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The Hateful Eight
18 months ago via Flixster

About three-quarters into the movie, I thought to myself that this feature had the potential to be in top 3 Tarantino movies, then the 5 stars became 4 and then 3, as the story drags too long, leaving the impression that the director didn't know how to end it. Or maybe he did, but not very convincingly.

Zootopia (2016)
18 months ago via Flixster

This could have been one of the best animated features ever and with the basis for a never-ending franchise. But accepting to give a repeated cameo to Shakira for whatever reason brings it down a notch.

Spotlight (2015)
18 months ago via Flixster

Talk about a hit-and-miss: an average investigative reporter movie on one of the hottest topics in recent years. The fact that it has won Best Picture Academy Award shows the mediocre level of 2015 movies.

Spectre (2015)
18 months ago via Flixster

The whole novelty brought by the reboot in 2006 is definitely over, as this movie limps along with some of the worst casting in villain and Bond girl ever.

Carol (2015)
19 months ago via Flixster

A very sloooow romance between two women in an age where homosexuality was not accepted. The photography and Cate Blanchett are perfect in the 50s setting, but Rooney Mara just looks like an Audrey Hepburn-wannabe.