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The Park Is Mine
6 years ago via Flixster

Action film with Tommy Lee Jones breakout role as a Vietnam vet with good intentions that go wrong. Excellent Yaphet Kotto again plays a Police Officer, this time the head of the NYPD "ESU/SWAT" (Trivia point: Yaphet's son is a real Cop with San Jose, CA PD!). This was intended to be a breakout role for Canadian actress Helen Shaver (who shows a gratuitous breast shot here), but apparently failed. Everyone here are smoking cigarettes and cursing to give "edge" to the film, something rarely seen today due to "political correctness". Technical inaccuracies: swapping magazines from blanks to real ammunition in the same weapon(in this case an AK-47) is impossible, and would cause the firearm to explode in your face. This stunt was also used in one of the "Die Hard" films, and the idea may have come from this film. Jones basically does a Rambo#1 to the NYPD, ambushing and outsmarting them at every turn, and the director sets up the elite NYPD ESU as rubes, bullies and boobs, going so far as to dip into racism by having one of the Black cops openly say he used to sell marijuana/reefer in his pre-cop days (we all know better since 911 however) but this is understandable and necessary to push the plot forward, despite being a bit cheezy. There are several great gems in this film, especially for the military/veterans who know the code. Jones gleeful laughing as he sets off mines is a hoot, as is the reverse when he feels betrayed and sends several 40mm grenades at the cops with his M-79 while screaming at them for being "lying motherfuckers". One specifically hilarious scene is the reaction Jones has when he realizes that a renegade NYC politician has sent in a mercenary "hunter-killer team" (armed with Swedish-K 9mm submachineguns, a silent code to Vietnam vets who know who carried that specific gun in Nam:, maroon paratrooper berets and a cheap shot "Soldier Of Fortune" reference are here also) to take him out, screaming about them "sending the Viet-Cong in here to kill me?". Great stuff. As a Vietnam era veteran, I probably enjoyed this more than most, as it caters to that generations revenge fantasies, but this film stands on it's own as a statement, as it is based on a book of the same name that had underground cred with veterans, and was serialized in Playboy magazine. All melodrama and action, "The Park Is Mine" remains a must see film for all who can appreciate the "War is Hell" and revenge genre of action films. Get it and see it, you will not be wasting your time. As far as I know, this film is not out on DVD, so you will have to see it online or by VHS tape, but seeking it out will be worth it. Grab the buttered popcorn and...Just do it! - (BS2)

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
7 years ago via Flixster

Superior to the original, Director Troy Duffy takes advantage of casting Julie Benz as a 10 times more intense "Clarice Starling"-esque Ball-Busting FBI Agent in Christian Louboutin Spiked Heels & seamed stockings, form fitting dresses, and sub-compact satin finished 1911A1 pattern single action pistol carried in a custom front abdominal holster. Duffy caressingly films her, lovingly showcased in tight close ups, slow-motion glamor shots, and fabulous classy outfits. (It's obvious he has just as big a crush on her as I have had since her "Buffy" days, Benz just gets better looking as she matures, as does her acting skills; the dream sequence of her as a leather cowgirl shootist is worth the price of admission alone). The film serves primarily as an action vehicle update leading to a possible 3rd segment, and the action is filmed in the Peckinpah/John Woo/Matrix stylized vein, pleasing to the eye ballet choreographed violence presented as no less than performance art. Firearms enthusiasts will lean forward noting all the various weapons and carry methods presented (including the SFX longslide Desert Eagle twins prominently displayed). Replacing Willem Dafoe's repellent transvestism with Julie Benz's alluring beauty is the best single improvement over the original film. Clifton Collins overly stereotypical "Mexican" character is more questionable, serving as the "Stephen Fetchit" to the Twins equally stereotypical hard-drinking psychotic Irishmen. Time shifting story elements advance the context of the plot. Action packed with little drag, rampant smoking and drinking, atmospheric alternate reality a'la "The Warriors", and an interesting performance by Peter Fonda reminiscent of Brando in the "Godfather" series, Boondock Saints II, gets the job done for fans of the "Shoot-em-up" genre of macho action films with a noir-ish edge. Grab the popcorn and enjoy. (Note:Firearms fanciers will notice the Springfield Armory satin finish compact 1911A1 carried by Benz, turns up displayed closeup in the recent film "Edge of Darkness" also. Product placement or simple coincidence?)

