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4 years ago via Flixster
Ruby Sparks

Ruby Sparks(2012)

An interesting high-concept idea that the ensemble of actors did a great job in selling it. The problem is how this develops and more importantly how it ends or at what point do they end the film. So I'm pleased to say that for most of the film, it doesnt betrayed its organic existence as a romance fairytale but neither does it go so far from reality as to make it irritating and whimsical. By keeping it more natural and grounded, the narrative evolves and makes its (many) points - with a bit of cheeky humour that is crucial in keeping the audience on side. I would probably find the last scene unnecessary (and too neat a happy ending) but it is undoubtedly in keeping with the fairytale element of the story - so I am happy to overlook that. A joy to watch and a rare thoughtful script from Hollywood.