why are they in this situation why is this world so mess up to the point where people eat themselves.. It is true that the reasons of this apocalyptic world could be avoid but the story itself should have been able to replace it which is not the case .As the screenplay fails to explain us the reason of the story.We then end up with a somehow awkward story the sense only comes up to mind after a few thoughts.The father was teaching something to the son and in fact the road was made for that .The problem is that we never have this impression at all and despite the touching story cinematic and acting the movie is not satisfying. Now the movie is not a failure since it still caries many good thing especially on its aesthetic and acting.It is a movie very likeable on its style but because of his script it won t please and satisfy everyone . PS:the best way to appreciate the story is actually to buy the book.

This Is Spinal Tap

great mockumentary very funny !!!! a classic in the kind and very good idea of the rock and roll band of the 70/80


it is good but at time i couldn't stop laughing oMG that s creazyyyy

The Lost Boys

A new family,the Emerson, arrives from Arizona in California only to discover an incredible reality.The vampires exists.... The lost boys is a cult movie for many and it is comprehensible why since it summarizes the youth code of an era;The 80's with its fashion attitude reality kitsch and It's unstoppable desire for sensation . This desire for sensation could have never been better expressed by an horror movie that was the best representation of this aspiration.Being scared was fun.Thus the 80's were the period of the last century where the horror genre was the most common even though the decades before produced many worthwhile(cult) movies in the same genre too.Then It is not surprising that the lost boys is the cornerstone it is. Though on a pure technical point its realization is not exceptional at all the story and fun screenplay associated to the cool acting the atmosphere and the description of the 80's era give an attractiveness to the movie that is powerful enough to drive the movie and produce a great effect on the viewer.Hence the great attraction of the lost boys.In fact the lost boy is so absolutely cool and stylish that despite the creepy look of the 80's and the very average and awkward realization(which seems to be a trademark of the 80's) it keeps us in for our pure personal pleasure. The lost boys might not be a masterpiece or the scariest and tougher horror movie you could watch but it is definitely the coolest an one of the most enjoyable ever.

The Remains of the Day

This story is heartbreaking and an excellent depiction of another time..It is quiet a finishing world that is presented to us with its fatality and impossibility to change.Full of formalities arguably honour and duty.It's powerfully seen since it goes with the end of the once great British empire;as the end of the empire perfectly matches the end of the values that exited in its time;and the end of world war two.With its opposition between love and duty honour and treason the remains of the day perfectly describes an ERA where personal feelings could not easily prevails. The story of a butler and an housekeeper so committed to their work they refuse Love is a perfect representation of an impossible love and summary of the movie in an era of powerful social values and classes commitment. By it's beautiful realization perfect acting engaging music well made and writing screenplay and cinematography the story shines.knowing how hard the adaptation of a novel is difficult especially on this kind of subject it is worth saying.The movie indeed deserves its praises as a superb description of the nature of man and a work of art.It is a major success. It s difficult to imagine how the movie could have been without the acting of Anthony Hopkins who give to Mr Steven an incredible reality.Hopkins'acting is amazing and there is little doubt that the movie would not have been such a success without him . Now these kind of movies can hardly be appreciated by people who dislike this genre.And The story could not be engaging enough for many due to its slow pace .However for those who get into it there is no doubts this beautiful movie will entertain them to the very end.

The Jerk
The Jerk(1979)

Steve martin is the star of this movie and that's the only reason why you should watch it. It s a guarantee of laughing and that s alone makes the movie .

Soylent Green

soylent green is people!!!!" The story is not that great in his development but it's fairly enjoyable and weird as one can like it..the end is awesome.A good science fiction movie and a real cult movie.

The Silence of the Lambs

"i am having an old friend for diner tonight" The acting is awesome and the story is great the realization stands out and sustains an awesome screenplay.... psychological horror thriller at his very best .Hannibal is crazy!!!!

Nothing But the Truth

Good stuff.Serious suspense thriller with a good cast and a good acting on the increasing and threatening question of the national security.

The Princess Bride

True love exist and I always knew it. A pure pleasure to watch and an absolute classic .fantastic stories never get old .The 80's was not that great in terms of movies if we compare it to the 70's the 20's 30's 40's 50's and 90's but when it comes to classic children and teenagers love and adventurous movies...you Got it for your money... :) IT is more than recommended except if you absolutely hate the genre and even so...try it one day the magic and the humour could take you in.

Stand by Me
Stand by Me(1986)

"I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when i was twelve. Jesus ,Do anyone?" This story of four boys friends who go chasing after a dead body is One of the very best story of the 80's and an engaging and convincing movie about childhood and friendship.With a good story and a smart screenplay stand by me gives an insight we rarely see in this kind of movies, without losing the very spirit of childhood.this way allows the movie to be very mature and to speak to the children and the adults alike. It is fun touching smart meaningful and pleasant at the same time. Further the way the movie was realized allows the movie to age pretty well .The movie is still relevant today as it might have been 30 years ago . In one word It s a great film and it could not be recommended more for those who remember our great childhood once was.


Fun cool and so so British.... though the realization is awkward by moment the imagination and the style of the movie coupled with a very fun screenplay make this English gangster movie a pure pleasure to watch . It s not too far from the Quentin Tarantino style with its exploitation of violence but it got a less romantic and a more comic view. The performances offered by all the actor are great especially Pitt and Alan ford ,they are great. . ...You could never imagine what some people could do for a diamond ...

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

this movie is so so british!!! Four London friend decide to bet their money in a high stakes card game...sure of themselves they don' t evaluate enough this situation that will lead them in the craziest situation you can imagine in the underworld of crime of London. "lock stock and two smoking barrels" is a successful and incredible entertaining movie.Part of that is due to its exceptional imaginative realization and an entertaining and well used music .Further despite an average screenplay it is its entertaining characters and fun story that make the movie so enjoyable.It is really hard to resist to such fun and entertainment. Like the Quentin Tarantino movies violence is almost "worshipped" but in a more fun way with many references to the great movies and directors of the past such as Sergio leone and his once upon a time in the west or akira Kurosawa and its great camera skill.It is very pleasant to see those references that mixed with the good style of the English director create a great style of film making. everything is not perfect here the editing the screenplay and probably the cinematography could have been way better but the style the coolness and the imagination of the story is so high these imperfection are soon forgettable to let the viewer enjoy the movie. It could not be less difficult to recommend a movie as fun and ultimately good as this one. Enjoy!! PS:this movie value will probably increased with time.

District 9
District 9(2009)

Awesome!!! The story of alien who joins earth and i been interned into camps by human being is a great allegory of the human nature and yet one of the best entertaining and action movie of this last five ears. Its imaginative realization and story along with its successfully action scene give it a grip hard to let off.The movie that start lie a mockumentary and documentary turn very fast into an incredible movie which despite using many categories of motion pictures succeeds in creating an unbelievable chemistry.It s almost as if we looked at a new kind of cinema of reality fiction. For his first film Neil blomkamp realized quiet a masterpiece and creates an admiration that will force him to put the level very high for all his next movies.It won t be easy to match this level. Anyway district 9 remains highly enjoyable watchable and an incredible movie with excellent acting realization story and action that should passionate everyone. Enjoy it folks .

Shadow Company

A very well made documentary about the huge place private soldier are taking in modern warfare especially in Iraq.A good watch if you are interesting in what is happening in middle east.

The Killing Fields

one of the best movie about journalism and war ever made

Almost Famous

a little uncool boy in love with rock and roll finds himself in an rock tour with one of his favorite band this unexpected adventure will help him to discover life rock and love in this awesome coming of age movie. This movie is extra.For the subject treated evolves around the end of the classical era of rock and roll and the beginning of the modern one.Through the subject treated we can see how the spirit of rock and roll has changed.it is very well made with an awesome soundtrack acting nice and smart involving story and a touching chemistry that takes you all along the movie.That is what makes "almost famous" so great.. Further the story can relate both on a regular audience and rock and roll lovers -who will find in this enjoyable movie one of the best rock and roll movie ever. A very good movie for everyone with an awesome soundtrack.

