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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Premium Rush

Premium Rush(2012)

I really had no desire to see this movie. A bike chase movie? Really? I'm not even jumping to see car chase movies, how could I possibly get into seeing bicycles swerve here and there? Well, this movie worked. The plot alone isn't anything new, but Michael Shannon's performance took the bad cop movie stereotype and made it interesting and fresh. As a crazy, impulsive cop, there are times he did more than he needed to do and succeeded. He's the most interesting part of the movie. Everyone else in this movie does just fine, but the movie really benefits from it's subtle style. New York is made to look bright and alive, the script is solid and gives enough little surprises, and the story itself isn't told in chronological order- it doesn't all connect in any bizarre way, but it's very hard to be bored when you're watching.