Batman: Under the Red Hood
7 years ago via Flixster

Hard-knuckled violent action with Batman done as he should be for a change!. Animated but far from kid stuff, with a (literally) murderous pistol wielding Joker psychologically off the hook (well beyond the PG13 rating given this film). Mark Hamill's Joker is the gold standard, but DiMaggio's Joker in this film is more sinister, which is an accomplishment in comparison to Hamill. Fools who think the 1960's TV Batman series is what the character is all about should be shackled and forced to watch this, if for no other reason so you can laugh at their shocked reactions to the story. Borderline Manga-esque. Not to be missed entry in the hardcore vigilante genre of action films, worth the popcorn time...

Danger Man (TV SHOW)
7 years ago via Flixster

10/2010-I've finally gotten my hands on the box set of the complete series, repackaged by A&E in slim 2 disc cases. I'm working my way through methodically, and so far can report these are even better than I remembered, unlike the exaggerated antics of James Bond, UNCLE, and Flint of the time, these stories are more realistic, compact, and swank. Full report when I'm done. Young McGoohan as Agent John Drake: tight smiles & suits, blue eyes, cigarettes & cool-cat swagger (even the occasional gunplay, Drake uses brain more than his JiuJitsu, but doesn't hesitate to shoot when necessary, and knows his guns too). "Prisoner" stinks, this is the real deal!!. I'm really enjoying this excellent stuff...(previously, months ago, after watching the trailer posted here,I wrote):
Now THIS is the music theme I remember from "Danger Man"!!!...I was going a bit nutso, thinking I might be delusional, since Set#1 of A&E U.S. version of this show on DVD did NOT have this theme...I was beginning to wonder if I had imagined it, same as the great music for another "lost"show of the era with a bold but swingin' theme:"International Detective"...

Batman and Robin
7 years ago via Flixster

1949 version of good clean fun (for kids) with the required car chases, gun-play and fist fights (including then exotic Judo/Jujitsu shoulder throws used by The Batman), with cliffhangers and vacuum tube era sci-fi effects, this 15 part serial has all the low-budget standards common to all serials of the era, and is similar to the serial version treatment of Marvels Captain America made around the same time. This would be banned by the meddling panty-waists of today for being "too violent" for the kiddie set. Narrow minded or ignorant viewers will carp about issues like Batman's jacked up looking cowl (with Devil-like pointed "ears" and satanic extra long pointed nose) and the "Batmobile" being excused off as Bruce Wayne's borrowed Chevrolet convertible (which was in fact a powerful "muscle car" in it's day), or The Batman pulling out impossible items (like a full sized Blowtorch!) from a rather fey looking "utility belt" that has no pockets (??!!). Unlike most versions, Bats & Bird-Boy get their butts kicked by the bad-guys on more than one occasion. Smoking and drinking is normal behavior throughout. The women (Jane Adams as Vicki Vale) all are feminine, wearing their high-heels no matter the situation, and the musical score, though generic, is exciting counterpoint driving the action. A few familiar character actor faces show up in bit parts here also. This stuff is rather cool in it's own over-the-top way, (because unlike the wretched 1960's TV series, they are not trying hard to be "camp" by making fun of the material, but playing it straight in deference to the material, which is as it should be). Rather than being a lazy snob picking this apart, it's best to take a more open-minded view, get in the mood of the era and enjoy this for what it was intended to be: Fun!!...and it is if you get off your high horse and let it, you Jive Monkey-Heads!!