Finding Neverland

The story is awesome despite an uneven scrip the acting and the realization make it great to watch.Good film and nice performances by all the cast. Now u should not expect any accuracy from it and read the real life of J.m Barrie to really know how everything happened.

Lars and the Real Girl

The story of Lars lindstrom a young little town man afraid of others and to become a man who falls in love with Bianca a woman he met on internet .This woman will change all his life and bring him on an incredible journey.. This movie is wonderfully original acted and imaginative.Though the script could have been more explicit and explaining about the situation it manages to represent such an incredible and heartfelt situation with talent and without a judgment of any kind to force the message into our mind.The story feels actually more human this way and it is hard not to love it . Now the movie has a special tone and an approach which might not please to everyone but its study of character its haertfelt point of view make it a great watch for anyone ready for it.gosling gave a excellent performance.

Touching the Void

An awesome documentary about Joe Simpson and Simon yates who are the only two climber to successfully reach the top of the magnificent and dangerous siula grande in Peru in the Peruvian Andes.This fiction documentary tells their adventure and its psychological consequences at this time. With a great footage and realization the documentary successfully transmits to the audience the beauty and the outcome of this adventure.In this documentary Kevin MacDonald is a master of his art for our own pleasure and discovering of an exceptional adventure. Everyone should watch this to know what heroes are made of. Further it is difficult no to compare this movie to the excellent 127 hours by Danny Boyle since the two tell an incredible history about survival.In fact both films are so closed that it is most likely sure that any person who liked Dany Boyle's movie will enjoy this documentary .It is a must see.

The Sixth Sense

For a moment i thought i might have found the successor of Alfred Hitchcock. One of the best twist ever made and a really nice story,also the camera work of Mr night shyamalan is of first rate.In m opinion the movie will get better with time in the public eyes and viewers heart. What is sad is that Mr night doesn't seem to make them like this anymore...it s true that not everyone is Hitchcock.

Ip Man
Ip Man(2010)

Yip man is a renowned martial art master who live in the beginning of the 20 century at the time of the Japanese and Chinese war.To support his people against Japanese atrocities and robbers he decides to fight for them and to teach them his famous martial art (the kunfu Wu chu). Though the story is not accurate at all on an historical point of view ip man manages to be an impressive movie with lots of action a good story and impressive martial art.Further the making of the fights are exceptional since fist of legend a few movie has been able to reach that level. About the realization without being exceptional it remains very well made with a rather inclusive and entertaining story.For all this reasons it will be hard not to recommend this movie which if it does not reach the perfection on all levels,succeeds perfectly to entertain us for our best pleasure.The martial art is beautiful. Also the essence of martial art such as honour respect courage and humility are defined as the principal values of the master of his craft;Which brings a fairly feeling good sensation to this great movie.Yes ip man is somehow a good moral tale but with a lot of good action to enjoy.


A good movie and entertainment with a good story great fun acting and good screenplay .Thor is an awesome ride and a very good superhero adaptation. However Though the special effect was necessary and well made they seems too much at time and we wish they were more realistic and descriptive battles .Further the story could have take more place into the movie.This is somehow what makes the difference between it and spider man wolverine and iron man .Nonetheless It doesn't stop The fun and the epic Of the story though for Thor the almighty is great show from the beginning to the end. Only the fan of comic books might be disappointed but not to the point where the movie disappoint them.Thor was not an easy film to do and branagh made it a win win. Everyone should watch it at the theater and in three D .

The Truman Show

Funny but ultimately sad and epic the Truman show is one of the best movies of the 90's.Peter weir directs with an awesome talent this excellent story which is the reflection of the excess of our time and it's power over us..it works on so many levels- from liberty religion true love and truth- it is hard not to praise it. Everything from The screenplay the acting and the music with a remarkable talent work to create An unforgettable movie which will definitely get better with time and probably become a classic.IT is those movie you speak about years later with the same pleasure because they made a mark on you.No one should miss it and for those who didn't see it already they should put it on their higher list for the story of Truman Burbank is a great tale.


Film incroyable avec un suspense et une construction superbe du dà (C)but a la fin qui nous rà (C)vèle une surprise inà (C)dite qui laisse à (C)tonnamment plus de question que de rà (C)ponse a ce thriller superbe.La rà (C)ponse serait d'ailleurs plutôt dans le contenu que le dà (C)roulement de l histoire..En tout les cas ce film ne pourrais et ne saurait être mieux conseiller a tout les amateur du genre et autres cinà (C)philes.Michael aneke est au top de sa forme.


The story of the man who was make freed to allow the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is well known but his desperate fight against faith.In this exceptional bible epic Richard fleisher realization is amazing with an exceptional acting by Anthony queen.However despite all his quality and great entertaining something seems lacking something about the story.It might jut be a matter of opinion but the way the character is portrayed in his inner fight doesn't reach the level of the epic not because of the acting the screenplay or the realization but by lacking of mention in the movie. The movie still remains a very good epic among the best sword and sandals though especially for the fans of the genre with and incredible realization and a good story.

The Verdict
The Verdict(1982)

Franck galvin an old middle age lawyer lives a shameful life before a criminal case comes to him and gives him the desire to make things right for once. This movie is excellent and one of the few Sidney lumet realized outside of new York.Though it doesn't stand like an great classic it remains one of the finest movie in the genre you can find and a entertaining movie.With a excellent script acting and direction the verdicts conveys an absolute message about justice we find all along the work of Sidney lumet .I couldn't recommend this movie more than what i am doing now for it is very gripping .Definitely one of the best court drama around

The Fall of the Roman Empire

The movie is the prequel to gladiator which is much more involving emotionally and morally but less grandiose and historical.For the fall of the roman empire is a great epic that explains, with many changes about the real history, the reasons from where the roman empire started its downfall...at the time of the greatest of the" five good emperors",Marc aurele. The realization of the movie is outstanding with amazing costumes and decoration.And though the movie is very long the screenplay the cinematography the acting and decoration captive you until the very end.In fact Very few epic movies can stand the magnificence of this movie on an aesthetic point of view.And for this reason alone It is probably one of the best historical epic movie ever made.The mistakes we can see in the movies at time such as the editing and the music(without exaggeration) do not stop the story and the excellent screenplay to keep you in even though some deeper development could have been made about Rome. Thus it is interesting to discovers the excellent point of view adopted by the director to explain why this great empire felt in the memory of history.Corruption greed and destiny seems to be his points.It s very interesting and despite the movie's old fashioned style it is one of the best sword and sandal you might see if you have the patience and the interest for it. It s almost like a pure descriptive work of art as if viewers were watching history from afar .A bit like a painting we are exterior to it and not a part of it.It can be very annoying as many spectator might not feel involved enough in the story but it is a guilty and memorable pleasure for those who get into it.It is indeed a masterpiece. PS:A blind and death man can determine the destiny of an empire when the gods decided it.Nothing even the greatest of all empire can escape time.

Paris Je T'aime

C'est une idà (C)e remarquable d'utiliser paris comme la ville de l 'amour pourtant paris est très peux montrer et sa richesse culturelles aussi...En un mot ce film est bourres de cliche et ressemble plus a une video touristique et faussement multiculturelle et tristement mondialiste plutot qu qu'autre chose.. Cependant quelque histoire sorte du lot par leur originalità (C) et leur rà (C)el description de paris.La bastille Pigalle Montmartre et l histoire de l'immigrà (C)e amà (C)ricaine sont indà (C)niablement les plus entrainante et proche du concept de dà (C)part.Le reste est ennuyeux avec pour exception le court mà (C)trage de weir qui malgrà (C) son cliche s'avère touchant au final. Les raisons qui expliquent l'insuffisance du film sont le peu de descriptions de la richesse de paris et de son influence sur les protagoniste des histoires.On a l impression d'une ville plate et froide ce qui malgrà (C) la lourdeur et le manque d air dont on souffre souvent a paris est loin d'être le cas.C est D'ailleurs l'une des raisons pour laquelle le premier court mà (C)trage est sans aucun doute le meilleur car il reprà (C)sente a lui tout seul et d'une manière rà (C)aliste ce que le film aurait du être et finalement n'est pas. L'avis semble un peu dur mais il est juste.Pour quelqu'un qui connais paris le film peut và (C)ritablement paraitre ennuyeux et vide d'autant que pas mal d histoire son presque inintà (C)ressante.Pour les autres par contre ils trouverons surement le film rà (C)ussie et c'est très dommage car cette vision de paris est infiniment rà (C)ductrice.

