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Halloween II

Halloween II(1981)

It's just sad how much was reduced and skipped over. Dr. Loomis starts off with a reasonable reaction (though surprisingly over-the-top at parts), but then gets reduced to a stressed out, unintelligent character who essentially keeps screaming "he's not man!" Jamie Lee Curtis plays the same character in a way, but in another way- she plays no character. All she does is get carried away in a stretcher, lie in bed, walk around drugged up, or run away... drugged up. Does she even talk in this movie? She screams, sure. But she's not a character anymore. The new characters range from bland to forgettable, the first movie cared about its characters, this movie cares about Michael Myers killing the characters. The deaths show more blood, and they're more drawn out- and that's not a good thing in this case. In the first movie, the moments leading up to a kill were the payoff, here in this film, the kills are supposed to be the payoff but they come without much suspense. There's nothing too exciting in this film besides some moderately intense moments near the end.