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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Creating a story where the murderer of an old lady is reasonably looked at as a good man is a very hard task. It can only be a true story (and I highly suggest looking up videos and whatnot of the real Bernie). Jack Black keeps enough of himself away from this character and made me completely forget I was watching Jack Black... except when he sang- but I blame myself for listening to too much Tenacious D. I've never been so morally confused from a movie before- was this an act of dissociation? If so, does that excuse what he did? Was this just an act of brief insanity? If so, how does that explain the feelings (or lack of) he had afterward. There's many questions this movie brings up. The only thing this movie did not do was go into Bernie's childhood- it didn't have to, but I'm very interested. I HOPE he was abused in some way. If it turns out he had a fairly normal upbringing, and this could just happen to anyone- I may not be having kids.