Jason and the Argonauts

Old style of realization and special effect but a great editing entertainment and story make the adventure worth for people who like sword and sandal epic especially the ones about the Greek mythology.Jason and the Argonauts tell a rather classic story but for once with a lot of respect to the original story.While enjoying the movie you actually learn some real culture and question yourself about the condition of man during the Hellenistic era.It s the eternal battle between man and destiny. Jason and the Argonauts is very entertaining and though very old fashioned very gripping if you can pass over the old kind of realization. In fact For people who like good story and old epic cinema it is a must see and for the rest, well gave it a try you might enjoy it more than you think.

The Secret of Kells

The story of Brendan who is fascinated by the mysterious book of kells and decides to help aidan of iola to achieve it is a beautiful religious tale and a perfect description of light against darkness and knowledge versus ignorance.It s very powerful to see knowledge as being hope and light for humanity. On a pure technical and artistic level the secret of kells is amazing .It bring back the old fashioned style of animation but with new features in it and a wonderful animation.You cannot make it better .Only the story fails short to achieve the greatness of the animation.Somehow because of the length of the story and its lack of development at some point.However the secret of kells still remains Absolutely beautiful and entertaining with one of the most haunting story ever. Now ,Though It is not certain this animated film could resonate into the mind of the youngest children its beauty and haunting story full of hope and magic definitely captivate the viewer.Thanks t an amazing story telling and art work. In fact,let say The secret of kells is definitely the most beautiful animated film of 2009 next to UP and a must see for everyone.

The Royal Tenenbaums

The story of royal tanenbaum father of three who by his attitude becomes the supposed reason for all the tragedies happening in his family. Despite their long term separation and his great selfishness his loneliness and jealousy force him to reconnect with his family for the best and the worst . wes Anderson is a very good director with a real talent and imagination.Th way the story telling was realized and edited is just brilliant the imagination behind the movie is particularly pleasant and the script and acting very touching .It s really a pure pleasure to watch and a lovable bitter sweet feel good story ;which seems to be the trademark of wes Anderson since Rushmore. then the royal tanenbaum is a very good but despite all these qualities and the undeniable pleasure of the movie something lacks from it to make it as good as Rushmore or an unforgettable tale. It s hard to tell what it is since on a technical point everything is very well made with a fine screenplay and acting .Its perhaps the way the feeling has been described.Somehow the character doesn't relate enough to us which is different from what he did in Rushmore.Further the story itself seems too light in the way it is told even though it remain well made and pleasant. Anyway it s a good movie with a attaching characters and a touching story tells in a very special and pleasant way which succeeds very well to show us the conflict bounds of a family and their real meaning.

Ghost World
Ghost World(2001)

Extremely smart well acted and touching the story of eny and becky describes the misery of life and lack of authenticity we have in our modern world with his consumerism and social order.The screenplay and the excellent realization stand out and give an intelligent and meaningful adaptation of one of the greatest comic book ever.Ghost world is not for pure and easy entertainment but a conscientious and funny movie made for thinking.Then,It might not please to everyone but for those who get it,It will be unforgettable.The end is so powerful and debatable that it is to the viewer to make it.Very powerful movie indeed.


This story about the almost impossible story of the US hockey team in the Olympic games of 1979 is one of the best sport tale you could see.It s happening in a time of conflict economic crisis and the cold war makes it one of the more entertaining and inspiring story to watch.With an awesome acting by Kurt Russel a very good alchemy among the cast a basic but very efficient realization Miracle grabs you in to make you a part of the beautiful adventure of this incredible team and its coach.No feel good movie could be more recommended especially if you like sport and hockey for all the pleasure and the inspiration you get from it. Something great about this movie is that You realize how epic sport is in our society and the power it has over a nation.It s a must watch.

Sweet Sixteen

This is were lead ken loach realism to a clear and powerful definition of life. in this drama full of poignancy ken loach shows the reality in which the difficulty of life can lead us .There is not too much to say about this movie except that it s one of he best the fair expectation and hope of a teenager cruelty of life and wrong choices leads to an inevitable conclusion.In fact we can see it fro the beginning but what matters here is the way it is shown and told .Sweet sixteen is a powerful human tale. ken loach is One of the best director by far in the cinematic world today.

Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist(1951)

Who doesn't know the story of Oliver twist needs to go and borrow the book at the library because that an absolute beautiful classic for the ages. hence the fact that, every cinema geek who has read the book certainly knows how hard its adaption can be.That s why this adaptation deserves all its praises.The realization by David lean is near perfection by the power used to catch the atmosphere, the making of the story telling acting editing and most of all the cinematography.The source material is very well respected. This movie is the best adaptation of Oliver twist.Therefore with this facts it is very hard to deny the statute of classic and great adaptation of the David lean version of the Charles dickens novel. However despite all the success and the real pleasure the movie gives it doesn't catch the feelings the novel creates inside the reader;This particular feelings that makes Oliver twist so memorable despite all its great features and artistic skills .It is at this point that despite its success the movie fails short to be incredible and amazing. The magic of the book is not found in the movie despite its quality. Saying this the conclusion is obvious the best things to do remain to read the mere source of this classic tales ,Oliver twist the book by Charles Dickens.


It is true the movie got some cliches and common acting with a too easy screenplay but it's tenderness and magic actually works .And that's enough to spend a good time

Raining Stones

ken loack did it again with this story of a working class man who decides to buy the best dress ever for the communion of his daughter. As usual we got the interesting and social point of view of ken lauch about the difficulties that lye in a particular social class.It use his great realizm to make his description asreal as it can be to convey his story.It's remarkable and we can hardly miss the social context in which the story takes place.further the story is gripping and the message at the end is powerful. Now despite the talent the cinema of ken loach i snot for everyone on first sight but at the end it remains a great and powerful cinema very engaging and social.


Pleasant version of jane austen's classic novel.The story of emma woodhouse and her matchmaking attempt to marry everyone is a must see and reading work.For the performances are lovable and the direction is well done... However ,the screenplay is not that awesome .It could have been way bette especially when seeing the other adaptation of jane austen's works.It still remains a very solid adaptation though considering the fact that it is a made for TV adaptation.If you like this kind of movie you will probably like it.

X-Men: First Class

i would be lying if i said this movie was not good.the acting the realization and the story is a success.The only problem is despite the awesome ending the lack of fight and this impression that they wanted to put so much material in the movie that sometimes it looks too much,as if they didn't have time to develop..which is true by the way.it is still a major film and a good x men.The story is very gripping .

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre(2011)

Who does not know the powerful love story of jane eyre and mister Rochester .Jane eyre by Charlotte Bronte is a great classic of the English and one of the great tale of love in the western literature. In this cinematographic adaptation Cary fugunaga realizes a successful modern adaptation of the great novel.It s modern tone its good screenplay and the talent of the cast make it a pure pleasure to watch.further The cinematography is captivating ,by giving this mysterious and fascinating atmosphere as well as special trademark to this new version .It is pretty difficult not to like it.


