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The Anniversary

A camp classic for any gay mans collection...or straight.Blunt,bitchy and brutal.Bette Davis was made for films like this.Her dialogue is acid and she's on top form.Its so hilarious just watching her breeze through this film and rip all the other cast members to shreds.That said,the supporting cast have some great dialogue to play with too.A venomous controlling battle that drags everybodys ugly skeletons out of the closet and shames them mercilessly....except Bette's of course.Fun for all the family...not!

Boogie Nights

Sex, drugs,and rock and roll.This movie kicks ass.Puts you right back in there...into the sensational seventies.I discovered a few fantastic actors in this movie that i wasn't familiar with that are now household names.My favourite being the brilliant William H.Macy.i felt so sorry for him in this movie.Mark Wahlberg blew me away too.A rapper he ain't but the man is a pretty good actor.Julianne Moore and Heather Graham are more than competant actresses to pull their roles off skillfully...and as for Burt Reynolds,it was a great return of a living legend.Laughs, twists and maybe a few tears.This ones a keeper.


If you like 70's hippy chic and slightly absurd songs,which i do,then this is a must see.It definately ranks as an absolutely love it or absolutely hate it movie.I happen to be one who loves it."This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius...age of Aquairrrr-i-ussss".

Jesus Christ Superstar

Great music,great story,great groovy clothes,great hair.The best version of Jesus downfall ever committed to screen or stage.The casts voices all are so unique and breathtaking.Every new generation should see this as the 70's style is so retro nowadays this actually looks well cool now.Top entertainment.

The Fury
The Fury(1978)

An early Brian De Palma but some of his classic traits were already surfacing here.It paces steadily enough to keep your interest but does have a few lulls.Another brilliant De Palma ending to satisfy even the most bloodthirsty viewer.


The best horror flick ever.Great performances by all but Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie as mother and daughter gone horribly wrong is very powerful and disturbing.The prom scene is excellently shot with great split screen effect for double the terror.And the imaginary taunts in Carries mind as she wreaks her wrath and revenge is chilling.The body count is unimaginable.The films climax will give you a coronary.Aaaand clear!!Total masterpiece from Brian De Palma.

Monkey Business

Early Marilyn,giving more than a hint of what was to come.Great goofy comedy.

Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes

Really enjoyable adaptation of the popular Tarzan legend.

Brokeback Mountain

A beautifully crafted love story that will most definately tug at the heartstrings.Sumptuous scenery and a great cast.The cowboy hats are great too.A classic tale of how society often treats indifference...of the love that dare not speak its name.

Team America: World Police

Hilariously funny.A totally new take on puppetry.I was stunned.I seriously can not remember when a movie made me laugh so much out loud.There wasn't a single character i didn't love.If you already haven' this film as soon as you possibly can.You'll be so glad you did.

Private Benjamin

After a disasterous 6 hour marriage to a nice jewish guy ends tragically,Judy Benjamin broods about in her parents sumptuous home being comforted by extended family members.After calling a late night radio helpline,in the realisation that she's not qualified to do anything an unlikely option arises....the army!
Thats where the fun really starts as Judy tries to fit in,and fails miserably.On top of that her new commanding officer,Captain Lewis,played excellently by the hilarious Eileen Brennan is after her blood.Cartoon capers ensue and romance appears for Judy but Captain Lewis has plans to nip all that in the bud.
Can Judy make good?Great fun from the incomparable Goldie Hawn.

Midnight Express

Classic trip straight to the basement of hell.Not for the faint hearted.Superbly cast and a life lesson to all...dont do it!


Just love this movie.Airheads are us!Like,totally!Barf out, gag me with a spooooon!So!I'll see you at the mall.

ABBA: The Movie

My favourite film of all time, obviously because they are my fave all time band too.This is pure perfect pop music entertainment from start to finish.The group were at their peak and Benny and Bjorn were beginning to show signs of their abilities to write and craft much more than a catchy 3 minute tune.Visually the group look stunning,young and dressed to thrill.Sure,its got a weak storyline, but i dont think anybody would watch this for a story,right?We can leave that to Marty Scorsese.A8BA heaven.If you like pop music, you're gonna love this.

Play Misty for Me

A seemingly nice enough girl has some serious mental health issues.Clint Eastwood is the victim of this radio listening,psychotic,make you piss you pants nutter.Visually a little dated now,but the impact is not lost.Totally brilliant performaces by Eastwood and Jessica Walter as the disturbed but groovily dressed Evelyn Wallace.Careful with that knife might put someones eye out.Classic.

What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?

Cutting, bitchy, scathing.Great stuff.Geraldine Page and Ruth Gordon are excellent in a cold battle of wits...but who wins?