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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Warriors

The Warriors(1979)

Picture a not as visually impressive A Clockwork Orange, but take away you having to think about anything- in fact, take away any point at all. You're left with gangs, violence, and some pretty cool characters. And that's fine. The world in this movie entertainingly shows us "what" but I really wanted to know "why." It's hard to criticize that because the movie shows us everything it wants to show us, I'd say, very successfully. The characters are interesting, acting works, the chase scenes are shot well- but its careless ending makes it feel a bit empty. You typically won't walk away from a James Bond movie with something learned, or something to think about- but its components don't imply that you will. This movie contains the story, complex characters, and morality issues of a movie capable of saying something. So why not?