Everyone like this movie and for a good reason.The good and complex screenplay and art direction are great.it confirms the talent of Anderson who is clearly among the best director of our time with the Cohen brothers and some else... however despite the complex nice realization and story the movie is overlong and the supposed interaction between the characters and divine providence does not look so fortunate.. it s more the talent of the director of the cast and the complexity of the construction of the story that make it a good watch.the theme itself introduced in the movie doesn't reach its expectation. It seems that most people disagree on that but i do think it mostly comes from the fascination of the style of the work than its matter itself. Anderson style is just amazing and that s why people like this movie but in fact It s like a writer with an amazing style realizing a work without soul..trying hard to achieve a theme with a great talent but missing somehow its point. In this movie it s more the idea and the style of Anderson which is great than the movie itself.That does not mean that the movie is a failure but that he does not reach enough what was expected to be done. the movie does not match hard height or they will be blood in any way even though it still remain a good watch with awesome idea and a great realization .

Duck Soup
Duck Soup(1933)

"He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you. He really is an idiot." groucho marx This is awesome.This story hapening on freedonia is not extraordinary but the talent of the marx brothers makes it a pure enjoyable piece.It makes looks akward at first because it s another era of cinerma and time but the talent and the humour are so great that you just enjoy it from the beginning to the end.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

lets talks about the screenplay which deceived me in the part one well they improved it .The story was more well told and more engaging with an awesome acting and some great action taking place in an awesome world. Having say this the story still does not quite make it without the acting and the action the story would have not make it.many time in the movie you don't understand why and how .You just keep following the actors from place to place and the movie'story itself seems far from the title and its importance for the actual story After being blow away by the special effect the awesome world and the good acting everything fades away.Many time it s not necessary to know everything in the original story to make a good adaptation but the main track and logic should remain and the purpose of the story kept. Here you lose your mind only those who read the story can actually love it and keep track or those who don t care about the common sens.I know it for being fantasy but even so a story though has to make enough sens especially harry potter.It remains a good show but nothing unforgettable. We are far from the actual awesome quality of the book which is far more exiting and better or in the same category movies such as lord of the rings and star wars.In my opinion this movie is only for fan and i m too smart to act like one for this last part of harry potter's movies.Nothing memorable.


i won t talk about the direction and the screenplay...it s not a masterpiece at all but the story is actually interesting with a good acting and some nice action.In other word it s not a must watch but a good afternoon movie.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

It been a long time since a good movie like that hitted the theater.With an awesome realisation a very good screenplay and good acting you get what you expect from your money.Since the beginning of the summer it is the most compelled movie to come to the theater.duncan jones add another good movie to his works and we can only expect him to do mor ermovie in this way.The quality and the thrill are all there and it works.Recommanded movie for everyone.


another good movie by weir ,very enigmatic and touching .It is a fascinating work about death .With a simple but powerful made direction a good screenplay and a first rate acting peter weir realize a powerful movie.here the experience of Death is represented as a liberation something close to the divine which after a time cuts us from reality of life.Fearless is remarkable and fascinating at the same time leading you in directions you can hardly understand for appealing you better.The movie is Good and despite the 80's kind of realization(which is weird for a movie of the end of the 90's) it is indeed a powerful one.

Cowboys & Aliens

what to say?? it is hard to like a movie and then to know he doesn't reach the standart it was supposed to especialy with so fine actors and a good director.The screenplay is very basic the realization not as good as expected for this kind of movie and despite an awesome acting and special effect the movie fails to be epic and even very good.cowboys and aliens is not bad but it i snot just great it's the kind of movie you have to be a fan to appreciate it cus many things are lacking that s why it is recommanded to only those who don't care too much about realization and the good fan.Hopfully i am one.

Captain America: The First Avenger

A Good movie and even a very Good one.All kind of audiance will love it(yes even the hard fans) .The special effecst are great the acting is very good and the realization makes sens and conveys the story perfectly.It s probably with thor an the first iron man the best super heroes movie in years.It fails short to be epic though maybe or probably because there is too much to say for such a comic heroes .It is more than recommanded and i can t wait to see teh avengers. PS:don't miss the very ending after the tribute it is worth the price :)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The movie is awesome.And a nice beginning to an awesome saga.The storytelling though a little bit simplistic is good and appealing especially because of the theme itself which is very well represented by the good editing and and very good realization. Beside the acting is good and even very good when you think many scenes played by the principal characters are just made without real apes.however the real star of this movie is the special effect.It s incredible.Watching the reality given to the conception of this computer made characters is just a blow in the mind. Computer realization have been known to do images like these for a long time but since the lord of the ring with golum;A computer conception on screen, so great, has been rarely seen .It s truly amazing.I can't recommend this movie more as it is very entertaining exiting pleasant and well made.Beside it is probably the best action movie of the summer. Nonetheless,the critic forces to tell that the lack of depth in the story and drama on the human side according to what is happening doesn't have enough emphasis .There is some good scenes about that but not enough.This kind of events is too huge to not show his consequences on the human side.Plus the principal relation in the movie could had been more worked out. The apes side however is well made. anyway it remains awesome and It is for now the best action movie of the summer.

American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein

There is nothing to understand better the person finkelstein is absolutely nothing to understand what moves him and the power if his message.However if his action speak for him sometimes he looks suffering.I m wondering if this fight won t finish to drive him mad.One thing is sure the people he is fighting don't appreciate his sayings.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

Good movie .You spent a good times with it...the direction and the acting are great.If the story is not new and exceptional the action and the characters associated to a good realization makes it a good one to watch both at the theater and at home on the big screen .It reminds of the fun movie of the 80's like the goodies, lost boys and so on..it s great fun to watch it.With plenty of action and some good morality it's a very good watch truly Advised to everyone.J J abrams is definitively a good movie maker the kind to follow.h

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

Moving funny touching and real with an awesome acting- especially by Hoffman -and a very good realization and adaptation of a a great story.You have it all in this incredible and touching road and redemption movie.A movie you can always watch and re-watch. It maybe too cheesy but unless you are as hard as a Neil you cannot dislike it.In fact you will probably like it.One of the best movies of the 80's.

Rebel Without a Cause

This story is more than actual and it still hold perfectly despite its old age,in fact its quality of realization and acting are so great it s subject and his topic so relevant and actual that you cannot dislike this movie.You cannot deny it its title of classic and must watchable movie. In this classic tale the frustration of a generation and its terrible reaction to a society without any real meaning equilibrium and father figure is perfectly described.The lack of a clear understandable and meaningful path for the youth lead to their own destruction and/OR REBELLION(in that sens rebel without a cause is the representation of all the generation after the world war two). However it is in fact a entire society which is portrayed behind the characters of the fathers and its consequences on an entire generation as the identity crisis undergone by the principal characters could apply to an entire generation and era,an era that still last today. Indeed rebel without a cause with its poignant and moving story show the apparition of a class that didn't exist before( the teenager) who is looking for himself in a society where the meaning of family has lost much of his idealistic sense despite its apparent reality. This is a must see.

Nagaya shinshiroku (Record of a Tenement Gentleman)

A tenement gentleman found a lost boy he decides to bring with him for being take care of by some of his friend .All refused but Chouko Iida who decides to keep him until she can get ride of the little boy(Hohi Aoki). Many time we heard that the simple story are the best.It could be argued but when it comes to tell such stories nothing is harder.IN this simple tale ozu realized a masterpiece of cinema by making one of the simplest but yet memorable and beautiful story to watch and proved his unique talent.The task to make a story so simple and linear so beautiful ,appealing and captivating is without comparison.As someone said the extraordinary is to find in the ordinary.Yasujiro ozu reminds us of that hence realizing one of the best ode to life made in cinema history.This has a lot to do with his particular way to realize movie which looks a lot like the old silence movie but in fact, it is truly his capacity to capture feeling and emotion that makes this movie a pure beauty and a great ode to family and human relationship.Two scenes are memorable,the one where all people in the area gather and play music in one of the best scene to be made in cinema and the scene on the bridge.It is amazing and truly poetic in a sense that you really feel your heart taken into these experiences;only a few directors could do that. Indeed,This movie is wonderful and ozu one of the best.After watching this movie there is only one thing coming on your lips,thanks master OZU thanks to remind us despite the difficulty of life the beauty of it. This is a much watch for all real fan of classic movies of the white and black era.

