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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is a Star Wars movie.

From the opening crawl and John Williams' rousing score, to the WW2-inspired space battles, to the giant planet-destroying weapon, The Force Awakens parodies, homages, subverts, and sometimes outright lifts scenes, plot points, character archetypes, and set design from the original trilogy. It then arranges them all in a way that is unquestionably Star Wars.

Even in its faults, The Force Awakens stays true to the originals. Horribly-dated scene transitions and wipes? Check. That one visual effect that looks glaringly out of place next to all the meticulously-crafted practical effects? Check. Cool-looking badass character that doesn't really do much AND gets one-upped by Han Solo? Check. Cheesy and awkward dialogue between the lead male and female characters? Check. Whiny young Force-user who likes to lash out because he doesn't get what he wants? Check and mate.

If anything, in an effort to be as faithful as possible to Star Wars, J.J. Abrams has diminished his own signature style. Lens flares are few and far between. Plot twists are resolved early, and with almost immediate consequences; his "mystery box" is almost nonexistent.

Will you like this film? It depends. Do you want the same Star Wars experience as episodes IV-VI, but with a more modern take and none of George Lucas' revisionist bullshit? You will have the most awesome time.

Are you a J.J. Abrams fan expecting a classic J.J. Abrams movie? Prepare to get slightly disappointed.

Are you a fan of the prequels? Then go back to your fucking Jar Jar Binks, you goddamned millennial, and GET OFF MY LAWN.

Fantastic Four
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

There are so many wrong things about this movie, I'm sure every other review has covered them. So instead, I'm going to go over one specific thing Josh Trank's Fantastic Four gets wrong: Doctor Doom.

I find it funny that the direction they chose for this film's Doom -- a lovestruck nihilist who gains godlike power, then proceeds to destroy the world -- is nothing at all like the comic version of Victor Von Doom. And no, we're not talking about the armor -- yet -- but the characterization. See, Doom has never considered the world far from salvation. Instead, he believes it can be saved, but by Victor Von Doom, and only Doom alone. He is a fascist of the highest order, a man hellbent on ruling the entire planet with his ironclad fist.

Speaking of armor, that's another thing the Fox films keep messing up. How is a guy wearing Medieval plate armor any less ridiculous than whatever the hell they had in the movie? It's hardly intimidating, nor is it iconic. He does not look like a bad guy that can only be defeated by four heroes; he looks like a hobo that dumpster-dived the Tron sound stage.

I think Fox needs to realize that a little creative leeway is important to successfully transition a character from the funnybooks to the big screen, they should take notes from Marvel: keeping as much of the iconic traits as possible is the best way to do it.