JohnD'Agostino's Rating of Thor

John's Review of Thor

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I'll be honest, I was never dying to see this movie. And while, as I predicted, Chris Hemsworth as Thor is pretty so-so on the interesting scale, the movie itself does a lot to make up for that. The effects are great, there are some amazing visuals that include the Frost People or whatever they're called. It's an entertaining movie, nothing spectacular or surprising- but you can tell they burned some calories trying to make this interesting. Do many recent superhero movies put this to shame? Oh yes- but all the great superhero movies I can think of actually have interesting and complex superheroes to begin with. Thor, to me at least, is a pretty dull character. So I grade this as a mindless distraction from life, and in that context I give this a very unenthusiastic recommendation.