The Guard
The Guard(2011)

this movie has this special Irish touch and a so enjoyably realization and cast it is hard to dislike it.The story in itself bring a lot of pleasure by its double play between cynicism serious thrilling and sentimental side it is a great movie in that sens.Further it keeps a rather simplistic touch that makes it very special.The evolution of the principal character is awesome and it is excellent to watch. i advice it for anyone but be ready for a different kind of movie especially in it s realization which is very English like.

The Messenger

It is a great account of the consequences of war on soldiers when they got back home.It s very touching and you can feel all they emptiness war created in them.It is deep well realized and with an excellent acting.If we don't focus on the greater depiction of war it goes on describing the emotion and the pain it creates.IT is a poignant movie very particular but a very good one. The movie looks very real indeed and it is one of his strength and for many what makes it so hard to watch at time.

The Killing
The Killing(1956)

There is nothing memorable in this film but the fact it is awesomely told captivating realized executed acted and written .IT seems contradictory but it explains perfectly the feeling you get from it.It is not grand but great.Great enough to be a masterpiece of story telling and realization.You can't do a movie better than that.It is a masterpiece.Kubrick made of this simple story an incredible ride; one of the best movie in its kind and probably one of the best Kubrick too(which means a lot).HIS use of camera is so exceptional and flawless,the story so well written and captivating you can't leave it.We almost reach perfection here and the movie couldn't be more absorbing and the end-what a end !-more fantastic and ironic.This is art,so much that you can only praise the filmmaker and ask for more(encore encore!!)Kubrick is a genius ! Further,the reason why the movie is not grand comes from this fact that the movie don't use an incredible realization(in a technological sense) and an extraordinary story(though the screenplay is awesome) to succeed.And that is fine because it truly demonstrates that money is not an obligation to make awesome movies and how Stanley Kubrick was talented both as a screenwriter and a filmaker. Anyway ,The killing is certainly one of the most influential crime movie in western cinema and definitely an exceptional piece,probably among the very best of its kind.And In fact it is so great "it would be a sin" for any crime thriller movie or Stanley Kubrick fan not to watch it. Watch it!

Temple Grandin

The movie can look awkward at the beginning with its rather simple realization But very effective at the end ;with an engaging feel good AND inspirational story and a great acting(the performance by Claire Danes is great). Moreover it s an excellent biopic about an amazing character we ought need to know for her work and achievement,THE GREAT temple Grandin, and a good inquiries of autism.further The movie succeed by achieving a great insight on many levels,which is rather rare nowadays. The effect of autism,the relationships,the emotions and the psychological part of the principal characters are very well portrayed and conveyed.Truly with temple Grandin we have one of the best biography pleasant and intelligent story out there.It is one of the very best movie of 2010 in the north American hemisphere and it could not be more recommended than that.It is a must see for everyone.


This movie is awesome but not for the reason we could think of.It is not the story or the screenplay that make it but the acting and the way the scenes are set up together the music and the mastering of the realization.It is a kind of a movie experience where everything is about style(that s one of the reason people might or might not like it) .The script is very minimal and it is truly its fashion and its style that makes it so great.However its slow pace or rather special one might disturb many especially for those expecting a classic action movie.Further the violence can be at time over exaggerated which somehow diminishes the value of the movie.Anyway drive remains a very good watch and a experience recommended to everyone.

Before the Rain (Pred dozhdot)

A beautiful movie! made of a deep touching and meaningful story about the circle of violence in Macedonia.You understand all the tragedy of the Balkan region.Beautiful movie indeed.The contrast between the beauty of landscape current life and violence is so powerful that it almost merge you in it .It s truly artistic in its simplicity and beauty and ultimately gripping smart and moving.This is a classic of the 90's For what it means and for the story it tells.

Batman: Under the Red Hood

It is special very dark but it all works pretty well for this dc animation film.A great manhood love story who turned into despair under the moral code of the dark night! A must see!

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Fun lol one of the best in the kind for a long time!!!


The movie in itself is great as powerful and real a story about a true genius (peter helfghot) could be.The actors the screenplay the editing story telling and realization are great.However the accuracy about the life of Peter Helfgott is doubtful on many point.For that matter it is hard to compare it to a biopic such as Temple Grandin. It still remains a great movie to watch with an artist to discover. PS:(for the classical music fan)One of the best part in the movie is when we see the effect of the Rachmaninoff concerto number three on him.It s incredible.And despite its exaggeration it shows how hard playing this great compositor is incredible.


hope you don't have a CarrieL around you...

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Cute and funny movie.Many funny jokes and a good script. However The problem remains that the story is too common. We have seen too much of that.It adds nothing to the genre. also a few irrelevant sexual scenes could have seriously been avoided.It s really boring and annoying when you go to watch a movie and some irrelevant sexual or violent scenes just pops up for no reason .If i wanna watch an erotic or porn movie i'll just rent one.Other than that it's a good watch but nothing memorable.Romantic comedy at an above average level.

Mulholland Drive

This is probably one of the best portrayal of Hollywood glamor.With an incredible talent Lynch push the art of cinema to the point of the richest novel with his amazing dark tone and mastering of camera.Everything in this movie is so meaningful .It's a cinema to keep your mind in and a pure artistic work of art ,that s amazing.The style the acting and the meaningful story are so great and devastating that you can only praise its director.Trough the subjects of self esteem guilt innocence vengeance dream and love and by using all of his medium to the most insignificant object, Lynch shows how Hollywood can be misleading dangerous and destructive for anyone rushing after it .It is a sad tale but meaningful ;one said with a great talent.Of course it remains difficult to understand especially without putting his mind in enough to think about everything but as all the great work of art without having to be explained or understand it fascinate interests and ultimately attracts and convey a great beauty . This is perhaps despite some default the greatest strength of this movie.

My Neighbor Totoro

Beautiful realization,storytelling with a touching and magical story = a great tale. miyazaki, did it again :P.
ps:ghibli for ever :D

Fright Night
Fright Night(2011)

The movie is chilling and fun.However if you are not easy going and looking for great story and perfect entertainment...you will miss the point.Otherwise it a very enjoyable one perfect for a afternoon or a date...and yes beware your neighbor could be a vampire ....

Layer Cake
Layer Cake(2005)

good and enjoyable movie .The British gangster style of this movie rocks even though it' s not an masterpiece the story is pleasant enough meaningful and well made. a good watch especially if you like the English gangster type of movie.


Pure politics drama as goods as it can be;good realization good story well know fact good screenplay and good acting..and ultimately effective.I could never recommend this movie more.A great tribute to real journalism AND DENUNCIATION OF CORRUPTION AND POLITICAL MANIPULATION WITHOUT HYPOCRISY..A must see!

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa(1986)

awesome movie about the description of the underworld of prostitution....it s well made with a great acting and story.Everything suits well without being exaggerated(except one scene or two) Itr s a nice story and a must watch for growing teenager and everyone above that age.Nice story.

A Little Princess

Nothing near the emotion of the anime or the novel but emotional touching absorbing and enchanting enough for pleasing you to the very end.A little princess is a enjoyable and lovable movie to watch again and again alone with his girl Friend or the all family.

Late Spring
Late Spring(1949)

The master is able to catch the beauty of everyday life in an outstanding poetry .He possessed what I call the art of making boredom entertaining poetic touching and ultimately brilliant.For this reason alone his movie is a must see even though the story at the core is what finally captive us by its universal humanity,and the discovering of the japan of the post war era. Ozu made it again.

Matchstick Men

liked it really smart and well made.It is a bit easy at time and slow paced.But the result is good. IT s a good watch at home.

