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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Super 8

Super 8(2011)

Goonies with aliens, for adults. First off, the kids are perfectly casted. And for once, the fat kid isn't just the fat kid. He's good at something, he's a leader, he has goals, and he's smart. Sure, by the end, the good looking kid takes the lead, and gets the girl- but hey, it's a start. This gang of kids have chemistry I would easily compare to those in the Sandlot or, yes, Goonies. Only, this movie deals with some pretty heavy topics emotionally, on top of showing some pretty gruesome visuals. It works, but it does feel odd. Picture the Sandlot gang running through explosions and witnessing an alien stomp a man to death. I will say, the star rating I gave it refers more to the first 2/3's of the movie- the end has beautiful moments, but at the same time, moments that feel premature. The kids are all as developed as they need to be by the end of the movie, but pretty much everything else seemed unfinished. Unfortunately, the ending's attempted emotional moments aren't between the kids- but all the undeveloped other stuff. But still, up until the ending (which still has some great visual moments), it's fun, intense, and very nostalgic.