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The Witch
The Witch(2016)

It was excellent.Very atmospheric, refreshingly free of jump scares, ambiguous and has an excellent ending too.

The Survivalist

excellent and intense new indie

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

Finally got round to seeing this and what a pleasant surprise. Beautiful film with real emotion,good storytelling and intelligence. Even the cgi was decent! The tiger is superbly animated. Very enjoyable.

The Vanishing (Spoorloos)

A film you can't forget! Avoid the Hollywood remake.

Robot & Frank

A charming little film, pretty harmless and could have developed the themes far more than they did but it's pretty decent. Nice performance from Frank Langella

Ghost World
Ghost World(2001)

Loved this. Very funny. A real lost gem

The Servant
The Servant(1964)

Fantastic, a lost classic in every regard.

Ne le Dis à Personne (Tell No One)

A real treat. More Hitchcockian than Hitchcock!


Really good story telling and impevable performances.

Eden Lake
Eden Lake(2008)

How can this have an average critics score of 83%? It's script /story is embarrassingly bad. About as realistic as Batman Begins. Was this film written by the editor of the Daily Mail? It's only excuse is that it almost falls into the 'so bad it's good' category

Zero Dark Thirty

I was hesitant about seeing this, fearing it was going to be too gung-ho. It is a rather one sided depiction of events but the last section is so gripping (even though you know what's coming) and well shot that it makes the duller earlier parts worth baring. That final half hour or so is really tense film-making of the highest order.

Django Unchained

First two hours or so are excellent but it drags after waltz leaves

Seven Psychopaths

Fun but a poor Tarantino rip off

Black Christmas

Very good in parts and nice and raw. Interesting to see Keir Dullea in such a role too

Dead of Night

Fantastic, way ahead of its time and hugely influential.........if only they'd deleted the golf scene!


Not Cronenborg's best but very hypnotic.

Berberian Sound Studio

Intense and stylish. A pretty unique film. Toby Jones is brilliant as always.

Room 237
Room 237(2013)

Loved this doc.....some really hillarious theories and comments aswell as sme interesting points of view

Whistle and I'll Come to You

Just brilliant. The 2010 version isn't too bad either, tho not a patch on the original

The Cabin in the Woods

Pretty good first half, second half was average and too predictable, the ending was awful. Horror should be scary! Basically Lost meeting the Truman Show in an over-lit and over produced Evil Dead cabin. Worth a watch tho....

The Train
The Train(1965)

A genuine classic! Can't beat a bit of Burt.

X-Men: First Class

So boring, turned it off after an hour. Not one decent scene, whole film is like a trailer. cut.cut.cut. etc!

An American Werewolf in London

Nobody has ever topped this dark horror/comedy. It's unique and as good as ever. I'd say it's one of the top 5 best films ever made-pure genius! Shame that Landis was destroyed by what happened on the TZone movie as he had such style and wit.

The Return of the Living Dead

Got the blu-ray, it's pure genius, the best of the best from this genre. Funny, weird and very entertaining!

Halloween III - Season of the Witch

Ridiculously under-rated for the simple reason that the fan-boys wanted Michael Meyers back again (yawn).........this film works because of his absence and is a great little stand alone horror film. A genuinely odd and unsettling story from the pen of Nigel kneale.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

Really absorbing film,well worth watching, the time just flies by. Elizabeth Olsen is a revelation in this, what a performance! Only gripe was the ending, it cheats the audience imo.


Amazing that this was shown on the BBC as a tv series, we watched some at Primary school!!!! really dark but fantastically written.


Don't generally like superhero movies but this was different and alot of fun! really enjoyed this film even with the tiresome 'found footage' angle it was worth watching. Nice and short too!

Midnight in Paris

Really enjoyed this. Very funny in parts and although it reminded me of (long-forgotten) BBC series, Goodnight Sweetheart, it's a very pleasant little film. Owen Wilson is perfect in the Woody allen role. An unexpected treat of a movie.

Twin Town
Twin Town(1997)

Very dark humoured Welsh film with fantastic performances and laugh out loud moments


Big disappointment. Nice visuals and Fassbender is amazing(as usual) but the dialogue and plot are poor. The acting (Fassbender and Theron aside) is also very average.-Guy Pearce as an old man verges on comedy! ridiculous! why not just hire an old actor?!!!! the aliens are really lame and the whole thing is full of cliches and cartoon characters. Not a patch on Alien or Aliens and the big questions are not dealt with in the same stylish way that, say , 2001 dealt with them.