The Square
The Square(2010)

We have kind of see that before but it remains a good watch with a nice realization screenplay and interesting story.Though slow paced i ultimately grabs you in and deliver a pleasant watch and incredible message.It s good.Not an absolutely watch but a nice one to watch.

The Long Goodbye

an awesome realization and a good acting.The only problem is that the story though very well made might seem too common. however It still remains a very good watch and an enjoyable one especially because of his realization and acting.It is one of Altman best and i can only recommend it it you like the neonoir kind of detective movie.

The Elephant Man

Touching and moving .For once David lynch settles to make us a touching and moving story about john(in fact Joseph) Merrick .The cinematography the realization and the editing are great and they all serve a moving story with an incredible and powerful message.You cannot watch this movie without being touched and move inside and think that it sometimes happens that human hide a terrible and frightening monster.Humanity is not always where you think it is. john hurt is awesome and Hopkins excellent as usual. It s a must see but preferably from high school grown up and more... The end is heartbreaking.

In the Loop
In the Loop(2009)

A very Good movie well made with a nice explanation of the relation between the different government of England and United state before a declaration of war in the UN.It is interesting and powerful in the sens that it shows the tragedy and inability of our systems toward the major events of our time. It s like we cannot do much in face of our problems. It is not recommended for everyone though since it is rather slow paced and requires some attention. at last in this movie, The acting is fun and good with a good screenplay.


This is a classic and arguably the second best pixar movies ever and one of the most meaningful movie you can watch.The message is true and deep.It is about time to get it clear about the way our society works and most of all we have to take care of the earth.Nonetheless i have a serious critic about the way pixar see the world in this anime,it is kind of cliche. United state is still the center of the earth and much more than a united state point of view we have the idea that the only people on earth are all us citizen which is clearly overstated and a bias view especially for this kind of film.| Anyway it is a success on almost every level and CERTAINLY modern classic.

Puss in Boots

I saw it with mys sister and it was a great pleasure.Nothing is in this movie you have not seen before but the nice realization animation and story make it a good watch for all the family.Be careful ,you might want to be a hero after this yeah puss in boot!!!


rate:B Simple but effective realization with an very good cast and a nice screenplay about a subject very hard to treat especially with an appropriate tone .Therefore as a drama comedy about cancer it succeed very well on conveying and presenting a touching story in a light and bittersweet manner by promoting the value of friendship family and true love. Without being memorable it still remain a fair and meaningful watch everyone will certainly enjoy, and learn from. Very recommended. PS:the soundtrack is worth mentioning.


Warrior is very compelling and emotionally charged.Though pretty much simple straightforward and basic the story delivers a deep emotional and meaningful message that carry the viewer to the end.The.Clearly warrior is not an action film many could expect but rather a story using sport to set up a family reconciliation which is worth watching .It works great and the viewer is never deceived especially by the acting and the very nice realization which give life to the movie.In fact ,Only the story fails short to deliver what could be expected Sadly nothing is perfect and the spectator are lucky enough to go enjoy a pleasant and well made film with meaningful message and sport worth discovering.In my opinion that is enough to recommend it.

Höstsonaten (Autumn Sonata)

Bergman like ozu has an incredible power to express human feelings one is more wordy than another but the result is the same a powerful description of the human heart.In autumn sonata Bergman drew a piece that is deep and meaningful;A powerful and moving presentation of family relationship, human misery, love and forgiveness autumn sonata strikes the heart in an successful and rewarding attempt to describe the contradictions of men.

Win Win
Win Win(2011)

We need more movie like this.Giamatti and Shaffer is great and the story makes a lot of meaning..IT is touching meaningful and rewarding.Down to earth and intelligent,There is a lot of heart in this movie and it could not be recommended more.Though It is low paced and rather simple with a realization that might annoy some it is ultimately a very good watch.One of the most meaningful movie of the year.

The Ides of March

While being interesting and captivating,the movie doesn't reveal much.in fact i found it a bit light knowing what true politic is.The problem is that we are expecting a movie revealing the dirty world of politic campaign but end up focusing on a personal story.It is quiet disturbing. Especially with the flow of the movie(we don't know until the middle of it where we are going on)nevertheless the story holds up very well and the acting is of first rate which allows us to enjoy the movie from the beginning to the end. It is a good movie.

Dolphin Tale
Dolphin Tale(2011)

enjoyable and nice for the all familly :) liked it.


Whatever happens to us bad or good we can always find a place we call home and makes dreams come true.Hugo Cabre will prove it to you in this beautiful ode to cinema by martin Scorsese.Enjoy the ride.

Hugo is not a masterpiece but captivating and done with talent mastering and undeniable passion; especially through the realization and the theme of the movie.You cannot help but enter into it especially if you are a cinema lover.However if the movie and the story are a pleasure to watch and follow. it is not as emotionally involving and entertaining as Someone might have expected .IT is not the ride one might expect due to the way it is presented but it is so well made and fascinating through its subject it ultimately captivates the viewer.

Watership Down

Touching and memorable story about courage hope solidarity friendship and rabbits. watership down in an old classic but rewarded style tells one of the best story in animation movie history.The realization tough it might seems slow paced in comparison of today's anime has one of the best editing and story telling ever.It is a great film for everyone and all the family and especially for anime lovers.

The Producers

An old producer tries to set up an unsuccessful piece to become rich and have the good life.For he decides to convince the accountant in charge to survey him to work with him...

The movie is very well made .The realization the cinematography the editing and the acting are really great.Further we have here an amazing screenplay.However it is truly the great ability of the actors that makes this story funny as it is.There is plenty moment of fun.

Somehow this movie is different from blazing saddle and the twelve chairs and it s another way of making us laugh that me brooks uses.It s interesting and very enjoyable.The jokes are more mature and smart with a story that take much part than before into the realization of the movie.it is different but it works .

On another scale this movie is an ode by brook to the comedies and shows of Broadway and the magic they brought to people.It s very lovable and funny if you watch.and truly a great film .Now it all depends your taste un matter of jokes.

Soldaat van Oranje (Soldier of Orange) (Survival Run)

One of the best war movie ever made.I watched it all along and i was so into it that when i see the intermission i was shocked as if i just watched 30 minutes of the movie and that to me is the secret of the great movie they keep you into the story line no matter what.Now this movie is very patriotic and liberal in politic and it just shows the point of view of the deutch resistance through the group of friends depicted in the movie,it could have been more deep and with more details, but i guess it was not its purpose in the first place.In fact this movie was made to show the reactions and attitudes of a group of men during the war for what they believe in.on this matter the movie does pretty well with an awesome direction and a first class acting.verhoeven the director is at his best.

The Incredibles

hmm how to tell you that..??? this movie is so gud!!! and fun!! the first pixar i saw and..one of the coolest movie ever!! i love the iuncredible lol!!!...i wanna be a super heroe too now!!!

Come and See (Idi i smotri)

There is a scene where a german soldier enters into a village house filled with many famillies afraid by the german soldiers.He looks at all the crowd before the master of the house proposes him with a huge deference and humility sitting at the main table and starts serving him as a pupet does it with its master.No one is talking,and from this terrible scene two things suddenly come to comprehension appear to mind like a revelation: The inexplicable fear of the people and insensitive comtemptuousness of the german master;whereas like a bothering and insignificant noise the move of the army,from outside reachs our ears.

This one of the scene of come and see and by itself it is a masterpiece.Come and see is without doubt one of the very best war movie ever made.Elem klimos is a real artist who succeds by showing you -from the civilians point of view -almost all the aspects of the war and adding to it the psychological fear and despair that appear in this situation.It is a moving tale about a young boy who will grow up to become a man in the most crual situation a man can live.the music is gripping the visual is stunning .War is an horror movie perhaps the worst of all.As say the title come and see and you will never forget.

