JohnD'Agostino's Rating of Halloween

John's Review of Halloween

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


It's amazing how well this holds up. Biggest problem I always have with these types of movies are the teenagers. More times than not, they overact, they're unrealistic, and they're unlikable (see Zombie's remake). Those moments do occur in very small doses here and there, but it always quickly gets back to a convincing level. Most importantly, Jamie Lee Curtis really carries this movie with her very realistic, intelligent, and, most importantly, likable performance. And she makes it look very easy. The gore is extremely tame even though there are of course chokings and stabbings- this movie doesn't care about blood or drawn out deaths, it cares more about the moments leading up to them. Carpenter tops this all off with finding the very best angles and lighting to make this movie the iconic and effective movie that it is. Some of the scariest scenes come from a silhouette of Michael Myers or a faint reflection. And this of course all leads to the consistently scary and satisfying last 5 minutes.