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Fright Night
Fright Night (1985)
23 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Wow! I waited entirely too long to finally watch this 80s vampire classic! Teenaged Charlie Brewster gets in trouble with a new neighbor after discovering that neighbor is actually a vampire. Its not a serious movie, but it tries to be at some points, and then doesn't at others. Definitely, if you are a vampire movie fan you have to see this one, its a staple.

Fright Night 2
23 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Not nearly as good as the first movie, but thats how sequels tend to go. Still good and worth watching. The story continues, a few years have past and Charlie is in college and finally over his vampire paranoia when Jerry's sister Vampire comes to town seeking revenge for the death of her brother. Again, the first was better, but this one is still a must see if you liked the first.

A Force of One
3 years ago via Flixster

Good old Chucky Norris! He seemed like he was more down to Earth back then, maybe just because he was younger and more open minded or something. Crooked cops run a drug operation that results in various narco cops getting brutally murdered at the hand of a Karate expert, but the question is who is it and how the Chuck hand the bad guy's ass back to him?

My Piece of the Pie
4 years ago via Flixster

Another quite good and non-formulaic french movie. This one is about an out-of-work single mother who just lost her job at a factory (which has been closed due to company outsourcing to Asia) and made a suicide attempt. She recovers and finds a nanny job with a wealthy stock-trader in Paris who turns out to be the very person who crashed her company's future for a quick profit. Interesting tension for sure.