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

May love be eternal .never forget to bring some Romanticism in your relationship and some games ...or you could finish without living the passion of your life on this earth.this movie is cool for a rainy afternoon or some night with your girl friend.It could have been better but you spend a good time if you like easy light funny movie.I do :) Marriages can be cool at time :P


a bit overated but packed with action and a gud story i enjoyed it i think this movie is all about its aesthatic :P more than everything else even though the story has a gud start and ast

The Losers
The Losers(2010)

i know i should not give it that much but the idea is awesome. the screenplay is a bit too easy ad the cinematography kind of suck at time but there is some entertainement in it.I rather like it but it is not definetely the best in its kind.The losers lacks a lot coherence at many time but it is still watchable especialy if you like this kind of movie which is the reasojn y i rather liked it.The soundtrack is pretty gud and i like the graphics coming at time it is awesome! now i ll say sin city and kick ass were way better and i am waiting for another movie like this one but well made.

Street Kings
Street Kings(2008)

OK the movie does not have the best screenplay one can find.There is also many in this range which are far more better but the performance are stunning and there is ome truth behind this movie that gripped you to the end.I saw enough movies to know that gud acting does not make a movie exept when the movie is all about the characters in that case when you have this kind of cast the cinematography becomes less important and the movie enjoyable enough to take you in it.that s what street kings does and it does it pretty well.It s not a masterpiece but with it s all star cast and it s theme it does it well enough trust me.

Vantage Point

i know it s a cliche movie one of the worst you can find but it is entertaining and with some gud action.I am not gonna lie i did like it..i know...but the idea is gud and i like denis quaid movies. i have to give him a chance isn it ?? :P

She's Out of My League

there is quiet a few gud moment in it but....i already see better in this kind.It s ok if you really have nothing else to do .it s not that it s not enjoyable but when you are use to this kind of movie it s very basic.if you are easy go for it if not...forget it.

Children of Men

How comes that a group of men will fight to death to save a pregnant woman?Is she the mother of the messiah or some exceptional human being? If you think this you are not so far from the reality .However you cannot be more far from it as this movie is not a religious attempt to describe a future but rather a pragmatic and touching statement of what our humanity Could become by the choice we are making now.What will happen if we continue to use OGM or disgusting food and dangerous drugs like we do it today??.IS it actually actually worth it?This movie really succeed by questioning our values and morality on those subjects that underline the tale of this story .The movie gives us an answer :we could merely destroy ourself and without being able to protect life and to value it we will surely be destroyed.Yes!we can definitely say that this movie is a philosophical one and therefore a religious one since it questions our humanity...but it does it without being preachy and by only telling a beautiful story.That is why it is so relevant.This is a classic and definitely one of the best science fiction movie of the last ten years.I Love It and recommend it to everyone from 6 years old children to 96 old men.Amen!


The movie makes sens and it is well told.It s not a cheesy love story for teenager but rather a funny good insight at what love really is in our young age.It s funny touching really light and kind of just in the way it describes teenager love.The acting is good an the realization too.It could have been more joke and good music and with less stereotype in the way that many teenager romantic comedies always talks about a "loser or a geek" who falls in love with a hot girl...it could be otherwise.Anyway this story about a eisenberg who will live his first real love story and get into adulthood is a beautiful story about coming of age.If you like senseless light romantic comedies movie with some sad moment adventureland is for you :D it did for me so why not for you...?

Full Metal Jacket

This is how it starts,you arrive in an kind of barber shop in the marine corps recruit depot island name parris and there you discover a group of young boy ready to become marine during the vietnam war...some seventies gud song playing in the background.. The movie is awesome ,the cinematography and the realisation are from a master and the screenplay is perfect .it will be hard to find a movie which describe better the spirit of the marines and the soldiers of united state army during the seventees.full metal jacket is the expression an era from the mind of a master and an acurate observator of this time.All feelings are manifested in this movie you laugh you are disgusted and revolted but at each second the movie goes by you question yourself the meaning of this marines ducation.It may not seems to be but humanity is at stake in this movie.The poster of the movie says it all by showing the conflict between the motto born to kill and the desire of peace of the main character alias joker...The story is quite interesting with its two parts the first one being probably the favourite for showing how an army education can bring someone to a mind breaking point.The propaganda made to create a marine corp is absolutely incredible and hard to sustain.They want killer and even if many scene are definetely funny and well acted you get moved to the upmost by the trainning.Only stanley kubrick could have made something so powerful and catchy at the same time using a definetely funny character named gomer pyle (alias private leonard)to increase the tragedy of the marines training camp.The beginning is a peace of art with an exeptionaly acting by R.lee ermey.it always be remenbered of the first scene with the archetypal parris island drill instructor sergeant hartman and his scene on christmas day(it s oustanding how religion can be manipulated to brainwash people!) .In a way us army corp makes you lose your humanity,it is quiete shocking but definetely effective to question the united state society and his values.the secoind part of the movie shows the brotherhood of this marine and their life during the war time.It is interesting to notice that they are not moved by an great ideal but to live.the reason of the war are unknown and not understood by them and the only thing that matter is their brotherhood ajnd to survive.for this it reflects,at least in part, the mood and the feelings of an era.

All Quiet on the Western Front

This movie is very old it s been 80 years it came out however the great story are eternal and so is this movie.war is never something beautiful especially when there is no meaningful reason for it and with this movie you learn it all.You see the desillusion of youths who took war as an adventure and finally lose themself in the meaningless of its.the stroy takes place in the world war 1.

The camera game is pretty old so we have a different point of view from what we commonly get in our modern war movies but despite that the description of the battle the talent of the screenplay and the old touch make it something valuable to watch you have with this movie a real insight inside the drama of war.It s like opening an old picture album with black and white photo and discovering through an old time the constant of humanity .

One of the big point of this movie is that it is told for the german point of view which in the context of the world war two and the world war one gives it a powerful strengh for the viewer.After seeing this movie i guarantee you that you will despise war to the utmost and read about the book where it comes from.The book ends like this:"He fell in October 1918, on a day that was so quiet and still on the whole front, that the army report confined itself to? the single sentence" All quiet on the Western Front. He had fallen forward and lay on the earth as though sleeping. Turning him over one saw that he could have not suffered long; his face had an expression of calm, as though almost glad the end had come ." ,The movie begins like this" this movie is neither an accusation nor a confession,and least of all an adventure to those who stand face to face with it will try simply to tell of a generation of men who even though they may have escaped its shell,were destroyed by the war..."
ps:Saving private ryan i snot a comparaison to this movie at all;for they are not in the same range private ryan is far less gud and meaningfukl that thi sone.

A Tale of Two Sisters

this movie is huge and realised with so much talent and sens that you can only like it ...if you are into horror thriller and physchological movie.Actually this movie is not only made to scare you but to tell you a real story about madness ....korean cinema easily compete with other cinemas and honnestly thi smovie is a piece of heart if we compare it to the movie that came out thi slast ten years.

Red Eye
Red Eye(2005)

macadams rocks .That s whasty you said at the end of the movie.You ll get the two in one.a well crafted kind of psychological thriller mixed with a very gud action movie there is just one thing missing it s that there is not enough jokes but its still remains fun and a gud film to watch.I advise it for guy with their girls friends..it s pretty gud for a girl and her boy friend.Regarding the very short time of the movie i have to say that the realisator is really gud.Anyway a gud movie.Go for it :D

macadams rocks .That s whasty you said at the end of the movie.You ll get the two in one.a well crafted kind of psychological thriller mixed with a very gud action movie there is just one thing missing it s that there is not enough jokes but its still remains fun and a gud film to watch.I advise it for guy with their girls friends..it s pretty gud for a girl and her boy friend.Regarding the very short time of the movie i have to say that the realisator is really gud.Anyway a gud movie.Go for it :D clear rating

The Others
The Others(2001)

Mrs. Mills: Sometimes the world of the living gets mixed up with the world of the dead.this movie is awesome from the beginning to the end and it is not so long which is amazing when you know how long most of the directors take to make a gud film.I have nothint to see exept watch watch it watch it.I...for once i enjoyed teh performance of nicole kidman but mosty of all the realisation and the screenplay.This movie is really gud especially for people who are not really into horror movie;i think they will certainely like thi sone because of his new approach.anyway nothing s what you think here and you should not regret to watch this awesome movie in a gloomy afternoon day.i will look forward for the realisator because he looks really gud!

