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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Sessions

The Sessions(2012)

This movie does get life through its provocative story, yes, but it does not depend on that. The Sessions has a well-written and intelligent screenplay along with the finest of actors to demand this story be taken seriously. I admired that this movie does not give a completely supportive stance of a sex surrogate. Of course, this is overall a success story- we still see some damage as Cheryl's husband becomes jealous and both Mark and Cheryl become emotionally attached. This is not a perfect treatment. And very interestingly, a priest weights in on this treatment as well. I don't think Father Brendan's take on this process reflects the views of the average priest- but we're dealing with matters that the Bible is not specific on. Interpretations are all we can do. There is a lot of nudity from Mrs. Hunt, and whether it was bold and daring or unnecessary and overdone is a debate I'm staying out of. This movie is only trying to tell an effective and entertaining story, take from it what you will, and it did just that.