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John's Review of Lockout

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Most of the time, this movie doesn't feel like its own movie, but a compilation of other movies- this doesn't just remind you of other movies, it literally steals scene after scene from movies we've seen before. This is fine if the stolen elements were told in a different or fresh way, but most of the time- they don't work. One of the biggest problem isn't Guy Pearce, but his character. Remember how Austin Powers at one point started listing off one-liners one after the other until it just became too much- that's this character. It's like the writers wanted to be sure he was funny enough, so they each made several one-liners per scene for Pearce's character to say- then in the end, they just made him say all of them. It's way too much. There's some enjoyable cheesiness here and there, but mostly, it's a cheap mimic of a real movie. Though, I will say, I did love the opening credits.