The Tenant
The Tenant(1976)

Extremely odd but hard to stop watching! Beautifully shot and wonderfully oddball take on paranoia and a creeping sense of dread. One of Polanski's best.

Inglourious Basterds

On tv again today-there are two scenes in this that are the match for any film...the opening 'milk' scene is stunning-the cinematography, tension,dialogue,performances.....all spot on. Then there is the Nazi/bar scene where Michael Fassbender steals the show. Again,a scene of incredible tension, superbly executed.......even the weaker scenes and slightly 'cartoony' feel of the Brad Pitt sections can't erase the memory of those two scenes. 5/5

Another Earth

Enjoyable low budget film-very shaky premise(and camera) and dubious science but kept the interest. Helped by a gorgeous actress! and some good scenes

The Haunting
The Haunting(1963)

Very atmospheric film, feels like a long Tzone episode and that's a good thing!!!


Intense. Mesmorising.


Excellent B-movie horror from Romero, apparently it's being remade! (that could be the real horror)

Jurassic Park III

Under-rated. Far better than the 2nd film and with great set pieces, non stop action and very cool dinosaurs.

The Kid with a Bike

Fantastic film. The kid in question is an amazing actor

Corman's World: Exploits Of A Hollywood Rebel

Loved this. Corman is a genuine legend and still going strong in his 80's! Perfect for any aspiring film maker and genuinely interesting for the casual viewer. Great talking heads too (Nicholson, Howard, Scorcese etc)

Dead Ringers
Dead Ringers(1988)

Jeremy Irons deserves praise for his performances here. A fascinating movie, one of Cronenborg's best.

My Week with Marilyn

Much better than I thought it would be. Brannagh and Williams are great


Very enjoyable,full of energy


Strange film,interesting though and pretty intense. Shannon and Judd are excellent.


Best British youth film of all time featuring one of the best young acting performances ever by Phil Daniels. Brilliant movie

The Descendants

A classy, well scripted and cleverly made film. Enjoyed it , but nowhere near as much as I enjoyed Sideways. Clooney is great as usual tho and it's definitely a superior entertainment

Take Shelter
Take Shelter(2011)

Liked this alot,very aware of the current zeitgeist and powerfully acted. I was concerned that the ending would be a let down , but it was perfect


Loved it,very refreshing and reminiscent of early Twilight Zone in feel

The Iron Lady

Waste of an opportunity to really see what the old dragon did. This is pure horsesh*t. Meryl Streep l;ooks like Kenny Everett in drag

A Hard Day's Night

Classic. Fun and youthful,still sizzling with energy and raw talent. The songs are,of course, fantastic.

A Dangerous Method

Kneightley ruins this with her ham acting but Fassbender is natural and reliable as ever. Mortensen is strangely miscast with a ridiculous prosthetic nose! Still enjoyable tho and impressively uncommercial and slow paced with some beautiful shots.
Having rewatched scanners the other day,I can't help wishing Cronenborg would get back to sci-fi and horror tho!

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Okay,in a BBC drama sort of way. Just about holds your interest. Gary Oldman's ridiculous Alec Guiness impression and the cgi owl metaphor ruin it.........typical over-rated oscar fodder.......


The troll parts were good fun. Plot had more holes than the average swiss cheese and more cliches than the average Hollywood film but it's an okay way to pass an hour and a half. Please no more 'found footage' films tho

Sweet Sixteen

Tpical Ken Loach. Grim but powerful

Summer Scars
Summer Scars(2007)

For an ultra low budget movie this is very watchable. has more tension and drama than most Hollywood films in it's short running time

The American
The American(2010)

Enjoyed this,slow paced but involving-very European stylings

Dead Man's Shoes

Gritty, relistic, shocking, funny and brilliant! Shane Meadows is the best director in the UK

2001: A Space Odyssey

Just awesome!lose yourself in this film,a trip indeed

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Great visuals,dull,predictable story. The soundtrack is better than the film!

Monty Python's Life of Brian

Brilliant. An importamt comedy and more relevant now than ever


Powerful, brilliantly filmed with great performances

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

Hillarious and dark. Worth seeing just for Mr Creosote

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Best of the original trilogy and thus best of the series,brilliant escapism


Very funny film,subtle dry and well observed humour