JohnD'Agostino's Rating of Skyfall

John's Review of Skyfall

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Incredible from start to finish. It can't help but stand out among all the others due to the level of emotional intensity which I've never experienced before in a Bond movie. Also new is a constant feeling of unpredictability. The circumstances, characters, and plot all break new mold in one way or another- and I didn't know what to expect. Most importantly, while some elements seem borrowed or influenced by other movies (The Dark Knight especially), they all stay within the Bond atmosphere- and at the same time, expand it in a very satisfying way. The last movie, Quantum of Solace, did some different executions, but didn't hold on to the Bond identity like this one does. Characters we've grown accustomed to throughout the years are actually significantly used in this movie, and we learn MUCH more about them- including Bond himself. It's going to be an exhausting task trying to top this movie. The comfortable and reliable Bond formula has been thrown out- what happens next, I have no idea.