There Will Be Blood

there will be blood, indeed!!!!.this movie is awesome,There is no plot in the common sens of the world and people may be decieved if they wait to understand it for a moral point of view or as a basic tragedy.it is rather a fascinating describtion of a charater and the battle of two persons without any other considerations than their own succes.there will be blood indeed!! There will be blood does not want to teach us something about humanity but rather describes the story of a selfish man comsumed by ambition.it is somehow a new kind of experience in cinema and a new way to present a story ;it is a phychological movie about a corrup mind."i am the third revelation i am whom God had chosen!".Daniel day lewis is awesome and delano is no so far from him and finally the director alias [paul thomas anderson is a awesome story teller.also an exellent point of view of the dark side of america in the beginning of the twenty century!

A Beautiful Mind

One of the very best movies of the decade.The story is actually very deep and reminds us of shutter island but this time in the real story of one of the great mind of 20 century the mathematician steve nash(who is a professor at princeton university actually).This story tells of love and how it can save a man for the prison or the dreams he has created to escape from the reality.The story is not a romantic comedy or a cheesy movie about love but somehow a deeper and more realistic vision of it through an incredible film of fiction.The acting is awesome and all the leading roles are great.From russel crow to ed harris nothing gets wrong and only the director(who is still very gud is behind for stopping a full price to this movie).It is very difficult to make a summary out of this movie but lets that it is about a smart student(a genius actually) somehow very arrogant and who becomes involving in a double life of creazy happenings that leads him away from himself and finally brings him back home. He said it himself "?It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logical conclusions can be found.? you don t understand??!!then, watch the movie.

Dog Day Afternoon

is this really true ? that s the first question you ask yourself at the beginning of the movie.It s so realistic and the characters so incredible that you cannot believe what you are seeing.At the beginning the movie is really exiting and sudenly everything changes and became a tragedy, a real one and you can help but feel sorry for the robber .What's oustanding is how the population is fascinated by the principal characters and how the media use this terrible situation to make a show everybody likes.It is creazy it was back in 1972 but the society was already corrupt by voyeurism . Finally, the describtion of new york in the seventies is awesome about its realism and the acting and the directing are in the very best sidnet lumet and pacino along with cazale and the others actors are "superbe".A dog day afternoon is a piece of art.

13 Going on 30

i spend a gud time.Gud for all the familly or yourself when you have nothing to do and just want to warch a light cute gud movie.i liked it.I think everyone will like it too.some gud funny moment and a garner really fun in his acting and cute too.

A Bittersweet Life (Dalkomhan insaeng)

awesome movie from the beginning to the end.how to dream about a life you could never have .How a moment of true joy can change a man to destroy him for living again.One of the best movie i have seen about redemption and vengeance in the ganster style.if you like dark ganster drama go for it!

Little Miss Sunshine

one of this movie that makes sens and his enjoyable in many ways.Despite the real differences a familly might have we see how it can overcome them to find the real bond that unifies them together.one of my favourite movies even if sometimes the jokes are a bit too much easier for a movie so valuable in its meaning and form.

Ghost Town
Ghost Town(2008)

particulerly fun and light gost town brings you in a meaningful story about the real meaning of love over selfishness and loneliness.It is For everyone to watch especialy with his girl friends or some girl you would like to seduce. :)


.This movie is a huge classic and evertything in it it s perfect.The cast are awesome especialy the leading couple of teddy and leonard but the real star is the realisator and the screenplayer mr christopher nolan.He made of this story a powerful story about revenge and maniplation by using the theme of memories and a remarquable technics of cinematography.
Everything you think is never what it seems to be and what it seems to be is never what you think.you don t really know who the characters are and what leads them until the end which make the movie more deeper and suspensfull .Honestely,this movie is awesome and a delightful pleasure to watch and a must see for everyone .in conclusion there is only one thing to say the moment the movie finishs is in fact the very moment where it starts:).
It's a huge classic by Christopher nolan who is defenitely one of the best director alive .
Ps :i respect and thank him for proposing us entertaining and intelligent movies made for our human mind and at his honourable level rather that this silly and crap movie we like and appreciate many times.This is great cinema and you reconize it when you see it!

Doctor Zhivago

it s a epic love story taking place durring the russian revolution where communism started to take place in Russia..it s pretty gud it s an historical epic story with big landscapes and beautiful costums..Love is in this movie a real struggle between commitment and passion reason .You see how people try to survive and to protect their love into that revolution and the difficulties they encounter for it.It s an awesome movie and a old classic from 1965.back then people knew how to make love story..

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

ok let s be honnest this movie is not the best i have seen from tery gillian but if you like fantasy the world he created in this movie is awesome and stunning.The plot also is not the best we could find especialy in the way it is read but somehow the story is pleaseant to watch and a pleasure for the eyes with some touching and funny moment.I liked it.the man who made a pact with the devil to get eternal life is a well known story and a classic theme of literature terry gillian retold in his fashion with a great talent and a beautiful cast(it is health leadger last movie).However if i liked it i cannot recommend it to everyone cus it s very different and special.Anyway for terry gillians 'fan and people in mood and who likes visual effect and twisting end they could give a try. ..they should like it!

Shallow Grave

as in many of his movies dany bole uses the theme of money as an important problem in relationship and friendship which leads human to lose the best part of them.this overrepresentaion of money makes me think that it s possible that danny boyle himself has a problem with money ...:) anyway he s one of the best director for showing how money can destroy and leads us in situation we cannot imagine to the point of changing our personality into evil.This movie is great really great and ewan macgregor is awesome in it! all of the actors are precisely.danny boyle describes how friendship reacts when money is in the balance and does it well.This movie is so gud that i can resist to put it to the rank of Die xue jie tou thei(a bullet in the head) .For now on it is in my personal favourite .it s a movie everyone has to watch.

In the Mood for Love

THis movie is a beautiful picture and he describes powerfully how te feelings of love can grab us in the moment we need it and we are suffering the most without us noticing it and remain through time.it s realy a touching movie and a msterful piece of realisation!

Into the Wild

into the wild is beautiful.the movie moved me in every way possible.The sens ,the meaning and the purpose of life are the eterrnal themes the humen ask to themselve and "into the wild" explores them with a great humanity through liberty travel,and familly disorder.This true story reminds us values our society has forgotten in the true spirit of adventure and liberty.It just blows you away through the beautiful landscapes you see and the charaters you meet.You are a part of the adventure until the end and the very last message recieved from the movie;Thanks to sean penn for that who in his first attempt realised a great movie which is now one of my favourite.the title is well chosed for the subject which is treated.I recommend this movie to everyone.

The Man Who Wasn't There

it was a gud movie the world of brother's cohen is awesome i love how the characters are and their kind of ciinematic it is very artistic.this story is a gud drama .the study of the principal character is interesting and the silence is really well made between him and the rest of the world! the message about the dfifficuilty to find passion and words to communicate is well there .anyway despite its quality i don t think that anyone can like this movie .

Gajok (A Family)

awesome movie about the tight bond that links a familly ...acording to the corean tradition everything is beneath the straight character of people and that makes the emotion and impression you have from this movie more deeper and touching.This is the kind of thilm i can just recomend because everything is good on it.a familly should have been called a love for his daughter.

Gonggongui Jeog (Public Enemy) (Public's Enemy)

i really lik eit it s really gud even if at some moment i lose the sight i really enjpoyed in the end it was pretty gud and i spend a gud time.A really gud movie.and i like the topic..now to be a bit more criticizing i ll said that the plot could have been better but it s still gud.

The Princess and the Frog

a great moment disney i son the way back!!! :) love it everyone should go for it.